Angel’s Story


“Whoa! Who goes there?”, I thought when I saw her. Which was surprising considering the fact that I had seen her since she was 4 years old.

She was wearing a low cut black number and she was all ready to party that night. Something I would probably not wear. I am more the jeans and T shirt type.

She was the outgoing type. I was the studious type. She made friends very easily. I took time to be friends with even our neighborhood dog. She liked Elton John. I liked Sting. She was 36A. I was 32D. She liked wearing satin panties. I preferred none at all. She was 22. I was 18.

She was my sister.

Yet we were similar too. We were both beautiful. She had a heart-stopping face with long straight hair. And with a figure of 36/24/34, she could easily be a model. I used to tease her by calling her a porn star. She had jet black nipples. She had just passed out of college, and she was working for Lufthansa. I was darker, with round face. And I had just passed out of school. And my nipples were longer and used to poke out of my T shirt

That day, she was going out for a party. So as usual, I wished her luck, and went back to my books. I had an exam lined up, you see.

I didn’t realise how long it had been, because I must have dozed off. When I woke up, it was 11 pm, and I could hear sobbing from my sister’s room. So I went up to check istanbul escort on her and see if she was ok. The beautiful thing was shattered.

She was sobbing her heart out. SO I went and sat next to her and asked her what was the matter. It seemed, Vicky, her boyfriend, had been screwing her best friend while she was not around. She had chanced upon them snogging each other. If that wasn’t bad enough, she was also the last person to know.

Apparently, the entire gang knew about him.

I know how these things are. The screw you first. And then they screw your ego. So I sat down and hugged my sister. In that split second, I could feel her taut breasts against my breast. A tingle ran through my body. Slowly I started to massage her shoulders while whispering, “It’s okay, darling. Just relax.”

She was still very pissed. Now as I felt my sister’s soft body, a tingle ran through my loins. This was a new experience. I had never seen another woman as a sex object. Until now. And heaven’s, this was my sister. My own flesh and blood.

My body had a different mind of its own. It was saying yes, while my mind said no. My body won. Slowly I gave in to the sensation. I decided I’d go as far as possible and if my sister screamed, I’d stop.

She didn’t scream as I continued to massage her back. Then down to the small of her back. Slowly, şirinevler escort I took off her slinky black dress. Inside she was wearing the most revealing bra I had ever seen. It was black in colour with holes made out for her nipples. Her nipples were fat and round. My fingers brushed her nipples. She didn’t say a word. Her eyes were closed. And she moaned.

That gave me guts, and I knew it was just a matter of time before she capitulated. Slowly I unhooked her bra and her breasts spilled out.

I mouthed one of them, and started chewing her nipples. The moment my teeth made contact with her nipples, her eyes opened wide. I met her eyes. She met mine. I smiled at her reassuringly, and said, “it’s okay. Relax.”” She smiled back, and closed her eyes. “Yes, darling, I always knew it.”

I cupped her breasts in my hand and began leaving wet trails of saliva on her breasts. It felt good to feel the soft firm flesh inside my mouth. My sister’s hands found my T shirt and slowly pulled it off. As usual, I wasn’t wearing a bra. My breasts were smaller than hers. But my nipples were much more shapely. They were large and pointy. As she started to knead my breasts, my nipples responded to her touch, and started to go erect. Now my sister took charge, and started to rub her milk cans against mine. Her hands went on top of my taksim escort boxers and she started to massage my pubes. Did she know I rarely wore panties? It certainly seemed so.

My cunny was on fire. Slowly one of my sister’s hands snaked in trough the waistband of my boxers and cupped my pubes. It felt on fire. It seemed all my nerve ending were concentrated on that one spot.

My sister’s black dress was lying on the floor. And she was wearing her crotchless panties. She trims her pubic hair. While I shave it clean. The pink of her lips peeped out from behind the curtain of hair. They were glistening, wanting me to touch them. I took my thumb pads slowly tickled her clitoris. She gave such an almighty scream that I thought I had hurt her. Seconds later, I realised, she had an orgasm. I bent down and my tongue snaked out of my mouth into her vagina.

It slipped in, and I started tonguing her. She got a firm grip on my head with her thighs and held me down. My tongue tasted her bitter sour cum and felt good. One of my fingers went inside her anus and I started tickling it. My sister was screaming with ecstasy. Soon, her back arched, as she came up to meet my tongue once more.

Then she came in a long pleasure ridden howl. She took my come soaked face, and whispered, “Are you sorry, you made love with your sister?”

I said, “Why should I be? I just made love to the most girl on earth.”

We laughed and fell in each other’s arms and went to sleep.

So guys, that was how it all started. As time goes by, I’ll tell you more about my life. There’s lots to tell. And of course, comments are welcome.

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