Close Friends Get Closer Ch. 3

Big Tits

When I woke the next morning it took me a second to remember last nights events. I had sucked my friends cocks and had mine sucked by them, and had been finger fucked in the ass by my friend Gary. I smiled as I recalled last night and then got out of bed and went into the lounge room. To my surprise, Bob and Gary were already there, but Shane wasn’t. It seemed odd that Shane was the only person asleep when we had been up all night.

“Why isn’t,” I started but Gary cut me off.

“He got up for water, we slipped him some sleeping pills so we have time to work out what we are going to do”

“Huh? Going to do?” I asked

“Yeah, how’re we gonna get Shane to have sex with us.” Bob said casually. I felt a chill of pleasure run down my spine, last night wasn’t a one off.

“We can’t let him catch us at it,” Bob said “He will just run.”

“You didn’t” I said.

“Oh, I’ve always been curious”

I turned to Gary, “What made you come into my room last night?” I asked him.

“Oh I knew you used to have fantasies about us and when you turned up looking so hot, I couldn’t resist”

“But how did you know, I never told anyone”

“You told me once, when you were pissed” Oops, busted.

“Well, I say we get Shane in with gay porn,” Bob said

“Yeah, not gay at the start, but when it gets there, we all start wanking, that way he wont be able to avoid it” Gary added

“K, I said, I will run out now and get some” I said

Ten minutes later I was at the local shopping complex. When I walked into the porno shop I was shocked to see another old friend of mine, Mike, working behind the counter.

“Well, that’s a friendly face,” Mike said, grinning at me.

I couldn’t help notice that as he looked me up and down, he took and extra long look at my crotch. When I smiled at this, he noticed.

“Y’know, Gary told me about the little fantasies you used to have, which way did you go in the end?” He asked

I just grinned at him and he put on a knowing smile. I walked towards istanbul escort the backroom and then turned to me and beckoned. I followed willingly into the backroom to find a mattress lying on the floor, with all sorts of toys and lubricants on the floor next to it. I pulled my pants off as he did the same. I was about to pull off my boxers but he dragged me onto the mattress.

We lay there rubbing each other through our underwear for a while and then Mike asked “Have you ever had anal?” he asked, I shook my head.

“Have you thought about it?” He asked I nodded and then said “I have heard it is really tight” He just smiled and said “I’m not talking about giving silly, I am talking about getting” My pulse quickened and I managed to nod to him, somehow, getting my point across. Mike moved behind me and instead of pulling my boxers off, he just wrenched a big hole in the back of them. I felt him insert a finger in my ass as he applied some lubricant. I turned to look back at him. He had removed his boxers and his cock was about the same as mine. I turned around and moaned as I felt his cockhead at my anus. He moved his head around, just tickling me, and then without warning, he pushed. I was in agony as he drove his 8 inches up into me without slowing. His balls slapped against mine and he just kept still, letting my ass adjust.

It wasn’t long before he had started moving again. He pulled out slowly at first and then back in. He built up speed and soon his cock was pounding into my ass. The pain faded very quickly to be replaced by pleasure. Mike started moaning and then he came, filling my insides with his hot cum.

“When do you finish work?” I asked him.

“In about 15 mins,” he said.

“Come with me, I have a surprise for you”

I chose a video as I was waiting. The cum in my ass ran out through the hole in my boxers and made a wet mark on my pants. I got Mike to wait in the hall as I went into the lounge. Bob and Gary were on the couch still. They looked very hot and seeing as it was bahçeşehir escort almost Autumn I knew that they had been fucking. I bent down to put the video in the player, so it was ready. Just as I had intended, they noticed the patch of wet on my pants. Gary pulled my pants down and saw my ass leaking cum and my torn boxers. “Something you want to tell us about THIS” he asked. As he said this he plunged his middle finger into my ass, then removed it and held it out for Bob, who licked it clean. I nodded, walked out and re-entered, leading Mike. All three of their faces lit up.

“I am gonna have a shower, give you boys a chance to get re-aquainted” I said.

Before I had a shower I went to the toilet, and while I was in there, I cleaned all the lubricant and cum out of my ass. I got myself so aroused doing it that I had to relieve the tension, and I came right in Shane’s bottle of shampoo. Gary, Bob and Mike were all covered in cum when I came out and I used my tongue to lick clean their faces, asses and penises. We generally wasted time until Shane woke up in the late afternoon. We heard him get in the shower and we were all waiting when he emerged in a t-shirt and boxers.

“So what do you guys wanna do today?” He asked

“I brought over a porno” Mike said. Shane jumped as he noticed Mike for the first time “Oh hi Mike,” said “Alright bung it on”

The porno started of with a les scene and then just general porno. I was pleased that chicks still got me hard, now I knew that all avenues of sex were available to me. I enjoyed watching the porno and looking at all of my friends cocks straining in their pants. After about an hour, a gay scene started up on screen. Shane sat up “What the Hell?” he said loudly and looked at us. Whatever he expected it wasn’t the view of all four of us, dicks out jerking off to the view of two guys having oral on screen.

Gary and I moved and sat on either side of Shane. He looked very nervous. “Don’t worry,” I said, “It’s normal to experiment”

“Its bakırköy escort not that,” he said quietly, and looked down at his straining pants. I yanked on his pants and they came down partially so I yanked again. What happened next made us all stop. As his pants came down Shane’s cock sprang out, all 12 inches of it. We all just stared. Shane looked embarrassed and all of a sudden I understood. Shane had always seemed shy by it was just that he was ashamed, ashamed of having an enormous cock. The others seemed to understand as well. We all leaped forward, eager to get a piece, being close I managed to get the top 4 inches. Bob and Mike started running their mouths up and down his shaft. Gary couldn’t get in anywhere so he positioned himself behind me and rubbed his cock on my ass. He plunged into me and began pounding his cock in and out. Shane came quickly under the influence of three mouths and watching us cleaning the cum off each other made Gary blow his load as well.

We all sat back panting but Shane was still hard. I perched over him and slowly lowered myself down onto his cock. As his cock pushed into my ass I marveled at no matter how deep I went there always seemed to be more. I stopped with about 2 inches left, unable to go further.

“See, no-one has every been able to take it all the way,” Shane said sadly. I was so annoyed at not being able to go further that I stopped supporting myself and dropped, so that his cock was in me. It hurt heaps at first and I just sat there. I turned my head to look at him and he looked surprised.

“There you go, all the way,” I grunted.

He nodded and put his head back. I decided that I would rather do this facing him so I lifted my legs up and spun. Pleasure exploded in my ass and I came all over my chest, but I stayed hard. Now facing Shane I began to move up and down, squatting high and low. Shane had reached forward and starting tugging on my dick. It was still lubricated from when I came before and it wasn’t long before we had built up a rhythm. All of a sudden I drew in a shuddering breath and came hard. At the same time, Shane started unloading his cum into my ass. When we had both finished, we all separated and watched the rest of the porno. I knew we had a long night ahead of us.

To Be Continued…

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