Friendy Skies


Being an airline stewardess has its advantages, you get to travel to exotic new places, help people, and…(best of all) pick up on some of the foxiest ladies anywhere in the world. I thought to myself as I gazed at my pretty young co-worker.

Sarah Richardson certainly fit that description. She was a short, shapely and well-endowed brunette–quite a delectable sight, Nancy mused as they served dinner to the passengers. I loved the way Sarah’s tight, dark navy skirt hugged the smooth, pear-shaped curves of her ass when she bent down to ask a passenger’s meal preference. And I knew she was not the only person on the plane to notice the way Sarah’s full breasts filled the white blouse of her uniform. Quite a few men–and some women–did a double take when the pretty young brunette walked down the isle.

“But she’s mine,” I said to myself with conviction. We had already agreed to share a room together once we reached our stay-over in Chicago. I was sure Sarah didn’t expect anything besides a little economy, but I was determined to give her much more for her money’s worth.

I had a lot to give. An attractive 5’5″, 36-24-34, with long wavy brown hair, I was just as enticing as her co-worker. But my hips, which men dreamed about as I sashayed down the isle, were reserved for a woman’s touch only. I was a high-flying lesbian, and proud of it.

It was snowing fiercely as we flew into Chicago–we barely got clearance to land. Once on the ground, the captain announced that no flights would be leaving the airport for at least a day, or maybe longer. The passengers groaned, but I was thrilled. All the more time now to make my move on Sarah!

“Looks like we’ll have a chance to get to know each other better,” I said to my co-worker with a smile as we gave the cabin one last check-over before deplaning.

“I guess we might as well do a little partying,” Sarah replied happily. “No reason to worry Ankara bayan escort about flying with a hangover tomorrow!”

I was glad my young friend was excited about the prospect of some fun time off. I was determined not to spoil the mood by wasting any more time in the airport. After a quick goodbye to the captain and co-pilot, we grabbed a cab, which laboured through the blinding snowstorm to our hotel.

“Not really a good night to go out,” I said, trying to not to sound as thrilled as I was at the way things were turning out for me. “Maybe we should just take a bottle of champagne up to our room after dinner and have our own little party.”

“Sounds fine to me,” Sarah said innocently. I couldn’t be sure whether Sarah had any clue to my intentions, but I wasn’t going to argue with good luck!

After checking in, we had a drink in the bar and waited for a dinner table to open up. As the liquor flowed, our small talk gave way to a great conversation that continued over dinner. And when the dessert dinner drinks were poured, our happy dialogue continued until the restaurant was virtually empty.

“Looks like we put this place to bed!” Sarah said a bit sheepishly.

“I guess it’s about time we thought about bed ourselves,” replied Nancy.

“Don’t forget the bottle of champagne you promised!”

“I wouldn’t dream of it!” Nancy was thrilled that Sarah was still up for a party. The evening was turning out just as she had hoped. They split the check, Nancy got the bubbly and a couple of glasses, and they headed off for their room.

“I’m going to take a quick shower, Dana,” Sarah said. “Do you mind?”

“Not if I can have one right after you!” I surveyed the room while Sarah washed up. Better than average decor, but the two large queen beds created a problem. We each will be in separate beds. I began to dream up a scheme to innocently work her way into the one Sarah would Escort bayan Ankara be sleeping in. I didn’t want to take the chance of ruining our now warm relationship with a direct come-on. During dinner, I had gotten to know my new friend a lot better, and although I couldn’t be sure, I suspected Sarah had never made love to another woman before. No, there was a better way to initiate this lovely young thing…

The hot steamy shower left me, warm and ready for sex. I pulled on a cream-coloured silk teddy and stepped out of the bathroom. Sarah was lying on one of the beds, sipping champagne and watching some TV movie. The violet nightdress loosely draped around her womanly frame hung open at the chest, revealing a round breast. I had to restrain myself from lying right down next to Sarah and making a move on her then and there. “Everything in time,” she thought.

“How’s the champagne?”

“Great! Try some!” Sarah said with a smile.

I walked over to the nightstand between the beds. I had purposefully placed the ice bucket on her side and had thrown back her covers to get the bed ready. Picking up a glass, I grabbed the neck of the champagne bottle. “Now I have to make this look natural…” I said to myself.

“Whoops! Oh No!” I exclaimed as I lifted the bottle to fill my glass and the ice bucket spilled all over my bed.

Sarah looked over and laughed. “Oh my God! It’s soaked.” And indeed it was… just as I had secretly planned it would be.

“It’s sopping. I can’t sleep on that!” I said, feigning dismay.

“What am I going to do?” The corners of my mouth were drawn down in a pout. “I’d hate to call the maid at this hour and the mattress will probably be damp all night.”

“Don’t worry about it, Nancy. There’s plenty of room in my bed,” Sarah said.

“Oh… are you sure?”

“Of course, fill your glass up and get over here!”

That was all I needed to Bayan escort Ankara hear. I slipped into the covers next to Sarah and poured herself a glass of champagne. “How about more for you?” proffering the bottle to her pretty bedmate.

“You bet!” Sarah grabbed her glass and held it out for more. As she did, her nightdress fell back, baring one of her big tits. She didn’t seem self-conscious and made no move to conceal it. I leaned toward the brunette and poured her a full glass. Setting the bottle down, she raised her own glass in a toast.

“Here’s to you, it’s nice to make a new friend.” Their eyes met. I wasn’t sure if it was just the alcohol or something more, but it seemed that Sarah’s eyes were a bit moist with emotion.

“The feeling’s mutual,” Sarah said. “Thanks.”

We gazed at each other as we drank deeply of the sweet bubbly fluid. For a moment, the world stopped around us. Sounds ceased. Our breathing halted. A deep connection seemed to have suddenly been established. Deep inside myself, I felt sensations welling up: admiration, appreciation, affection…

Almost as one, Sarah was obvious feeling the same rush of emotions as I was feeling. My eyes, too, began to grow misty. I felt an overwhelming urge to touch Sarah and just couldn’t resist reaching out to tenderly stroke a lock of hair from this sweet woman’s face.

“How are you doing?” I asked in a soft, sisterly voice, my hand resting on Sarah’s cheek.

“I’m good. I…” Sarah paused. It’s not that she didn’t know what to say. It’s just that she didn’t know how to say it.

“Yes go ahead,” I said to her,

“I don’t know how to say it” Sarah replied.

“Just say it babe,” I told her.

“Tonight, being here with a beautiful woman like you, I must be drunk, that I have had many lesbian fantasies. I’ve had secretly indulged in for years” she said.

“I… I want…”

“I want you too, baby…” I replied, my words instantly freeing us both from the awkward bondage of not knowing if our feelings were mutual. And the flash in Sarah’s eyes confirmed it was true. She slid her cheek up from my hand to offer her lips in feminine surrender…

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