The Movers


The Movers
One day I was going for my morning jog and noticed my neighbor had a moving truck out front with 2 men sitting on the back of the truck seems. I saw there name badges one was Josh and the other was Jacob very big rugged men I always considered myself to be a straight man . I have have picked up my share of women but as I ran by these men I noticed them checking me out I felt very uncomfortable but thought nothing of it .

On my return home from my jog Jacob asked if I would mind giving him a hand putting the mattress in the truck I looked around didn’t see Josh anywhere so I said sure . Jacob took the front and I had the back as I was lifting the mattress into the truck I felt a push from behind it was Josh and as I fell forward bending over the mattress Jacob grabbed my arms so I couldn’t move . I felt so helpless I pleaded with them to please let me go they just laughed and told me to shut up then I felt Josh pull down my running shorts exposing my naked ass then I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart as I started to cry and beg and Josh screamed to Jacob to shut me up so he put his 9 inch cock in my mouth. I started to gag never having a cock in my mouth but he had no mercy on me or my mouth kept slamming in and out then I felt this weird sensation it was Josh he started to rim my tight virgin ass it actually felt pretty good and I noticed to my surprise I was rock hard I couldn’t believe it I was not gay I thought.

As he rimmed my ass and Jacob slammed my throat all I could think was what will happen next then it happened I felt this sharp pain made me almost pass out it was Josh he had slid his cock inside me he had to be almost 11 inches and as his rhythm picked it started to fell so good and Jacob stopped making me suck his cock and started stroking my cock didn’t take long until I erupted all over my neighbors mattress Jacob just laughed and said this sissy is really enjoying this I knew he was a fag . Now Jacob and Josh decide to switch and lay me on my back I was so spent I let them do whatever they wanted as Jacob entered me I felt myself get instantly hard and Jacob pounded my tight hole with everything they had until he pulled out and I thought they were finally done with me but no Josh help my arms as Jacob decided to mount my cock I asked please don’t but I was under there control once he was on top of me my cock was inside him he bounced up and down he wanted me to cum inside him it felt so good . Then I never noticed Josh let go of my arms and slip his body onto mine and placed his ass right on my face and made me rim his ass that I refused and Josh slapped me across the face and told me do it or else .

So I started to lick his ass and he started to moan louder and louder and Jacob was moaning yes fuck bitch I was getting closer and closer to what they wanted and then it happened I shot the biggest orgasm in my life inside Jacob they were both happy but still not done the both stood over me and shot there loads all over my face I was covered in cum . Then the most humiliating part was they didn’t give me my clothes back so I had to get out of the truck the walk of shame covered in cum and my naked ass for everyone to see and as I got near my walk way Josh yelled out if I tell anyone they will shard the video recording with the world I was shocked , humiliated, used and abused but to this day every time I see there moving truck in the neighborhood I get instantly hard and I have been a slut for cock ever since .

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