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Special Contest Submission: COVID19 2020

Love the Ones You’re With: Tales of Lust and Caution from a World Under Quarantine

Essential healthcare workers are quarantined, trapped in a state of disaster. Facing a crisis of spirit, desperate cries for help are answered with love.

All characters made up to appear in this work of fiction are over the age of 18.

This story is a work of fiction – it never happened.

Any resemblance to real names or places are unintentional and coincidental.

However, my stories are often inspired by real events and experiences.

This is one such story.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Doctor Jessica Cavanaugh washed her hands at the scrub station. And her arms, and her face, furiously working to clean the feeling of her last case off her body and out of her mind. It would be hours more before she could leave. Damn this place, and God only knows how many more patients tonight wouldn’t ever leave. Damn this place, God help me.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

The ER was crowded, slightly past max capacity, with patients on gurneys in the hallways waiting for rooms. Actually, that part was normal. The surreality was seeing everyone had donned surgical masks, even the patients. Lauryn Anders stopped for a moment, and consulted the status screens at the triage station. How many patients do we have now … and how many are assigned to my nursing section? *sigh* This is going to be a very long night. The Coronavirus Pandemic hadn’t stopped any of the regular life or day-to-day emergencies that filled up her hospital every night; it just made it all the more difficult. What about the quarantine tent outside … 3/4 capacity. Everyone with a positive swab is going in there right now, but if this keeps up we’re going to have to limit it to COVID-19 care and accept the asymptomatic patients who need other medical help inside.

It was the last day of her seven day shift. Eight more hours, and then it was back to the hotel room for two more weeks. I don’t know if I can handle that again, the first isolation rotation was bad enough. I just want to go home. Cardiac monitors burped a chorus of bass tones across the floor, mingling with the bells of assorted intravenous pumps and the few hisses of automated ventilators that could be heard. A low din of incessant chatter was impossible to hear clearly, but periodic whimpers cried out for attention. The disorder is a refuge. I’m not really here right now. Just do my job, and become invisible in the chaos.

Lauryn looked back up, and her view brought a stop to the world around her. Dr. Jessica Cavanaugh was the general surgical intern on the current disaster rotation, and unlike most of the other surgeons, she had no problem descending to the mortal realm of the ER. Jessica was barely moving, standing ramrod straight, the pale white skin of her tense face and arms crossed over her chest were a stark contrast to the teal green scrubs that stretched with minor embarrassment around her ample bust, thick waist, and thighs. Lauryn’s eyes locked onto her from behind. From her awkward istanbul escort facing angle, what she could see was mostly just wisps of hair that had escaped the high & tight ponytail – serious business in the front, a luscious cascade of jet black curls in the back. Engulfed in painfully bright illumination from the alien abduction lights standard in the shock/trauma rooms, Dr. Jessica Cavanaugh looked like an angel descended in heavenly procession.

Jessica’s arm snapped out, smashing a fist against the steel panel on the wall. The procedure lamps went out, and the normal lighting had never seemed so dark before. Black curls whipped through the air when she turned and strode from the room, nearly colliding with the automatic doors that grudgingly yielded to her.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

I don’t know what I’m doing here anymore, Jessica thought to herself. Her palms flat on the bathroom counter, she braced on locked out arms and stared back into honey-amber eyes reflected in the shimmering, misty glass. Minutes passed, but she couldn’t feel her arms or shoulders straining, her focus was lost somewhere in-between the mirror and her mind.

Suddenly, her attention dialed in to the reflection of someone standing beside her. A stranger, dressed head to toe in bright royal blue. Young, and pretty, but looking mildly frightened. Stringy blonde hair fell flat on both sides of the stranger’s face, tapering off just above small suggestions of breasts that barely creased her scrubs, which lay perfectly flat against the rest of her body. A few inches shorter than Jessica, the stranger’s ice blue eyes appeared to be turned upward, and her mouth just parted – frozen before the utterance of words.

Jessica turned to confront the stranger intruding upon her solace, but oh… oh not a stranger, a friend. Nurse Lauryn … what is she doing here?

“Dr. Jessica, are you feeling okay?” Lauryn asked hesitantly.

“I’m fine, what do you need?” She realized she was staring. Some of the confusion began to subside, the return to consciousness bringing the awareness that she was still in the hospital, and still on duty.

“I just wanted to check on you, you walked out of the ER in such a hurry I was afraid something might be wrong. And then, the med-surg recovery floor was paging you …”

“I came down to deliver a death notification in person,” the young surgeon paused. “To a family member here involved in the same accident. But she had passed away too. Her room was already cleared and waiting for the next priority. I’m sorry I didn’t hear the page, I just need a few minutes to myself before I go back upstairs.”

Lauryn gave a somber, understanding smile, and reached out to hold a cold and trembling hand.

“I have to get back. Next they’ll be paging me too,” she added with a jesting wink. “I’ll see you at dinner, right? Back at our hotel?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it.”

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Lauryn Anders finished her dinner alone in the hotel bar, watching every moment for a familiar face to come into the room. Enough is enough. It’s been halkalı escort two hours past end of shift, and I haven’t heard a word from her. Just forget it and go to bed. It was an effort to get back on her feet, and she wearily walked the distance through the lobby. Few people were awake this late at night, or was it early? The college girl at the front desk certainly wasn’t among the nightwalkers, judging by the snoring respirations audible to Lauryn quietly passing by.

Her elevator dinged uncomfortably loudly for her floor, trying to shame her into stepping out, but Lauryn couldn’t will herself into the depressing silence and exile of her prison cell. The doors closed with a muffled thump. Before she knew what she was doing, her thumb had glided right over ‘Open Door’ and pressed down on ‘4’ … two floors up.

This is a bad idea.

She’s already asleep.

She’s exhausted too.

If she wanted company, she would have come to dinner.

This is a really bad idea.

Lauryn touched her forehead against the door panel of ‘402’. It was cool, firm, reassuring, and gave her the determination to loose three light taps against the frame.

Just say … oh fuck. What am I going to say?

Just say … oh!

“Oh! I was worried, I just wanted … to say …”

Jessica Cavanaugh stood in the doorway, hair drenched and skin reddened from a blistering shower. Her eyes were a dam undone, and rivulets of her soul mapped hills and valleys, coming to a delta in the floofy white collar of a hotel bathrobe.

Lauryn stepped forward and wrapped her arms around her.

No words were necessary after all.

Time stood still.

The world respectfully withdrew it’s sorrow, and gave way to a void.

The void filled with longing.

The longing turned to burning in Jessica’s chest, and she buried her face in the top of Lauryn’s hair, lips pressed to her scalp. A faint scent of bubblegum accompanied each kiss, trailing down Lauryn’s face, until another pair of lips sealed against her own. Jessica pulled Lauryn into the room, letting the door slam without care. Sitting on the edge of the mattress, Jessica felt rather than saw, Lauryn’s sweats hit the floor at their feet, and Lauryn climbed onto the bed, straddling Jessica’s lap, opening the folds of her robe.

The silk soft flesh of thighs belied mounting tension. Lauryn sank herself down deep on top of a leg, and brought her own knee forward to press firmly against the surface of Jessica’s groin. Warm fingers touched Lauryn’s waist, trailing heat in their wake, to curl around the hem of a sweatshirt and pull it off over her head. Briefly, a flare of stringy blonde hair haloed out in the air, and as it fell down to her shoulders, she shifted her weight forward and they both fell into the bed. Lauryn shimmied from brief cut panties, and Jessica undid the rest of her robe, both letting the unwanted clothing slip from the sides of the bed. They took each other’s faces in their hands, and resumed their kiss.

Jessica felt Lauryn’s small tongue slip between her lips, and mecidiyeköy escort caress her own. Gently probing and exploring, their bodies began to move against each other under the pressure, legs between legs, building beyond what Jessica could bear. She flipped Lauryn to the bottom and, reversing herself, Jessica ground her sex gently into Lauryn’s face, and dove forward into her pubis. Her own tongue now doing the exploring, nosing, poking, and prodding down Lauryn’s thin downy-hair to her mound, she made a strong seal with her mouth around the vulva.

Lauryn felt the gently rhythmic sucking undo her mind, and yielded to the attack laid against her, coaxing her clitoris to expose herself with surgical precision. She lost all her plans of counter attack, and settled for her face being the surface for Jessica to grind against with growing intensity. Wetness splashed across Lauryn’s eyes, her nose, her cheeks; the slippery warmth a byproduct of the hairless flesh fuck machine now reduced to quick, short bucks, against her cheekbone. Squirming, losing it, it was already all she could do not to jerk and convulse into a ball, when Lauryn felt the thick, steaming hot muscle enter her now wide-open clitoral hood, and plunge on her exposed organ.

***** ***** ***** ***** *****

Lauryn awoke to a giggling voice behind wet lips pecking at her cheek, flicks of the tip of a tongue tapping up and down her ear. Gentle pulls on her public hair started to arouse her, and the backside of someone’s finger was sliding up and down the slit of her labia, a knuckle occasionally probing the wetness, a thumb and fingertip seeking out more little hairs to teasingly tug.

She opened her eyes to see Dr. Jessica, lying recumbent next to her. One arm cushioning a beautiful face gazing back with adoring eyes, the other arm disappearing somewhere OH! That’s what that was! and it withdrew from between her legs, lingering on the apex of her thigh, a fingernail painting an invisible masterpiece around the sensitive zone.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” Jessica softly whispered out. “How did you sleep?”

“ohhh my god, Dr. Jessica, I’m sorry!” Lauryn squeaked.

“Sorry for what? I loved last night. And I love this morning.”

Jessica breathes out warmly, rolling forward to press her head against Lauryn’s chest, nudging an erect nipple with her nose.

“I loved it too. I love being with you.”

Jessica Cavanaugh’s chest filled with happiness, and discovered a relief in Lauryn’s reply. Letting out a tense breath she didn’t know she was holding, she burst out in laughter and joy:

“Then you’re going to love the next two weeks!”

Cradling Lauryn Anders’ head in her arms, she propped up, and their lips embraced once again.

* ** *** END of SHIFT *** ** *

Jessica Cavanaugh, MD; General Surgery

Lauryn Anders, RN; Emergency


Author’s Notes: Heyyy Hannah Loves You! 😉

Dr. Jessica Cavanaugh is 28 years old, appx 5’11” and 210 lbs.

38DD and XL scrubs.

Nurse Lauryn Anders is 21 years old, appx 5’8″ and 110 lbs.

34B, Sm scrubs.

This is the second story I’ve ever shared publicly.

Please check out my other work too, leave constructive criticism,

and let me know if you have a favorite scene or character! 🙂

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