Bi-sexuality. My journey. Pt 1.


Bi-sexuality. My journey. Pt 1.
I was born in 1966,and all this takes place in the mid 70’s and early 80’s.

My journey starts in that glorious year,1976. Those of you who are Brits and old enough to remember will know that it was the best summer holiday ever for k**s.Long endless days of sun,no rain,clear skies and;as it was in those days,freedom. Freedom from your parents,freedom to come and go as you pleased: just be home when it got dark or you got hungry which ever came first.
I was $#ne.My best mate was J.also *&ne J.had an older brother T.who was t%&*%@@n,and like all bigger brothers,a bit of a bully so we stayed out of his way. J. had a younger sister S.she was s*^*n and a right pain in the butt
always trying to follow J.and me all over.
I was at J’s and for some reason I went to his shed.The door was open and there was T. with his jeans around his ankles and in his hand he had his cock. A nice hard cock. The was facing the door,his eyes were closed and he was using his spare hand to steady himself.
I stood there rooted to the spot,watching as T.gave himself a good wank.I was amazed.I couldn’t turn away, I couldn’t not watch.
T’s hand was slowly wamking his hard and beautiful cock and he was enjoying it if his breathing was anything to go by. His hand wrapped around his hard t##[email protected]%e cock, the skin of his cock was sliding up and down under the movement of his hand.The beautiful helmet disappeared then reappeared as the hand moved down. I don’t know why I did it but I slowly and quietly walked into the shed,carefully so as not to disturb T. I got really close to T. he was lost in his own world,his cock,his hard cock was right there in front of me.I reached out a hand and took hold of T’s hard cock.
T. jumped,his eyes and mouth wide open.T bent slightly as if to pull up his jeans but stopped as my hand started to move along the length of his hard cock and I started to give him a wank.It was the first hard cock I had seen,the first I had touched but I knew how to wank,I had been wanking for ages and I showed T that I knew.T. looked at me and a little smile appeared on his face as I held and wanked his beautiful hard cock,back and forth,up and down.T.felt amazing in my hand,his cock was so warm,the skin felt smooth and silky and his helmet was so full of blood that it was red and shiny. I changed techniques. Going from gripping his cock so his skin moved to cover then uncover his bright shiny helmet to barely touching him at all,just my hand with the gentlest of touches slowly stroked T’s gorgeous hard cock.I had never felt anyone else’s cock before, T’s felt amazing, it was warm,hard but so soft at the same time.
T.put a hand on my shoulder to steady himself. I could hear and feel his breathe on my face, I could feel him shake.
T.was enjoying what I was doing to him and I was having the time of my life doing it to him.I was holding and wanking my first cock other then my own.I knew how good it felt to wank,I had been wanking for ages,but how it felt having a strange hand wank me I had no idea. I was to soon find out.
I felt a hand on my crutch,my cock was a growing semi.Fingers fumbled at my belt,trembling they undid the top button and down went the zip quickly followed by my jeans. I felt trembling hands on my waist and they lowered my little boy pants,exposing my little cock to the air and sunlight.T’s hand was all a tremble as he took hold of my little semi hard cock and wrapped his hand around me.My cock came to attention immediately. I had an instant hard on.I didn’t grew harder,I went from semi,to stand up straight hard as soon as T.touched me.I swear my cock was harder than ever before and I swear it was at least an inch bigger and she had also grown in girth.T started to .over his hand up and down my hard little cock.My cock was no longer a pencil dick,she was longer and thicker than the night before and was now in the hand of another There was a ripple of pleasure running through my body.I felt myself blush,my cheeks felt bright red,I felt the same sensation throughout my body,if it is possible for you to blush over your entire body then that is what I did.
T’s hand was holding and wanking.There we stood,mutually wanking each others immature but rigid cocks.It felt so strange. I could feel my cock being wanked,I could feel the pressure of fingers around me but they weren’t my fingers.I could feel a hard cock 8n my hand but it wasn’t my cock,a strange,new but most enjoyable sensation. I hand to use T’s shoulder to steady myself. My knees felt weak,my whole body was shaking,a most amazing feeling. Begging wanked off by a strange hand was out of this world.T. was making me feel like never before. I was watching my hand as I wanked T’s hard cock,I was mesmerised. It looked and felt so much better the I had ever imagined, so much better.T’s hand felt so good as well.The feel of someone else’s hand was just awesome. I was thoroughly enjoying the new experience of wanking another hard cock and the experience of being wanked by another person. T’s hand gripped my shoulder a little tighter,T’s hand gripped my cock a little tighter,neither was painful, both pleasurable. T’s.breathing was getting shorter,deeper and he was panting, his breath on my face hotter, his body started to tremble And then!
T.went tense,his whole body rigid and he was shaking.His eyes were shut,his mouth open and his head back.He held his breath, then the most amazing thing happened,the most amazing sight.White stuff started to shoot from T’s cock.Thick white stuff. Thick ropes of spunk shooting from T’s hard cock.Our cocks were very close,we were very close and T’s spunk shot out and hit me, hit my belly and spunk hit my cock and T’s hand.I was still wanking T. T. was still coming.More spunk was erupting from T’s beautiful juvenile hard cock.T.was still shooting spunk though with each spasm of his hips.The spunk slowed till there was no more T’s balls were empty.All of his spunk was on me,his hand and my cock.T.had stopped wanking me whilst he was cumming all over me but now he started again. Rubbing my cock with his spunk covered hand,wanking my spunk covered cock, massaging his spunk into my cock.I still held T’s cock.T was still hard but I had stopped wanking him.My hand had done its job.I had made my mates brother cum.I for the first time had seen another hard cock,I had held my first strange hard cock ,I had wanked a strange cock for the first time.I had made someone shoot their spunk for the first time. T looked at me as he continued to wank me off,he was smiling, his eyes glazed over.I looked at him and what I did felt like the most natural thing to do
I took my hand off T’s cock,my hand had loads of T’s spunk on it,I lifted my hand to my mouth and licked.I licked spunk off my hand,I tasted spunk for the first time. Iicked my hand,I licked my forearm and one by one I licked my fingers.I scrapped some spunk off my belly and ate that as well,tasting the slight saltyness as I swallowed spunk for the first time.
T watched as I cleaned his spunk off myself. He was still wanking me,his hand still doing its job.I felt myself tensing,my heart was racing,my breathing erratic, huffing and puffing as my own orgasm built.T sensed this and he started to wamk me faster,his hand increased its pressure and then it hit me,my orgasm. I held myself stiff as an orgasm shook my body, it coursed through my young body. My hips buckled,my knees shaking as T brought me to my first orgasm from another hand.I was still to young to cum,still to young to ejaculate, still to young to have nice spunk shoot from my little hard cock. My orgasms were dry,but still very enjoyable to feel that electicity flowing through my body, to feel my body shaking.T gave my shoulder a gentle squeeze and let go of my cock.T took his hand and licked himself clean of his own spunk.I looked at T’s still hard cock.The hard cock that I had made cum all over me.I dropped to my knees and took T’s cock into my mouth and sucked his gorgeous hard cock clean. I wouldn’t call it a blow job,I was just cleaning him.My lips were around a hard cock, another first for the day.My tongue traced around his glans getting every last bit of delicious spunk,his whole length was in my mouth to be cleaned and it was.I felt T’s hand gently on my head,I let his cock fall from my mouth and looked up at him,a view that I have come to love.A hard cock level with my mouth and somewhere above me a pair of eyes shining down on me with a look of satisfaction and gratitude in them.
I stood.T pulled his jeans up and put himself away, i did the same.T left the shed and a few moments later so did I.
I returned to the house and J was still laid infront of the telly watching cartoons just as I had left him. It was 9nly a few minutes, no more than 10 since I had gone to the shed but it was a life time. I went out of the house as 1 kind of boy and returned moments later changed for ever.T put his head around the door,smiled, winked and left.Not a word had been spoken,the only exchange was T’s spunk and I loved it.
J and I never messed around with each other like this.We never experimented with each other.A part from changing rooms at swimming pools or school I never saw J naked and I didn’t have any secret desire to do so.
T and I had many more such encounters over that summer and beyond.So stay tuned for next installment of
My Journey.

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