Fantasies Revisited Ch. 02


Fantasy Revisited Ch. 02: The Girls

With thanks to Jem, my Editor ;o)

Part 1 – The Shower.

Jenny and Pru were late back to their dorm this Friday evening. Earlier in the day they had gone into the village for tea after the afternoon hockey practice and had whiled away more time than they realised in window shopping and chatter. Jenny rarely went home at weekends and Pru’s family were out of the country so she was confined to school until their return. The other pupils had left for the weekend and when the two girls walked through the silent school grounds as dusk was falling on this warm May evening the hustle and bustle of parents picking up their offspring had long since ended.

Most of the staff were also gone for the next two nights, leaving Mrs Briggs, the school nurse, as guardian until Sunday evening when everyone returned and the old school buildings came to life again. The nurse had merely nodded absentmindedly when Jenny had stuck a head round the door to say that she and Pru were back. Muttering a cheerful, “Goodnight dear, you behave yourselves and keep the noise down”, she had waved the girl away. Within seconds of Jenny pulling the door closed Mrs Briggs went back to staring at her television set. She would be entrenched on her sofa watching her soaps and making a significant hole in a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream for the rest of the night, so Jenny knew she and her friend would not be disturbed.

Delighted she wouldn’t be knocking around on her own again this Friday night Jenny had persuaded one of the older boys from St Mathew’s to buy a bottle of vodka from the off licence in the village for the her. A boozy girl’s night seemed just the thing! A few quick stops along the way to purchase orange juice and chips, which they shared as they walked back, and some chocolate bars for later and they were soon comfortably ensconced in their empty dorm again.

Jenny switched on the radio and looked around for some glasses to mix the drinks. Pru walked straight into the bathroom and, ignoring the harsh overhead strip light, she flicked on the soft muted lights over the mirrors instead before turning on the shower. It was unseasonably warm for early Spring and both girls were feeling tired and dusty and wanted to wash and get into their nighties before settling down to an evening of gossip and grooming.

Emptying out two big water beakers to use for their drinks Jenny filled them with the equivalent of triple vodkas and orange before following Pru into the bathroom to give her a glass. Pru had undressed and her slightly grubby uniform was already stuffed into the laundry bag in the corner. Jenny watched Pru remove her earrings and pull her long hair free from its neat bun and couldn’t help but notice certain similarities between herself and the younger girl. Both were fair although Jenny was a true light blonde while Pru’s hair was more honey-coloured. Pru’s eyes were green while Jenny’s were blue but both were striking with small neat arched brows. Pru was rather more rounded with a small waist and strong shapely legs while Jenny, apart from her large breasts, was generally lean and straight. The girls had similar face shapes and skin tones and both were the same height and, being objective, Jenny knew they were each extremely pretty.

Pru stood in her panties and camisole as Jenny handed her a glass and said with a grin, “Here’s to a couple of days of freedom and fun. Chin chin!!” Pru laughed and clinked her glass rather too enthusiastically against Jenny’s as they both counted, “One, two, three!” and knocked back as much of the liquid as they could. Neither of them wanted to lose the unspoken competition and so they swallowed frantically until the glasses were empty. Pru finished first and they both laughed, scrunching up their faces in mock disgust.

“Blimey Jen, are you sure there was enough vodka in that one!” Pru coughed, “My eyes are watering!”

Jenny giggled and started to remove her skirt and blouse as the shower hissed down and the small room filled with steam. “Oh stop being such a wuzz, go and make us another…. and turn the radio up!” She added loudly as Pru went off to get refills.

Unhooking her bra Jenny pulled off her socks and panties and threw all her clothes into the laundry bag before waving her hand under the shower to test the water. She frowned. It was still very warm now but she knew from experience that the hot water was only switched on for an hour on weekend evenings so she jumped in and let the soothing stream wash over her.

Pru turned up the music until it filled the bathroom and returned, carefully balancing two overfull glasses.

“The hot water won’t last so you had better hurry up and get in”, Jenny called.

Pru put the glasses down and hesitated. She was swaying a little and it was clear the vodka had already gone to her head despite the chips she had eaten. She steadied herself against the wash basin.

“Err.. it’s ok, just don’t be istanbul escort too long and I’ll get in straight after you.” Pru carefully turned and moved towards the door, intending to go and lie down on her bed for a few minutes. As she passed the shower Jenny reached out a hand dragging her into the cubical and under the water.

Pru cried out and started complaining half-heartedly. “Wait, I still have my undies on!” But her camisole and panties were immediately soaked.

Jenny was unapologetic. “Well take them off then,” she said, reaching for the bottom of Pru’s top and tugging it up over her friends arms. Both girls giggled as they tried to get the clinging wet cotton over Pru’s head. Once free of the camisole, Pru wriggled out of her panties and dropped both in a far corner of the shower.

Standing close together under the spray the girls let the water drench their long hair until it was sleek and moulded to their shoulders and across their breasts and arms. They began playfully pushing and shoving each other to get the best position before settling down to wash. Pru took the shampoo and squeezed a generous blob into Jenny’s hand before taking some for herself.

Jenny stood back a little and rubbed the camomile shampoo into her scalp. She quickly lathered and then moved back under the water to rinse. As the suds washed free of her long hair she caught the soapy water and started to rub it over her arms, chest and tummy. Pru found herself staring at Jenny’s full breasts, watching the small pink nipples harden as Jenny’s fingers stroked the soapy water over them. Suddenly flustered, Pru quickly looked away.

Pru concentrated on washing her own long tresses and thought about the differences between herself and her friend. Being naturally rather shy and cautious Pru knew she was an innocent compared to Jenny. Jenny had had boyfriends from St Mathew’s and was far more worldly in the ways of men and sex. Pru was fairly certain Jenny had a current boyfriend, although the other girl was being uncharacteristically reticent about discussing him.

Pru mused over some of the stories she had heard about Jenny over the 6 months she had been at the school. She admired her friends adventurous nature and envied the attention she seemed to command from the local boys. Pru herself had never been confident enough to respond to any of the boys who had shown an interest in her. She did not think she was particularly repressed but rather, was simply very unsure of her desirability. She didn’t really understand why she felt threatened by the intensity of the looks men sent her way, although she did feel a certain gratitude for them as they at least provided some validation that she was attractive.

Pru stepped under the hot spray to rinse her hair and looked at Jenny’s slim frame, knowing Jenny had never had the same doubts. She found her gaze wandering over Jenny’s firm body before falling on the mound between the older girls legs. She blinked when she saw that Jenny was hairless there. When she raised her eyes she discovered Jenny was watching her and, suddenly embarrassed, Pru turned away.

Jenny laughed, “You’re wondering why I’m bare aren’t you? I just like to shave. Well, I waxed the first time, one of the very few things my mother taught me. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t hurt!” She grinned, “But It’s much more comfortable when you get used to it. And boys really like it.” She murmured conspiratorially.

Pru blushed and stammered an apology for looking. “Oh don’t be silly, I’ve been looking at you too.” Jenny reassured. “I’ve always thought you were really pretty. Your waist is so small and your legs are much nicer than mine.” Jenny put her arms on Pru’s shoulders and turned the shy girl to face her. “Pity your tits aren’t bigger though,” she said bluntly, “boys like that too!”

Pru found herself laughing and her hands reached out to circle Jenny’s waist. “Your waist is fine and you look so slim and strong. And I really envy your breasts, I’ve always wanted mine to be bigger.”

Jenny reached for the shower gel and lathered up her hands, “Well massage helps,” she said slyly and before Pru could react Jenny cupped the other girl’s breasts and started rubbing her soapy hands all over them. Pru gasped but didn’t pull away. She found the sight and feel of Jenny’s hands moving over her breasts, pushing them together and squeezing them gently, quite delicious. Somehow it seemed perfectly normal to be sharing a shower like this.

Pru let her own hands wander tentatively over Jenny’s back and down to her hips, then before she could lose her nerve she dropped them down to Jenny’s pretty bottom and began to knead the warm wet cheeks with strong fingers, “Will your bum get bigger with massage too?” she teased. Jenny wriggled and pulled a face, “I bloody hope not!”

Both girls laughed and without any more discussion passed the shower gel back and forth between them. They lathered up their hands before ataköy escort caressing each other and pressed their bodies together under the water spray. Their now slippery breasts and tummies brushed against one another and each girl slid a thigh between the other’s legs. For several minutes they stood comfortably together under the pounding water and let their hands wander at will, over backs and hips, tits and ass. Their heads rested on each other’s shoulder and without quite realising how, they found their lips close together. Pru hesitated and almost turned her head away but Jenny was bolder and kissed her softly on the lips. Once … twice …three times, holding the contact a little longer each time. Pru blinked in surprise as Jenny’s tongue emerged to lick over her lips, as an encouragement to open her mouth, which Pru did. Jenny immediately thrust her tongue inside and began to kiss Pru properly. Pru responded with little tongue flicks of her own and soon the two girls were kissing passionately, their tongues circling each other, exploring each other’s warm wet mouths slowly and deeply.

Pru felt light headed but she couldn’t decide if it was as a result of the vodka or the pleasure she was feeling at having Jenny’s firm warm body in her arms. Pru felt Jenny’s right hand slide down between their tummies to push between her legs and she gasped with surprise at the immediate warmth that spread through her groin. Jenny loosened their embrace to look her younger friend in the eyes as she continued to stroke her hand slowly back and forth through the soft curls covering Pru’s pussy, her middle finger running teasingly along the wet slit.

Sighing softly Jenny asked, “Would you like me to shave you?” Pru blinked and then nodded. Jenny allowed her hand to linger between Pru’s legs for a few moments longer before she reached for the gel again and took the safety razor from the shower shelf.

Getting down on her knees Jenny motioned Pru to brace her back against the cool tiles of the cubicle. Pru watched fascinated as the kneeling girl squirted some cool gel onto her fingers and began to rub it over Pru’s pussy, making a rich lather to cover the soft dark hairs on her mound.

Jenny smiled up at Pru, “Spread your legs for me hun.” Pru immediately did so and Jenny came close and raised the razor, “No fidgeting now”, she said before she began to deftly shave Pru’s pussy with long firm strokes. Pru closed her eyes, enjoying the soothing movements of Jenny’s hands and feeling a delicious tingling and warmth spreading through her body from her groin. She was a little disorientated at the course the evening was taking but she was honest enough to admit how wonderful it felt to be here like this, feeling so close to Jenny.

After a few minutes Jenny stood up to kiss Pru playfully on the nose, saying, “See how easy that was? All done. Lets rinse you off.”

Pru moved forward intending to get back under the water but Jenny stopped her. “No, it’s easier like this.” She unhooked the shower attachment from its wall sconce and lowered it to let the spray play over Pru’s tummy and thighs. Pru watched as the soap residue rinsed away to reveal a newly bare pussy. She trembled as Jenny ran one fingertip over the now smooth mound and smiled, “Open your legs a little again Pru, I want to be sure I get all the suds off”.

To Pru’s surprise Jenny turned the shower head to face upwards and pushed it between her friend’s legs. Pru shrieked as the warm water spray hit her pussy lips and vibrated against her cunt and clit. The feeling was wonderful but so intense that she was shocked and, knocking Jenny’s hand away, she wriggled free, gasping for breath and staring at her friend in confusion.

Jenny laughed loudly and could barely splutter. “Oh come on! Don’t tell me you’ve never done that before?” Pru shook her head rapidly. She was embarrassed at the effect the vibrating water spray had had on her body. She still felt an ache in her pussy and her nipples were suddenly very hard and sensitive.

Jenny watched her speculatively for a second before smiling sweetly. “Well, you really should try it hun, it’s a girl’s best friend!”

With that Jenny braced herself back against the wall opposite Pru and spread her feet wide. She held Pru’s gaze, smiling provocatively before turning the shower attachment on herself. She placed the spray between her legs, about two inches below her pussy, and slowly moved it back and forth. Pru watched the water pulsing up into Jenny’s open pussy and recalled how good it had felt on her own body for those brief seconds, like hot thin fingertips drumming rapidly over the entrance to her cunt and the hood of her clit.

Jenny closed her eyes and sighed. Her body swayed slightly as she used the strong water spray from the shower head to pleasure herself. She moaned, using her other hand to fondle and squeeze her breasts. Pru was mesmerized as she watched the other girl press avcılar escort the shower nozzle closer to her spread pussy lips and quickly worked it back and forth. Pru stared as Jenny aimed the jets of water against her swollen clit, her hips swaying a little as she opened herself to the vibrations. Within moments her body tensed and the panting grew louder until with a long low cry Jenny shuddered as she brought herself to orgasm.

A slow smile spread over Jenny’s pretty face and her blue eyes sparkled as she let her arms fall by her side. She still held the shower head loosely as she grinned at Pru. “Hmmm… so nice!”

Pru’s face was flushed and, probably without realising it, she had mirrored Jenny’s movements. She was caressing her breasts while her other hand stroked her now bald pussy. Jenny watched as Pru’s index finger slid along the wet slit, between the glistening pink lips. Pru’s eyes were slightly glazed and Jenny stepped forward, smiling reassuringly. “It’s really good Pru, let me show you.”

Jenny leaned in close and kissed her younger friend again. The other girl tensed for a second or two but soon responded, her arms going up around Jenny’s neck, one hand gripping a handful of the long golden hair as she deepened the kiss. Jenny nudged Pru’s thighs apart with the back of her hand and quickly pushed the shower head between Pru’s trembling thighs. She held the spray about three inches beneath Pru’s pussy, moving it gently up and down, allowing the other girl to get used to the water pressure and the new sensations.

With closed eyes Pru had started to roll her hips in time with the water jets tickling over her pussy lips. She bent her knees and dipped her hips a little while parting her thighs, trying to open up her pussy to the strong hot water spray. She was clearly loving it and Jenny moved the showerhead closer, a little at a time, running it back to front, letting the fingers of hot water tickle all along Pru’s pussy and even against her tight little asshole. As Pru whimpered Jenny brought the shower spray into direct contact with her clit, pressing it close to get the most intense vibrations and rubbing it faster and faster. Pru was sighing as they continued to kiss and Jenny knew she wouldn’t need much more to make her cum.

Suddenly Jenny let the showspray drop away and she pulled back from Pru asking, with a sly smile, “So you like that do you?” Pru’s cheeks and throat were even more flushed now, her wet hair framing her face and curling round her shoulders. Her small high tits were shaking with her panting breaths and her nipples were hard round nubs.

Jenny reached out and cupped one breast, her thumb rubbing roughly over the nipple, catching it between finger and thumb and pinching it as she smiled wickedly, “Want me to stop?” Pru moaned again and licked her lips as she looked at Jenny pleadingly. “No Jen, please don’t stop. It feels so good. Please finish it, make me cum.”

“Spread your thighs nice and wide for me then.” Pru placed both her hands against the walls of the shower cubicle and opened her legs as Jenny knelt down in front of her again, raising the shower head and pressing it against Pru’s pussy lips, red and swollen with desire. Jenny began kissing her girlfriend’s belly and thighs as she skilfully worked the powerful water spray up into the other girl’s hungry cunt. Pru was moaning again and little panting cries came from the back of her throat as Jenny quickened her movements and pushed the spray closer so it found it’s mark and thrummed hard against Pru’s clit. Pru groaned and her head fell back. Looking up Jenny saw the young girl was lost in the feelings pulsing through her body. Chuckling to herself she ran the fingers of her free hand up Pru’s inner thigh and underneath to stroke her ass.

Pru swayed and keened, “Oh yes, God yes, so good. Don’t stop Jen, please don’t stop.” Jenny watched as the helpless girl started to shudder, her body nearly rigid, head and shoulders thrown back so far that her button-like nipples pointed to the ceiling. Her long hair swayed against her body as Pru thrust her hips forward trying to get as close as possible to the source of the wonderful sensations surging through her groin.

Jenny waited a few seconds longer, until she was sure that Pru was about to tip over into her climax before she rubbed her soapy middle finger around Pru’s puckered asshole. As she pushed her thumb between Pru’s wet folds, thrusting it hard into her pussy she slipped her middle finger deep in Pru’s tight asshole. Pru screamed and started to shake as Jenny pressed the hot water jet hard against Pru’s clit and fucked the younger girl’s hot slippery cunt and tight little ass hard and fast. Within seconds she felt the muscles of Pru’s pussy contract and the body above her vibrated with the ripples of an impressive orgasm.

Pru was lost in the powerful contractions and the delicious feel of Jenny’s fingers penetrating her and it was only after wave upon wave of hot pleasure had throbbed through her shaking body and her legs felt like jelly that she found the strength to push Jenny’s hands away. Collapsing back against the cold tiles, Pru slid down until she was lying on the shower floor next to her girlfriend.

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