Crossing the Line

Public Sex

“What’s wrong?” Mom asked. “You haven’t eaten a bite.”

We were half way through dinner and I’d done little more than move my chicken and potatoes from one side of the plate to the other.

“Sorry Ma, I guess I’m not very hungry.” There were more knots in my stomach than on an old tree and it would’ve been easier to make food go up than down.

“You may excuse yourself from the table and I’ll wrap it up for later.”

Mom is the best and I wondered why Dad left us. I thought it was because of me, but perhaps every kid thinks that.

“Think I’ll go to my room and just lay down.”

“Hope you’re not catching something. Summer colds are the worse.”

I excused myself from the table and stopped at the foot of the stairs. I wished the stairs would go on forever and I’d stop climbing when I reached the stars.

The sun lit up my room, almost blinding me. I pulled the shades down and wrapped myself up in the darkness.

I fluffed the pillow, crawled onto the bed and tried to fall asleep and erase what happened yesterday from my mind. Surely it was an aberration, never to be repeated.

I was a twenty year old, normal guy. The first time I had sex was in this bed. Last summer, Cathy and I had been dating. I was the luckiest guy in the world. She taught me to kiss softly and after a month of going steady, she let me feel her breasts.

Her skin was creamy smooth and I learned to touch her with a teasing lightness. I felt as if I was an artist and she was my canvas. Every stroke brought her to life and all my dreams were before me.

My friends asked if I’d gotten to first base with her and although a part of me said I shouldn’t tell, I did end up spilling the beans.

Not only did I say I’d gotten to first base, but I told them when I’d reached second and third. Stupidity reached a new high when I told them that I’d hit a home run.

Cathy heard that I’d bragged about our little secrets and she yelled and went all crazy. Living with that was possible, but her tears shattered my heart and showed what an unforgivable mistake I’d made.

That was one of my life’s changing moments. If I hadn’t made such a dumb mistake, there’s no doubt I’d be with her instead of laying all alone.

Tim is my best friend and he and I got drunk the night she dumped me. I can’t remember half of what was said and we both ended up as sick as dogs. Mom had made bacon and scrambled eggs and the moment we smelled it, we both sprinted to the toilet.

He Ankara bayan escort is an amazing guy. We played minor league hockey and he was the best player on the team. Most of the points I got came from my passing and his scoring.

We played baseball every summer, from t-ball to Double-A. Tim had received a baseball scholarship at a university in the states. He was a left-handed pitcher with an amazing record on the mound and at bat. He was headed for the big leagues, no doubt of that.

A trace of dull light orange streaked from the bottom of the shade and I hadn’t budged an inch. Thinking of what tomorrow may bring was no help today.

I wanted to tell my mom what had happened. Up until now, I’d told her everything that had bothered me. I told her when I was being bullied and even told her that I’d bullied a guy at school.

Mom’s face expressed her disappointment, but she didn’t say much. She didn’t have to; the look in her eyes spoke volumes. It was the first and the last time I’d ever been a bully.

Yesterday started like every other day during summer break. Up at eight, off to the gym to lift weights, followed by a shower at home and lunch on the back deck. A little lonely, but life was good.

Tim had called and said a bunch of friends were going to the lake. Mom had taken the car, so he agreed to pick me up at one thirty. I packed drinks and burgers for the barbecue.

Tim and I had found the lake by accident. We drove on an unmarked dirt road and past a few barns that were old, weathered and ready to topple over. The road ended and off to the side were a few fence posts that stood like ancient sentinels, guarding against any newcomers.

There was a small opening between lines of fir trees and we ambled up the overgrown path. This led to an open space and the lake. It didn’t seem like anybody had ever been there and we celebrated our good fortune in finding it.

We’d gone to the lake a few times after that, but it became boring by ourselves, so we let a few of our friends in on the secret spot.

As planned, six of us met at the end of the road, slipped on our backpacks and headed to the lake. Tim led the way, followed by John, Al and their girlfriends. I followed, watching the girls tanned legs and sexy butts.

Our shirts were soaked by the time we reached the top, but the climb was well worth it. The lake was almost round and emerald green. There wasn’t a hint of a ripple and I swear I could’ve walked to the centre and Escort bayan Ankara back again.

After swimming the afternoon away, we lit a fire and grilled the burgers. This was a piece of heaven and this was a time that memories are made of.

The sun treaded on its downward slope, but the day’s heat still hung in the air. John, Al and the girls had tickets for a concert and they packed their things and left.

Tim and I grabbed a beer and sat on a log by the lake. He wore a beige shirt that lay open at his sides. He ate a ton of junk food, but nobody would know that by the tightness of his stomach.

Half way through my beer, Tim stripped off his shirt and pulled down his swim trunks. We’ve swam nude before, so this didn’t come as surprise. Challenging each other to a race was not new either and we bet five bucks on who would reach the branch in the middle of the water first.

I stripped off my clothes and both of us hit the water at the same time. He was a bit faster in a foot race, but I held a slight advantage in the water. We were neck and neck for most of the race and I just managed to reach the branch ahead of him.

The swim back was at a more leisurely pace and we lay on our towels as the sun drooped lower in the sky.

I had peeked at Tim’s cock before and I’m sure that he had peeked at mine. I believed it was just a guy thing, comparing mine with other guys.

Peeking is one thing, but getting caught is another. Evidently my peeking skills were a bit rusty and Tim caught me doing just that.

“We’ve seen each other naked a million times and I’ve seen you glancing almost every time,” Tim said.

“I have not,” I lied and turned my head towards the lake.

“You’re a horrible liar.” He laughed. “If I didn’t want you to look, I would’ve told you a long time ago.”

“I’m not gay!”

“Never said you were. Besides, I kinda like when you look.”

I tried to keep my gaze focused on the shimmering light bouncing on the lake, but I felt that need to look once again. He wouldn’t mind. What would be the harm?

I shifted to my left side, letting my eyes wander from the lake towards Tim. His legs were tanned and his thighs were like steel posts. My cheeks began to flush as I saw his ball sac, noticing that it was bare as a baby’s bottom.

Blood rushed into my penis as my eyes traced along his cock, from base to tip. I watched it thicken and grow. It moved on its own as it expanded and lengthened and my cheeks began Bayan escort Ankara to glow like superheated coals.

Even in fullness, foreskin covered the head of his cock. Tim was one of the few guys I’d seen with foreskin and it took my breath away. I looked up to see his attention focused on me, and my cheeks turned an even darker shade of red.

My gaze shifted down to Tim’s light chest hair, stopping at his belly button and the tip of his cock. I could see the outline of his cock head, hidden like a buried treasure under his delicate skin.

My eyes traced along the underside of his cock, stopping at the two plum like shapes in his ball sac. His skin was taut, but a breeze caused a ripple of small wrinkles to appear.

I felt as if I was a kid in a chocolate factory, wondering which goodie I wanted the most and dreaming of having it all.

I reached out, my fingers trembling and the lump in my throat made it difficult to swallow. My head buzzed like a swarm of killer bees as the tips of my fingers touched my best friend’s ball sac.

I floated my fingers to his other ball and his whole sac became cradled in my palm. Both balls moved as my thumb delicately caressed them.

I’d crossed a line that I’d never thought existed. I wasn’t able to undo what I’d done, but I could draw a new line and promise never to cross it. My fingers continued to caress while my mind drew a new line in the sand.

That line vanished as if a giant wave had washed over it and my fingers inched away from his balls and along the length of his shaft. His skin was smooth and the heat radiated along my arms and through to my penis.

Both our cocks were straining and mine was ready to explode. Shimmering wetness dripped from his opening and pooled in liquid sweetness. I dabbed my fingers in its slippery warmth and was about to bring it to my lips when Tim stopped me.

The ride home was as quiet as a leaf floating to the ground. I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough, and Tim burned rubber as he sped away.

My bedroom was now as dark as my mood. I may have lost my best friend and the straight life I’d led was now in doubt. I imagined a beach filled with bikini clad hotties, their hips swaying seductively, just for me. Next, I imagined a crew of naked firefighters in different states of arousal.

I’d crossed the line and moved from straight to bisexual. I didn’t want to think of the possibility that there was another line to cross, denying that I may be gay. I also didn’t want to think of how far I would’ve gone with Tim. If I had tasted his precum, would I have taken his cock into my mouth? I guess I will never know.

The silence was broken by the beeping of my phone. My heart skipped a beat, it was Tim.

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