Lakshmi’s Extramarital Alliances–1


Lakshmi’s Extramarital Alliances–1

Lakshmi was a middle-class typical Iyer lady married to a goyan gopu (wimp) called Ashok. He was really bad at sex even though they had a girl c***d Sushma. Lakshmi was a hot bitch but was a virgin till she got married.

She as a teenager was constantly on the lookout for sex but that never materialized. She used her fingers liberally to satisfy herself. She was in a typical lower-middle-class Brahmin area so her friends were all those kind of girls who were into studies, dance, and music.

No one was talking about sex and her initial foray into that topic was met with frowns from them. So she suppressed those thoughts. After her marriage to Ashok, it became worse. He was not really capable of fucking beyond a few minutes before he dumped his load into her.

In the next two years, Sushma was born. They decided not to have the second c***d due to financial reasons. Then in order to supplement their income, Lakshmi joined a company as a clerk. She was really good at it and caught the attention of her owner Rashid.

So in order to help him finish tenders and other important things she used to stay late in the evening at the office. Ashok used to pick her up during these times. But that fateful day, Ashok was stuck in his office and he asked Lakshmi to get back on her own.

Meanwhile, all the late evening work and lack of interest from Ashok were having an effect on Lakshmi. Initially, she was scared of Rashid, one, he was her boss and next is that he was a Muslim. All she knew about Muslims was not that encouraging.

But, as he had to go behind her to view the computer when some corrections were being made, the occasional hot breath, brushing off his hands on her was triggering her old suppressed desires. So on that fateful night when the lights went off when both were peering into the computer, she in fright moved back and hit his chest and his chin came and banged on her shoulders.

“Ayyiiyoo, enna aiyiduthoo, kannaey thaeyriyalaey?” (What happened, can’t see at all) said Lakshmi. “Just power cut dhaan maa.” (Only power cut my dear.) said Rashid casually. Meanwhile, Rashid was using his chin to caress her shoulders and she liked it.

She just closed her eyes and was enjoying it for a few moments and then suddenly she got up in a fright. “Enna pannindrukael Sir, idhu ellam thappu.” (What are you doing sir, this is wrong) she said. “Okay, Lakshmi, if you don’t want, no problem,” he said.

She ran to the restroom. By now the generator had kicked in and she shut herself there. In the next few minutes, her entire silly sex life flashed before her. Ashok’s inability and her desire for more sex etc. Here, the thrill she got by Rashid just caressing her shoulders with his chin was too good.

That is when she made the decision of her life. A few minutes later she came out and looked at Rashid who had a worried look on his face and said,
“Sir, I am really sorry for screaming at you. ” She then did the most daring thing she had done in her whole life.

She ran to him and hugged him hard, planted a plethora of kisses on his cheeks, forehead etc and finally settled on his lips. Then she started to chew his lips and tried to push her tongue into him. Rashid was taken aback but managed to regain composure and opened his mouth for her invasion.

“Enna aachu, indha maamikku ivvalavu soodu thideernu,” said Rashid. (What happened to this Brahmin lady, suddenly feeling hot?)
“Sir, idhukku dhaan ivvalaanalaa kaathindu irrudaen.(I have been waiting for this day). I was getting turned on every time you were breathing down my neck when we were preparing quotations.”

“Enna maa. onnoda husband pathi maranditiyaa ?” (What you forgot about your hubby?)
“Avar k**akkaraar ashamanjam, Sushma porandha deliverykku apporam, andha brahmanan sexlaey interested kaamikkradhu illaey.” (Forget that silly man, after Sushma’s birth that Brahmin is not showing any interest in sex.)

“Why what happened”.
“Ennoda maamiyaar irrukkaaloliyo, ava rhombho mosham,ashokkaey enkittaey vidavaey maataa.” (My mother-in-law is really terrible, she is an expert in keeping us separate.)

She suddenly started to rub her hands on his pants near his crotch. It was already bulging and she caressed it. “Lakshmi, what are you doing, Yen angaey touch pannra. Ennakku oraey feeling irrukku”.(Hey Lakshmi, why are you rubbing there, makes me feel hot.)

“Sir, adhukkaagadhaan thotindu irrukkaen,nekku ippo shoodaayiduthoo, neenghollum ennoda paachiyaey thodungho.” (Sir, That is why I am touching, I am really hot now, touch my tits please.)

“Lakshmi, nee sollaradhu onnumaey puriyalaey, onnoda Brahmin bhaashai rhombho kashttamaa irrukku”.(Lakshmi can’t understand a thing. What language are you talking, your Brahmin lingo is difficult)
“Sir shhegramaa kathundrungho.”(Sir please learn fast)

She then cupped his cock and squeezed it hard. But the clock already struck eight and they had to pack up and go home. The next day was so different for both of them. The barriers seem to be broken, but the guilt was on.

Each avoiding each others’ direct eye contact. The day passed without an incident. In the next three days work was too much for both as they were finishing up many tenders. The fourth day Lakshmi could not bear this any longer.

Lakshmi called up and told Ashok that she had to attend a wedding reception and since the place was far, she would stay back in her friend’s place. She then barged into Rashid’s room and said,” Neengho yennaa naenachindu irrukael, naanum paathindu irrukkaen, four days aa yennaey avoid pannindu irrukkael.” (What you thinking, you are avoiding me the last four days.) she screamed.

“No Lakshmi, we were busy and you are seeing it, so many quotations, so many tenders?” said he. “Kadhaey viddaadhael, “Don’t lie, you are avoiding me, I can see that you are not making eye contact,” she bawled.

“Nekku theriyum, purushaallaam ippadi dhaan, pondaatikku bhayandhindu, reverse gear poduvael.” (I know, all you men will go on reverse gear fearing your wives.)
“No Dee, it is not like that.”
“You know something, I can’t be without having sex with you. So I have told my hubby that I am not coming home.”

“WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?” his eyes popped out.
“Naan-appadi shollalaey told him that I won’t come home tonight, yen Sir ippadi pidharindu irrukkael.” (I didn’t mean that way, why are you scared) She winked mischievously.

“So we are free tonight, let me book a room somewhere quite out of town.” He caught on to her intentions. That afternoon, they were on their way to a small hotel on the outskirts of the city. “Mr. and Mrs. Salman Khan,” said, Rashid.

“Ok sir we have a booking for you, but can you show us your ID please.” Lakshmi started to shudder, but Rashid pulled out an ID and gave it to him. The hotel person wanted hers too.

“What is wrong with you, I am giving mine and this is my begum and why are you harassing me, like this?” He raised his voice and others turned around and the desk clerk immediately went ahead with the booking.

Inside the room, the AC was a full blast and as they settled on the bed. She said, “Sir, nekku oraey bhayam aayiduthoo, (I got scared) when they asked for your iD. Sir neengho killaadidhaan, how did you manage the other ID.” (You are smart, Sir.)

“Lakshmi kutti idhaellam business normal.” (Lakshmi all this is normal in business) and he winked.

Lakshmi was now about to experience the best sex she had so far.

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