Chad and Blaine Ch. 01


Blaine clutched his books to his chest and looked around the hallway, new school and it was the middle of the semester, he looked down at the class schedule in his hand sighed. Mathematics room 148 floor two, so far he was on floor one trying to find the staircase, the hallway was empty except for the few students rushing to class. He walked down the hall and turned left, not seeing anything but doors and lockers he did the only thing that came to mind, he knocked on a classroom door.

A short, chubby female teacher came to the door and looked Blaine over. “Yes, how can I help you?” she asked with a slight lisp.

“I- um- I’m lost, I’m new here.” he stuttered out.

The teacher turned around briefly and addressed someone named Chad, a boy came strolling up to the door in a jersey and faded jeans, with a fake smile he asked “How can I help you, Mrs Shepman?”

“This young boy is lost and needs someone to escort him to his classroom” Mrs Shepman said politely, Chad heaved and sigh and walked out the door and down the hallway with a muttered “Follow me.”

Blaine followed the boy and tried not to sigh out loud, the boy was the hottest guy he had laid eyes on since Dean, his ex boyfriend, Chad had blonde hair with lighter streaks in it from the sun, incredibly dark blue eyes and had an obvious jock build. Blaine’s gaze travelled down Chad’s back to his ass, Blaine had a hard time holding in his moan. Chad’s ass was very firm, unlike Blaine’s, which according to Dean was a bubble butt.

Chad turned suddenly and Blaine forced his eyes up to Chad’s, Blaine knew that Chad had seen his looking at his ass and he squirmed were he was standing, Dammit why was I so stupid, don’t get involved with another jock, they will only break your heart then beat you up in that order, he thought to himself. Blaine lifted his hand and ran it through his hair messing up the dark strands.

“Like what you see?” Chad whispered leaning close.

“I- um- I’m Sorry?” Blaine murmured uncertainly.

Chad took a step forward and Blaine took a step backwards, they kept this up until Blaine was backed up into a locker, Chad put his hands on either side of Blaine’s head, affectively caging him in. He leant in close, hip lips inches from Blaine’s, Chad licked his lips and smiled when Blaine’s eyes tracked the movement.

“I said like what you see?” Chad asked again.

Blaine nodded quickly and looked into Chad’s eyes, Chad’s beautiful eyes. Blaine closed his eyes and whimpered quietly when he felt his cock start to harden in his jeans, Blaine looked down and groaned quietly, his trousers had an obvious bulge in them and all because this one boy looked at him. Chad looked down too and gasped quietly, the bulge in front of the boys trousers was very impressive.

Chad took one more glance at the bulge and then lunged in for a kiss, the boy gasped again and Chad took the chance to push his tongue inside the boys mouth, Chad pushed closer and the boy squirmed and moaned quietly into his mouth, Chad swept his tongue inside the interior of the young boys mouth and pulled back slightly to run his tongue around his lips. Chad pushed away from the wall and grinned at the boy. He had his eyes closed and his cheeks were flushed, the bulge in the boys trousers, if possible, had gotten bigger.

His eyes opened and he looked at Chad and smiled slightly. The haze broke around the boys when the bell rung, the boy pushed up and grabbed his bag what had fell to the floor, during the passionate embrace. Students started rushing out of doors and Chad helped the boy sort his books out and handed the books back to him.

“Where are you next?” Chad asked.

“Um” the boy looked at his sheet briefly “Health class in the gym.”

“Well that is were I am, I’ll walk you there.” Chad smiled at the bewildered look on the boys face.

They started walking towards the gym when Chad stopped and looked at the boy before sprinting off towards the school again, Blaine shook his head and continued walking the way Chad was taking bursa escort bayan him, the jock had kissed him he had actually kissed him. Five minutes later Chad came running back towards the boy.

“Sorry about that I forgot my backpack.” he panted.

Blaine nodded but kept quiet, they were almost to the gym when Chad game him a funny look and asked “What’s your name?, I kissed you but I don’t even know your name.”

Blaine laughed quietly and whispered “Blaine, Blaine Rosewood.”

“Huh I didn’t think you were a Blaine I thought your were more of a Tim, My name is Chad Thurston.” Blaine nodded again but didn’t say anything.

“Don’t talk much do you?” At Blaine’s shaken head he continued “Why is that, is it because your new? Are you shy?”

Blaine smiled slightly and nodded but added one word to it “British.”

Chad laughed and slapped his forehead, “Of course you would feel insecure, but just because your in America don’t mean you should hide it, I think it’s cute.”

Blaine giggled and walked into the gym with Chad, Chad sat on the bench seat and patted it next to him. Blaine looked around before hesitantly taking his seat, he didn’t understand why Chad had kissed him, he didn’t know anything about Blaine. Blaine snapped out of his thoughts when he felt a strong warm hand on his thigh. He looked up to see Chad’s grinning from ear to ear.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Blaine whispered quietly.

“You look so nervous, I think you look so adorable.” Chad whispered back.

Chad looked over at Blaine and sighed quietly, Blaine was the most sexiest man Chad had ever laid eyes on and that was saying something as he had seen his fair share of boys and men. Blaine had dark green eyes and silky black hair what curled around his ears. Chad couldn’t stop himself when he reached out and ran his fingers through Blaine’s hair, he chuckled silently when Blaine’s head whipped around and those gorgeous green eyes focused on Chad.

“How long have you been in town then?” Chad asked quietly, while running his fingers through the Blaine’s curls.

“Um…Nearly two weeks, I live on 32nd street, my mother got promoted and we had to move from Britain.”

Chad smiled and kissed Blaine’s cheek, he loved being one of the very few outed gay teens in this school, means he could do anything he wanted to Blaine, in the right terms of course. Blaine shivered when Chad’s lips moved to suck on his earlobe, Chad lightly bit the flesh and was rewarded when Blaine let out a stuttered moan. Seems Chad had found one of Blaine’s sensitive spots.

“Mr Thurston, I see you have already made your acquaintance with our new student, but I must tell you it’s rude to make a move on the first day of school.” Mr Garrison’s voice pulled Chad’s head away from Blaine’s ear with a grin.

“Sorry Sir, but Blaine looks and tastes so good.” Chad replied with a wicked grin.

Blaine flushed deep red and buried his head in his books with a deep groan. The class around him laughed and he flushed even deeper when Chad placed a chaste kiss on his cheek, Blaine batted Chad away with a muttered “Stop it.”, Chad pulled away with a sigh and leant back against the girls legs behind him.

“You think he’s cute don’t you Elle?” Chad asked the girl he was leaning on.

“Oh honey you know I think he is adorable, but if I say anything out of line I will get spanked by Mike.” Elle replied with a grin, running her fingers through Chad’s honey blonde hair.

“Elle, you love being spanked so don’t even try the innocent act on me.” Chad said with a grin.

Elle sighed before saying “You know I do, honey.”

“All right kids settle down I think we have established that Mr Thurston has decided to take the new student under his wing.”

“That’s not all I plan to take him under.” Chad shouted. The class erupted in laughter while Blaine elbowed Chad in the ribs.

“Today’s lesson is all about sex obviously.” Mr Garrison yelled and turned around to write on the blackboard in big görükle escort capital letters SEX AND THE RISKS.

The class laughed and some groaned Blaine included. It didn’t help that Blaine was a virgin, he never let Dean touch him or he never touched Dean. Blaine kept looking towards the front of the class, he knew everything about sex he just yet to experience it, Dean had tried to get him into bed, but after the third time he had ripped Blaine’s shirt, Blaine had ended it. Which didn’t end well, he got his heart broken as well as his ribs, his nose and his arm. Blaine felt the familiar sting of tears and blinked rapidly, but it failed and one fat drop landed on his books and another landed on Chad’s had what was still on his thigh.

Chad looked down at his hand with a frown then looked up at Blaine. Blaine’s eyes were shimmering with tears that haven’t fell. Chad wrapped his arm around Blaine’s shoulders and pulled him closely into him, he murmured incoherent words in Blaine’s ear and felt Elle put her hand on Blaine’s shoulder too, eventually Blaine calmed enough that the tears stopped. Chad was confused but didn’t ask anything, if Blaine wanted to tell him then he would.

“Mr Thurston and Mr Rosewood would you like a room or would like to answer the questions?”

“I would prefer a room but I suppose we’ll take the questions.” Chad replied with a slight smile.

“The average sperm count is 40 million in a healthy male and it also depends on the diet of the male.” Blaine said quietly.

“You are correct Mr Rosewood, did you learn this in Britain?” Mr Garrison said.

“I have completed my sex education course in Britain and passed.” Blaine replied with a smile.

“I can see your a very smart boy, Mr Rosewood, just don’t let Mr Thurston pull you into the dark side.” he said with a grin.

“Yes, I am going to suck your blood and turn you into one of the dammed.” Chad said in a bad Dracula accent and bent in to bite Blaine’s neck, he bit just a bit too hard and broke the skin, Blaine’s had went to his neck but found Chad licking at the wound.

“What are you doing?” He hissed.

“Cleaning your neck, I am a vampire after all.” Chad sucked at his neck hard and when he pulled away Blaine had a huge Hickey on the side of his neck.

“Chad!” Blaine said and prodded the skin, “My parents are going to kill me.”

“Aww poor baby want me to kiss it better?” Chad leaned in and swept his tongue over the hickey before kissing it.

Blaine pushed his head away and looked towards the front of the class, Mr Garrison was droning on about STD’s so Blaine got his notepad out and started drawing, by the time class was over Blaine looked down at his pad again and sighed, he had drawn Chad, a pencil sketch of him and the only thing coloured in was his eyes. The bell rung and kids filed out of the gym, while Blaine held back until the crowd had gone watching Chad go with them.

“Mr Rosewood? Is there anything else you wanted?” Mr Garrison asked.

“Could you tell me where room 115 is I have art next and I don’t know where I’m going.” Blaine replied, turning around.

“I thought Chad was showing you where to go.”

“Um…he went with the rest of the class, I don’t know where he is heading. Anyway I don’t want to bother someone like Chad.”

“What do you mean someone like Chad?”

“You know the jocks, I went out with a jock in Britain and I ended up with a broken nose, four broken ribs and a broken arm, all because I won’t put out for him, that’s not how I want my life in America to go.”

Mr Garrison laughed and watched Blaine “Chad’s not a jock, Blaine.”

“What about the jersey?”

“It was my father’s jersey this time twenty years ago he won the all state football league, and I wear his jersey every year it just happens today was that day.”

The voice came from the doorway and Blaine turned around to see Chad standing in the doorway, he had tears in his eyes what made Blaine think how much Chad had heard, his bursa escort bayan next words confirmed his suspicions.

“I’m not one of those jocks, Blaine, hell I’m not even a jock, I’m not going to beat you up because you won’t put out.”

As Chad said this he got closer to Blaine, when he was finished talking Chad was standing in front of him.

“I’m going to ask you a question I want you to answer me honestly Okay?”

Blaine nodded and Chad asked “Do you like me?, Not my face or my body?”

Blaine smiled and answered “I like you Chad I did the first time I set eyes on you, your face and body are just a bonus, except I haven’t seen your body.”

Chad chuckled and grabbed Blaine’s hand, tugging him towards the door and down the stairs towards the art class, when he knocked on the door and pushed Blaine in with a “I’ll meet you after class.” Chad then rushed towards English.

*** It was almost six weeks later when Blaine was putting the finishing touches to his art project issued in his first art class, he was making a clay figure of a male angel, he had his wings wrapped around his body in a protective embrace, on the clay slab he was standing on, it had the words “The strong must protect the sweet.”

Blaine finished painting the wings and the only thing left were the eyes, he mixed a blue and black, resulting in the most beautiful colour blue he could imagine, he painted the angel’s eyes and stood back to admire his art work. The angel looked exactly like Chad, his guardian angel.

“It’s amazing.” Miss Belle said. Miss Belle was one of the very few teachers he liked, she was in her late twenties and had dark brown eyes and bright red hair.

“Thank you.”

“Where did you get the words?”

“My grandfather used to say them to me, when I was a little boy.”

“They are amazing words, and for such a young boy like you to make something this beautiful is astonishing.”

“I’m 19, hardly a young boy.” Blaine said with a smile.

“Yes, of course, do you mind if I use this in my exhibition?”

“Sure, I guess but could I have it back by the weekend I want to give it to my grandfather for his birthday.”

“Yes, I believe there is a young boy waiting outside for you.” She said with a smile.

“Oh, Chad and I are having our first date tonight.” He said nervously

“You finally said yes to him then?” Miss Belle asked with a gleam in her eyes.

“Does everyone know how long he has been after me?”

“Pretty much sweetie, he has never tried this hard, and I have been his art teacher all the years he’s been at this college.”

Blaine watched Miss Belle leave then started cleaning the art room, the first time Chad had asked Blaine out was on his first day here, Blaine had said no because he didn’t want to rush into anything, Chad had asked again a week later, again Blaine said no, that time because he was nervous, Chad continued to ask him out in some of the most insane ways, he’s personal favourite was the time he said yes.

Chad had bribed the English teacher to have the blackboard have written on it “Blaine, you can’t keep saying No, I won’t give up, go on a date with me, Chad” Blaine was always the last person in class so the whole class had seen it before he did. Chad came bouncing in seconds later. This time Blaine said yes.

Blaine finished tidying up and placed the angel in the locker at the back of the room and pulled his apron off. Blaine grabbed his backpack and slung it over his shoulder. He took a deep breath and opened the art room door and gasped, Chad was in a blue dress shirt and dress trousers, Blaine laughed when he noticed the trainers, Chad never was one for dress shoes.

In Chad’s right had was a single red rose. Blaine stepped forward and kissed Chad on the cheek, Chad wrapped his arms around Blaine and tried to pull him into a deeper kiss but Blaine bounced out of reach.

They had only ever had one real kiss and that was on his first day here, Chad kept trying but Blaine kept dodging his attempts.

“Are you ready Mr Rosewood, for our date?” Chad asked and bowed like a butler. Blaine couldn’t help giggling.

“Why yes I am Mr Thurston.” He replied, while laughing.

Chad took Blaine’s hand and they walked out of the school hand in hand.

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