Aunt’s Plan Ch. 09


I showered afterwards and left her room. Aunt Penny was nowhere in sight. I slept peacefully that night, I had no worries, Aunt Penny would understand and Mom… well Mom had given in and there was no going back.

Mom woke me the next morning. I came out of my room to find everyone in a good mood. I kept to myself mostly, going to the gym and exercising by myself.

When we got home again and Mom went in to shower and get ready for work Aunt Penny finally approached me.

“Was that the first time?”

“Between Mom and me? Yeah.” She didn’t look like she believed me. “Well, we had never gone that far.”

She was thoughtful. “This wasn’t in the plan.” She told herself more than me.

“I know.” I was apologetic. “It was an impulse you know. It just felt right.”

“I could see that. I saw everything. You got ahead of me, what I saw yesterday is beyond what the plan was to prepare you for. I think you can fuck to my standards now.” She grinned while staring at empty space.

“What does that mean for us?”

“I have to think about it.”

“I still want you as much as before.”

“Yea, but now your Mom is in the game. She’ll want sex, she’ll want to get the most out of that cock. I may be the one with the ‘addiction’ but did you see her last night? She’s just as much of a slut.”

“I can love both of you.”

“Yes, but in turns. I was taking you somewhere tonight but later at night when she comes to you she’ll know. She’ll know you’ve been somewhere else.”

“I think you’re underestimating me again.”

“It’s not that John, but I have to think.”

She left me puzzled.


“We need to do some research.” Aunt Penny told me that evening. She had come home from work earlier than usual.

“I have a plan. A second plan.”


“First of all. This Saturday is July 4th. We’ll celebrate. I’m not supposed to be home for the weekend so here’s the plan. Today you won’t touch her, stay away from her. Today you have to stay off completely. Tomorrow we start teasing. It’s risky but you’ll get playful with me. She won’t like it but it’s important. Friday, oh Friday there she’ll be teased! I know we’ll be in a better place then and we will go from there.”

“What’s our goal? I don’t understand how this is going to help?”

“Leave that to your Aunt. My sister is not that different from me, she just needed to taste sin.”


I didn’t know if I should trust Aunt Penny at this point. Mom came home in a great mood, happy to see me, all smiles, and with no one else around she had a flirtatious way with me.

Reluctantly I did not respond. I kept my distance, smiled back, and backed away from her advances. We had dinner and didn’t speak about the night before. She slowly realized the coldness of my treatment.

“Is everything alright?” She asked.

“Yeah. Actually, I made plans with some friends to go out tonight. I’ll be back late I think.” I left the house and made my way to the address Aunt Penny had given me. What surprise had she prepared for me today?

We met at a parking lot surrounded by small businesses. I got out of my car and into hers. She had been waiting for me and before I said anything she handed me a water bottle.

“I need you hydrated.” She said.

I drank the bottle. “So what’s the plan?”

5 minutes later we were standing in front of a large desk at a normal massage parlor.

There were other not very good looking women sitting around waiting for their turn. There was nothing sexy about the place.

“Can I speak to Kate please?” Aunt Penny asked the receptionist. “I spoke with her earlier, my name is Penny.”

The receptionist was friendly and walked into the office behind her. Out came another woman.

“Penny, welcome back!” They hugged. Kate was Asian, possibly a Japanese, and about Aunt Penny’s age. She was skinny and shorter and Aunt Penny. She had long black hair styled with bangs covering her forehead.

She wore spandex pants that extended to her calves and a white workout bra. She smiled at me and greeted me before leading us to a room.

In the room there were candles illuminating and scenting the place. Two massage beds with towels folded on top of them.

“Today’s not much of a lesson since I don’t think you need those much. We’re just gonna relax. Let’s undress, lie on the beds with our faces down and our eyes closed and enjoy.”

We did as she said. We put the towels covering our exposed butts and soon we had visitors. Two women in pink shiny robes walked in. One was Kate.

“This is Lena. We’ll be at your service today.” Kate announced.

Lena’s skin was darker and she was younger too. Probably not Japanese but Asian too. Slanted eyes as opposed to the huge eyes on Kate. Short brownish hair. A very skinny frame and not much in the boob department.

They moved behind Ankara bayan escort us where I couldn’t see them but I could tell Kate moved on to help my Aunt which meant the hands putting oil on my back were Lena’s.

She applied pressure around my shoulders and back. Her hands traveled around my back, on my sides. I liked feeling my back muscles touched and it didn’t take long to feel the towel covering my ass pulled off me.

I didn’t look up, relaxed I let things happen. Her hands disappeared from my body. Then the cold oil touched my skin on my lower back. She poured some on me and used her hands to spread it onto my ass. She oiled my legs, my butt, my back, always applying a nice pressure. I had never been massaged before but I liked it. It really was relaxing.

She pressed my inner thigh opening them a bit and then I felt her hand silently approach my cheeks. Her hand touched the area between my ass and my balls first and then slid over in between my butt. My head rose at the touch and I looked over to the other massage table.

Kate wasn’t wasting any time. She was naked and on top of the massage table caressing Aunt Penny’s shiny legs and ass. Kate was oiled up too though not as thoroughly. She had descent size breasts that hung a little and dark nipples and not stomach at all.

Lena walked up in front of my view. “I need you to turn around.” She was still wearing her rob but as I obeyed and turned she started disrobing. There was a tiny accent even though these were the first words she had said.

I stared. I felt at ease to do so and Lena didn’t seem to pay attention to what I did. Her robe came off and there was nothing underneath. She had dark skin and no tan lines. Her boobs were barely there. A gap between her legs which allowed me to see her hairless pussy, a simple slit just shaved.

Not surprisingly my cock was awake and I hadn’t noticed it until Lena started pouring oil on her hands again. I looked down my body saw my cock standing.

There was no time for me to react to any of this because one of Lena’s hands firstly oiled up my cock. She gave me three slow jerks before moving onto my balls. With that hand on my balls her other hand caressed my stomach.

She grabbed the bottle again and moved on to my chest. So much damn oil, I thought.

“Mm.” Lena began massaging my chest, arms, and all over my upper body. The ‘mm’ had come from my aunt. She had turned around as well and had Kate’s hands playing with her breasts while sitting on her.

Aunt Penny didn’t have a cock. I smiled at that though because I admired how sexy Kate looked sitting there on top of my aunt.

My eyes moved from them to Lena mounting the table. She touched my cock with who knows what as she kissed one of my nipples. Her expert hands never stopped as she kissed my chest and down she moved.

My standing pole touched her body as she descended. She stopped near my cock. She poured oiled on her torso and spread it with her hands. Then she lowered herself and began to move up my body. Only this time she didn’t kiss my body, the emphasis was now on her body moving against my cock.

She was massaging my slippery cock with her body.

Her tiny breasts touched my cock, she moved, her skinny abdomen slid over my cock. Up she went until her face was right in front of mine and her eyes stared into mine. Then I felt my cock find a place to move into. I was in between her legs and she closed them gripping it.

She didn’t speak at all. She looked me in the eye and moved her legs up and down exciting my cock.

She then turned around, her ass on my stomach. I moved my hands on her hips to steady her. Her feet took hold of my cock. Up and down her feet played their game. I moved my right hand from her hip up to her right breast.

It didn’t matter how small they were, they pleased me.

She laughed a little. She seemed like a shy and quiet girl. Her feet abandoned my dick and her ass glided over. I felt my cock pushed down as her small butt cheeks pressed against it. Her oiled ass glided up and down my cock.

I’ll never forget how pleasing it was. She began to slide all over my cock, just playing, her skin against it, it didn’t matter what parts of her body she used because her skin was smooth all over.

Yet the way my cock pushed against her butt cheeks was exceptional.

She sat up. Her ass on my stomach again but this time facing me. She slowly moved up and I thought she was moving her pussy to my mouth. When her legs were spread over my chest she stopped. The table shook and I felt my cock enfolded. It was glorious flesh my cock reveled in.

Lena’s left leg rose over my head and off the table she went. She had been blocking my view from the culprit of my cock’s pleasure. Kate was on top of my cock riding it. She was moaning small ‘ah… ah… ah…’ whimpering as if my cock was too wide for her entrance.

She smiled at me. She had a huge smile and big happy eyes. Oh my god those eyes.

I glanced at Aunt Penny who had taken charge. Escort bayan Ankara Lena was the masseuse but currently she was on her back letting Aunt Penny finger here aggressively.

Kate dismounted her ride, moved a little back and let her mouth fall over my cock. She made eye contact with me. She had big eyes and a big smile but I realized that they looked big because she was small. Her mouth had to stretch to capture my well-endowed member.

She blew me sensually and with lots of salivating. Exotic and delicious.

She moved off the bed and grabbed my cock moving me off with her. We walked over to the other table. My heart pounded when the word orgy entered my mind.

Kate kissed my mouth and I had never felt a more wet mouth before.

Next thing I knew Aunt Penny was presenting me with Lena’s open legs.

I entered her. Kate and my Auntie kissed next to me as I fucked Lena’s small pussy. The quiet Lena moaned loud and clear.

Aunt Penny moved away and came back and put a glass of water in front of me. I drank it without a thought. After that Aunt Penny bent over the table and still as I fucked Lena, Kate brought a toy. It was a silicon small dildo-like toy. It was very small and she easily pushed it into Aunt Penny’s butt.

Things were moving fast now, I didn’t know where it had come from but an identical toy appeared, only this time it was bigger. She did the same. And then a third which took more effort to push in.

Lena hopped off the table and bent over in front of me. I grabbed her butt cheeks and entered her pussy again. There we were, two women bent over the table, I was fucking one and the other one was getting a toy pushed into her ass by another woman.

Was the massage letting her do this? Aunt Penny took the fifth toy into her ass. It was thicker than my cock I thought. Its exit left her butthole open.

After this they stopped. Lena had me pull out.

“We’ll be at your service Penny, I’m so glad you came back to visit.” Kate told Aunt Penny and extended her hand to Lena. They held hands and walked away from us. They went to a near wall where I saw for the first time a small bench and they sat there.

Aunt Penny turned my head towards her and kissed me. She brought the animal in me. She pulled off and I touched her tongue with my lips. She extended her tongue then and I sucked on it.

She kissed my neck and started lowering herself making sure that my cock touched her skin as she did.

“Tell me, your Mother didn’t do this for you the other night.” She squatted down and put my cock into her mouth.

“Not last night but…” Her eyes stared at attention while her mouth was occupied. “well, I think she gave me the best blowjob ever last weekend.” I shyly added. “Don’t take it bad but I think it was better than yours.”

She pulled my dick out. “We can’t have that can we? I need some inspiration though. Kate?”

Kate walked towards us and I turned to see her carrying a water bottle. “Again?” I asked.

“Drink a little.” Aunt Penny told me. I did.

Kate moved behind me and pressed her body against me. Her soft breasts on my back and her hands moved over my abdomen.

“Pee on me.”

What? I thought. After a few seconds of collecting myself, “What?” I said.

Kate’s hands pressed my stomach before pressing around under my balls.

Aunt Penny didn’t repeat her words. She kneeled in front of my erect cock and opened her mouth. Would she ever stop surprising me with her depravity?

I hoped she never would.

Kate pointed my cock in the right direction and I put my hands on her skin, her legs, her side, her ass, as I prepared to let go of my liquid.

I hadn’t felt the need to pee yet it didn’t take long and it wasn’t hard for a stream started coming out. My water hit her face first before Kate pointed it better at her mouth. Aunt Penny coughed a little, drank a little, the rest flowed out from her mouth onto her body.

“Oh so good.” She said as if her thirst had been clenched. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she had wanted it. It wasn’t just something new that she thought would please me, Aunt Penny totally wanted to be rained on. Her wet face and body was the hottest she could look.

The water had a nice sensation through and out my erect pole and once done Aunt Penny’s tongue touching it immediately afterwards was heaven. Once done she put my head into her mouth and used one hand to steady my cock while the other one stroked me.

She hadn’t given me a proper blowjob. Not one with this intensity and spirit. Her mouth didn’t go deep in my cock but her energy was fantastic all over my head while her hand stroked. Sloppy blowjob.

On impulse I grabbed the sides of her head. She wouldn’t take me in more than three quarters of my length which was more than she had before. Thankfully there were other things she did. I pushed my dick against her inner cheeks sending beautiful sensations through my cock.

She allowed me to move around her mouth a lot and she began to Bayan escort Ankara salivate. When I pulled my cock out, there was a combination of drool and my pre-cum stretched from her mouth to my cock.

She smiled and giggled happily before she took me into her mouth again producing gagging sounds.

She couldn’t let anyone beat her. She sucked my cock on and on.

She pulled me out and slapped my slobbered cock on her face.

This was moving fast so I needed rest. I helped her stand and moved back to the massage table. Her back went flat and I leaned down to put my mouth between her legs. She was so wet my tongue picked up juices into my mouth. I moved my tongue inside of her before proceeding to her other hole.

I put two fingers into her butt which slipped right in causing her to moan.

Her butthole was ready for my cock but before that I used my tongue. When I pulled my fingers out Aunt Penny’s hole remained a little open. I admired the hole and put my hands on the back of her thighs. I knew I was going to feel her reaction.

I placed my tongue on her hole for two laps around it before sticking the tip inside her. With the tip inside I went around again. She moaned a little but the reactions I was looking for was also present. Her body shivered to the touch of my tongue. I felt her trembling thighs under my hands.

Her asshole was so sensitive. Her body responded wonderfully.

“Let’s do this properly!” She said as she turned around.

She planted a kiss on my mouth and dropped to her knees. “Today you have to fuck me like the whore I am!”

She put her hands on the floor and turned around. She dropped her face to the floor and stuck her ass up.

I didn’t drop to my knees because I didn’t need to. I fixed my feet to her sides and bent my knees. Holding her hips I lowered my cock into her ass.

I was so hard. My head touched her entrance and I slipped through. The sensation had overpowered me the last time I had tried. Not today.

Today my cock pushed its way into her. My sensitive head felt ecstasy opening her butthole, pushing in, penetrating till I could see it no more.

Her moans exited me. When my head was inside I pulled back. Her butthole was very tight so the underside of my head got stuck for a second in the opening of her hole. Then it popped out and I went back in again. Just the tip, just my head, the first five times.

It got easier each time, her butthole had expanded so I started going deeper increasing my speed consistently. I was hammering away and my energy level felt as limitless as the pleasure.

As a hammer to a nail her butt started dropping until the hammering was happening flat on the floor with her hands spreading her ass cheeks. I was on my knees then and the range of motion wasn’t great so I helped her turn around.

I went right in again but now I took her legs up so her ass was elevated from the floor. She didn’t like this position enough because she decided to lift herself up and jump on me.

I landed flat on my back with her hands on my chest. I could only feel her ass moving back and forth on my cock.

She kissed me and I tried to respond but she wasn’t interested in me kissing back. She knew nothing but sex at the moment. Her butt went up and down, up and down, up then wiggled down slowly, then up and down again quickly.

After minutes of this she got on her feet and kept fucking in a squatting position. I admired her strong fleshy legs.

She pulled me out and dived in with her mouth. She sucked me two or three times before guiding my cock to her pussy. With a wiping motion she rubbed her clit with my cock before pushing it inside her.

“Do what I’m doing.” She told me.

She leaned back with her hands stretching back to the floor. I did the same so our bodies now formed a ‘V’.

“Make me squirt.” I did my best.

With some pushing I was able to find that spot that made her squirt again. We fucked each other in this ‘V’ of lust until I would push up lifting my cock up her vagina and out.

The second time I did it she squirted splashing my cock and abdomen with her juices and my ears with her groans of pleasure.

We fucked again and again. The liquid she had sprinkled on my skin made me aware of the sweat on my forehead. The position and movement weren’t easy but I was lost in it, there was no thought whatsoever to the difficulty, my body and mind were in it.

She squirted on my cock one more time.

“Come here, let me taste it.” She dropped her back to the floor as if needing to rest. I turned my body to crawl over hers.

Instinctively again, I stopped my head at her waist and began to taste her skin as well. Her wide open legs allowed me to kiss and lick her inner thigh just a few inches from her clit. My mouth continued to taste her clit.

I licked it over and over again and then pushed my lips onto her pussy lips. I French kissed her pussy, my lips moving and my tongue inside her in search of more.

Then I pulled my tongue back and licked my way to her lower hole. As always she was very receptive.

Her butthole had been stretched enough. When I touched it with my tongue Aunt Penny said “mmm, your are welcomed inside boy.” And she winked her butthole. “She wants you.”

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