An Eye Opener For Tony


Before any nit picking computer experts jump down my throat, I would like to point out that my knowledge of modern technology is about on a par with William the Conqueror’s knowledge of nuclear physics. I do not know if a device such as that described in this tale actually exists, or is even possible, but hey, it fits in with the story.

It was Sunday evening, and nineteen year old Tony Jenkins was not in the best of moods. He had spent two back breaking days helping his family move into their new home, and he wasn’t too pleased at being stuck with the smallest bedroom. At least his parents said it was because he was the youngest. As far as he was concerned the truth was that Antonia, his twenty two year old sister, always got her way because she could twist their dad around her finger, so she was given first choice. Admittedly his was the only room with a computer desk built in by the previous owners, but that was small compensation. Besides, it wasn’t exactly in the ideal position, because whenever the door swung open it banged against the end. On reflection though, it wasn’t such a bad idea. It meant he would have plenty of warning, so he could click out if anyone came in at an inconvenient moment.

Pragmatically accepting what he couldn’t change, he made his bed and put away the rest of his clothes, before setting up his sound system and computer. Crawling under his desk to connect everything up he spotted a wide flat box screwed firmly to the underside next to the wall. By the light on his cell he examined the unfamiliar device, wondering why it was located in such an unusual place. Obviously it wasn’t meant to be seen, but why? Four short leads were plugged into a socket on the wall, and there was a row of USB ports on the front edge, all but one covered with cobwebs, so it must have been there for some time.

Tony knew just about enough to know it was some kind of router or gateway, but it was way too sophisticated for him to fathom. Digging into his box of odds and ends he took out a cable, and connected the box to his computer and booted up. The screen lit up and he read the small notice in the bottom right corner. ‘New hardware detected’, followed by ‘Searching for drivers’. After going through all the annoying bullshit that precedes installing new software, he finally brought up a menu. Under the heading ‘Location’ was a column of boxes, in which ‘Door 1, Light 1, Door 2, Light 2’ had been typed. Alongside were more headings, ‘Zoom’, ‘Sound’, and ‘Record’. Apparently the new hardware was some form of security surveillance, which would explain why the box was concealed under the desk. If burglars couldn’t see it, they couldn’t disable it. He was about to click the first icon when his mother called him for dinner, so he shut everything down and went to eat.

After dinner Antonia changed and went out for the evening, and Tony watched TV with his parents for a couple of hours.

Around ten o’clock he went to his room and logged on, bringing up the new program, and when he clicked on the first icon his jaw dropped. He had no idea what he expected to see, but it sure as hell hadn’t been the master bedroom. ‘Door 1′ obviously referred to the bedroom door, and he was looking from the foot of his parents’ bed to the pillows. ‘Light 1’ showed a view of the bed from above, from which he figured the camera must be concealed in a light fitting. Whoever had set up this system clearly had a taste for voyeurism. It could only be hoped that the old occupants of the room were more worth looking at than the new. Tony loved his parents to bits, but not even the most charitable could call them a handsome couple. His father might be described by some as ‘ruggedly attractive’, but the best that could be said of his mother was that she was ‘homely’. The truth was Tony had difficulty even thinking of her as female, let alone as a woman. Her choice of clothing didn’t exactly help either.

Marina had come with her parents and two brothers from southern Europe as a moderately attractive and generously bosomed teenager. Her father had quickly found work in the construction industry, and six months later he brought home Marty Jenkins, a young apprentice bricklayer. As he introduced him to his family, he spoke sternly in what little English he had managed to learn. “You good my Marina OK? She good girl. No like girl dis country. She no having boy.”

Although he was far from handsome, there was something about Marty that appealed to the object of her father’s adoration. With her parents’ permission, and on the condition he brought her home before nine thirty pm, they spent the following Saturday window shopping and wandering around hand in hand, content with each other’s company, but unable to converse due to the language barrier. She had scarcely left the house in the six months since she had first arrived, because after growing up in a tiny village where she knew everyone, the city streets thronged with uncaring strangers was frightening so she was relieved istanbul escort when, around seven thirty, he steered her towards his home. He conducted her through every room in the house, making it clear that they were alone. Picking up a framed photograph of three people, he held it out.

“Mom, Dad and me.”

Thinking she understood she smiled as she pointed. “Mama? Papa? Me?”

With a gentle laugh he shook his head. “No. Mom – Mama, Dad – Papa,” then pointing to his chest, “Me.” He smiled at the baffled look on her face, then tried another tack. Pointing again to himself, he said “Me – Marty.” Then to her, “You – Marina.”

She thought for a moment, then her face lit up. Taking his hand she pressed it against his chest. “You? – Marty?” He nodded, and she pressed his hand to her own chest. “Me? – Marina?”

Although he understood that her gesture had been perfectly innocent, he swallowed a sudden lump in his throat and nodded again.

She clapped in delight and beamed at him, proud that she had learned her first two words of English. Taking his face in his hands, she stood on tiptoe and kissed him chastely on the lips.

He returned her smile automatically, but his mind was on how wonderful her breast had felt against his palm. Hesitantly he leaned closer and gave her an equally chaste kiss, and when she returned it he laid his hand on her breast.

Marina didn’t flinch. She had known this would happen one day. Her Mama had told her often that the time would come when her man would touch her, because that was what he was supposed to do, and that she should let him because that was what she was supposed to do. True she had known Marty for only a few days, but from the moment they first met, in her heart she had been certain that he was her man, so for him to put his hand on her breast was the way it should be. What made it even more right was that she liked his touch. She sighed happily as he squeezed and fondled the soft flesh through her clothing, then it seemed to her to be the most natural thing in the world to follow him as he took her hand and led her to his room.

He had felt her boobs, so it made sense to her that he would want to look at them, and she could only pray that he liked what he saw. She watched his face intently as he took off her blouse, then reached round to unhook her bra. He didn’t see the smile that lit her face when his eyes widened, as he became the first man to look at her large firm young breasts with their wide brown tips. Her nipples stiffened and tingled under the gentle rasping caress of his work roughened hands, and when the tingling spread lower, she knew she wanted him to touch her down there too. She was well aware what would surely follow if he did, but the warm spreading moistness told her she was ready, so she parted her legs, hoping he would respond to the unspoken invitation.

He lowered his head to take her nipple between his lips, spreading the fire in her loins, and she gasped as his fingers touched her pussy through her panties. His face fell when she pulled away abruptly, but she merely smiled, and hooking her thumbs in the waistbands of her skirt and panties, she pushed both garments down in one motion. Then she was sitting on the bed, watching nervously as he undressed. His moved his eyes downward, and she pressed her thighs together momentarily, then reminded herself that a woman was supposed to let her man look at her there. Her own gaze was drawn to his manhood, standing out hard and proud from its wiry nest, and her legs parted of their own accord. She tried to still the pounding in her chest, catching her breath and holding it as his hand came closer to her virgin pussy.

His touch on her clitoris was almost like an electric shock, stoking and fuelling the fires within her, and she lay back, open and inviting. She gasped at the unexpected pain as he entered her, and then he was inside her, moving slowly but insistently. Suddenly she was clinging to him, offering her nipples to his mouth and thrusting up to meet him. The intensity of her orgasm took them both by surprise, and his mouth was against hers, whispering words she didn’t know, but nonetheless understood as she soared above the clouds. She knew when he came inside her, adding his wetness to her own, and she tried to capture him, tried to keep him in her for eternity, crying out in despair as he finally withdrew.

Her father was waiting at the door, staring at his watch when Marty delivered her to her home, minutes before the required time. Instantly Marina saw in her father’s face that he knew. She had no idea how, but he knew, and she braced herself for the expected tirade. Instead he took her hand and calmly placed it in Marty’s, nodding as though in his mind everything was settled. Escorting Marty to the door, he shook his hand. “You good boy. My Marina happy.”

From then on, whenever Marty visited, her father took pains to ensure the family gave them time to be alone together, although as the months beşiktaş escort passed he kept a careful watch on her waistline. When they weren’t busy fucking, Marty found himself in the unaccustomed role of teacher, helping the whole family to adjust to their new language.

Six months passed, and a week after Marty completed his apprenticeship they tied the knot. At the wedding, his new father in law seemed mildly disappointed that his daughter wasn’t pregnant, and although they had never used protection, mainly because Marina didn’t like to, it was another five months before she conceived. In due course she gave birth to Antonia, followed three years later by Tony. By the time his son arrived on the scene, Marty had started his own construction business, and things were really looking up. Married life definitely agreed with both of them, and from the day they moved into their own home a few weeks after the wedding, Marina seemed to be insatiable, even more so during each of her pregnancies. Except for when they visited her parents to show off their new grandchildren, she rarely passed up an opportunity to fuck, lustily and often loudly.

As her looks faded and her body thickened with approaching middle age, Marina began to adopt the dress sense, or lack of it, of her mother, loose peasant style dresses, all concealing and voluminous. Her husband didn’t like it much, but since her sexual appetite remained undiminished, he saw no reason to complain.

Tony had often wondered why his mother dressed the way she did. This was a modern city, not some behind the times peasant village, so why dress like a nineteenth century peasant? It was almost as if she didn’t want anyone to know she was a woman.

Antonia, on the other hand, was a different matter. Tall and slender, with tits and ass most guys would give their left testicle to get their hands on, she had a face and legs to go with the body. In fact she was the complete package. Even wearing sweat pants and an oversize sweater she managed to look dressed to kill, and in a bikini she was instant hard on material for any healthy male, even her brother. Especially for her brother. He had lost count of the number of times he had lain in bed at night, jerking off as he pictured her naked and begging him to shove his cock into her clean shaven pussy. At least in his imagination she was clean shaven.

He dragged his attention back to his computer and clicked hopefully on ‘Door 1′. His blood pounded in his ears when he saw a similar view to his parents’ room. He had tried hundreds of times without success to catch glimpses of her in her underwear, but now he was sure he would be able to see everything she had, even if it was only on a computer screen.

A tap on his door made him jump, and before he could click out his mom’s voice came through the closed door. “Goodnight Tony, don’t stay up too late.”

“I won’t Mom. Goodnight.” He waited until her heard her door close, and out of curiosity he shifted back to the first view he had seen. His mother was standing alongside the bed, reaching down for the hem of her dress and pulling it off over her head. He sucked in a sharp breath, as for the first time in his life he saw what had attracted his father to her. Seeing her in her underwear he quickly revised his opinion. Despite the thickening of her waist and thighs, for a woman closer to fifty than thirty she had an amazing body. He held his breath as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra, and when her breasts fell free he let it out with a whoosh. “Holy shit!” he gasped. “Who would have thought those crappy clothes hid a figure like that?” He had never been a fan of big tits, but on her they looked magnificent. Not even the inevitable effect of gravity could take anything away from the swaying mounds, with their huge brown nipples surrounded by lighter areolae that had to be at least two inches across.

His cock jumped to attention when she took of her ‘sensible’ underpants, and just for an instant he had a too brief glimpse of her lightly furred pussy, before she pulled on her shapeless nightgown and switched off the light. With a sigh he lay on his bed stroking his cock, and for the first time in months it wasn’t Antonia he was fantasising about fucking. As he pictured himself sucking his Mom’s awesome tits and ramming her cunt, his prick erupted over the front of his tee shirt.

Pulling the soiled garment over his head and using it to wipe up the mess, he looked at his surroundings. Like all of the major rooms in the house, there was a control panel fitted to the wall, in this case above his bed. Spaced evenly along the side wall, marked with labels corresponding to those on the control panel, were various outlets. TV, radio, speakers, stereo etc. The only thing missing, but was on the panel was a control for the lights. The ceiling light, and a small lamp located on the wall a couple of feet from the ceiling, and about halfway along his bed. Someone had certainly gone beylikdüzü escort to a lot of trouble and expense to set this lot up.

He spent some time trying to decide where to set up his own entertainment equipment. Not all of the fittings were where he would have preferred, but that was nothing a little extra cabling wouldn’t fix.

His musing was interrupted by the slamming of the front door, and the sound of Antonia talking to their Dad. Ten minutes later her bedroom door closed, and Tony hurried to change the view on his computer. His sister was standing alongside her bed, taking her time undressing. He licked his lips and watched her unfasten her blouse and shrug it down her arms, then step out of her skirt. What he had dreamed about for so long was about to become reality. A tiny uplift bra pushed her breasts together, and he zoomed the door camera to give a closer view of her cleavage. When she took her bra off he saw her tits weren’t as big as his mother’s, but she had definitely inherited her nipples. She stretched out on the bed, and he switched quickly to the overhead view, and his already half erect cock stiffened fully as she lifted her hips to slip off her almost non existent thong. This was better than he could ever have hoped, and he freed his aching tool as he zoomed in on her pussy. It was just as he has always imagined, with a tiny clit peeping almost shyly from between pouting smoothly shaven lips. He stroked his cock as her hand briefly caressed her slit, then he groaned in frustration when she pulled the bed sheet up to her chin.

Her hand continued to move under the sheet, then stopped as she looked toward the door and spoke. He quickly changed cameras and clicked on the speaker icon.

“What do you want Daddy?” Antonia’s voice came through clearly as her father approached the bed and looked down at her.

“I thought you might like to ‘christen’ your new room, baby.”

“About time,” she grinned. “I was hoping we could do it last night.”

Tony gawked in disbelief as she sat up straight, seemingly unconcerned that the sheet had dropped away, leaving her breasts exposed. Disbelief turned to shock when she leaned over casually to unzip her father’s pants and take his hard cock into her mouth.

Marty groaned and reached for his daughter’s tits. “Fuck baby, You sure know what your Daddy likes.”

“You dirty old bastard!” Tony whispered with envy, as he watched his sister suck greedily at her father’s stiff tool.

She sucked a few moments longer, then took her mouth away and kicked the sheet off. “Did you say fuck?” Marty stripped hastily, and moved between her outspread legs. “Oh god yes. Harder.” she gasped as he rammed into her. “Suck my nipples.”

Tony’s hand flew up and down his cock as he watched his father and sister fuck. She wrapped her legs around Marty’s waist, as her brother zoomed in for a close up of her cock stuffed cunt. “Lucky bastard.” he muttered, stroking furiously.

“Ohhhhh fuuck!” Father and son groaned simultaneously as each shot his load, one deep inside his daughter’s wet cunt, the other over his fingers.

As her father withdrew, Antonia clamped her hand over her dripping slit. “Geez Dad, it’s just as well I’m on the pill. If you had cum any more you would have given me quads. That was awesome.”

“Don’t go giving me ideas,” he smirked, leaning over to kiss each of her hard nipples, then gathering his clothes he walked to the door. With his hand on the handle, he turned and smiled at her. “I love you baby.”

“I know Daddy, I love you too,” she whispered to the closing door, then pulling the sheet over her she reached out to the control panel and turned off the lights.

Tony’s mind was numb as he stared for a while longer at the image of the darkened room. This was just too much to take in. First his naked mother, and now this. For the second time he wiped his sticky cock with his discarded tee shirt, and readied himself for bed. He lay for a while thinking about what he had seen, and wondering if there was any way to turn it to his advantage. If he could get Antonia alone he could try blackmailing her into spreading her legs for him, but that would only turn her against him. Besides, that wasn’t his style. Even if she agreed to let him fuck her to keep him quiet it would take all the pleasure out of it, and she would hate him forever. If he did find himself in a situation where he had a chance, he wanted her to want it as much as he did. His Mom presented the greatest challenge though, because as he had just witnessed, his sister had no hang ups about incest. It was with these tempting thoughts in mind that he drifted off to sleep.

He was awakened in the morning by the sound of an alarm. Cursing softly, he reached up to the panel above his head before it dawned on him that was coming from his computer. Realising that because the screen had shown a dark room, he must have forgotten to switch off, and his cock stiffened again as he watched his sister kick off the bed sheet and stretch. With a faint smile she reached down to touch her pussy, then brought her fingers up to her nose, pulling a face at the scent of stale cum. She heaved herself off the bed with an amused grin, and pulling on a robe she headed for the shower.

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