Continued Education, New Positions

Annika Albrite

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Well, yesterday I achieved another first, sucking off and swallowing three loads , and still had an appetite for more. As a reward, Rick invited me over for some one-on-one action, so I thought, and I would spend the afternoon with the first man who ever fucked me.

In the shortest of time I had become a cock whore for him and would do whatever he asked of me. I just wanted to please him and take his load again and again. Remembering how he held me, looking into my eyes, deeply kissing me as he shot a load deep into my ass was a memory that would forever be implanted in my mind. I can not describe how deeply I was becoming consumed by the lust I felt for this man.

As I arrived at his flat, I had no idea what the plans for the day would be, but I knew I would be doing whatever it took to please him. Opening his door, Rick met me in just a robe and escorted me right to a sofa in the middle of his living room. I couldn’t wait for the formalities and reached in for his cock, which was already pretty large. As I still had my street clothes on, he quickly made short work of that before stretching out on the sofa, as naked me found the proper position kneeling between his open legs.

So without further ado, I again started to devour his lovely meat stick as he encouraged me on with compliments on how good I was, and how great I made him feel. Hearing those things made me melt as I held him and sucked away like there was no tomorrow. Several minutes of slobbering over his cock, licking up his pre-cum, driving it deep down my throat, then slowly sliding it out had brought my lover to a height of pleasure I’m sure was just as high as I was feeling.

I could have gone on like this all day, I would think, but Rick had other plans that I knew I would be all in favor of. So, pulling me to my feet, he had me then kneel on the sofa, my hands holding the back rest and my ass pointed in the air. My dick was semi-hard from the excitement of sucking him off, and was hanging down between my legs where Rick grabbed it and started jerking. At the same time , he shoved his wet tongue into my ass as I screeched, jumped, then fell back on his waiting face. God, what a feeling! He licked, jabbed and probed my hole with just the right amount of saliva to send me into an unbelievable state of euphoria.

While I was moaning and meeting his probes, he then grabbed my ass cheeks, spread then and drove his tongue deep into my fast expanding opening. I couldn’t believe the feeling! It is one thing to feel a wet tongue tip caressing your butt, but I could actually feel the wide part of it thrusting in and out, stretching my opening with each jab. He was basically fucking me with his mouth and I was nearly screaming with delight. This went on for quite some time. How long I couldn’t guess since I was in a state of euphoria. But, by now, I was quite wet and ready for Rick to finish me off.

So without missing a step, Rick stood and replaced his loving tongue with his beautiful cock. He was in a standing position, and it glided in with almost no resistance. I met his thrusts with fervor, holding on to the back rest for dear life while he grabbed my love handles and pulled himself all the way into me before slowly sliding out of me. This was a new feeling for inexperienced me. Sometimes he would pull all the way out and leave my gapping ass gasping for its replacement! Then jamming it back in, the renewed pleasure sent me to amazing heights.

As usual, I yelled, “Oh, fuck me, Rick. Fuck me. Deeper, deeper.” What else could I say? I just wanted him to pound me over and over. But my man pulled me into an upright position, spun me around and sat on the sofa with his cock still buried deep in my ass. I guess his legs were getting tired, but his cock was still going strong. In short order, Rick told me to turn around, pulled me on top of him, and I reached for his cock in a clumsy attempt to replace it. With his help, we glided it back into my waiting hole as I experienced a new position for the first time.

I had heard this being called the cowgirl position, and I really felt like I was his girl, so it was appropriate enough for me! I hadn’t liked this so much when I was straight, but then I was Ankara bayan escort always on the bottom. Here, I could set the pace and bend and move my hips in different angles and speeds to control both my lover’s and my orgasms.

Well, in theory, thats what I thought! Once on top, Rick’s cock seemed to hit my prostate at a different angle and I experienced new feelings that I never had before. I was aware that his cock was reaching new places and I was jumping with delight. I caressed his head and face as he kissed me deeply while I eased up and slide down on his pole. He held me by my hips and every time I got to the down side he would pull me deeper.

I yelled, “Oh fuck, Rick, this is so fantastic,” as I rode up and down, alternating speeds from slow paced to uncontrolled frenzy. As I eased up, just leaving his cock head inside my opening, Rick would yank me back down till his shaft would go as deep as it possibly could. I was being stuffed and loving it, and it was a real workout. Sweat was dripping off me like I was in a sauna and our bodies were glistening as they rubbed each other. In a way, it reminded me of the euphoria one gets after a hard run or bike ride, the feeling of adrenaline being released, your heart pounding as you finish and the ecstasy that follows. But added to that, it was like my pussy was in control. The fucking went at my pace, I had my man teetering on the edge, ready to explode, but only when I was ready to let him. I felt like a woman, or better said, a whore.

At the same time, I felt I was so close that I could come at any time, but I was having a female type orgasm; slow, long and building up to a huge eruption. Rick gasped, “Darling, you are driving me crazy, I can’t go on much more,” and he dug his nails into my perspiring ass cheeks. I responded, “Does that feel good, my love?” and “Do you like my pussy? Fuck me, baby, fuck me, fuck me!” We both started bucking and almost simultaneously we cried out, “I’m coming, I’m coming!”

Rick let out a scream, and amazingly I could feel him explode inside me as my cock shot out a hot stream of cum all over his chest. I pounded faster and faster, squeezing my sphincter, forcing the last of my cum out of my bouncing cock as every bit of his seed was planted in my pulsating pussy. My orgasm seemed to go on and on as I kept sliding up and down on his wonderful weapon. I was in love! Never have I experienced such an climax. I didn’t know you could feel someone shooting his load deep inside you, but I did! And this was, I think, the first time I ever came without ever touching my own cock.

It just felt so perfect having my lover’s dick deep inside me, I wanted it there permanently if there only was a way. But we were both exhausted. I could feel his cum dripping out of my love canal and his cock began to soften as we rolled onto our sides. As I said, I really felt like a woman right now, and just wanted to hold and caress my man as my orgasm subsided. We kissed, squeezed each other and groaned as we slipped into each other’s arms, legs wrapped around us. Most of my cum was still on Rick’s chest, and I lapped it up and then put his right nipple into my mouth and started tonguing and sucking on it as I drifted off to sleep, exhausted yet totally euphoric.

I don’t know how long I had dozed off, but I was awaken by the sound of Rick’s voice saying, “Wake up lover, its time for dinner.” And what a feast he had prepared! I opened my eyes, and there was Rick and Ken standing in front of the couch, buck naked and rubbing their stiff cocks that they were aiming right at me.

Well, I guess I had replenished my strength because without a thought I slid down on the floor and positioned myself between them with a cock on each cheek. I wrapped an arm around each of my lovers to hold on to them and proceeded to lick the glistening heads of both dicks, alternating between the two of them. With each return I took a little more of their cocks down my throat while gently squeezing their nut sacks. I decided I’d better give Ken most of the early attention since he evidently hadn’t had the release Rick and myself already experienced today. I was salivating like a rabid dog and probably sounding like one too, as all sorts of grunts and moans were coming out of my stuffed oral canal. I looked up, and Rick and Ken were kissing deeply Escort bayan Ankara making, me feel even more excited.

Trying to put both dicks into my mouth at the same time was a noble failure on my part, though I could get both velvet heads serviced at the same time. Then Rick eased away from me and went to get something out of the coffee table drawer as I took Ken all the way down and sucked away as passionately as I could. Still on my knees and holding onto Ken’s ass for support, I bobbed up and down on his engorged cock, noticing with amazement the throbbing veins running the length of his beautiful love stick.

Suddenly I was startled as Rick rubbed my ass opening with some lubricant then proceeded to finger fuck me, first with one, then two, and finally three fingers. Oh, Jesus, it was a heavenly feeling. I was rocking and sucking and smiling like I’d just won the lottery!

Rick also covered his own tool with the lube and suggested we go back to our previous position, with me on top. He slid onto the couch and I straddled him, reaching for, and inserting his greased pole into my amazingly relaxed ass. It went in with the greatest of ease and produced the wonderful sound of sloshing cock and ass bouncing in unison. All this time Ken hadn’t been forgotten. He walked around to the back of the couch and with my head at perfect cock level proceeded to face fuck me to a perfect rhythm.

So, here I was, now in one of my favorite positions and somehow I dug up a hidden reservoir of energy. My plan was to give Ken the time of his life and suck away with unabated passion as Rick rhythmically thrust up and in to me. For what seems to be a long time, we stayed in this position and I was glowing, the feeling was so intense.

Unexpectedly, Ken then pulled away and came around my back making me wonder oh, so briefly, what was going on. Straightaway he straddled my ass and as I felt his spit covered cock knocking at my back door, all I could think was, “No fucking way!”

Here is something that had never entered my mind, but it seemed my lovers were planning on DP’ing me! For the first time since I met these guys, I felt fear. I knew my hole was too small for that, both their cocks were huge! I was afraid they’d split me in two. But Rick assured me it wasn’t the case and if I would just relax it would be amazing.

All this time, Rick was pounding me, the sensations were unbelievable and as I was becoming an easy little whore it didn’t take much persuasion to get me to agree. I think I was in love, and I’d do anything he asked. But I insisted they go slow, and urged Ken to add more lube to his cock, which he was happy to do.

Pouring a healthy glob of lube on my ass crack and slapping his dick into it, Ken was hopefully adding all the help I would need. I was nervous yet excited beyond belief. I didn’t know how this would turn out, but was ready to go along with it. I eased up a bit from Rick’s body, until just his cock head was still in me, and Ken started pushing his dick forward into me. As calm as I tried to be, I screamed out that it was too big and begged them to stop. But by trying to escape Ken’s attack, the only place I had to go was back down again, filling myself up with Ricks pole again. Each time I raised up off it, Ken would be there jamming his cock head a little deeper into my tight sphincter.

It was hurting but at the same time the pain was mixed with pleasure. I was looking into Rick’s eyes and I saw the most sincere look on his face. It was reassuring, and made me think how much I love fucking that man. I knew I had to do anything he wanted. I started rising up to meet Ken’s thrusts and my pussy did seem to start stretching ever so slowly. There was still pain, but it was still under control and I moaned to Ken, “A litter more darling, slowly, slowly.” Thank god there was a lot of lube on and in my ass, and more on Ken’s weapon. After about five minutes he had gotten about two or three inches into me, and would slide it out as I rode down on Rick. My ring was expanding and so was the pleasure. I thought maybe I really could handle both of them, though in the back of my head I worried that my pussy would never be tight again.

I could see that Ken was in control now and my fate was in his hands. I started saying, “Come on Ken, thats it, give it to me.” Bayan escort Ankara I was feeling like a wild animal, lusting for more. Ken was panting and I knew about five inches of his rod had been untouched since it left my mouth and needed more loving. He was ready, and I was prepared for my fate. On one last rising motion, he saw his opportunity and rammed his massive cock all the way into my overfilled love canal. I screamed as both my lovers wrapped their arms tightly around me.

After a darting instant of incredible pain, I was overcome by the feeling of being completely filled. A baseball bat couldn’t have felt bigger! But what a feeling! It was indescribable. I yelled out, “Fuck…Fuck….Fuck,” followed by “Fuck me harder!”and “Don’t stop! Fuck me.” Rick started pushing up to go deeper into me while Ken pushed down, and I could feel their dicks rubbing each other as a new sensation entered my world of pleasure. I was screaming with each thrust they gave me and there is no way to give justice to the feelings I was encountering.

My boys finally got into a seesaw rhythm, with one cock pulling back while the other pushed in. I was being rocked up and down happily trapped between the most beautiful cocks that there ever were. My insides were being drawn out of me and then rammed back in, and the friction that was causing was making my cunt warm up to the danger point. If someone had walked by and heard us, they would have thought I was being slaughtered, but in reality, the fullness, the feeling of being ripped apart, and the idea of both my lovers fucking my pussy at the same time made me feel like this was all I ever needed.

Maybe they would fuck me to death, and I couldn’t think of a better way to go. My body from the waist down was numb, tingling with pleasure and I imagined that this is what a woman’s orgasm feels like. I yelled out, “Don’t stop, I want more, fuck me deeper.” With my mates cocks rubbing each other and pulling and pushing my insides every which way, I didn’t know where the cum would go when they came. But that wasn’t something I would have to wait long to find out. Ken was very near and I swear I could feel his shaft expanding.

I said to Rick, “I want you two to come together,” and I know they did their best to do so. Ken screamed out, “Iku,Iku,”which means, “I’m coming,” and slammed into me as deep as he could. The force pushed me down onto Rick’s waiting cock and I saw him shuttering as he let out a “Oh, fuck me, baby!” It was like a double barrel shotgun letting loose with both loads of shot! I could feel liquid shooting out of my ass as the force of their cum shots deep inside me made my pussy go into spasms. The blast caused the lube and air to be violently expelled and the sound of the orgasm was music to my ears.

But they were far from finished. Ken kept pounding away and I then realized this was the first time he had planted his seed in me, I had always swallowed his load at the end. I yelled, “Fill me up, Ken,” and that he continued to do. So much cum was in me now, and along with the smell of sex, and the continual pounding of both lovers, I didn’t think I could ever feel higher.

Well, after several more euphoric minutes, Ken slowly pulled out and a strange emptiness came over me. But as I looked at his tool, still massive and dripping with glistening cum, I pulled him to me and swallowed his cock. I had to have it, I couldn’t stop! I just had the most incredible fuck, and I know I had an orgasm, yet I hadn’t cum this time, just too soon after the last one so I thought. But Ken rolled around and we went into a sixty-nine position and as he got me hard again, I sucked up all his cum, swallowing while adoring his tool. Meanwhile, Rick had gone soft, so he pulled out and inserted several fingers into my still open gap and manipulated my ass as Ken and I sucked each other with fervor. It didn’t take me long as all three of my erogenous zones were being fucked at once. Pushing back at Rick’s hand, my cock reached its limit and I shot a load down Ken’s throat.

Even after shooting my wad, I didn’t want to stop. The taste of Ken, the feeling of his still massive cock coating my throat with his cum, the touch of Rick’s hand still pounding my ass, but most of all the feeling of falling in love and lust with two wonderful men made me delirious. This was all I would ever want or need again.

We eventually went into the bedroom and I spent the night, wrapped in my lovers arms. I woke up the next morning still feeling ecstatic, with Ken’s cock knocking on my still well lubed man hole. That is another story!

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