Caught on My Knees


It was all very innocent at first, I was at the mall and had to go pee, I found a washroom and headed in, there were quite a few guys standing around a urinal became free so I quickly took it I was peeing sort of minding my own business, when I look over at the guy beside me, he is in his forties I would say he is not peeing he is jerking his cock off, its not huge but its a nice one semi erect uncut, dripping precum, my reaction to his dripping cock is I lick my lips. I can imagine lapping up his precum then taking his cock into my mouth. He positions himself so I get a better look at his cock, he pulls out his balls as well, big bull balls, the guy beside him is stroking his cock as well, he has a huge cock semi erect I would say about eight inches, thick and dripping precum as well.

Without realizing it I had finished peeing and I too was stroking my own cock, another guy comes up beside the guy on my left, he pulls his cock out, this man is huge, he is thick and uncut, his cock rock hard, I have never seen so much hard cock in one place in my lifetime. These guys all step back so we can all see that they are hard and jerking off.

“Come on man do a guy a favor, suck my cock for me, I have not had sex in a very long time,” The guy with the big cock says to me.

He reaches over and grabs my cock, I take his in my hand, its so thick and so bursa escort hard, I slowly stroke it, the precum is dripping like a hose. I get down on my knees and take a really good look at this guys dick, I lean in and lick the precum on the tip of his beautiful cock, I take it into my mouth, we are really getting into it, three other guys are watching and stroking, two are in line waiting to have theirs sucked, the door opens and in comes two uniformed police officers, I let go of his cock and try to get up and put my cock away all at once, as the one cop says

“Come on guys put those away and get out of here! Everyone but you Mister.” The officer says looking directly at me.

“You stay here we need to chat with you.” The other officer says to me.

I am terrified, they can charge me with almost anything at this point, the one cop waits for the rest of the guys to leave and he closes the door and locks it. Oh dam I’m in for it now, the other cop walks up to the urinal and pulls out his cock, I have the perfect view of his beautiful cock, its uncut, with a long foreskin, his cock has a really good stream of piss, as I watch him piss, my cock starts to grow in my pants. The other cop comes up and pulls his cock out, his is cut and has a beautiful purple head on it.

“So it seems you like to hang around in washrooms and suck escort bayan random cocks.” The officer says to me with a grin.

“No sir I usually do not!” I try to say sounding sincere.

“But we just caught you on your knees with a cock in your mouth did we not? And you had two others lined up stroking their cocks as well.” The other officer says his cock still dripping.

“Yes sir it looks bad for me.” I say totally red faced.

“Sure does look bad for you, since you had a big fat cock in your mouth, and you were going to town on it.” there was a long pause.

“Are you a good little cocksucker?” The officer asks.

“I can say I have not had any complaints as of yet.” I say my eyes on their cocks.

I casually look down and they are both stroking their cocks, one is about seven the other I would say six, two very nice cocks that’s for sure.

“So we could charge you with public nudity, and lewd behavior, but we have a better idea.” The officer says turning towards me.

“Okay what is your other idea?” I say as I lick my lips.

“Get on your knees cocksucker, and swallow mine then his cock and make sure to swallow a load from us both now.” The officer commands.

I quickly get down on my knees the cop places his cock up for me to service, dam nice cock, and it tastes so good, his precum bursa escort is so delicious, I try to stroke more out of him, he grabs my head and starts to fuck my mouth, this guy is slamming me trying to wreck my mouth. Soon his cock swells and he shoots volley after volley of cum, his cum is delicious, I lick his cock clean and his partner steps up.

This guys cock is a little bigger and uncut, the precum is under his hood, I slide his skin back and lick his knob clean, his knob is so sensitive, I take him to the base, I hold his cock there and flex my throat muscles and roll my tongue under his huge tool.

“This little fucker can suck a cock, he is much better than your little brother is.” The one cop says to the other.

He soon starts to fuck my mouth he is much more gentle and he too is soon filling my mouth and throat with his lovely white cream, I suck on his cock till the last of his load is in my mouth and down my throat. He pats my face as he is about to put his cock back in this trousers.

“Good job cocksucker, your good, a real natural, hope we run into you again real soon.” The cop says as they are about to go.

They start a conversation like I am not there, I get to my feet as they open the door and leave, two guys come in as they walk out, they head to the urinals, soon they too are stroking their cocks and looking my way, I manage to suck four more cocks, then head home. I run into my two cop cocks in another washroom about a month later, I again take their loads from them, they thank me and are on their way. I give them my cell number for future cum injections.

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