Cross Border Relations


Note: I decided to branch out in my writings. There will be more for my Fire in the Hole series, but I am also going to write about true experiences I’ve had. All my stories are based on actual happenings. Hope you like.

Jane moaned softly into her pillow as the pulsing of her clit became an insistent throb. Still half-asleep, her hand slid between her body and the mattress, working it’s way between her spread thighs to her wet pussy. Raising her hips slightly, she slid a finger between the slick folds, running it up and down her hot slit. Her eyes flew open when the digit brushed against her hard clit and her hips immediately thrust down in an instinctive fucking motion. Soft whimpers escaped her parted lips as she bucked against her hand, slipping 2, then 3 fingers into her dripping cunt, her clit rubbing against the heel of her palm. Biting down on her lower lip, her body quivered then tensed as she felt her sex spasm around her fingers, hips jerking in short, sharp thrusts as she rode out her orgasm.

Gradually, her body relaxed and she slowly withdrew her fingers, turning onto her back as she did so, watching the silvery thread of cunt juice cling to its source for a moment, then let go, coating her fingers. Smiling, she rubbed the slippery fluid over one hard, pink nipple, then the other, coating both of them; then brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking the remaining liquid from the digits.

Laying back, reveling in the aftermath of her early morning orgasm, Jane chuckled at herself. Here she was, a single, 38 year old woman waking up with a sopping wet pussy. A shiver of excitement ran through her as she thought of the reason. Today was the day she met Katie.

Jane and Katie had met on line a few years earlier. Jane posted stories regularly to a fantasy RPG board and Katie was a “fan”. They had started off corresponding by email – Katie making the first contact, telling Jane how much she loved her writing and wondering what would happen next to the characters, and Jane thanking her and telling her she’d have to wait for the next chapter.

As often happens in these situations, despite the difference in their ages, talk eventually drifted from the stories to each other. What did the other one look like? How old were they? Where did they live, etc.?

It turned out that Jane lived only a few hours drive away from Katie – albeit in another country. That’s the way it was, though, living near the Canada-US border. Citizens of each country would often hop in the car on a Saturday and take a trip “across the river”, as they called it, hoping to take advantage of the rate of exchange, cheap gas, and other “bargains” found only in each other’s country.

Their discussions over the years went from asking general questions to Katie asking Jane about sex, boys and growing up. Kind of like having a younger sister, Jane thought. Eventually, they told each other, they would have to meet in person.

One day, Katie confided to Jane that, while still a virgin (having only ever kissed a boy once), she was very curious about women. Katie already knew that Jane was bisexual, so she felt no discomfort asking the older woman about it. They had exchanged photos prior to this and both thought the other attractive. As Katie asked Jane questions about what it was like to be with another woman and Jane replied, both women found themselves becoming aroused and admitting their mutual attraction to each other.

Katie, at 18, was tall – well, taller than Jane, anyway. Her young frame was slender with small, high breasts and long legs. Her penchant for wearing long skirts and tight tops accentuated the sexy young body, instead of hiding it as she intended. Her long chestnut hair was thick and wavy and framed her pretty face.

Jane was 5’2″ and had a curvy build. Not model-skinny, but no true fat either. Only soft, lush curves that cried out to be caressed. Despite her age, her breasts were still fairly firm and her legs and ass were lightly rounded. Looking at Jane, most people placed her closer to 30 than to the 40 she was almost was, her long red hair setting off her fair skin and green eyes.

One day, as they chatted on line, Jane suggested to Katie that, as they both had time off during the coming week, they meet up and hang out for a day. She chose her words carefully, not wanting Katie to think her suggestion to be anything but harmless. While the thought of being able to seduce and finally bed this sweet, young teen aroused Jane to no end, she also genuinely liked Katie and found her to be a good friend – far more mature than her 18 years – and her suggestion truly was a willingness to meet her friend. Should she luck out and end up getting this hot teen naked, that would just be a bonus.

As they discussed when and where they’d meet, Jane made sure that Katie knew she was going to meet her for her…not to try to seduce her. Katie assured Jane she knew that and, while she was very nervous, she still wanted to meet. Jane concurred but warned avcılar escort Katie that she wouldn’t make any kind of move unless Katie had given her some sort of signal that she wanted things to progress further.

Which brought Jane back to this morning. She had already packed a small bag – mostly a change of clothes, money, toothbrush, etc. – the night before. Keeping optimistic that things would go as she hoped and she’d get this hot little teen naked and writhing, Jane added her 8″ life-like dildo to the bag, picturing Katie with her legs spread, moaning as Jane rubbed the fake dick up and down her young snatch. Her nipples hardened with the thought and Jane added a double dildo, and then quickly closed the bag. She still had to have her shower and then drive 2 hours. Time enough later for playing, no matter what actually happened.

As Katie still lived with her parents, they had agreed to meet at an ice cream parlour nearby. Jane was to call Katie once she had arrived. The call made, Jane got out of her car and stretched her legs. The early summer sun was a warm caress against her bared shoulders. She could tell the day was going to be very hot. The DJ on the radio confirmed her suspicions when he took the requisite break from “all-day music” to give a quick update on news, weather and traffic.

Looking up and down the street for a figure that resembled the young girl in the photo on her computer, Jane rested her shapely ass on the hood of her car, the metal warming the soft flesh through her jeans. She was glad she’d worn a tube top.

Suddenly, there was Katie, smiling shyly at her. “Hi, Jane,” Katie said. Jane almost died as she came face to face with the teen – her picture didn’t do her justice, she was gorgeous – not a model-type beauty but a sensual beauty that radiated an inner sexuality simmering just below the surface. What made her even more attractive was that the young girl, apparently, was unaware of this. Jane felt her clit throb and her nipples harden in response to this invisible aura. She smiled at Katie and sent out a silent wish that things would go as she hoped.

“Hi, yourself,” Jane smiled, her tone the same as if greeting an old friend, wanting to put the young teen at ease. “So, did you want to go in for an ice cream or was there somewhere else you wanted to go?”

Katie grinned, immediately feeling relaxed with this woman. She was the exact same as she was on line – open, friendly and direct. Unlike other girls her age, Katie had no time for being coy or playing games, a trait that had increased Jane’s attraction to her. The young girl noticed the older woman’s eyes trying to discretely peek at her body and she felt her nipples respond to the visual touch, her own eyes darting quickly over Jane’s mature body, wondering what she looked like without the clothes, her clit hardening slightly as she noticed the outline of the other woman’s erect nipples through her top, despite the heat.

Katie had wondered if the picture Jane sent her was truly what she looked like and was very relieved to find out it was. She had found the older woman in the picture to be very attractive and had often masturbated as she fantasized about being with Jane, being taught how to make love to another female.

“I was thinking we could maybe get a cone or soda here and then take it to this park I know,” Katie said.

“Sounds good to me,” Jane replied, then impulsively gave the girl a quick hug, winking, “and it’s on me! My treat to the starving student!”

Katie didn’t turn away from the hug but returned it happily, then blushed and shook her head in mild protest at Jane’s paying, but Jane wouldn’t hear of it. As they got their cones and drove to the park, their conversation was that of anyone meeting for the first time. Jane expertly maneuvered her car along the streets, following Katie’s directions, her eyes glancing now and then to take in the delicious sight beside her. When they stopped at a red light, Jane turned to look at Katie and give her a reassuring smile. “Still feeling nervous around me?” she asked gently. “Or at least a bit more relaxed now you know I’m not some psycho stalker,” Jane grinned. Katie chuckled and shook her head, then stuck out her pink tongue and scooped some ice cream from the tip of her cone, the image making Jane’s clit throb and her cunt instantly wet.

“Nope…well, still a little shy, but not nervous at all. It’s like I’ve really known you all these years,” Katie replied. Still completely unaware of the effect she was having on the older woman, the teen took another lick of her cone and Jane had to force herself to look away, wondering how it would feel to have that young tongue do the same on her sopping pussy.

“Oh! Turn here! This is it,” Katie suddenly pointed to a paved drive that led to a large parking area. Jane pulled in and found a spot in the shade, then turned off the ignition and shifted in her seat to face the young girl.

“So, what are we doing here? avrupa yakası escort I have a blanket in back if you want to lay in the sun for a bit and catch some rays,” Joan suggested as they both got out of the car.

Katie nodded and grinned at her, “See, we’re thinking alike already. Just like we do on line. I figured we could lay back and just chat for awhile.”

Bumping the younger girl with her hip, Jane winked and hauled out a blanket and bag from the trunk. “Sure you still feel safe?” Jane pretended to leer at Katie, “That I won’t try to seduce you in the woods? I mean, I’ve already bought you ice cream…I might try to entice you with candy next, little girl!”

The laughter in her voice proved that the older woman was just joking around. The teen giggled and blushed slightly, but shook her head. “Nope, I think you’re perfectly safe.” Then, her voice so low Jane almost didn’t catch the words, “And I wouldn’t mind if you did try…”

Jane’s eyes slid to the girl’s face, but Katie was looking away, still slightly flushed. Once Jane turned to shut the trunk and make sure the car was locked, Katie looked at her, wondering if she’d heard her or not. She’d just have to wait to see how things went and then she’d know.

Once they had agreed on a day to meet, weather permitting, Katie had immediately known that if she was as attracted to Jane in person as she was to her on line, then she’d bring her to this park. It was well known as a make-out place amongst the local college crowd, but usually not until the evenings. That and the fact that it was the middle of the week, Katie knew it would be pretty much deserted.

The two women walked side by side, chatting about anything but what they were truly thinking. How was Katie doing in school? Was Jane enjoying her time off? Did Katie know which college she wanted to apply to next year? They passed very few people, the path winding past a closely mowed soccer field and a couple of baseball diamonds. As they turned off the main path to a smaller one, they left behind tennis courts and a play area, the previously paved trail becoming hard-packed earth. After a while, they came to a secluded patch of grass near a small river – or a large creek, whichever you prefer – the path partially obscured by trees.

“Right here should be good,” Katie smiled. “We’re not deep enough in the woods for the skitters, but we’re far enough from the path not to be bothered by kids and such.”

Jane smiled back at her, taking the opportunity to enjoy the sight of the young girl in the sunshine, the smell of wildflowers carried on the soft, warm breeze and the gentle gurgling of the brook close by, thinking it a perfect place to seduce the young girl.

Spreading the blanket on the ground, Jane flopped down, lying on her side, one elbow propping herself up. She kicked off her sandals and wiggled her toes, sighing with the simple pleasure of being barefoot. Shading her eyes, she grinned up at Katie and patted the blanket beside her. “Don’t be giving an old lady a sore neck, have a seat, hun, there’s plenty of room.”

Katie giggled and sat down on the blanket, then rolled to her stomach to face Jane, kicking her own sandals off and propping her chin in cupped hands. “Mmmmm,” the teen moaned, “that sun feels so good.” Her eyes were closed as she reveled in the sensation of the warm breeze, tilting her face up to the sun. This gave Jane an opportunity to study the sweet, young thing lying before her. From her position, she could see straight down Katie’s top, her gaze hungrily taking in the sight of the girl’s tantalizing nipples; the dark buds partially erect. Jane’s mouth watered as she imagined sucking on them, causing them to harden even more.

Jane shifted slightly, rolling onto her stomach, putting her within less than arm’s length of those tempting mounds of hot, teen flesh. She ground her hips against the blanket, the movement causing the seam of her jeans to rub against her already throbbing clit.

Katie opened her eyes and frowned slightly, “Ummm, do you have any sunscreen? I forgot to bring mine.” The teen smiled to herself, having caught Jane staring down her top. She had deliberately worn a loose top and changing her position and closing her eyes was all done with the intention of (hopefully) teasing the older woman. Katie’s eyes glanced down as Jane sat up, rummaging in the bag she had brought, her heart skipping a beat when she saw how hard Jane’s nipples were now, her own tingling in response.

“I have some in here somewhere,” Jane murmured, searching through the tote bag she had brought. “Aha! Here it is!” She handed the tube to the young girl triumphantly. Katie grinned at her and handed it back, “Ummm…as I’ll be laying on my stomach, I need my back done. Would you mind doing it for me?”

Jane nodded, hoping she looked calmer than she felt. As Katie lay back down, she pulled her top up a bit to give Jane access to her bared back, the motion briefly bahçelievler escort exposing the soft swell of the undersides of her breasts. Jane bit her lower lip as she caught a fleeting glimpse of sweet flesh and squeezed her thighs together as she straightened on her knees, trying to relieve the throbbing in her clit.

Katie folded her arms on the blanket, then rested her head on her arms. Jane reached forward and gently moved the thick, soft hair from the girl’s neck and deposited a thin line of the white lotion across her bared shoulders. The woman’s hands were strong, but gentle as they slowly massaged the sunscreen into the soft, warm flesh and Katie closed her eyes, savouring the sensation.

Jane reached over and applied more lotion to the girl’s lower back, her hands laying flat to spread it as far as she could up Katie’s back, under her top. Grinning, she gave the girl a playful pat on her ass and said, “There you go, sweets. All done.”

Katie grinned over her shoulder at Jane and wiggled her hips a bit, murmuring, “Mmmm, that felt good. Could you keep rubbing my back for me …just for a bit?”

“Sure,” Jane replied. “However, if I’m going to give you a proper back rub, your top needs to be pushed up a bit more so I can reach all the muscles.”

Katie lifted her upper body slightly, allowing Jane to push the fabric up to the girl’s shoulders and under her arms. Again, the older woman was treated to a teasing glimpse of teen breast.

Jane started at the girl’s lower back, pressing the heel of her palms to either side of her spine, then pushing up to her shoulders. As she reached Katie’s shoulders, her hands splayed and cupped the teen’s sides, fingertips lightly brushing the side-swells of the young girl’s breasts, then down to her hips; only to lift her hands and repeat the entire process. Jane worked slowly and methodically, manipulating the muscles in Katie’s back, relaxing the girl into a half-trance. As she continued to give the girl her massage, Jane noticed that each time she brought her hands to the girl’s sides, Katie would arch her back slightly, the movement allowing Jane more access to the soft, teen tits. Jane would let her fingers stroke the sides of Katie’s breasts, more and more of her fingers resting against the sides until the soft swells were cupped in her palms and her fingertips could brush the tight nipples.

Jane’s clit was harder than she’d ever felt it before and she knew the crotch of her panties were soaked. As she lightly ran her fingers back and forth over the girl’s nipples, she leaned in to whisper softly, “Are you sure? You’re ok with this?”

In answer, Katie shifted slightly, turning so that she was laying on her back and reached up to tap Jane lightly on the nose, smiling. Jane’s heart skipped a beat. That was their agreed upon signal! Katie had told her that if she tapped Jane’s nose, it meant she wanted things to progress further.

A soft moan escaped Jane’s lips and she smiled at the luscious teen before dipping her head down to gently kiss the soft, young lips. Katie answered the groan with one of her own and parted her sweet lips, inviting Jane’s eager tongue into the damp warmth of her mouth.

Jane was on fire and it was all she could do to go slowly with Katie. She couldn’t wait any longer though and brought a hand up to cup a breast, lightly brushing a thumb over the young girl’s nipple, feeling it harden as she did so.

Katie moaned again and arched her back, letting the older woman lead, just enjoying the sensations coursing through her young body. She was glad she’d worn panties because she was dripping wet and the panties were containing the moisture, for now. Her nipples were harder than they’d ever been and her clit throbbed with excitement and anticipation.

Gently, Jane broke the kiss and smiled down at her, shifting slightly so her body was half on the young girl’s, a leg between Katie’s skirt-clad thighs. Not saying a word, Jane pushed the teen’s top up to bare her sweet tits, then lowered her mouth to capture the delicious bud of a nipple between her lips, a hand caressing the other, lightly pinching the tip.

Katie thought she was going to explode! Her breathing ragged, she mewled softly and brought a hand up to tangle in Jane’s red hair, another reaching tentatively between the two of them to touch a breast. Jane groaned and lightly bit the virgin teen’s nipple, then tugged it with her teeth, releasing it only to repeat the performance on the other nipple. Katie writhed beneath Jane, the movements causing her skirt to ride up her long legs.

Jane didn’t waste the opportunity and, while still suckling a delectable teen nipple, flicking it with her tongue, she pushed the skirt up so it bunched around Katie’s slim waist. Jane placed more of her body on Katie’s and pressed her thigh between the aroused girl’s legs, groaning as she felt the heat coming from the young pussy.

Katie lifted her hips and thrust them against Jane’s leg, grinding. Her hands had, by this time, managed to push Jane’s tube top down, baring the older woman’s breasts. Remembering how Jane had fondled her own nipples, Katie mimicked the older woman’s movements, rolling and tugging Jane’s dark pink nipples between her finger and thumb, reveling in the feel of another woman’s flesh.

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