Amanda’s Shocking Discovery Pt. 01


Amanda was a single mother two grown twin children Sam and Donna who were both 18. At 45 she was still a very attractive woman but had very little luck with men and her only sexual experiences over the last three years had been alone with her vibrator!

Recently she had become very friendly with her neighbour Susan, another divorcee Susan was much younger at 31 and with no children. They had become very close after Susan’s divorce, regularly meeting for coffee and lunch whilst generally bitching about men.

It was Friday evening and Amanda had been invited round Susan’s for a glass of wine and a girly chat, nothing unusual about that and so she was slightly surprised when Susan opened her front door dressed in a very revealing little black dress.

“I’m sorry, I thought we were just having drinks here,” Amanda asked, puzzled.

“We are,” Susan replied with a smile, “I just thought I’d make the effort as it is a Friday night,”

Amanda returned the smile and entered into the living room, suddenly feeling a little self conscious about the jeans and top she was wearing. She sat on the sofa and Susan poured out two large glasses of red wine and they began chatting as normal. During the usual conversations the wine flowed freely and Amanda couldn’t help but glance down at Susan’s very attractive long legs, clad in a sheer natural coloured nylon she found herself wondering whether she was wearing stockings or tights.

Susan noticed Amanda staring at her legs, “Are you ok?” She enquired, startling Amanda.

“Erm, yes…Of course,” stammered Amanda, her face flushing red instantly at the realisation she had been noticed staring.

“Do you like looking at my legs?” Susan asked.

“You have lovely legs,” Amanda’s face reddened even more as she replied.

There was a brief uncomfortable silence before Susan interrupted by announcing that she needed something stronger than wine and went over to the drinks cabinet. She poured out two shots of Sambuca as Amanda joined her. They downed the first and Susan poured a second which both ladies downed once more.

Amanda’s head began to spin slightly as the alcohol began to affect her.

” I have a confession,” Susan suddenly announced, “I have noticed you a lot more than normal lately,”

“Noticed?” Amanda enquired.

“Erm,” Susan glanced at the floor, clearly nervous, “I have a bit of a fetish for tights, my ex husband introduced me to the sexual pleasures and frankly it was the only good thing he left me with,”

“Ok,” Amanda replied slowly, not entirely sure where this conversation is going.

“Lets sit down,” Susan said hurriedly, and they walked back to the sofa.

“As I said, I have noticed you a lot more recently, mainly when going to work in you dress suit and tights/stockings?”

“Tights,” Amanda confirmed.

“Right, tights, well normally my ex husband and I would both wear tights for sex and I found this really erotic, I loved seeing him erect in the tights and performing oral sex through them,”

“Erm OK,” was all Amanda could think of replying, feeling that the conversation was definitely entering new territory for their friendship and not entirely sure how she felt about this new ‘openness’.

“Well, this is really hard, I hope I don’t offend you,” Susan blurted out, clearly beginning to show signs of nerves which the alcohol wasn’t helping at all.

“That’s ok, go on,” Amanda replied, curious as to where this was now going and for some reason becoming excited.

“I’ve began to have feelings for you, more than our friendship…I’ve begun to fantasise about having sex with you, imagining you and I clad only in tights and exploring each others bodies,”

“Wow, erm…I don’t really know what to say,” Amanda replied, shocked at Susan’s apparent confession.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry,” Susan broke down, “It was just seeing you every day has began to have an effect on me, I’ve never had any lesbian desires before now and secretly I hoped somehow you would feel the same,”

“It’s ok,” Amanda smiled, “I’m flattered, you are a very attractive woman…”

“But you couldn’t ever find me sexually attractive,” Susan interrupted, “It’s ok, I understand, this was crazy anyway,” Her eyes dropped to the floor, unable to look bursa yabancı escort at her friend directly.

Amanda, reached out and touched her chin, lifting it and looking deep into Susan’s eyes, “I didn’t say that,” she said and leaned forward kissing Susan gently on the lips, Susan opened her mouth as they kissed and Amanda’s tongue entered, the kissed passionately for a few minutes before Amanda broke the kiss.

“Now tell me more about this tights fetish,” she giggled, “it sounds fun!”

Susan blushed and described graphically the sexual encounters she had with her ex husband involving tights, Amanda was shocked as to how erotic an everyday item of clothing could be. Stockings didn’t seem to do it at all for Susan and Amanda began to see tights in a whole new light.

“You know that I wear tights everyday?” Amanda asked.

“I had noticed,” Susan replied, “Even under your jeans now, or are those knee highs?” She grinned.

Amanda laughed, “Oh god no, how old do you think I am? No I wear tights for practical reasons and they make my legs feel nice, never thought of them as being erotic before though,”

“And now?” Susan enquired.

“Well lets just say that as we sit here I am picturing myself eating your pussy through the crotch of those oh so sexy sheer tights before fucking you hard with my fingers and toy,”

“Fucking hell,” Came Susan’s reply, “Now who’s opening up?”

“You started it,” Amanda grinned, “Now go and get your toy!”

“I don’t have one,” Susan replied looking disappointed, “I have to make do with my fingers,”

“Well I guess you had better come over to mine, I have a selection to choose from,”

Susan’s face lit up and the two ladies made their way across the shared driveway.

“What about Sam and Donna?” Susan asked as Amanda opened the door.

“It’s ok, they’re out for the evening and staying at friends, even if they come home who cares? It’s about time I had some fun in my life…If you can handle that of course?”

“Most definitely,” Susan replied.

They entered through the front door and Amanda pushed Susan back against it, kissing her passionately once more, breaking the kiss she looked deep into Susan’s eyes once more “This is it then, no turning back now! I can’t do this as a one off,”

Susan tenderly kissed Amanda, then whispered into her ear. “I don’t want a one off, I’m done with men forever, I only want you now,”

Amanda smiled and kissed her once more, “You can have me, I think I have always loved you but didn’t realise until tonight,”

The clasped hands and made their way to Amanda’s bedroom, both tingling with excitement with the next chapter of their lives beginning.

As Amanda opened her bedroom door Susan let out an audible gasp, lying on Amanda’s bed was her 18 year old son Sam, fast asleep with a half empty bottle of scotch on the bedside table. The main cause of Susan’s shock and now Amanda’s panic was that he was naked, clad only in a pair of his mothers sheer black tights.

“Holy shit,” Amanda whispered loudly, not knowing what to say or do.

“Fucking hell,” Susan replied, trying not to disturb the sleeping young man and save his embarrassment, “did you know he liked doing this?” She asked.

“God no, he must have thought he would get away with it whilst we were next door, the little pervert clearly isn’t used to Scotch!”

“He has a gorgeous body though,” Susan said with a grin.

“What the fuck happened to ‘I’m done with men’,” Amanda asked, her voice tinged with anger.

“Calm down sweeties, I was just making a statement, even as his mother you must be able to see that?”

Amanda stared at her son, she had to admit that he was definitely a good looking guy, at least his father had been good for something. He lay there, silently breathing and Susan walked over and sat on the bed.

“What are you doing?” Amanda asked.

“Well, he’s not my son,” Susan replied, “And he clearly shares our fetish, how about he joins us?”

“How drunk are you?” Amanda almost shouted, “that is my son lying there for fucks sake!”

Susan walked back over to Amanda, “Look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t want to feel him inside you,”

“Of course I fucking don’t, bursa sınırsız escort ” Amanda angrily replied as her eyes darted to one side.

Susan smiled, “I saw your eyes, look I know it’s taboo but he’s eighteen years old and fit as fuck!”

Amanda was completely taken aback by this change in character from the nervous young woman next door confessing her lesbian desires to this confident sexual predator. Susan sat on the side of the bed and began stroking Sam’s semi erect penis through the tights. He didn’t stir but became more erect with her stroking, Amanda watched in silence as Susan’s lips slipped over his nylon tented shaft and she began to suck him deep in her throat.

Sam jolted awake, shocked and embarrassed to find his older neighbour sucking him as his mother stood in the corner. Amanda walked over to the bed and rested a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

“It’s ok honey, don’t worry, Susan just wanted to help you out,”

Sam lay back in stunned silence as he watched Susan expertly suck him through the tights, then looked back up to his mother “God mum, I’m so sorry I got dumped by Sarah tonight and just came home and started on the scotch. I didn’t think you would be back so soon so I came up to relieve myself,”

“By relieve yourself you mean ‘wanking in my tights’?”

Sam blushed and closed his eyes as his orgasm from the blowjob began to build.

“How long have you been doing this?” Amanda asked.

“S s s since I was 16,” Sam stammered as Susan’s pace quickened, sensing he was close.

“And Donna’s tights?” Amanda queried.

“Yes, hers too,” he confessed, his breathing quickening.

“Who are you thinking of when wanking?” Amanda demanded.

“You, Donna or Susan,” He confessed, “Depends on who’s tights I was wearing…Aahhhhhhhhhhh” He exploded into Susan’s mouth, he hot salty offering filtering through the nylon as she sucked and licked him clean.

Susan removed his softening nylon clad member from her mouth and looked up it him, her lips glistening with his semen. “You’ve wanked over me too?” She asked, shocked.

“Erm, yes,” Sam blushed, “when you left me the key to feed you cat whilst you were away one weekend,” he confessed.

“I thought I was missing some tights,” she grinned, “I hope you enjoyed them!”

Sam just smiled, embarrassed as he didn’t know where to look.

“Well I guess there is no turning back now,” Amanda said as she unbuttoned her jeans and let them slide to the floor.

Sam watched in stunned silence as his mother stripped naked, slipping one leg of her tights off so she could remove her knickers before pulling her tights back on, adjusting the waistband so her pussy was clearly visible through the sheer tan coloured nylon.

“Don’t get too excited,” she winked at Sam, “Susan has first dibs on this,” she pointed at her crotch.

Sam’s eyes ballooned wide as he watched his mother lie on her back whilst Susan positioned herself between Amanda’s legs and began to probe her tights covered pussy with her tongue.

Amanda lay back, caressing her breasts as Sam watched intently, his cock growing hard once more encased in the now sticky nylon, Amanda glanced over at him playing through the messy tights and told him to put a clean pair on, then she had a change of mind and told him to grab a pair of Donna’s worn ones from the laundry basket. Sam had a huge grin as he dashed to the bathroom, he couldn’t believe that all his fantasies and many more were coming true in one night. He returned to the room and excitedly changed into his sisters tights, Amanda and Susan were really going for it now and Susan had ripped open Donna’s tights and was licking her deeply as Amanda gripped her head and writhed around on the bed.

Sam stood and watched, stroking his now firmly erect penis through the nylon tent of his sisters tights. Amanda beckoned him over and reached out stroking him whilst Susan went from licking to fingering her. Sam moved closer as his mother adjusted her position to take him into her mouth, Susan watched on as she fingered Amanda.

Amanda continued sucking Sam deeply, the thought that these were her daughters worn tights only heightened her sensation as she reached under her pillow and görükle escort passed her vibrator to Susan. Susan smiled and inserted it into Amanda’s soaking pussy, switching the device on and working it in and out.

Amanda removed her sons shaft from her mouth and took over control of the vibrator, working it inside herself as Susan undressed down to her tights.

“No knickers?” Amanda queried.

“I never do,” Susan grinned.

Susan lay back on the bed as instructed by Amanda and looked down as she positioned herself between her legs, one hand still working her toy.

“Sam, come behind me and take over my toy, then fuck my tight hole at the same time if you think you can,”

Sam gulped and did as he was told, pulling his cock over the top of his tights he positioned himself against his mothers behind.

“Mum, erm…I’m a virgin,” he confessed.

“That’s ok sweetie,” she replied, “Just do what comes naturally, work my opening with a moist finger first”

Sam tore a wider hole in her tights, exposing her crack and moistened his finger. Then he decided he could do better and moved down and began licking her entrance, Amanda was shocked at her sons daring as she felt him push his tongue deep inside her tight passage. She moaned loudly at the incredible sensation, nobody had ever done this to her before and Sam, sensing her excitement, picked up his pace. Licking deeper and faster, her worked her toy deep in her pussy as Amanda climaxed over and over, burying her face deep into Susan’s crotch as she did so.

Sam moved back and guided his engorged tool to her tight entrance, gently penetrating her and inching himself inside. Gently thrusting in and out with his cock as he awkwardly tried the same with the vibrator simultaneously. As his pace quickened Amanda began licking Susan with more vigour, Susan lying back; caressing and pinching her nipples. Sam let go of the vibrator, allowing it to slip free from his mothers soaking pussy as he grabbed her hips firmly and began thrusting much harder and deeper with increased urgency.

Amanda ripped open Susan’s tights and forced her tongue in deep, her pace matching that of her son thrusting deep inside her. She reached back and picked up the still vibrating toy lying on the bed and thrust it forcibly into Susan’s wet hole. All that could be heard were the collective moans in pleasure as all three moved to climax, the girls orgasms flooding through their bodies over and over until Sam finally reached his climax and exploded deep inside his mother.

The three of them collapsed breathlessly on the bed, struggling to comprehend what animal instincts they had just allowed to escape as a voice from the doorway grabbed their attention.

“Well that is about as fucking perverted as it gets!” Donna announced.

“Fuck!” Exclaimed Amanda, “How long have you been there.

“About 10 minutes,” Donna grinned, “fucking hell mum, never knew you had it in you! I knew Sam was a fucking perv, kept finding my cum stained tights under his bed, but you and Susan are the real surprise package!”

“Y y you knew??” Sam stammered.

“Y y yes!” Donna mocked, “of course I fucking did, we’re twins remember? We have a sixth sense., plus I found it pretty horny wearing cum stained tights and masturbating in them after you have had you way with them!”

Amanda was stunned, what kind of parent was she to bring up two raving sex maniacs? Susan was grinning from ear to ear, loving the revelations from her lovers family.

“Why didn’t you just ask for my tights, or even a fuck?” Donna questioned Sam, “it was always obvious that you fancied me, even as kids,”

Sam just stared at the floor, unable to comprehend what was happened…A dawning realisation that his whole family were pretty fucked up.

“Well?” Donna demanded.

“Well, what?” Amanda asked.

“Do I get to join in this fun or is it a private party?”

The three of them all looked at one another, Sam could barely contain his excitement.

“Have you got any energy left brother dear?” She asked and held out her hand leading Sam back to the doorway.

“Where are you going?” Amanda asked.

“I’m going to teach Sam a thing or two,” She grinned, “You two can have your fun tonight, we’ll join you tomorrow,” with that the two of them left the room hand in hand.

“What do you make of that?” Amanda said to Susan.

“I think we are going to have a lot of fun,” she replied and kissed her lover gently on the lips as they gently lay down on the bed, kissing and touching.

To be continued.

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