Company Cocksucker Pt. 17-18


Part 17: Pleasures of the Program

I could see where this reward program was going. I was going to wind up sucking off, one-by-one, week-by-week, each of the guys I had been trying so hard to hide my behavior from. First Tim then Murphy were getting what they wanted precisely because they threatened to reveal what I was doing to my co-workers. Now, they were revealing it to them in the most effective way, one at a time. So, why didn’t I stop? Given that we all knew where this was all going, what did they still have to threaten me with? I don’t know. I suppose they could have told other people–maybe even Steph. But I didn’t even test them. I didn’t even try. It was as if I had accepted my role in the company now. It was humiliating and I knew people would feel contempt for me. I don’t know why I didn’t rebel. I guess I’d just adapted to it.

And it wasn’t as if it was totally without benefit. As I said, I was having more orgasms now than I ever had in my life. Granted, a lot of them happened when I had a hard cock in my mouth, my ass or both. And lots more happened when I was stroking myself and imagining a hard cock in my mouth, my ass or both. At work, I still came from time to time without touching myself when I sucked Tim or Murphy or, as part of the “reward program,” one of the other guys. (Interestingly, I often came the first time I sucked a guy off. I guess I found excitement in new meat. Maybe I liked learning that I could get a new guy off.) I was still Tim’s bitch on most weekends and I almost always came when he fucked me hard. If I didn’t, he would often order me to whack off until I came and then have me lick up my cum. And, when I was at home alone, I would beat off just because I seemed to be a walking urn of hormones all the time. About the only time I wasn’t cumming was with Steph. Mostly I was licking her over and over when we were together. I guess it was my way of trying to hang on to her. I sure couldn’t fuck her properly. If I got hard enough to enter her, I usually flagged before I shot my load and long before she came. Still, overall I was getting my rocks off very regularly.

And there were other attractions as I was to find out the week Tyrone was the high seller. Tyrone was a new guy, the one black guy in our office. It wasn’t like he was some sort of affirmative action hire. He was a good salesman. Not at the top most weeks, but never far from it. He was well educated and well spoken, tall and muscular without looking like a gym rat. He was very good looking. He was a really nice guy, to boot. And, he had other attributes, as I was to find out.

It would be a lie to say that, once I saw where the “reward program” was going I hadn’t thought a bit about the various guys in my department. And I guess I’d thought the most about Tyrone. You know, black guy fascination and all that. So I wasn’t completely unhappy when I learned that Tyrone was the top man.

I didn’t know if the rumor mill had finished working so that everyone in the office knew what these little Friday evening reward sessions were. Murphy had sworn everyone to secrecy but, you know how it is. I looked for some sign on Tyrone’s face as he walked into Murphy’s office. He looked at Tim, who was always present at these things and me on his way in, before looking at Murphy. I didn’t see any indication that he knew what was going to happen–no smirk or smug glance.

Murphy congratulated him on his performance and worked the conversation around to the “special reward” that I, as assistant to the manager, was going to “bestow.” That’s the word he used and it stuck me as funny because I’ve never heard of someone bestowing a blow job. Oh, well. Murphy could call it what he wanted. Whatever you called it, it came to the same thing. I was the one on my knees doing it.

We’d been through this several times before and I wasn’t so reluctant now. Waiting to be prodded had the advantage, I guess, of looking reluctant. But it allowed Murphy and Tim to appear to be even more in control and I didn’t like hearing them describe what I had to do. Better, I thought, just to do it.

As I got up to do my duties, Tyrone looked a little confused for a second and Murphy told him, in a very reassuring tone, “Just relax. You’re going to enjoy this. I garuntee it!” The last was said like the Cajun Chef. Very funny, I’m sure.

It’s much easier to unzip another guy’s pants if you’re on you knees and, besides, if you’re standing up in front of a guy and you try to unzip his pants, he’s pretty sure not to know what you’re up to. If you’re on your knees, he’s hip to what’s going to happen. So I got on my knees in front of Tyrone. As I reached up to unzip his pants, I felt my dick rising. I felt my heart pounding and I could feel my face flush. I was pumped like the first time I got ready to suck Murphy off but it wasn’t from shame, or fear, or humiliation, or self-loathing. I was over all of that. I was just fucking hot. I wanted to see this black cock. I wanted to hold it in my hand, and in my mouth. Did Tyrone fit the stereotypes? istanbul escort Would it feel different or taste different from a white guy’s dick? I was ready to find out.

I reached into his fly and wrestled out a thick, hot sausage of a cock. It wasn’t very hard, but it had a thickness and heaviness to it that made it exciting even in its present state. It was big, for a semi-flaccid cock. I knew that the bigger a dick is soft, the less it actually grows when hard, so I knew not to expect it to double in size like some cocks do when they get hard. But it didn’t have to double in size to be impressive. It was already a good six-and-a-half inches long and as big around as a fat Kielbasa. As I worked my fingers up and down the shaft and my thumb along the sensitive underside, he began to harden and swell. It looked to me as if it would top out at an impressive, and kind of scary, eight-and-a-half to nine inches. And it was expanding my fist so that my thumb was an inch from my fingers.

I couldn’t wait to get it, or as much of it as I could, in my mouth–so I didn’t. It felt as if the head alone filled my mouth but with some effort I could get a few more inches in. The effort was worth it. It was an incredible feeling to have my mouth around this monster. It felt like riding a wild bull or wrestling an alligator. I sort of lost a sense of what I was doing; I forgot completely about Murphy and Tim–and, I guess, I even forgot about Tyrone. Only that cock was real to me at that moment. But, God, it was world enough for me.

Though I could have just wrapped both my hands around his shaft, bobbed my head on and off his pole and been content for a long time, once I thought about his balls, I couldn’t get them out of my mind. I couldn’t see them. I had fished just his cock out of his trousers. I couldn’t see them; and that was a problem. So I let go of his hot cock and, maybe with too much enthusiasm, unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Then I pulled everything down to his ankles. The moment when I had to release his cock from my mouth was difficult. But Tyrone’s cock knew its new home. The moment the waistband of his boxers had cleared it, his cock sprang back up and slapped me in the chin. I took him back in my mouth and moaned as I felt filled again.

Tyrone wasn’t particularly hairy and his balls were practically bald–smooth and shiny black. They were the size of apricots. As I sucked on his fat shaft, I watched with fascination at how his balls moved in my hand. I gently rubbed on, and then the other, between my thumb and finger, feeling their firmness. Then I took my mouth from his cock and sucked his balls into my mouth, one at a time because I couldn’t fit them both in. He moaned in frustration when my lips left his shaft so I was careful to continue stroking his cock with my free hand.

My own cock was hard and straining against my jockeys. I always wore both jockeys and boxers these days because I never knew if my cocksucking would lead to my cock spewing. At this point this time, though, I was pretty sure. I didn’t care if I shot off. In fact, I was so horny that I yearned for it. Reluctantly taking my hand from Tyrone’s balls for a moment, I rearranged myself so that my cock was sticking up. At the angle I was at, and as hard as I was, it was sticking all the way out the top of my underpants and even my pants.

I took Tyrone’s ball sack in my hand again and put my mouth over the head of his cock. As I stroked and sucked him, I was rocking my hips, which rubbed the underside of my cockhead against the elastic in my underpants. I wasn’t getting as much friction as Tyrone was from my hand and lips, but I was getting all I needed. My load was boiling in my balls and I was ready to explode.

So was Tyrone. I’d gotten really good at anticipating when a guy was going to shoot off in my mouth. Truth be told, most guys (in my growing experience) weren’t too subtle about it. And I didn’t have to have any special expertise to tell that Tyrone was getting ready to shoot. He wasn’t the type to cum quietly.

Suddenly he tensed up and held completely still for a second. I reached down with one hand and grabbed my cock. I didn’t need the friction to cum. I was just at the point of spewing just from sucking him. But I really wanted to clamp my hand down hard on my cock when I shot my load. As I did this, Tyrone grabbed his cock and began pumping his cock into my mouth. As I felt my mouth fill, I heard him roar. God, I hoped that the rest of the office couldn’t hear that. Though I couldn’t imagine how they could have missed it. But I couldn’t think about that; I had other things filling my head right now.

Tim was a little smaller than Murphy, but he came a lot more. Tyrone was bigger than either and he filled my mouth with a load that dwarfed even Tim’s. I swallowed and swallowed. When he paused for a second, I thought he was done and I pulled off him so I could gasp for air. He wasn’t done, though. He shot another thick stream on my lips, cheek and nose. I pulled him esenyurt escort back in my mouth to catch the last of this shot and felt his cum dripping down my cheek. I couldn’t do anything about that right away because I was still holding that fire hose and it was still filling my mouth.

When I was finally certain that he had finished, I pulled my lips back from his softening rod and used my finger to push the cum from my cheek and nose into my mouth. I heard Tim and Murphy comment on this. I didn’t care what they thought. Neither did Tyrone, for that matter, he was deep in his post-orgasmic haze. I guess I was deep in my own post-orgasmic haze, too.

After I’d swallowed the cum I’d pushed into my mouth, I sucked some of my own cum off of my hand and then I sucked Tyrone’s cock back into my mouth. I wasn’t trying to get him hard again. I just needed to suck on his cock. He started to pull away from my mouth and I reached between his thighs and put my hand on his ass, pulling him back into my mouth. I guess his cock was sensitive and he wanted to give it a break. He started to pull back again. As he did, my hand slipped between his ass cheeks and my fingers lit on the bud of his ass. This stopped his retreat. I was thankful for that because for the moment when his cock had been out of my mouth, I had felt empty. I needed to suck on his cock.

I pressed a little harder on his rosebud and felt just the tip of my finger penetrate the ring of muscle there. It was smooth and hot and I could feel it grip my fingertip tightly. And, remarkably, I felt his cock stiffen slightly. Wow! That was so exciting. He had shot an enormous load in my mouth just seconds ago and here I was resurrecting his rod. When I first sucked him back into my mouth after he came, I had no intention of getting him hard again, much less of get him off again. But now I sure did.

So I changed from just gently nursing on his cock to sucking it hard and sliding my tightly-clenched lips up and down his shaft. And I began gently thrusting my fingertip in his asshole.

He quickly lost all interest in removing his cock from my mouth. His hands went to the back of my head and guided me, gently but forcefully, along the length–or, rather, part of the length–of his shaft.

I had a mission now. I was going to get him completely hard again and I was going to make him shoot another load in my mouth. There was no turning back.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t taking much effort to get him on track for a second shot in my mouth. He hardened pretty quickly and I could tell that the tension was building in his loins. I couldn’t control my movements on his cock any more. He was holding my head tightly and using my mouth to satisfy his growing lust. I didn’t control that at all. But I could control what happened backside. I focused on penetrating his anal ring. Little by little I worked my finger deeper into his ass. I’d heard that you could milk a guy’s prostate by pressing in just the right way in his ass. That’s precisely what I intended to do, or at least try to do. I was going to get every drop of cum out of this guy.

When I was two joints in, I could press forward with my finger and feel something that I thought might have been his prostate. Whatever it was, he liked it when I touched it. I heard him moan and felt him push back on my finger to intensify the pressure.

I had enough experience as a cock-sucker to know when I guy is getting ready to unload in my mouth. But I was still a little stunned that Tyrone was hard and ready so soon. So I was surprised when he roared again and I felt that familiar, salty, tangy taste flood my mouth. I pressed hard on his prostate and I think I could feel the effect as he shot several more jets of hot cum in my mouth.

I sucked gently but insistently on his cock to get out all of the cum that I could. But when he finally pulled back from me, I didn’t resist again. I’d had all that I could take. I let my finger slip from his ass and his cock slip from my lips. I was done. Filled. Satiated.

It was interesting that it wasn’t my orgasm that finished me off. I was still hot and anxious for more until I got my second filling of Tyrone’s sweet cum. (I guess no one’s cum is really sweet. I mean, not like sugar. Still, ‘sweet’ is the word I was using in my mind to describe Tyrone’s cum. I wonder why that was.)

I sort of fell back, sitting down against Murphy’s desk. I was a mess. I had gotten only some of my cum on my hands. The rest shot over the top of my pants and underpants and onto my crotch and the thighs of my pants. I knew I’d have to take care of that somehow before I walked the gauntlet outside Murphy’s office, but I couldn’t think about that now. I just leaned back and gasped, trying to catch my breath.

Tyrone stumbled down into a chair without even pulling up his pants. He was about as with it as I was–which wasn’t much.

It was only then that I began, slowly, to pay attention to Tim and Old Man Murphy. They had a lot to say etiler escort about the events–a lot of words, not many ideas. Basically, it boiled down to expressing amazement that Tyrone could cum so much and repeat so quickly, that I was so enthusiastic and eager to suck him off and things like that. They commented on how much I liked sucking Tyrone off. And, for once, I couldn’t disagree with them, not even in my own mind.

I guess everyone was sort of satisfied, or at least no one wanted to press for any more activities–maybe because it would just seem anticlimactic. When Tyrone straightened up and left Murphy’s office, Murphy told Tim and me to go, too. I cleaned up as much as I could and walked out holding my coat jacket clumsily across my lap to hide the wet spots.

Part 18: Tim’s Wrath

The fact that I had some plans for the evening didn’t matter to Tim. He ordered me to follow him home because he “had something for me to do.” Yeah. And I thought I knew what. So Tim wasn’t satisfied. I guess he might have been a little shy about following Tyrone with both Tyrone and Murphy watching. Tyrone was a hard act to follow.

I pulled into the parking lot at Tim’s apartment after him. When we got out of the car, he barely spoke. He just grunted for me to get up to his apartment. As soon as the door closed behind us, he started barking orders at me.

“Drop your pants and get down on your knees!” The forcefulness of his demeanor surprised me. I did what he said but was feeling very uncomfortable about it. Frankly, I expected him to either pull his cock out immediately and force it in my mouth, or order me to do that. But he surprised me. He had some things to say first.

“So, I don’t think you’ve been giving me your best, Jason.” He paced back and forth in front of me. I was in a very subservient position: on my knees with my pants and underpants down to my ankles and my cock sticking up from my crotch. This was just want he wanted, of course.

“That’s going to stop right now.” And he stopped right then, turned toward me, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He didn’t pause before shoving it in my mouth. He wasn’t hard as he slipped between my open lips, but as I began sucking and sliding my lips over his cock, he hardened quickly.

If he really wanted “my best” you would have thought that he would just stand there and let me minister to his cock, maybe kissing and licking his balls and sucking him as deeply into my mouth as I could while I stroked his shaft with my hand. But, instead, he was fucking my face–hard and fast. It was as if he was working out some anger.

I didn’t understand that. If he was upset about the scene with Tyrone, he should remember that the whole employee reward program was his idea. How was I to blame for that. Of course, Tyrone was different for me. I’d never enjoyed sucking a cock like I did Tyrone’s and, as a result, I’d never sucked a cock like I did Tyrone’s. But that’s hardly my fault.

But I didn’t get a chance to voice these thoughts and Tim, apparently, wasn’t having thoughts like these himself. He was fucking my mouth like he was punishing me. I was gasping for breath around his cock every time he pulled out a little. And I was gagging and retching as he pushed back into my throat. It was humiliating. And I was hard.

Tim had no intention of cuming in my mouth right now. When he felt he’d done enough damage to my mouth, he pulled out and ordered me to bend over the back of his couch. When I did, my asshole was a well-exposed target for him. And he didn’t waste any time hitting it. There was to be no easing in this time–no waiting for my anal sphincter to relax for his entry. He forced his way into my asshole in one long, powerful stroke. I screamed and tried to pull away but I couldn’t. My pants made it hard to move my legs freely and my weight was spanning the couch. My hands were supporting the upper half of my body on the couch cushions. I just didn’t have any leverage to get away.

He impaled me deeply and didn’t pull back for a minute or so. He just thrust forward, pinning my thighs against the back of the couch and rearranging my bowels.

“Beg me to fuck you!” he commanded.

I didn’t say anything. I was hurt and humiliated and really pissed at him. Then he spanked my ass–really hard. I yelled out and he just drew his hand back and spanked me again, even harder, in the same place.

“I said, ‘Beg me to fuck you!’ And I meant it.”

He spanked me again, and again. Tears were rolling down my cheeks by this time. His cock was tearing my asshole, I was sure, and he wouldn’t stop hitting me. I didn’t have much choice; I complied with his order. Anyone would have. If you’re hurt enough, you’ll do what you have to in order to stop the pain.

“Please fuck me! Please fuck my ass!” I pleaded. And the spanking stopped. So I went on. “I need your hard cock fucking my ass. Give it to me. Fuck me hard.” And then I felt his cock begin to move in my ass.

It was a relief as he retreated. And my ass relaxed when he pulled out completely. When he pushed back in, it didn’t hurt anymore. I could feel myself responding to his fucking. I dared not continue to plead with him to fuck me. He might hear the sincerity in my voice. It was beginning to feel good to me.

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