This happened while I was still married to my first wife, Debbie. I had a new girlfriend (Vonna) and we had been seeing each other for about two months. I got kicked out of our house because I got caught with a different girlfriend and I was renting a small apartment.

One afternoon Debbie came to see me to make sure I was trying to better myself and be a good husband, when Vonna showed up. Vonna was very strong willed and it didn’t bother her a bit to be there with me and Debbie. She knocked on the door and then walked in. Imminently, Debbie and Vonna got into it. First was a lot of yelling, then pushing, then a fight.

I thought about trying to stop it but thought they probably needed to work it out by themselves. Besides, I was enjoying it. It was getting intense and clothes were being ripped off and handfuls of hair were being pulled! My wife, a little overweight, and not very strong seemed to be loosing the battle. Vonna had ripped off my wife’s blouse and bra by now, and as they wrestled, her big tits were flapping all over the place.

It didn’t take long before Vonna had my wife down to just her panties, and they were torn almost all the way off, just holding by a thin piece of elastic. My wife got in a few good ones and now Vonna had no shirt and she wasn’t wearing a bra at the time. The girls were all over the living room floor and my wife, with one final effort managed to rip Vonna’s shorts off leaving both girls in just their panties.

My wife was showing signs of exhaustion, but Vonna was still going at it. Vonna got Debbie on her back and was kneeling on both my wife’s upper arms which were over her head. Vonna grabbed my wife’s ankles and pulled them up beside her head and knelt on them, raising Debbie’s ass high in the air. Debbie was stuck, she couldn’t move and was way too tired to do so.

Vonna ripped what was left of Debbie’s panties off exposing my wife’s bald cunt and asshole. Debbie was trying to scream but it was muffled when Vonna pushed her pantied covered pussy down right on my wife’s face. It was a sight to see. Vonna began slapping my wife’s ass and pussy, hard. The redder my wife’s ass and cunt got, they more Vonna slapped it. I could hear Debbie crying and asking Vonna to stop, but she kept slapping.

I was trying to get a god look at Vonna’s cunt on my wife’s face but couldn’t see much because my wife’s big tits were squished up against her chin. I moved to get a better look and could see Vonna pissing her panties, and her piss entering my wife’s mouth and running down her cheeks into her ears and onto the floor.

Finally Debbie stopped flailing. She was done. Vonna stayed in that position for a few more minutes before getting up. “You want more of this, BITCH!!” she hollered at my wife. Debbie grabbed her ripped clothes and put on the torn blouse and ripped shorts, and left the apartment. It wasn’t long before I got divorce papers delivered.

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