Fire and Ice Pt. 02


I’d been sulking for a week with little thought as to why. I think I was being deliberately obtuse as one tends to be when they don’t want to face up to what is right in front of them. What was right in front of me was a woman I had fucked against her office door and desperately wanted again. I was sulking because I didn’t know why I wanted her again. After the dismissal, abrupt and succinct as it was, you would think I’d stay far away from anything involving Clare Jennings.

But there she stood, red hair pulled back in an intricate up-do, lithe body encased in a black dress that stated calm professional but screamed shameless tease, and heels that practically begged take me. Sitting at my desk, I watched as she talked to another member of the advert team, Daniel I believe. Clare leaned over his desk, the muscles in her legs flexing, and pointed to something on his computer screen. Daniel wasn’t paying attention. I know because I was watching him, but also because no one would have been able to with Clare’s breasts so close to their face. She had to have noticed but unlike myself she didn’t seem to care.

There had been a board meeting this morning, one I unfortunately had to attend, where I had been subjected to the same scene although involving different parties. Clare knew she was beautiful, sexy even, she used it to her advantage. No one had gotten a budget for a reshoot approved so quickly in all the time I had been working here. Even Sylvia had been left speechless as the board of directors practically handed Clare a blank check and said go wild. She’d sashayed around the board room, her heels clicking against the linoleum, her hips swaying seductively. Every man, and some of the women, in that meeting hadn’t been able to take their eyes off her.

Kind of like I couldn’t now. It was odd though, while I wanted Clare immensely, I wasn’t thinking about what I wanted to do to her just now. I was focused on her yes, but my train of thought was more so on Daniel. What was he saying to get her to smile like that, to make her laugh so melodiously? Why wasn’t he being abruptly dismissed. What the hell, I thought to myself as I turned back toward my computer screen. Was I jealous? And if I was, what exactly was I jealous of, Daniel? I scoffed at myself. That was absurd. Daniel was drooling over a woman I’d already had. She was a pipe dream to him while to me it had been a reality.

Unconsciously standing from my desk, I made my way over to the pair and cleared my throat. Clare stopped talking mid-sentence and looked over at me. I didn’t miss the way her eyes narrowed before a small smile took over her lips, “Alex, hello. What can we do for you?”

“May I speak with you a moment?” I asked glancing at Daniel, “In private.”

“Sure,” Clare nodded, addressing Daniel she scribbled on a post it and placed it in front of him, “This is the number for the photographer I was talking about. Call him and set up an appointment for the end of the week please.”

“Sure thing, Miss Jennings,” Daniel nodded turning back to his computer screen as Clare led the way from his desk toward a back hallway.

Once we were far enough away from the advertising floor and I was sure no one was around, I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me before kissing her. Clare grunted initially before tangling her hands in my hair and kissing me in return. I couldn’t Ankara escort run my hands through her hair because of the up-do, so I found another place for them on her rear. Pulling her harder against me, I sucked her tongue and relished in the whimper that escaped her mouth before she pushed me back and away.

“Stop,” Clare panted, her hand pressed against my chest to hold me at bay, “This isn’t smart.”

“What about this has been?” I asked a bit peeved at being denied.

Clare chuckled, “And yet here you are again with your tongue down my throat.” The press of her palm turned into a claw as she pulled me within inches of her mouth once more, “If you want to fuck me again, I’ll let you, just not here,” she added pecking my lips.

I felt betrayed by my own voice as I heard myself ask, “Where?”

Fixing my hair in what was a surprisingly sweet gesture, Clare smirked, “Tonight, your place.”

“My place?” I questioned.

“Mmhmm,” Clare hummed leaning in to whisper in my ear, “You strike me as the type to know her way around a strap-on and I could use a hard, deep, fuck. Can you help me Alex?”

Gulping dry air as all the liquid in my body traveled south, I nodded, “Ye-yes.”

Clare smiled seductively, “Good. Write down your address and leave it on my desk. Expect me around seven.” I nodded once more, and Clare kissed my cheek before turning on her heels and walking away.

Seven came and went by half an hour and I felt like an idiot for sitting and waiting. I’d showered, had dinner and was on my second glass of wine by the time my doorbell rang. Sitting my glass down, I rose from the couch and made my way over to the front door. Opening the door, I stepped aside as Clare made her way past me. She had dressed down for the occasion, wearing dark jeans with a white button down tucked into them, her hair down and hanging past her shoulders.

“Glad to see you put in the effort,” she jabbed referring to my black sweat pants and white tank top.

“Glad to see you made it on time,” I threw back causing her to grin as she leaned against the back of the couch I had been sitting on.

“Couldn’t get away,” she explained with a smirk, “Maybe you should punish me.”

“Want some wine?” I asked stepping around her and back toward my glass.

“No, thank you,” she replied walking around my apartment as I drained what was left in my glass. I had half a mind to call the whole thing off, to explain to her that I wasn’t her play thing. I wasn’t going to sit around and wait for her or be dismissed like a child when the mood suited her.

I was on the verge of saying all this when Clare came and straddled my lap. Taking my glass, she placed it on the coffee table behind her and kissed me hungrily. I moaned into the kiss, running my hands up Clare’s thighs. Clare’s lips trailed to my neck and bit down while my fingers unbuttoned her blouse. I groaned, and Clare chuckled throatily as I bent to kiss the tops of her breasts, “Take this off.” I breathed as I pushed the shoulders of her blouse down her arms.

Shrugging the material off, Clare flipped her hair over her shoulders and sat poised atop my lap in dark jeans and a white lace bra. The red of her hair contrasted beautifully with the color of her skin and tickled the tops of full breasts leaving me wanton and more than a little wet between the legs, “Are Ankara escort bayan you going to stare or take it off?” Clare asked running her hands up her stomach, over her breasts and into her own hair. Unclasping her bra, I waited for Clare to drop her arms allowing me to remove the garment then leaned in to kiss her. Shifting to lay her down on the couch and wasting no time leaning into her, I smirked as Clare gasped when the strap-on I’d had nestled between my legs pressed hard against her as I devoured her mouth, “I really hope – you know how to – to use that,” Clare panted out as my mouth left hers and traveled down her neck.

She locked eyes with me as I kissed my way down her chest, running my tongue around the edge of her breast before pulling a straining nipple into my mouth and sucking lightly. Clare arched into me and whimpered softly, her fingers tugging at my hair. She was panting when I released her nipple with a soft pop and moved over to the breast I’d neglected. I kept my eyes on her, even when hers rolled back as she moaned, her nails gently scraping my scalp.

Returning to her lips, my fingers trailed down her quivering stomach and across to rest against her hip bone, teasingly running under the waist band of Clare’s jeans. I was so caught up in the feel of the woman beneath me that I barely registered when she began pulling my tank toward my head. Lifting slightly to assist, I allowed my top to be removed and thrown to the floor beside me before weaving my fingers through fiery tresses and tugging. Clare moaned against my mouth as her fingers ran up then down my back before settling on my bottom and squeezing, “Hurry,” she groaned.

“Relax,” I assured her, “We’ve got all night.”

“I don’t,” she corrected me tugging at the waist of my sweats.

“Where do you have to be?” I absentmindedly asked kissing her shoulder and neck.

“Alex,” the warning in her tone couldn’t be mistaken.

Sighing, I pushed away from her and leaned down to unbutton her jeans before pulling them off. I was not surprised or disappointed by the matching lace panties that she wore before removing them as well. Smirking at the small strip of red hair atop her mound while removing my sweats, I voiced my frustration, “Right, no questions.”

Grasping my neck as I moved back atop her, Clare pulled me into a hard kiss, “Don’t be mad baby.”

Scoffing, I nipped her bottom lip in retaliation, “You can be a real bitch.”

“I know,” Clare smiled up at me as I leaned down and our lips touched in a leisurely kiss.

Hands began exploring until the heat between us became too much and all thought went out the window. Clare gripped at my back as my hand went between her legs and the drenched folds that resided there. She was so wet. I had no doubts that I would slip in with little to no friction as I traced slow circles around her clit. Clare bucked her hips for more contact. I slid my middle finger down to her entrance in response and listened as she moaned. She pulled me closer and wrapped a leg around my waist, opening herself wider for my stroking digit.

Her head lolled to the side, and she whimpered as I dipped my middle finger shallowly into her core. My breath puffed against her throat at the narrow space, “Shit,” Clare chuckled and moaned as I pulled my finger out only to push two back in, “I don’t want to hurt you.” Escort Ankara I breathed.

“Fuck me,” Clare hissed as her head fell back with a thud against the arm of the couch when I pushed a third finger into her, “Alex, baby please.”

She gasped as she felt me slowly enter her with my strap-on, “Fuck, fuck, fuck…mm.” Pausing so that she could adjust, her head fell back against the couch again as she moaned, “Mm…don’t stop…don’t stop…fuck don’t stop.”

I gave a shallow thrust of my hips and filled her fully, “This is probably the only time I wished I had a real cock,” I whispered against her ear.

Clare chuckled, “Who knew you had such a filthy mouth-ah,” I laughed as Clare cut herself off with a moan when I began long, slow thrusts into her, pulling out almost all the way and thrusting back in. Enjoying the feel of her thigh muscles beneath my hands it was difficult to look up as she spoke to me, “Are you going to fuck me or not?”

Maybe it was my frustration with being spoken too like a child, or maybe I was still pissed at wanting her so badly. Whatever the reason, I thrust hard into Clare causing her breath to catch in her throat as she let out a long deep moan and didn’t relent as she gripped my shoulders, blunt nails leaving crescent shaped red marks in my skin as I pounded into her in short deep thrusts.

“Fuck…oh god…yes! Don’t stop…don’t stop…shit!”

I rolled my hips on every inward thrust making sure to graze her inner walls on every pull out, not enough to make her cum but enough to get her close. I could feel Clare loosen slightly but not enough to slip fully out without a squeeze, not that I planned on slipping fully out. I grunted on an inward thrust that made Clare’s back arch off the sofa, “You want it deeper? Harder?”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!”

She yelped when I shifted and lifted her slightly into my lap causing my strap to slide deeper into her. Clare clung to me with the new position and claimed my lips in a scorching kiss. Her knees were bent on either side of my thighs, our breasts brushed against one another and the only thing holding her up was my arm around her lower back as she rode me deep and hard.

“Oh god…oh…fuck, I’m cumming!”

She was, cumming that is, her nails dug into the back of my neck and she trembled against me. Looking down, I watched my strap-on slip in and out of her, its shaft streaked with the thick white essence of her orgasm, and tangled my fingers in her hair as I picked up the pace of my thrusts once more. Pulling her head back, I groaned as she moaned loudly and slammed roughly into her while taking her breast into my mouth.

“Oh yes, Alex! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh…Oh…God!”

She shook as she came again and this time I followed right behind her, curses of my own falling from the dryness of my mouth. When she had stilled, her breath in shallow pants against my shoulder and neck, I took a chance and softly kissed her head. Wrong move.

“I need to go,” Clare stated sitting back and slowly extracting herself from my toy.

“Seriously?” I questioned in disbelief. She began dressing as though I hadn’t spoken to her and I felt my ire rise, “Clare!”

“Jesus Alex!” she turned toward me and threw her hands in the air as though I were in the wrong, “Don’t make me regret this or the fact that I’m contemplating seeing you again. I’m leaving now and we’re not going to make a thing out of it. Thank you for tonight,” she added leaning down and pecking my lips.

In the next instance she was gone, and I had no idea why I’d let her leave without a fight.

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