Aunt Peg’s Panties Ch. 04


Note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.

The sun streamed into the bedroom waking Peg up. She yawned and leaned over to cuddle Tyler but he wasn’t in the bed. Peg absentmindedly touched her pussy. The lips were still swollen from the pounding she had received the previous night. She smiled to herself as she slid out of bed and looked for her dress she normally wore at home. It had been such a long time since she had slept naked throughout the night.

Slipping on the thin, cotton dress, she smoothened it down over her hips and then shuffled out of the bedroom and into the lounge. She smelled the waft of eggs and coffee and then saw Tyler preparing breakfast. He was dressed in a simple tight, white T-shirt that showed of his muscles and shorts.

“Morning sleepy head.” Tyler said cheerfully.

“hey…Morning.” Peg replied. “You cooked breakfast?”

“Yeah. Thought I’d surprise you.” Tyler responded. “Give you back some energy.”

“Ohhh… That I need!” She laughed. “I swear, the way you go, You’ll wear me out at this rate!”

They both laughed and sat down for breakfast.

“These eggs are good.” Peg smiled. “Thanks for making breakfast.”

“No problem aunt peg.” Tyler replied.

“you know, I think it’s your turn now.” Peg smiled at Tyler.

“My turn? For what?”

“To tell me about your stories.” Peg replied.

“Awww Aunt Peg, there’s really not much to tell.” Tyler said. “It’s not as if I’ve had a whole lot of experience.”

“When did you start sniffing panties?” Peg asked. “I’m sure mine weren’t the first. Did you jerk off a lot? Who was the first girl you fucked? We all have our stories Ty… I’ve told you mine, now you tell me yours.”

Tyler sighed.

“Ok…okay. Let me see.. I used to jerk off a lot. Mom and Dad were often out at night and I used to watch porn. A lottt of porn!”

Peg laughed.

“It used to get all messy with the cum shooting out so one day, when mom and dad were out, I suddenly got the idea of using moms panties to jerk off into. I loved the soft feel of them and the way the lacy bits wrapped around my cock. Sometimes I’d imagine it was moms pussy wrapped around my cock. I always used her soiled panties and added my cum into them. Then I would would throw them back in the laundry basket — hide them deep under all the other clothes.”

“Good thing I had left by then … otherwise I may have been sucking your cum out of your Moms panties!!” Peg laughed. She felt her nipples hardening and Tyler tried Ankara escort to glance down the front of her dress.

Tyler smiled.

“Anyway, from jerking into them, I progressed to sniffing them. I loved how her panties felt and smelt. There was the smell of her pussy, the smell of urine, it was all just so sexy. I have to say though, her panties were kinda stinky, not like yours!”

“You’re just saying that!” Peg laughed, feeling a quiver in her own pussy. She pressed her legs together, feeling the heat and dampness radiate out from her cunt.

“You know, “Tyler said pensively, “It’s kind of strange what you tell me about Dad and you now. I always took them for prudes. They were particular about me having sex and… I guess it was more Mom.. she would drum into me about how to stay a virgin and not have sex till I was ready, and preferably till I got married. All that sort of stuff. Anyway, when I was 17, I started going out with Laura. She was a year older and we had met in High School. She came from a so called Catholic family but she was wild. She loved giving blowjobs and that was my present for my 18th birthday. Two days later we did it. I don’y think I was quite ready and I really didn’t quite know what to do. I went down on her but after a bit she tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to get up and fuck her. I think I came really quickly. But I loved the feeling of a pussy around my cock.

“Laura didn’t stay long. Rumour had it that she was getting fucked all over even while I was dating her. Rumour also had it that she wanted to ‘deflower’ me, so to speak. So I guess once she did that she could move on.

“A few months later, Joyce came along. We dated for 5 months and the sex was great. I think she’s the one that taught me about how to please a woman. That a woman that is pleased will do it back to you. She loved me going down on her and I just loved her smell and taste. She would leave me her panties as a remembrance till the next time we met. You could say she fed my panty fetish. She loved to fuck too and one night we fucked 4 times. I remember her crying out ‘more, more’ as I fucked her and that was one of the best feelings at that time. I could hardly get up the next day and when she saw me in College, she smiled and said she could hardly walk. She was always dropping inuendo here and there.

“She’d study with me in the library and her foot would be in my crotch. My cock was always dripping with precum when I was with her and when we got back to her place or mine, we’d basically just end up Ankara escort bayan fucking.”

“why did you break up?” Peg asked.

“I really don’t know.” Tyler answered. “One day she just kinda said that things weren’t working out, that it was moving too fast and she wanted out.”

“I was devastated. I think I was really in love with her. I moped for a few weeks and then I went for this Charity Ball in College and I hooked up with Judith. That was a one night stand or rather more like a weekend stand! We fucked the whole weekend through. She didn’t like me going down on her and neither did she like giving blowjobs. But boy did she like to fuck. She was always wet and the bed would be a mess each time after sex. She’s also the first girl I had anal with. She loved it every which way and was a bit of a screamer as well. Really loud that you had to put on the TV on full volume to mask her screams!!

“She even suggested pee once. We were in the shower and she wanted to piss on me…, but I guess I wasn’t ready for that. Then she knelt down and sucked me in the shower and after I came all over her, she asked me to pee on her too. I kinda freaked a little and just told her no. She said I should learn to experiment and that it would be fun, but I just couldn’t do it.

“Most recently was Susan. We dated for like almost a year. She was a really nice girl but she had some sort of hangup about sex. You know, in the one year we dated, we had sex like maybe 5 times…. She loved kissing though and she loved teasing but never quite put out. She was a real looker and everyone thought we were having mind blowing sex. Guess that’s the way it is huh.

“Then… I met this gal, really hot with lovely big boobs and an oh so tight pussy. She caught me sniffing her panties and then made me lick her and fuck her and I’ve been in her and her bed ever since. The best sex of my life!

Peg laughed and slapped his shoulder as she realised she was talking about him. Like the previous day, talking about their past had got them both worked up again.

“I need a cigarette,” Peg said. “Bring the pack outside. I really hate smoking indoors.”

They went out and shared a cigarette and then Peg leaned over the balcony, her dress riding higher and exposing her thighs. She looked down at the pool, watching a lone girl spread out on a rubber float. She was wearing a bikini, concealing little of her body.

“Come here baby.” She cooed.

Tyler ran his hands up her thighs, kissing her neck as he did so. His hands reached Escort Ankara her wet slit and he stroked at it, slowly prying the lips open and feeling the wet heat. Peg groaned. Slipping a hand behind her, she grabbed his cock and massaged it through his shorts.

“I want you to fuck me Tyler.” Peg said.

“Right here?” he asked, his cock throbbing. “What if the girl below sees us?”

“She can see us but she can’t see what we’re doing.” Peg laughed. “Come on baby. Fuck your Aunt Peg out here. Tyler pulled down his shorts and moved forward as Peg leaned further over the balcony and lifted up the hem of her dress around her waist. She spread her legs and thrust her hips backward.

Tyler moved forward and pressed his cock against her sopping cunt. Peg held her breath as she felt him push forward and press his cock into her. Tyler began to pump in and out of her pussy and she moved a hand below her to tickle his balls as her fucked her. She moaned softly.

Tyler leaned back to get more leverage and slipped a hand under Peg’s dress to clutch one of her tits. His other hand was on her hip. He grunted as he fucked into her and Peg resisted the urge to moan and cry out in delight.

He rammed his cock hard and deep into Peg and the wet sounds of fucking filled the air. Peg wondered if the sound would carry down to the pool as she noticed the girl looking up ever so often. She thrust back at her nephews cock and with gritted teeth she moaned.

” So good… Oh Goddd Fuck me hard now… cum with me.”

Tyler hammered away, driving his cock in and out of his aunts cunt like a well oiled piston. Peg’s body was tingling in response and her clit felt painfully swollen. She removed her hand from his balls and rubbed her clit furiously.

“Oh yesss.. yess.. fuck me in my hot cunt….oh godddd yesssss” Peg moaned, not caring anymore if anyone heard her. “You’re gonna make me cum baby… your gonna make me cum like a fucking bitch on heat!”

Her pussy started to clamp and spams on his cock but Tyler kept pumping furiously. Her own fingers rubbed her clit hard and fast and her body shook and trembled. She threw her head back and moaned a low guttural moan as her body shook and trembled in orgasm. She felt her pussy grip Tylers cock and he groaned loudly almost in pain. Tyler thrust deep inside her and she felt the hot juices of his balls spurting deep into her pussy.

“Leave it there!” She cried out. She moaned softly as she felt his cock slowly start to soften inside her and then finally slip out. His hot cum dripped from her pussy and ran down her thighs. Tyler lay back against the wall, panting. Peg looked down again at the girl who was now looking up at her. Peg waved at her. She waved back……

– To be continued –

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