My devious wife

My devious wife
Stephanie & I have been married for about 5 years. She’s fun size, about 5’3” about 105 lbs. Nice 34B tits, shaved pussy that was just a slit. Her ass was proportionate for her size.
We married when we were in our early 20’s. I’d only been with a few girls before her. I never asked her number. I figured it couldn’t have been too many. She was a bit of a prude when we started having sex. Now Stephanie has an open mind, so that part was great. She wasn’t totally against anal, she said she just didn’t know how to prepare for it. She said she heard some people raved about it & others said it hurt.

We still had regular sex. On the couch, floor, table, wherever just to mix it up a bit. We had some toys. We mostly watched porn on the TV rented from the satellite co. Once in a while we’d call each other by the actors name from the movie we just watched. Just fantasize we were fucking that person since we didn’t have many partners before we married.

Stephanie spent a lot of time talking on the phone with my older sister Jessica. I was glad they’d hit it off. Sometimes Stephanie would come back looking flushed. I’d ask her if everything was OK. Did Jessica say something that upset you? Oh no just girl talk & about our families. Everything’s fine.

One day Stephanie came to me and said her & Jessica were planning a getaway with us.
OK where? There’s these cabins up North about the same amount of drive time for them as it would be for us. Kind of like meeting half way.
Cabins? Cabins? I’m a city boy. What’s up with these cabins? It’s just one cabin with two rooms. What’s there to do there? Stephanie said to get in touch with nature. Spend some quality time with your sister & her husband Ron.
OK I guess if that’s something you really want to do. When are we going? Next week, make sure you get time off from work.
A week? A whole week in the woods? OK I guess.

We arrived at the Cabin. It was quite secluded. My sister Jessica & her husband Ron were already there. I shook Rons hand, my sister came running over to me & greeted me with such enthusiasm, pressing her tits against me. I’m so glad you decided to do this. Stephanie wanted to spend a week in the woods. I’d rather meet in Vegas or somewhere.

Jessica went over to my wife. Doesn’t Jack know? Not yet I thought I’d ease him into it. How? Let him catch you naked, without a bra those types of things. I’ll work Jack from my end. Tell Ron to go slowly until Jack’s ready.

Jack asked me what’s going on? Honestly? Yes honestly. Well………to swap. Like a swap meet? No, partners. WTF you want me to fuck my sister? You want to fuck Ron? Jessica said she always wanted to fuck you but you were such a brat when you were younger. She wasn’t going to give up a piece of ass to you because of how you acted. I asked, you want to fuck Ron? Not necessarily Ron, I’ve never been with anyone before you. I just want to know what it’s like. I’ve always wondered. It’s just something I want to experience like most young people do before they marry. Who better to fuck & be safe with then Ron & Jessica? It’s your call Jack. I hear Jessica takes it up the ass, something you always wanted to do. Here’s your chance. Think about it for me. OK I will.

Jessica & Ron came into the cabin. I winked to Jessica. She nodded back. Slowly I mouthed.

We looked at a brochure of the area. There was a pool & hot tub nearby. Lets start there. That’s when Jack noticed there were no real bedrooms or shower. (part of the plan) A great room & a kitchenette with a bed on either side of the room. Jack kind of sighed. Which bed do you guys want? It doesn’t matter Ron said. Stephanie which side. I already put our bags over on that bed.

I found our swimsuits & we were ready to go. We followed the path to the common area. Jack commented to me on his sisters bikini. If you want to call it that. Jessica had nipple slip & could care less. The only time she did anything about it was when her tit came completely out of her top. We didn’t see anyone along the way or at the common area. Ron put his toe in the hot tub it’s great he turned the dial for the jets to start.
I sat next to my husband Jack, Ron next to him & Jessica on the end. Jessica said nobody’s around & took her bikini top off revealing her DD’s. Jack did take a good look. I was a 34B Jessica has 36DD huge areolas with big pointy nipples to match. Come on Stephanie get comfortable. I looked at Jack. He kind of shrugged his shoulder so I took my top off slowly giving him a chance to object. He didn’t.
We chatted about where to go for dinner. Jessica said I don’t think there’s any restaurants on the grounds we’ll have to drive into town. We have to eat so be it.

Ron was talking to Jack. Jack it’s your call. If you don’t want to do this say so. I’m a little uncomfortable however Stephanie has a point. Better this then someone else behind my back. Oh Jack she would never go behind your back. That’s the whole point of this, you’re there. You’re doing this together. With that Ron took his boardshorts off & Jack said when in rome he took his off too. With that Jessica stood up took her bottoms off & sat on the edge. Jessica moved her legs back & forth a bit giving us a peek at her pussy. She too was hairless. It looked like she had big pussy lips. I took my bottoms off & also sat on the edge feeling naughty doing the same giving a peek of my pussy with just a slit. We were the exact opposite of each other. That’s good, something different for the guys.
The jets shut off. We decided to go into town & get something to eat. I put my bikini on the guys their boardshorts. Jessica just her bottoms & walked back to the cabin topless.

Dinner was good, home cooked like you’d expect in a small town. We got back to the cabin & forgot one thing. The showers were down by the pool. We all headed back down in our swimsuits except Jessica, she just had a towel around her.
Jack got into a shower followed in a flash by his sister. Ron looked at me & did the same. I didn’t want to ruin tonight’s fun so I just washed Ron & he washed me. Jack & Jessica got out just before we did. I noticed Jack had a hardon. That’s a good sign. Ron had a hardon too. I know my nipples were sticking out in anticipation of things to cum.
I was a little more brave heading back to the cabin. I only had a towel around my waist. Ron & Jessica braved it & were naked. Ron too wore a towel.

We got into the cabin I turned to Jack one more time. Jack just pulled my towel off of me. So I did the same to him.
We laid down some blankets on the floor, pushed some furniture away, got some pillows. Jessica made the first move walking over to Jack bent down and started sucking his balls.
Ron came over to me knelt down spread my outer pussy lips & began to eat me out. The anticipation was building all day made my pussy lips were swollen and I was so wet I came quickly. My legs almost limp. I had to hold onto Rons head to keep from falling. I went down on Ron. Sucking his balls & giving him head.
I couldn’t see but I heard Jessica making gack sounds. Jack must be face fucking her. He never did that to me.
Ron told me to get on all fours. He buried his face in my ass. He was licking my asshole & my pussy.
I looked up and there was Jack doing the same thing to Jessica. Our eyes met. Jessica licked her lips and smiled, I too licked my lips. I kept watching her.
Jessica was a lot louder then me. Oh yes, yes, yes eat my pussy, bite it. Fuck yeah I’m cuming. I saw her ass shaking in my husbands face. FUCK yeah that’s it eat me.
That was actually really turning me on. Ron was still eating me out so I wiggled my ass in his face.
I saw Jacks head rise from Jessicas ass. I heard her say oh yeah fuck me. Fuck me deep & hard. I felt Rons dick at my hole. Ron entered me hard, I gasped. I too started with the dirty talk, fuck me, fuck my hole. I watched Jack & Jessica fuck. I think they were watching me and Ron. I liked that. Jessica was pleading don’t stop, don’t stop I’m going to cum.
I too was close to cumming. I told Ron to fuck me hard, pull my hair (where’d that come from?) Just like that I’m cumming.
Ron placed me on my back. I reached for his dick sucking it. Cleaning my pussy juice from his dick.
Ron again rammed his dick in my pussy. Fuck I yelped. Ron was banging away, pinching my nipples, squeezing my tits hard. Jessica must like it rough. Ohhh fuck, fuck yeah. Ron said my cock is so wet from your pussy. I’m going to cum. On my tits I told him on my tits. Ron pulled out & released his hot cum. Rope after rope kept bursting all over my tits. I sucked Rons dick clean.
I turned my attention to Jack. Jessica was telling him give me your cum you mother fucking bastard, give it to me deep in my pussy. I’m cumming you fucking bitch, take my seed deep into your pussy. Jack was slapping her tit. Uggg fuck I’m cumming. I recognized the face he made. I was a little shocked at how he talked to Jessica and slapped her tit like that. Jack pulled out and so did a lot of cum.
Jack pointed his dick a Jessicas mouth, she took it right in her mouh. I want every last drop of your cum you bastard.

We all sat there spent. Cum all over my tits dripping down, cum oozing out of Jessicas pussy. The two guys with limp dicks. Jessica said this was great guys. Jessica whispered to me I’ve got the butt plugs for us tomorrow so you can get ready for Ron to fuck your ass & Jack mine.
Jacked asked me if I was OK. Yes a little rough but that’s fine. Nothing too extreme.
There was no place to shower in the cabin. None of us were going to walk to the public showers. We paired up husband & wife. We just fell asleep in each others arms.

Morning came. Us girls were a sticky dried cum soaked mess. The guys fared better we sucked their dicks clean. Lets hit the showers.
Jessica gave me a butt plug & some lube. You’ve been using these at home right? Yes. OK we’ll be good to go tonight. Keep it in all day.
I showered alone. I easily got the butt plug up my ass. That in itself was turning me on. My hand started for my pussy. No I thought. Wait for tonight. I saw Jessica in the shower across from mine. She bent over to show me she too had a butt plug in her ass. I noticed Jessicas tit had light bruises on them from where my husband was slapping her. I too had bruises on my tits from Ron squeezing them.

The day was quite uneventful. Breakfast, the hot tub where I didn’t dare take my bottoms off. My husband Jack did ask me about the bruises on my tits. Don’t worry, we just got a little physical. Nothing like you slapping Jessicas tit.
Do you still want to fuck Ron tonight. If you want to fuck your sister, I’m down. OK then were good.

After dinner we went back to the showers to be fresh for tonight. This time we paired up. Ron was soaping me up. He felt the butt plug. Somebody’s going to get fucked in the ass tonight. I reminded him it’s my first time be gentle. I will. He reached down and was finger fucking me in the shower.
I said lets save it for tonight.

We got back to the cabin & all of us dropped our towels. Ron laid down & I sat on his face, grinding my pussy onto his tongue.
I could see Jessica also sitting on Jacks face. Ron stopped and lightly bit my ass cheek. You fucker I hollered. It’s time I fucked your ass. Sit on my cock. I pulled out the butt plug, lubed my wide open asshole & sat on his dick. Slowly I lowered myself so just the head was in and working him up my ass. I had him all in. I thought his dick was going to come out of my mouth. I just sat on his dick letting my ass adjust.
I looked and Jack was pounding his sisters ass. I heard him say my cock is so fucking hard from fucking your ass. Grind it deep you bitch. Take all of it.
Ron was getting more aggressive fucking my ass. He was pumping it hard. It hurt a little but one that I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to be fucked up the ass. Ron was squeezing my tits hard too. That’s OK he was really getting off.
Jessica was saying over & over oh that feels so good, fuck my ass, cum in my ass. With that I heard Jack grunt & say I’m cumming in your ass.
With that Ron said faster bitch I’m cumming. I actually felt his load of cum up my ass.
We finished at almost the same time. Then unexpectedly Jessica came over to me & put the butt plug back in my ass. Jessica rolled me on my back & sat on my face. I didn’t know what to do. I heard Ron say eat that pussy. I stuck my tongue out & licked a little. You can do better then that you cum slut. I felt someone between my legs eating me out. With that I got a little more aggressive, licking her hole, tonguing her clit. I felt a light bite on my thigh. That must be Ron. I heard Jack saying to Jessica suck my cock, suck it. Jessica came hard squeezing my head, grinding down hard on my face. Jack pulled his dick out of her mouth letting Jessica get off my face.

Same scenario the next morning, off to the showers we went. Stephanie & I showered together again.
WTF look at you. You have a lot of black & blue marks. Is Ron hurting you? Not really, he’s just a little rough. Are those bite marks? Yes they are. I don’t know if I have any cum left in me. Yeah my pussy & ass are getting sore.
Do you want to go, or one more night?
I think we should leave. You & I can do all those things with love & respect. We don’t have to be tender but without respect it’s nothing, like that Ron. He has no respect, no love & certainly isn’t tender.
He’s just an a****l taking out his frustrations. Look at Jessica sitting on my face like that. She too was disrespectful.
There’s nothing wrong with rough sex. There has to be respect. We have that & love.
I found out I wasn’t missing out on anything. Being used like a piece of meat. I’m really glad you are my 1st.

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