First time with an independent provider

First time with an independent provider
This is a true story of a typical first time encounter with one of the local independent massage providers


First, I prefer independent ladies who do not work in a classic Massage Parlor. The local classic massage parlors always seem to me to be closer to a ‘joint’ than a ‘parlor’ and the women seem very professional but not as personable as the independents.

Of course, there are some different challenges with independent providers. I like that they tend to be less professional and at least seem like the friendly girl you just met at the grocery store. It makes everything so much more interesting and personal. Their attitude is not, typically, “let’s get this over with; I’ve got other people waiting.” It’s more along the lines of, “you seem nice, let’s see what develops.” That’s why I love most of the independent girls I’ve been with.

But this also brings few challenges and question marks. You never really know how far she will be willing to go the first time you see her. Will I like her? Will she match her photos and description or is she a dozen years older than the photos? I also wonder, will she like me and if I like her will she allow me to see her again?

For me there is also the question of why is she doing this? For her the question might be simply “who is he?” When you first meet, it’s often the classic dance where no one is wants to lead for fear that the other one might be an undercover something or other. A lot of the girls start out with a big hug AKA the law enforcement check. These girls are always taking a pretty big risk meeting a stranger at their apartment, so I like to do anything I can to put them at ease.

So in many ways, dealing with an independent is somewhat like going out on a blind date – lots of expectations but with no guarantee of the outcum. Usually if you treat them well, they will return the favor but there are no promises, it’s up to you to ‘earn’ your reward. To be totally honest about this, that ‘reward’ is 100% up to them. To me that adds so much to the encounter, knowing that I have to impress her if I want the best experience, so I always try to be the gentlemen that my mother always told me to be with a lady. If mom only knew!

Another little problem with independents is that it can sometimes be a little tricky finding her apartment. This was one of those times.

I found the apartment complex quickly (nice place – good sign) but after searching through the buildings for the number that she had given me I was getting a little desperate. As I walked between the last two buildings, with no visible apartment numbers in sight, one of the doors opened slightly and I heard, “Over here”.

At this point I was actually tempted to keep walking. Luckily my dick was in control and pulled me right over to her door which was open just enough for her to talk to me but not enough for me to see her.

“Are you Chris?”

“Yes,” I replied and asked her name. Everything matched up and she opened the door a little further for me to enter, but remained mostly hidden behind the door.

Just as the alarm bells started to chime, she closed the door and my eyes adjusted to the dim light. I quickly focused in on the lady. She was standing there in a light colored strapless evening gown wearing high heels and a gorgeous smile. Suddenly I was eighteen years old and picking up my date for the senior prom. Yes, she looked that good!

She was about 5’6” tall with dark hair, brown eyes and red lips. I judged her to be in the 24-25 year old range without any extra baby fat on her body.

The alarm bells were now totally silent. She stepped forward and gave me a big hug. I returned the hug with some added enthusiasm by cupping her ass in my hands. I was pretty sure that would get me past the LE check.

She directed me to follow her to her room. The way her hips swayed as she walked was like a piece of kinetic erotic art, a hypnotic sight that was dripping with sexuality. This lady knows just how to walk to keep a guy following her for a long time!

Her massage room was about the size of an average bedroom with the massage table in the center, a few pieces of furniture were s**ttered around against the walls. A pair of small lava lights on the computer desk gave the room a reddish amber glow while the computer screensaver added a slightly antiseptic gray luminance to the scene.

Soft music played from the computer speakers. The room was just the right temperature and the sheet on the table was fresh. More good indicators!

She turned too stepped out of the door we had just entered and paused to say, “Go ahead and get comfortable, I’ll be right back.”

I quickly striped leaving my clothes piled on one of the chairs. I laid face down on the table but did not cover my ass with the d**** that was provided. It’s always a good sign if she returns and does to cover you with that little d****.

The door to the room opened and there she stood. The evening gown and her high heels were gone. All that remained were those beautiful dark brown eyes, her sexy red lips and a lot of gorgeous youthful skin. Only a small amount of that sweet body remained hidden by her matching salmon colored bra and panties.

That evening gown had looked so good at the front door but now that it was gone, she looked ten times better! Her body was a series of gentle curves, not too much and not too little. Without the high heels she was closer to 5’3 and perhaps 115 pounds with a fit, youthful appearance. I would guess her breasts to be large C-cups that were wonderfully displayed in that salmon colored pushup bra.

She started rubbing my back as we chatted. She let me know that mutual touching was totally OK so I started running my hands up and down her thighs, from pussy to knee and back – but still being a gentleman! Her legs were firm but not hard and her skin felt like soft, warm suede.

As she moved down my body she spent some time teasing the boys as she rubbed my butt and the inner sides of my upper thighs. She continued all around the table, finally working her way back to the head of the table where I could again rub those beautiful legs.

“Do you want to flip over,” she asked?

I was on by back almost before she finished the question.

“Can you remove your bra?” I asked, and pop, it was gone and her two beautifully shaped breasts with those sexy, dark, Latino nipples were quickly cradled in my hands. She was standing with her belly pressed against the top of my head as I played with those perfect titties.

She bent forward to reach for my fully aroused dick and began stroking it. Her breasts were now on either side of my face. I turned my head first one way and then the other to suckle at each of those hard, dark nipples. I was really enjoying the moment. Those breasts and her handy work on my Johnson were a great combination!

The moment was erotic and filled with sexual lust and desire. I didn’t want it to end anytime soon. I especially didn’t want to cum already!

“Would you mind if I massaged you?”

“No,” she answered, “that would be wonderful!”

We quickly traded places, me fully nude with a 7” boner and her in her panties lying face down on the table. I methodically worked my way around her body. Feeling, rubbing, kneading and caressing every inch of her lovely form; I must say that her ass looked and felt spectacular!

After completing my massage of her back, legs, arms and buttocks, I asked her to flip over. What a site that was. Her body shape was so perfect. I could not have asked for someone who fit my fantasies any better than she did.

Ever the gentleman, I asked her, “Can I remove you’re panties?”


Pulling her panties down and past her feet, I starting rubbing her toes and working my way upwards along curve of her calves and thighs. My hands were enjoying the feel of her body and I was hoping that I was not boring her! I worked my way up her firm slightly spread legs, moving toward that warm, slightly hairy prize at the top.

Since this was my first time with this lady, I just rubbed and teased her pussy, nothing overt but enough for me to feel the heat and wetness of her womanhood.

Rubbing, kissing, feeling and enjoying every inch of her body, I worked my way up to her magnificent breasts, spending a lot of time on each of them.

After finishing my massage, I ask if I could get on the table with her. I straddled her belly and planted my nut sack directly on top of that cute little bush. My rigid cock was just above her belly and pointing at her face. I continued playing with her boobies as she started stroking my cock again.

It was so hot to feel her hands (yes she was using both hands) on my cock as her strokes were dragging my balls forward and backward through her public hair. Her pussy was neatly trimmed in that popular, narrow landing stripe style so many girls wear these days. It was very erotic to feel my balls sliding through her public hair. Her pussy was tickling and teasing my nut sack, putting a huge smile on both my face and that of my dick!

For the next few minutes we talked and played with each other. I continued to rub her body and those soft tits and play with those sweet, dark, rock hard nipples as she continued stroking my cock. She would randomly change the speed and tempo from fast to slow to a rhythmic series. She knew how to handle a cock.

It always seems somewhat surreal to be naked with a total stranger, my hands playing with her tits and her hands wrapped around my cock as we learn about each other. It was at this time that I revised my guess on her age when she told me that she had just transferred here from another college town and that she would complete her bachelor degree this spring.

“Would you like to cum on my stomach?”

This was my first visit with her and we had not discussed anything in the way of what type of ‘happy ending’ she would allow. But a nice, bareback hand job was the least that I was hoping to receive on this first visit.

“Yes, I would like that very much” I told her.

She picked up the pace and intensity of her strokes. My dick stiffened and throbbed. One of her hands dropped down to cup my balls and play with them. As her strokes continued my dick throbbed and strained for release. It was then I reached the point of no return. I arched my back a little. I held one of her breasts in each hand. I took a deep breath and let the cum fly!

One, two, three, four squirts of white jizz sprang from the tip of my throbbing cock. The jets of hot, wet, sticky cum flew over her stomach to land between her boobs. The white strings stretching all the way to the base of her neck. Like a series of white streaks, glistening in the semi darkened room; they neatly divided her right breast from her left breast.

She continued milking me until another puddle of cum had formed on her belly, just below her silver navel piercing. Oh was a glorious mess she had made!

We stayed in that position for a few minutes, her hand still moving slowly up and down my shrinking cock, we continued chatting until we got off the table and cleaned up.

“That was fun,” she said, “I really liked your massage. I hope we can get together again soon.”

“I really liked giving you the massage too!”

“If you’re interested, the full menu will be available to you next time. I really want to feel your fat cock inside of me.”

Yup, that’s exactly what she said. She definitely knows how to get a man’s attention and she knows how to keep her customers cumming back to her!

And yes, the next visit was phenomenal! We had moved from total strangers to close friends who had not seen each other for a while. That second visit was like two long lost very hungry wolves trying to devour each other’s lust but knowing that they would give as much as they took. No wam, bam, thanks your mam here, but a long session, well over our agree time limit and VERY personal.

That is the reason I really love the local independents!

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