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“Have you ever cheated on Carol?”

It was the type of question that Scott was used to from his best friend Nate. They’d known each other for many years and, even if they weren’t enjoying a few beers at their favorite sports bar, were comfortable asking such intimate questions.

“No,” Scott replied nonchalantly. “Haven’t had a reason to.”

“Let me give you some reasons,” Nate said, holding up his hand and pointing to fingers as he spoke. “You’ve been married for twenty years. You’re forty years old. You’re still good looking. Our office is full of eligible babes.”

“I’m not interested in any of them,” Scott answered.

“The hell you aren’t. You watch Ellen Chandler walk past until she’s out of sight. You’d probably do Cathi from Accounting on top of your desk if she let you.”

Scott smiled and said, “Ah, there’s the key. If she’d let me.”

“I hear all you have to do is tap her on the shoulder and she starts stripping off clothes,” Nate said, taking another long drink. After a pause, he asked, “So, would you prefer somebody older or younger?”

Scott shook his head in disbelief, but responded, “Younger.”

“How much younger?”

“Since we’re daydreaming here,” Scott said, “old enough to know what sex is about, but young enough to have a body worth seeing naked.”

Nate nodded. “OK, that still leaves plenty of girls at work for you. Don’t you get bored having the same sex with Carol all the time?”

“I didn’t know you were an expert on our sex lives, Nate. You been seeing her on the side?”

Nate knew his best friend was only needling him. There were no secrets between them.

“It was a lucky guess,” Nate told him. “We’re all in the same boat at this age. It’s when you begin to realize you won’t be young forever and time is running out on certain experiences you may want to have, if you know what I mean.”

Scott knew and he said, “No thanks. I’m just fine.”

“I’ll send a pretty young thing your way one day and we’ll see what you say then,” Nate said with a nod.

Scott had answered every question honestly. He was happily married to Carol and never approached another woman with cheating on his mind. Sure, he looked at women at work the same as he did anywhere else. Some of them may have even flirted with the tall, handsome man, but Scott never wavered from his choice to stay faithful.

However, Nate had hit on a nerve that Scott would never admit to. The sex in his marriage was routine, unimaginative, and boring. The time and place it occurred was predictable. Scott and Carol believed they knew what the other liked and stuck to it without ever discussing alternatives. Carol had no idea that Scott wanted more oral sex and he was clueless about Carol’s fantasy of being taken by surprise in the kitchen or family room.

A legitimate roadblock to spontaneous sex or having it anywhere other than behind their bedroom door was the presence of Angie, their eighteen year old daughter. Until she left for college—which was three months away—Scott and Carol had a natural excuse not to broaden their sexual horizons. Angie came and went at all hours of the day and night now that she had graduated from high school. She roamed the house at will and seemed to have no sense of privacy.

Part of that came from the fact that she was extremely popular in school and was used to being the center of attention. Her exceptional beauty, long blonde hair, and brains made her a favorite from the time boys first noticed such things. She was physically and emotionally mature beyond her years. Add to that a penchant for adventure and it was safe to say Angie’s life was never boring.

Carol was constantly rebuking her daughter for dating older guys, but it never worked. Angie became accustomed to mingling with an older crowd than her high school cohorts, which meant she was subjected to a somewhat higher standard of social intercourse. She was being taken to fancier nightclubs with a more mature clientele. She had to grow up fast.

This all resulted in a girl who was coddled by adult friends and treated like the teenager she truly was at home. It was inevitable that the two lifestyles would eventually collide.

Carol often traveled out of town with girlfriends during the summer. It was an early Friday morning when she headed for the airport about the same time Scott was going to work. She reminded him she would be home late Monday night and Scott drove to work content in the thought of having the house much to himself, assuming Angie would be out partying late or sleeping in.

When Scott arrived home after work, he saw Angie’s car and knew his ‘free’ time would not start until later in the evening. He tossed his briefcase onto a bar stool as usual and began to take off his tie while walking up the steps to his bedroom. The house was silent as he made his way down the hallway.

Angie’s bedroom was the first on the right and Scott naturally peered inside the open doorway as he passed. He saw Angie stretched out on the bed, lying on her stomach istanbul escort staring at her phone, with one leg bent upward. In that split second he couldn’t help but notice she wore only a t-shirt and panties.

“Hi,” Scott said loudly as he passed.

“Hi, Dad,” Angie answered, followed by, “Hey, Dad, come here.”

Scott quickly turned and looked into her room again. Angie had rolled onto her side, facing him.

“How long is Mom going to be gone this time?” she asked.

“Until Monday night.”

Scott’s eyes scanned the full length of her long, lean legs, clear up to the tiny panties and beyond, to the ample cleavage visible at the top of her t-shirt.

“OK,” Angie replied. “Most of my friends are gone, too. So I might be here most of the weekend.”

“That’s fine,” Scott said as he continued down the hallway to his own bedroom.

In the past year or so, he had found himself noticing his daughter’s physical appearance much more often. Angie wasn’t in the habit of walking around the house half naked, but just her normal attire couldn’t conceal the perfection of her maturing body. As he undressed, Scott returned his mind to the image of her round ass as she lay on the bed and the outline of her breasts in the shirt. It alarmed him a little that he felt his cock react to the memory.

It wasn’t part of his routine to shower immediately upon arriving home from work, but being the end of a long week and knowing he was on his own for dinner, Scott decided to take a shower. He walked into the large master bathroom and opened the glass door to the shower. He turned on the water, closed the door, and removed his boxer shorts to expose a larger than normal cock, knowing full well who was to blame for that.

Finally, he stepped inside and let the water begin to flow over him. Scott’s eyes were closed and his hand mechanically moved to his cock as he once again recalled Angie’s image. He felt the blood rushing in as his grip tightened and the gentle curve of his daughter’s ass came to mind.

Outside the master bedroom, Angie heard the shower and grinned as she walked quietly down the hall. She crept through the bedroom and to the door of the bathroom, which she opened without a sound. She saw her father’s naked back and ass, comforted by the fact he was facing away from her. Angie was inside the bathroom with the door closed again before she realized that he was holding his cock. When she saw his arm slowly moving up and down her heart jumped.

Angie tiptoed forward until she could see the ever-growing erection in Scott’s hand. She froze in place when he pulled his hand away and turned to find the shampoo. He had put a small amount in his palm and raised it to his head before finally noticing Angie out of the corner of his eye.

Their eyes met. Then Angie’s fell to Scott’s cock, which stood at full attention.

“I want to watch, Daddy,” she said calmly.

“I think you’ve seen enough,” Scott retorted tersely.

“No. I want to watch.”

With that, Angie lifted her t-shirt and threw it aside. She stood topless and in the bikini panties she wore before. Scott stared at her for what seemed an eternity until raising both hands to his hair and working in the shampoo. Angie stepped closer to the glass shower door. While Scott rinsed out the shampoo, she removed her panties.

He noticed her nudity when reaching for the soap, but did not stare or react in any other way. Angie moved forward until she was just inches from the door. When Scott began to wash himself, she put a hand between her legs. Soon, it was obvious to Scott that Angie was rubbing her pussy and clit. He continued to wash, slowly moving down to his legs.

They were at ninety degree angles to each other, but Scott clearly saw his daughter’s hand moving quicker and quicker over her neatly shaven pussy. His erection had subsided slightly, but was ready to grow again the closer his soapy hand got to it. Then he looked into Angie’s eyes and saw the lust on her face. Scott turned to face her and moved closer to the door.

Only the thin pane of wet glass separated them now.

Angie watched intently as Scott lathered up his cock with soap. It was harder than ever by the time his palm wrapped around it again and he began masturbating. Scott gazed down and saw Angie inserting two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. Her mouth opened silently at the pleasure it provided. Scott stroked himself faster.

Angie leaned forward until her tits pressed against the glass and flattened around the nipples. Her hand frantically moved back up to her clit and she moaned loud enough for Scott to hear. He couldn’t remember the last time his cock was this hard as his soapy hand fondled it harder and harder. Their foreheads were against the glass, mouths just inches apart and fog forming on the door as their breathing quickened.

Angie whimpered loudly as her orgasm approached. Scott watched her face contort and his own expression gave away his impending climax.

“Cum for me, Daddy,” Angie rus escort begged.

The sound of her voice; the sight of her luscious tits; the motion between her legs. It all sent Scott over the top.

He cried out with a massive grunt as the first gush of cum splashed against the shower door. The sight of it made Angie cum with a scream of delight. Shot after shot of cum poured from Scott’s massive cock and Angie responded with loud shrieks of joy. Together they came with a force they didn’t know existed.

Exhausted and spent, they leaned against the door for a minute, staring mutely into each other’s eyes. Eventually, Scott moved back under the shower and Angie picked up her clothes and left the room.

“What was THAT all about?” Scott asked his daughter after he dressed and found her in the family room.

“You could have ignored me,” she replied, flipping back her long blonde hair.

He refused to give her the satisfaction of answering truthfully. Instead, he said, “Don’t do it again. It’s not…right.”

She withheld a laugh but was smiling broadly as he walked away. Angie picked up her phone and opened her email app. Moments later, as Scott sat at the desk in the basement den, his phone signaled the presence of a new email message from Angie.

He opened it and read: ‘Thought you might want this.’

Attached was a video. When he started it, he saw Angie from behind, walking toward the shower. She had propped up the phone on the bathroom counter and recorded the entire episode. Scott watched himself begin to wash his hair, followed by Angie stripping and their subsequent mutual masturbation. His cock grew harder and harder with each passing minute while he watched and listened. He stared at his daughter’s perfect little ass and her tits as they pressed against the glass just inches from his own body. He saw his cock in the shower, covered in white soap.

Scott rubbed his crotch when he heard Angie’s first moan, her hand sliding up and down her pussy with ever-increasing intensity. Then he watched them both cum and he had to take his hand off his pants before cumming once again.

The video showed Angie walking toward the phone, her tits bouncing as she came closer. Finally, the video ended and Scott leaned back in his chair, desperately trying to understand what was happening.

He avoided Angie purposely for the remainder of the evening. In due time, he went to bed, sliding under the covers in just his boxers. He considered watching the video one more time, but decided it would only lead to one thing and he was still in the mood not to give in to Angie ever again, even though she would never know.

Scott stared at the ceiling, alternating between reliving the shower and figuring out how to deal with Angie. No woman, including Carol, had ever made him do what Angie persuaded him to and he couldn’t get the feeling of exhilaration out of his mind. It couldn’t continue, obviously, but Scott kept flashing back to his conversation with Nate. How many chances would he ever get? He closed his eyes.

Scott was suddenly awoken by movement in the bed. He was momentarily disoriented, but quickly realized somebody was crawling under the covers next to him. Angie’s flowing hair and smiling face moved closer to his.

“Hi, Dad.”

“You can’t stay, Angie.”

Her answer was to take his left hand and pull it onto her bare chest. Scott felt the nipple on his palm as Angie pressed down on the hand. She forced it to rub across the tit and Scott’s fingers instinctively closed around it.

“Get out of my bed, Angie,” Scott told her with subdued annoyance.

“No. I want you to hold me all night and keep me warm.”

Scott lifted his arm away from her just as he felt her hand on top of his boxers, seeking out his cock.

“Did you like the video?” she asked, rubbing him harder. “You sure came a lot in the shower.”

She was reaching inside the opening of the boxers and pulling the cock out. Scott felt it begin to stiffen even before she held it in her hand.

Angie said softly, “I never saw such a big cock, Daddy. So I wanted to feel it myself and maybe, you know…”

She pulled down the cover until the cock was in the open air. Then Angie scooted down the bed and put the side of her head on Scott’s thigh, just below his cock and balls. She stroked him gently as his erection grew. Once it was completely stiff, Angie pulled off Scott’s boxers with no resistance from him.

He could see in the dim light that she was naked. Then her head was back on his leg and he felt her tongue on the bottom of his balls. Scott flinched, but Angie kept licking and stroking his cock. Inch by inch she moved across his balls and a little higher until she was at the base of his long, thick cock.

Scott didn’t think it was possible to get as hard as he was so soon after cumming in the shower, but he’d never before been treated to his daughter’s special skills. Her technique in the bathroom had been visual. Now it was purely sensual şişli escort with touch being the primary sense. Scott closed his eyes when Angie’s tongue finally made contact with his rigid shaft.

Angie removed her hand and allowed space for her tongue to slowly glide upward until reaching the underside of the swollen head. She felt the cock twitch as she stabbed at it with the tip of her tongue. She licked all around the head and kissed it gently with her lips. Scott’s entire body was tense.

He had to look down to capture the sight of his daughter opening her mouth and sliding the first inch of his cock between her lips. With increasing pressure, she lowered her head bit by bit until the entirety of his cock disappeared and Scott felt her lips at the top of his balls. Only then did she deliberately raise her head again to release the throbbing cock.

Angie ran her tongue across her lips, looking up at her father. Then she returned to the cock, licked it for a moment, and put it in her mouth once again. This time she began a rhythmic bobbing of her head as the blowjob started for real and Scott resigned himself to the fact he wasn’t going to stop it. He followed the gentle curves of her body down to her hips and ass. He watched her tits sway in cadence with the bobbing of her head. He realized his most coveted sexual desire was being fulfilled…by his daughter.

The next couple minutes were pure ecstasy. The sensation of Angie’s lips tightly wrapped around his cock and her tongue caressing it as she continued to suck him brought Scott to the brink of an orgasm for the second time that evening. His hips began to rise and fall while he fucked her face. He gripped the sheets on either side of him more tightly.

“Angie. Angie!” he said with swelling urgency the closer he got.

She picked up the pace.

Scott put his hand on the back of her head and called out, “Oh God. Yessss.”

Angie tasted the first of his precum. She licked the tip of his cock and then commenced sucking him again.

“Angie! Oh fuck!”

He arched his back and blasted his cum down Angie’s throat. She swallowed as much as she could while continuing the blowjob. Her hand frantically worked the base of the cock and her mouth did the rest. Loads of cum poured across her tongue, out the side of her mouth, and down her chin. Still, Scott came and came until his body collapsed limply, despite all of Angie’s efforts to draw more cum from his cock.

She wiped the excess from her chin and crawled up onto the pillow next to her father’s head. She turned onto her side with her back facing him. She took his right arm and wrapped it around her, their bodies touching from head to toe. Scott didn’t resist when Angie nestled his hand between her tits. He was too fatigued to fight her.

He fell asleep spooning his naked daughter, his cock snug against her ass.

Scott woke up twice during the night: once to find his head on Angie’s shoulder, a breast within reach of his lips; and again, later, with his back to Angie and her arm around his waist. With sunlight now peeking through the blinds, he awoke on his back and Angie on her stomach next to him. He fought the temptation to reach for her ass. Perhaps the one night of intimacy was enough to meet her cravings and they could live somewhat normal lives again. However, Scott couldn’t deny the twitch in his cock as he looked down at her.

He rolled out of bed and stepped into the bathroom. He stared in the mirror before moving to the shower and turning on the water. Standing under it gave him a sense of being cleansed of the past twelve hours’ events and he seemed to wake more fully as time passed. Then, he realized the glass door behind him was opening and Angie stepped inside.

“Good morning, Daddy.”

“Why don’t you just watch, hon,” Scott said sarcastically.

“No. I want more this time,” she said.

Angie put her body against his and kissed him. Scott was an unwilling participant until her tongue slid inside his mouth and he returned the favor. Angie put her arms around his neck and the kiss became more passionate very quickly. Soon, her ass was pressed against the glass and Scott’s hands were all over her. He was learning that he had absolutely no restraint anytime she was within sight…or reach.

Just as Angie had expected and hoped for, her father’s erection returned in full. She let the cock rub against her body while they kissed, making sure constant friction was applied to it as it grew. Scott groped her breasts and pussy, eventually rubbing her clit until she moaned.

“Fuck me, Daddy. Right here. Now.”

Scott didn’t answer, except to turn her around so that she was facing the back of the shower and the small seat extending from the wall. He pushed on the top of her back and Angie bent forward, putting both hands on the seat and pointing her ass back towards Scott.

“Spread your legs,” he demanded. “Is it safe?”

“Yes. I’ve been on the pill for a year,” she answered quickly.

Scott put his cock on the top of Angie’s ass and reached under her to cup her tits in his hands. He massaged them roughly, sliding his cock up and down her crack. Water poured over his own back and ass while he got into place, putting the head of his cock between Angie’s legs.

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