Alex’s Gifts Ch. 07


It’s crucial that you read at least the previous chapter before beginning this story. The first half covers a few very significant plot points that might not make much sense otherwise.

Or just skip down ’til you find Sam, I won’t hold it against you.

Thanks & Enjoy.



Alex spent most of Wednesday at his desk working. As distracted as he was, he felt confident he’d got enough done by lunch to free up his afternoon. After a quick bite to eat, he rode over to Ben’s house, needing someone to divert his attention from his various problems.

Up in Ben’s room, the two discussed work and school. Alex was interested in some of his friend’s engineering projects. He had a knack of finding useful and practical applications of technology. It was one of the skills that allowed him to build a multi-million dollar business before he turned eighteen.

Changing topics, Ben turned to his computer and said, “Check this out.” Alex stood behind him as he opened a folder full of image and video files. He clicked on a picture and then proceeded to flip through an album showing his sister Megan in various states of undress.

“Wow!” Alex exclaimed. “What are those, lace panties?”

“Yeah man, she has a few different pairs, but she hasn’t been around much.” Alex could sense Ben’s disappointment.

“Are you encrypting that drive?”

“No, why bother?” Ben said nonchalantly and shrugged.

“Because I could go home and have those pictures in five minutes. You know if they got out her life would be destroyed. Let me have a look.” Alex didn’t give him an option as he stood over his shoulder.

“Alright.” Ben relented.

Alex took Ben’s seat and cracked his knuckles. This would be child’s play compared to his day job. Securing incestuous pictures was somewhat simpler than keeping billions of dollars of his client’s money safe.

Fifteen minutes later, Alex finished. “That’s good enough for now. You should consider a decent firewall and a dedicated device to hold this stuff.”

“Sure, soon as I win the lotto,” Ben said, shaking his head.

“I have some extra hardware laying around. It’s yours if you let me set up a secure tunnel to my network so I can see what Megan is up to.” Alex offered.

“Deal!” Ben said enthusiastically. “And thanks, I should have been more careful. I was just so relieved to get the whole thing working. I’ve got multiple cameras, one that’s remotely articulating, motion sensors, low light image processors, a high gain microphone…” Ben droned on, geeking out about his dirty little project. Alex didn’t mind, he was equally as interested in the tech and immediately considered several less perverted uses for it.

“So, what’s new with Carrie?” Ben asked, changing topics again.

“Not much. Lily is pissed at me, which means Carrie is pissed at me. But it’s my fault and I have to fix it before she’ll hang out again,” Alex said, dejectedly looking at Ben’s floor.

“Aw man, that sucks.” Ben shook his head. “Your sister can be such a bitch.”

“I know,” Alex nodded. “I don’t have a clue what to do about it. I know why she’s mad at me this time, but it seems like she’s pissed about a whole lot more, too.”

“Sorry man, but you know me. I’m not going to be an ounce of help with that one. If there’s anything I can do though, let me know.” Ben said, trying to offer support to his troubled friend.

“Thanks man, I appreciate it. I gotta run. I’ll bring the hardware over in a day or two and get you set up.”

“Sweet. My last final is Friday at three. I can’t wait for the break. I have a feeling this summer is going to be interesting.”

“You and me both,” Alex said as he left Ben’s room.

On his ride home, Alex’s thoughts turned again to Lily. He had to find a way to say he was sorry. He knew not to expect Carrie’s help, he was sure if he went to her for advice she would send him away.

As Alex rolled into his driveway he saw his sister Casey out front doing yard work. She waved him over. “I’m glad you’re home. I found out who you can talk to about the lifeguarding job. The number is on the table,” she said with her usual cheerful smile.

“Thanks, Case!” Alex said, flashing her a grin. He knew he owed her one.

Inside, Alex found the note with the number for a Ms. Weston at the Sanford YMCA. He took the yellow post-it up to his office and dialed the number. A chipper female voice answered, “Hello, this is Emily Weston, how may I help you?”

“Hello Ms. Weston, my name is Alex Donovan. I’m calling about the lifeguarding job opportunity,” he said politely.

“Hi Alex, you’ve reached the right person. What can I do for you?”

“Can you please tell me about the job? All I’ve heard is that training starts next Monday.”

“Yes, that’s partly true. Tryouts are on Monday, actually, and training starts Tuesday. We’re looking to hire one boy and one girl who will work as a team under a more experienced lifeguard. If you are selected fatih escort then we will pay for you to complete Red Cross training which takes four days. Once you pass the training we will want you to be available to work at least twenty hours per week. Does that sound like something that would interest you, Alex?”

“Yes, that sounds great. I’ve been competitively swimming for years. I’d love the opportunity to join the team,” said Alex as enthusiastically as he could manage. He continued, “I wasn’t aware there were tryouts. What does that involve, and how many people are signed up?”

“Well, right now I have 3 boys and 4 girls on my list,” Ms. Weston said, “Tryouts start at 9 am next Monday at the Sanford YMCA and will last about three hours. We’ll start with a written test aimed at getting to know you better, and then a swimming skills evaluation. Since you’ve been swimming so long I’m sure that will be no problem for you,” Ms. Weston said.

“Okay, thank you. I think I’d like to toss my name into the hat.” Alex spent the next few minutes giving Ms. Weston his info before hanging up with a promise to see her Monday.

Alex was thrilled about the potential change of pace the job would bring, but had reservations about having to go through tryouts. He couldn’t worry about that now though, there was too much else on his mind.

On cue, he received a text from Carrie. It wasn’t a message, just a link. He opened it and was met with pictures of muscled men wrapped tightly in dozens of different styles of underwear. Switching to a laptop, he typed in the link and started shopping. He picked out four items; a silk thong, two pairs of package-enhancing bikini briefs, and a pair of strappy backless briefs with a see-through mesh sheath for his cock. He checked out with two-day discreet shipping, hoping to get them before the weekend.

Alex also looked up the name of Carrie’s strawberry lotion and ordered a bottle along with a variety of massage oils. Continuing his spree, he searched for something for his big sister. He thought it might be a good gesture if he replaced her shoebox toy box with something sturdier and lockable that pervy boys couldn’t get into, like Carrie’s treasure chest. He soon found what he was looking for and placed an order for two, to be delivered Monday. Alex decided he should also get one to keep his burgeoning panty collection safe from prying eyes.

Money spent, Alex returned to his work. He took a couple hours to update his books and reconcile accounts. Mundane stuff, but it served the purpose of keeping his mind off his troubled sister.

That night he shared a quiet meal with Casey. They had the house to themselves; Lily was at Carrie’s house and wouldn’t be home until morning.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Casey asked after they’d finished dinner.

“Sure, I’ll see if I can find something new,” Alex offered. Casey disappeared while he flipped through the on-demand listings. Eventually he found a mushy romance movie he thought she would like and sat on the couch, patiently awaiting his sister’s return. Moments later she swung down the stairs and walked towards him. Alex gaped at her bare legs, she was wearing a short cotton nightshirt that barely reached her thighs. A girlish purple teddy bear was stenciled on the front; it was obviously something she stopped wearing ages ago.

“Remember this?” Casey asked, grabbing the hem of her nightie and stretching it down. The thin material pulled tight against her chest and Alex could make out the puffy tips of his sister’s pert breasts through the thin fabric.

He shook his head, momentarily unable to think.

“Silly, I used to wear this all the time when we were younger. Every movie night. You and I used to curl up on the floor together and watch.” Casey said with a slight frown, dropping her shirt which sprung up and gave Alex a momentary glimpse of the loose white panties she had on underneath. “I miss that,” she said innocently.

Alex nodded in sudden recognition, “I remember.” Smiling, he said, “I’ll be right back,” then bolted upstairs and into his room. He changed into a pair of baggy cotton pajamas, the closest he had to what he wore when they were younger. On his way back downstairs he grabbed a few pillows and blankets from the guest bedroom and carried the armload into the living room.

Casey squealed, clapping with joy. “Yay!” She bounced on her toes, sending her budding breasts jiggling up and down. Alex dropped the pillows and blankets in front of the couch and Casey wrapped him in a warm embrace. He kissed her forehead and she stared up at him lovingly with her big brown eyes.

Alex sat down on a blanket and leaned against the couch. Casey curled to the ground in front of him and slid back between his knees, snuggling into his chest. He wrapped his long arms around her waist and held her close. She sighed and he felt her relax under his firm embrace.

“I missed this too,” Alex whispered softly in his sister’s ear, resting his etiler escort chin on her shoulder and inhaling her sweet smell. Casey whimpered and held his arms in hers, pulling herself tighter into his body.

The siblings watched the movie a while until Alex’s back and butt began to tire from the steep angle of his seated position. “I need to lie down,” he said and slid two hands under bare Casey’s upper thighs. He lifted her small body gently and began to swing his leg under her. She gasped at his sudden show of strength and helped free herself from between his knees.

Alex pulled a couple of pillows to their sides and leaned over onto a pile of soft blankets, guiding Casey down with him. Wrapping an arm around her narrow waist, he pulled her shoulders tight against his chest as she shimmied her hips back. Alex looked down as he felt her feminine curves lock into his hips and found that her short shirt had ridden up, exposing her panties. Two thin layers of cotton were all that separated the siblings.

Fighting with all his might, Alex attempted to quell his excitement. Conflicting emotions roiled inside him as long-standing brotherly love and burgeoning teenage lust battled for control. His calmer head prevailed, but just barely, and he returned his attention to the movie.

Alex soon found himself betrayed by his choice when a scene of explicit romance played out as the movie reached its climax. Casey squirmed against him and he could do nothing to stop his rising fervor while the erotic display unfolded on the television.

Casey felt Alex grow against her and moaned with a throat-rattling hum. She pushed back, rocking her hips, almost imperceptibly at first. Alex returned pressure and Casey became emboldened. Grasping his wrist draped over her waist, she pulled his arm up and pressed his hand onto her breast.

Alex held her soft mound in his palm, unable to control his urges, and began slowly massaging her tenderness through the thin nightshirt. He felt her nipple harden and shifted his attention to the sensitive tip, brushing it between his fingers as Casey mewled and squirmed under his touch. Sliding his hand through her cleavage, he grasped her second handful and rolled it in his palm while pushing his hips forward and sliding his aching stiffness along her backside.

Casey gasped as Alex changed grips on her chest. She felt wetness welling between her legs, her sex already inflamed from the extended close contact with her brother and the sensual scene they’d just watched unfold on the screen. She twisted under his embrace and lifted up, pulling her well-worn shirt over her head. Laying back, she spun back into her brother’s arms and kissed him, immediately opening her jaw and begging entrance into his mouth.

Casey’s tongue slid between Alex’s lips while he gently caressed her bare skin with his fingertips. He pulled back and she whimpered softly in complaint. He propped himself up on an elbow and used his free hand to pull his pajamas over his shoulder. Casey helped free him from his top and he dropped back down into her arms, pressing his bare skin against her warmth.

Pure bliss overcame both brother and sister as their half-naked bodies came together for the first time. Alex kissed Casey with pent-up passion, overcome by his love for her and driven by her own overt desires. He lifted his thigh between her silky smooth legs and slid it up and into her hot center. She flexed her lithe body against him and ground her sodden underwear into his leg, climbing up his hip until she could feel his rigid shaft press into her belly.

Reaching down, Casey tucked her small hands under the loose waistband of Alex’s thin cotton pants. At the same moment, Alex’s long arm slid along Casey’s thigh and around her front, tracing the seam of her panties down and in until his palm came to rest on the pronounced mound between her legs. Casey lifted her knee and Alex reached farther, pressing the damp cotton into her aching sex.

Two sets of warm fingers wrapped around his cock and Alex groaned. He moved his hand up and slid under the waistband of Casey’s undies, moving slowly as he first felt the downy dome of her pelvic crest, topped with a small patch of silky hairs, followed by the softness of her two puffy lips that guarded her entrance. Reaching farther, he skimmed over the start of her wet crease, it opened willingly as Alex slid a finger into her tender petals and over the sensitive button nestled between them.

Casey drew a sharp breath as Alex’s finger crossed her clit. She focused her attention on the throbbing shaft in her hands, something she’d wanted to hold for a very long time. Reaching down, she stroked Alex’s length with one hand, while cupping and rubbing her other over his flared tip. She felt him thrust, pushing his stiffness through her hands, timing his movements with hers.

Alex continued circling Casey’s sensitive button, matching her rhythmic pace and feeling himself start to tighten in anticipation. He pushed beşiktaş escort one long finger into her hot entrance, ample wetness allowing him to slide easily into her depths. She gasped as he pressed harder, rubbing her clit with his palm and driving his finger as deep as possible into her pulsating core. He curled his finger, caressing the spongy rippled flesh of her insides, and heard his sister let out an involuntary cry of pleasure.

The siblings kissed passionately as they worked themselves into a frenzy on the living room floor. Smiling, gasping, and squealing, Casey writhed under his touch until her hips locked up and she howled in release, shuddering as a flood of ecstasy crashed into her. Alex felt her cinch around his finger and was immediately driven over the edge. He grunted and pushed into Casey’s embrace as his own explosive climax sent him gushing into her eager hands.

Casey held Alex’s throbbing shaft tenderly as he spasmed, still reeling from the after effects of her own orgasm while he emptied into her soft grip. Once he calmed, she sat and brought her arms up in curiosity, examining the white mess he’d left in her palms. She lifted a hand and licked a dribble from her wrist. Finding the taste pleasing, she continued to clean herself, hungrily lapping up her brother’s gift.

Alex stroked his sister’s bare back while he watched her swallow the last drop. She turned and grinned, leaning over him, her breasts swinging free as she leaned down and kissed him. Casey’s tongue swirled through his mouth and Alex could taste the familiar salty twang he’d sampled with Fiona. Unable to resist the temptation of her silky smooth bare skin, Alex wrapped his arms around her naked torso and pulled her tightly into his chest, feeling her soft mounds press into him. He ran his hands across her back and down her hips, cupping her tight round backside and tenderly kneading her creamy skin over and under her cotton panties.

The credits rolled while the siblings stayed locked in each other’s loving embrace, exploring their bodies, not caring that they’d missed the end of the movie. Alex eventually sat up, unraveling from his sister’s embrace.

Casey stood and softly said, “Be right back.” Alex watched his sister, naked except for a pair of white cotton panties, skip across the hardwood floor and disappear into the bathroom. She emerged a minute later and took her time crossing the room back to Alex, reveling in his gaze as he blatantly explored her near-naked body. Her excitement growing, she stopped halfway and slipped her thumbs into her panties and dropped them to the ground. Standing, she stepped out of the damp cotton and looked up to find her brother’s jaw hanging loose.

Alex stared as his naked little sister strolled slowly over to him. His attention focused on her tight feminine curves, pink-capped breasts, and swinging narrow hips that held the greatest treasure of all in their center. She walked to his shoulder and wrapped her hands around his head, tousling his hair. Alex nested into her thigh, he could smell her sex and it made his head spin. He wanted to lift his head and slide his tongue into her, but thought better of it. Their evening was special enough without rushing further into unexplored territory, although he was certain Casey would not object.

Alex stood and embraced his naked sister. “Thanks for a wonderful evening, Case. I love you.”

“I love you too. This was perfect,” she replied and sighed as she turned her head and leaned against his chest, pulling herself tight into his warm bare skin.

The siblings kissed one last time before Alex bent and pulled on his shirt. Casey yawned and donned her teddy bear nightshirt. “I’m going to bed, goodnight.”

“‘Night,” he said and watched her glowing body slowly walk up the stairs.

Alex cleaned up the mess of blankets and pillows and found only one item out of place once he returned to the living room. Casey’s panties lay on the floor where she’d dropped them. He walked over and bent, feeling that they were still warm and slightly damp, he pulled them to his face and inhaled deeply. He moaned and tilted his head back, lost in his sister’s bittersweet musk. Once he’d had his fill he shut off the TV and lights and went upstairs. Stashing Casey’s gift under his bed, he rolled onto his pillow and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning and afternoon came and went while Alex had the house to himself and tried his best to occupy his mind with work. He thought about his tender evening with Casey the night before while simultaneously fretting over his other sister, Lily. One loved him and one hated him, it was starting to tear him apart. He had to try to fix the situation soon, or else he’d risk losing Carrie. That was the thought that distracted him above all, he didn’t want to disappoint his mentor. He didn’t think he’d be able to get out of this mess without her.

Carrie and Sam were guests at dinner that night. Alex made spaghetti and meatballs, Lily’s favorite, hoping that might give him an edge. Carrie was distant, he knew he’d have to complete his assignment before she’d return to her old self. Lily avoided him completely. She wouldn’t talk to him, or even look in his direction. It was as if he didn’t exist.

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