Hairspray Her Way


Britney returned home from the beauty shop. Tiffany had been working part time for only a few weeks. Britney was a striking 42 y/o mother of two with auburn hair with curly locks falling on her shoulders. For years, she had disappointed in her breasts, which were “small” by today’s standards, a large B, but with exercise, her breasts had remained firm and with only minimal sag compared to the women with much larger breasts. Tiffany was taller than Britney’s 5’4″ frame and had jet-black hair. Her breasts were easily a “D” cup, which was the root of Britney’s current angst.

Tiffany had just taken over the chair to the right of Britney’s. When things slowed down, Tiffany had asked Britney if she wanted to style her hair. In exchange, Tiffany would do Britney’s hair during the next lull. Britney had done exceptional work on Tiffany’s hair. There could not have been a better way to make a new friend. There was a steady flow of work for much of the day, until around 4 pm.

“My turn!” Tiffany said.

“Ok, sure!” Britney sat in the new girl’s chair.

Tiffany worked skillfully but occasionally throughout the style, Britney felt Tiffany’s breasts press unto her shoulder. Surely, this could not be an accident! Tiffany had been doing hair for years and had never brushed against a customer with her breasts. Had it been an accident? Had it been on purpose? Tiffany had dropped hints that she was a lesbian. Had Tiffany been coming on to her?

Even the thought of Tiffany coming on to her made her blush. Britney had never been with another woman. She had at, Tom’s insistence, watched some porn tapes to “spice up” their love life. Tom had thought the sight of the porn star’s large cocks had excited Britney. But the truth be told, it was the girl-girl scene that made her pussy swell and get hot.

Britney had accidentally stumbled on two girls making out in the shower in college, many nights she had played with her pussy at the thought of being with another woman. But her reserve had overwhelmed her desire to explore the female form. Tom had brought up the subject of a M-M-F three way, a M-F-M-F four way, but he had not suspected her inner longing to be with another woman.

Should she tell Tom about Tiffany’s actions? The last time she had shared a sexual twist with Tom, she had ended up with a wildly out of control vibrator called “the rabbit.” It had altered their sex life to the point that they had even less intercourse than the recent past. The Rabbit was somewhat larger than her husband’s cock. Tom was not exactly “small,” more like average. His rounded belly had swallowed the nearly 6 ¼” long cock, and his thickening pubic mound shrunk it even more. Tom had adjusted to pressing his hard cock against Britney’s ass or thigh as she skillfully controlled the movements of her rabbit. He could not compete with its power, so he had surrendered and settled for adding whatever augmenting pleasure he could give. What would Tom say about her question? Would he press her to admit to her bisexual curiosity, worse yet would he actually press her to be with another woman, worse yet would he need to press her? At 40 years of age, it was as if somebody flipped a switch and the past two years had found her sexual appetite waxed hot even as her husband’s appetite whined.

Tom and Britney retired to their spacious bedroom after the kids were in bed. Britney related to Tom the day’s events, excluding her lustful replay calumniating in a wild fantasy aided by the ever-willing rabbit. Tom related his experience as a much younger man with various haircuts with an accompanying brush of the breast.

“You know I never suspected the girl might have been coming on to me!” Tom confessed his naiveté. “Is she gay?”

“I’m not sure.” Britney lied.

“Well it could have been an accident.” Tom suggested. “I would not go pressing sexual harassment charges yet, give it more time.”

“Harassment, boy is he off base.” Britney thought to herself. “Yeah, right, she is new and I would hate to mess her up over a misunderstanding” She said as she placed a hand on Tom’s chest.

As Britney started kissing Tom, she reached down and placed her hand on his soft penis. Swollen Tom’s cock was average in length and girth. Flaccid it was about 2″ long and less than 1″ thick. This had always amazed her. She loved watching it get hard; she loved the sense of sexual power when she would play with it and have it respond by flooding with blood and morphing into a respectable cock. As it hardened, she twisted her body from his side to cast her leg over him and straddle his groin. She skillfully rocked her body back and forth until his member slid into her warm pussy. She moved up and down and leaned forward her red hair falling on either side of his head as she kissed him before slowing and turning his head so she would whisper in his ear.

“What if she were coming on to your wife? Would you like to see your wife with another woman?” Se whispered in her most sultry voice, soft enough that he had to şişli bayan escort strain to here the words, soft enough that she could even deny the content if she had to, soft enough to be able to convince him that it was not her words but his own perverted imagination Should the need arise.

His body responded as it always did when she hit a sexual nerve. She felt his cock become even harder. He pressed it up to force it deeper into her pussy. He moved to kiss her. She withdrew her head and stopped her movements. She looked him in the eye and responded in a louder voice.

“Say it! Say you want to see your wife with another woman!” She commanded.

“I want to see you with another woman.” He whispered.

She responded by stroking his cock with her pussy. Than she pressed down and again looked him in the eye.

“Do you want to see your wife with a woman with bigger tits? Do you want to see your wife get her pussy eaten?”

“I want to see my wife get her pussy licked by a woman with big tits.”

“Do you?” She resumed her motion as if to reinforce him for having given the correct answer.

“Yes, yes, yes” His third yes corresponded with several convulsions of his cock and a forceful ejaculation.

She rolled off him, “get me my toy!” She instructed.

He had grown accustomed to fetching her rabbit as a dog fetches slippers for his master. He handed her the toy and placed himself next to her, cupping her breast in his hands and softly playing with them before he placed his mouth to her nipple and alternately licked and sucked. Her body twisted and her hips bucked as she let out a moan and came in an orgasm so intense that her whole body quivered before she drew up into a near fetal position. She flipped the toy over towards Tom, she did not need to speak, She had made him read the cleaning instructions and it had became his duty to clean the pleasure tool much as it had been her duty years before to hand him a soft towel to clean his own member after their sexual encounters.

He returned to bed, this time Britney turned to bury her shoulder into Tom’s armpit and press her breast into his side.

“You meant what you said, didn’t you?” Britney quizzed. “You really want to see me with another woman?”

Tom’s face flushed a bit, but he did not answer.

“How long have you had this little fantasy of yours?” she asked.

“It was just sex talk sweetie.” Tom said, misjudging Britney’s desire.

“It was not just sex talk, you son-of-a-bitching liar.” Twenty years ago, Britney never would have spoken like that to her husband, but at 42 she was no longer the shy 22 year old who had taken vows to honor her husband. She still loved him, perhaps any more, but she was somehow a new woman, more in control, more sure of herself and of their relationship.

She twisted his nipple; he hated it when she did that. “Tell the fucking truth.”

“Damn, there is no excuse for domestic violence!” Tom shrieked. “Ok, ok, sometimes after we watch a porn flick I think about you with another girl. That’s all, it’s not big deal, it’s not like I would try to make you do it or anything.”

She gave another twist to his aching nipple. “Make me? Did you say make me?”

“Crap!” Tom thought to himself. He knew better than to say that, it just had slipped out. “Baby, I am sorry, I love you. It’s just like that I want you to be you.”

With that, Britney kissed him on the cheek. “Good-night” she whispered and drifted off to sleep.

It was three days before Britney and Tiffany were both scheduled to work the same shift. Britney did her best to ignore what had happened the last time they had shared a shift. At least four times during the 6-hour shift Tiffany found reason to get close enough to Britney to brush her large breasts against various parts of Tiffany’s body. With each encounter, Britney found a tingling and warmth in her groin.

Towards the end of the sift Tiffany asked Britney if she wanted to stop at happy hour. Britney thought for only a moment before accepting the younger woman’s invitation. We can take my car, Tiffany offered. Tiffany drove a blue mustang. The two ladies turned more than a few heads as they pulled out onto the four-lane.

“Where do you want to go?” Tiffany said over the music.

“I have no idea, I have not been to happy hour in years!” Britney confessed.

“I’ve got an idea.” Tiffany said as she gunned the engine.

The Mustang pulled up in front of the Mellow Melon. Britney had never heard of the Mellow Melon. The single scene had changed a great deal since Britney had married. Clubs had opened and closed, changed management and changed target groups several times.

They entered the small bar; it was much darker than outside and it took a while for Britney’s eyes to adjust to the dimly lit environment. She glanced around and there were perhaps less than a dozen people inside tops. Oddly enough, they were all female. The bartender greeted Tiffany by name and Tiffany strolled to şişli escort a booth with high back seats, which provided a degree of privacy. Happy hour was two-for-one margaritas. They ordered strawberry margaritas and before long Britney was feeling a little tipsy and the conversation soon turned to sex.

Tiffany, as it turned out was an expert listener and before long she had pulled out facts about their marriage that Britney had never told anybody. “Yes, her sex life was in a rut,” “Yes, she had used a dildo, and yes it was larger than her husband” “No, she had never been with another woman, and yes she had thought about it.” “Yes her husband knew she was interested, and no he did not object.”

Britney got up to go to the bathroom, the bar was starting to get crowded, and in fact, there were only women in the bar, and it was obvious the girls were mostly couples. Several were kissing and snuggled in various booths as only intimate couples do.

As Britney returned to the table and started to set down, Tiffany got out and slid in next to her new found friend. Tiffany made her move, reaching over to pull back Britney’s auburn locks; she waited until Britney turned her head. Their eyes locked, and then Tiffany shifted her eyes to Britney’s lips and back to Britney’s eyes. Britney froze long enough for Tiffany to move in for the kiss. Tiffany’s hand moved up to touch Britney’s cheek. In return, Britney opened her mouth. Tiffany did not miss the cue and slipped her tongue between her waiting lips exploring most of Britney’s oral cavity. Tiffany’s hand slipped down to Britney’s breast. Britney pulled back slightly for a second, then in a “what the hell” that only alcohol can produce, she resumed the kiss and reached out to touch Tiffany’s breast. It seemed to last for hours, but it had only been minutes as most.

Pacing herself, Tiffany broke the kiss and resumed the conversation with her hand on Britney’s thigh. “What is your husband’s wildest fantasy?” Tiffany pushed the boundaries of their young friendship.

They had shared so many fantasies. Tiffany related one she thought would be innocuous enough.

“Oh, my god that sounds like fun do you want to live it out?” Tiffany suggested.

“I don’t know, I’m not sure he would go along with it,” Britney giggled.

“Let’s call him, what do you say?” Tiffany suggested. “Tell him that we went to happy hour and we can not drive home.”

It was now dark outside. Britney’s cell phone said 9 PM. The kids had previously planned to spend this Friday at sleep over’s and Tom had been at a business meeting. Britney noticed the three missed calls from Tom, the music had been so loud that she had not noticed the ring.

Once again, she made her way to the bathroom, this time for some quite to call her husband. The phone rang one twice before Tom’s voice could be heard. “My god Britney, are you ok? I have been worried sick, where are you?”

“Listen baby, I’m at the Mellow Melon with Tiffany, we went to happy hour, and I need you to pick us up!” Britney said without any shame.

“The Mellow Melon! That is a gay bar!” Tom said with a shocked tone in this voice.

“How do you know that?” Britney said.

“I know everything!” Tom said.

“You knew everything except were your wife was at 9 PM! Come on baby, I want to come home.” Britney toyed with him.

“Ok, ok, I will be right down.”

It took less than 10 minutes for Tom to pull up in his S-type. Britney and Tiffany were watching out the door and rushed from the club to the waiting Jaguar. Tiffany got in the seat behind Tom. Much to his surprise Britney ran around and got in the passenger side of the back seat. The jag lunged forward. Britney put her arm around Tiffany at the same time introducing her husband to her new friend.

The she moved her face closer to Tiffany’s and soon the two were engaged in another long kiss. Britney’s pussy was starting to burn and her heart was pounding in her chest. She hand not been this excited since the first time that Bobby Johnson had removed her bra and played with her 16-year-old breasts. It took a couple moments but eventually Tom responded to the silence by glancing in the rear view mirror. He could not believe his eyes and nearly killed them all responding to the blare of the car he was drifting toward.

“Keep your fucking eyes on the road before you get us all killed!” Britney heard herself saying as the car swerved back to the right.

“Were do you live” Tom said.

“Don’t worry about that right now Tom, just take us all home, we have a surprise for you.” Britney instructed.

“Yeah, Britney is going to let me help fulfill one of your fantasies!” Tiffany purred.

Tom’s mind raced. He could not quite understand what had happened to his shy “asexual” wife since she turned 40, but a fantasy involving two women seemed like a good idea.

The jag pulled into the empty driveway. They all entered the house through the mudroom. “Take off your clothes” Britney commanded. Tom mecidiyeköy escort did not respond immediately, “Damn it Tom! Do not ruin this! Take off your fucking clothes.” With that, Tom responded. He took off his shoes, shirt, and then his pants. He turned his back to the women and stripped off his tee shirt. “Tom, turn around and take off your briefs.” Tom did not want to face the women his cock was not hard. It should have been, and would have been has this been 15 years ago, but his phallus was shrunken.

He knew that not cooperating would bring the evening to an end before it began. By now, he knew which fantasy they were going to play out, and while he can, came to Britney whispering it in his ears; this would not have been his first choice. He turned to face the two inebriated women, as he slipped off his BVDs.

“Crap Britney, I thought you were exaggerating, that is perhaps the smallest cock I have ever seen!” Tiffany looked Tom straight in the eye as she said it.

“What do you say, Tom?” Britney quizzed.

“It’s not hard.” As the words escaped Tom’s lips, Britney reached for a nearby yardstick and playfully smacked him on the ass.

“Do not sass back! What do you say?” Britney minded his manners.

“Thank you for taking the time to comment.” Tom gulped as his face flushed with humiliation.

“Would you like to show her to the living room?” Britney quizzed.

Tom escorted the pair to the living room and the ladies sat on the couch. Tom remained standing, placing is dick at eye sight.

“Would you ladies like a drink?” Tom asked, remembering his role in the fantasy.

The woman said they would like a drink and Tom dutifully returned with the wine coolers.

“My god, do you let him fuck you with that thing?” Tiffany said

“Not very often!” Britney said with a giggle, mostly I use my rabbit.

“Your rabbit?” Tiffany questioned.

“Tom please bring us my rabbit.” Britney

Tom handed the rabbit to Britney. Tiffany let out a gasp as Britney turned it on and demonstrated the various functions and speeds.

“Damn that is a might fine toy!” Tiffany responded.

She glanced first at the toy and then at Tom, “Toy or boy; boy or toy” she said lifting first the right hand and then the left as in weighing out the options in a scale.

“Toy!” Tiffany and Britney said in unison as if they had practiced it for hours.”

Once again, Tom felt his face flush.

“Does it really grow as much as you said?” Tiffany said, pointing to Tom’s still limp dick.

“On a good night!” Britney giggled, “Do you want to see?”

“Sure, that sounds like fun.” Tiffany laughed.

“Ok, Tom, get it hard!” Britney command, “And stand closer so Tiffany can see.”

Tom reached his hand to his cock and started pulling and rolling and everything else he could think of it get an erection. It took a bit longer than he had wanted, but eventually it was rock hard.

“Take your hand away!” Britney instructed.

Tom obeyed and his cock bounced up and down a couple times before coming to rest.

Tiffany clapped her hands and said “Amazing, simply amazing! I have never seen one grow so much!”

“Would you like a sandwich or something?” Britney offered.

“Thank would be nice.” Tiffany said.

“Tom, can you make us a couple of Turkey sandwiches” Britney’s voice has softened somewhat. “Would you like those served with a soft dick or hard one?” She directed the question to Tiffany.

“Oh, hard please” She responded.

Tom turned towards the kitchen. As he walked away, he heard the women giggling and whispering briefly. The kitchen was not that far from the living room and a whisper would be heard if not understood. However, the instant he was out of the room, silence feel. A silence he was sure was reflective of sexual activity.

He scurried around the kitchen, still no noise from the living room. Meanwhile in the living room Tiffany and Britney had resumed their petting. Britney wanted to pull off her shirt and bra, but postponed it knowing that this would only serve to gratify Tom, and it was not yet time for that. It seemed to Tom as tough it took hours to make a couple sandwiches. They girls were not so lost in their activity that they could not hear Tom’s movement towards the living room.They broke their activity.

“Did you put mayonnaise on the sandwiches?” Britney asked. She knew full well that Tom made turkey sandwiches with mustard, not mayonnaise.

“No.” Tom said.

“Would you like mayonnaise on the sandwiches?” Britney asked Tiffany

“That would be nice.” Tiffany said. “Does Tom make mayonnaise?”

“Not as much as he used to!” Britney said. They both giggled.

“Lay down” Britney pointed to Tom, then the floor as she snapped her fingers.

Tom obeyed, his cock sticking straight into the air.

“Make us some mayonnaise,” Britney commanded.

Tom started stroking his cock. It took far less time to cum than it had to get his cock hard. His load shot first up into the air and landed on his chest nearly reaching his chin.

“WOW!” Britney exclaimed. “Now that is a load of mayonnaise!”

“You know I do not think I need a sandwich anymore.” Tiffany said.

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