My father in law enjoys my ass


My father in law enjoys my ass
After my naughty second encounter with my father in law; we had nearly been caught by my loving husband.

Maybe Victor began to get suspicious then; when after that wild fucking session with his father, I ran to the shower right away, hurrying to wash Enrique´s semen from between my thighs…

Victor joined me in the shower and it turned sexual when he began fondling my boobs and started fingering me.
My mind was still thinking about how his father had just made me squirt and then Victor found my pussy very warm, wet, and welcoming. And worst of all, some of Enrique’s semen was still working its way down my pussy.

Victor felt it for sure as he pushed his fingers deep into me. I leaned in and kissed him and he pressed his tongue into my mouth. Then I really felt turned on by his touch…

I pulled away from his mouth and told him I was so horny that night.

Then I admitted I had been thinking on the proposal he had made some time ago: to fuck another man as my loving hubby watched.

Victor laughed and asked me which one of his friends I had in mind to let him fuck me…

His approval surprised me and I thought for a second.
Then I told him that our neighbor David could be a fine choice.

We both knew David had always wanted to fuck me.

Then Victor changed the subject, as I felt his hard dick sliding across my thigh. He positioned it between my legs and lifted one of my legs up. Then he slid his cock up into my wanting wet cunt…
Victor moaned, saying he loved as I behaved as a good slutty wife.

His cock kept thrusting in and out of me. Soon it sent me into a brutal orgasm; thinking that Enrique’s semen had eased Victor’s way inside of my tight vagina.

I also moaned as I came; hearing his grunts and feeling he was now filling my pussy with another heavy load of warm cum…

After that night, my father in law stood very quiet for some days. Victor still got hard every time he reminded me to bring up our fine neighbor and he was still pressuring me to invite him over.

That morning I was feeling real horny again.
I felt my pussy start getting wet at the thought of letting my father in law to fuck me again. I wanted him to stretch my pussy again.

I put my hand down my front and started rubbing my clit.
My other hand pinched my nipples as I began to finger fuck myself.

It was too hard in my pants so I stood up and pulled them off.

I sat back down on the couch and put my feet up on the table, bending my knees and spreading my legs wide. I had two fingers buried deep in my pussy while I was thinking about Enrique…

It did not take long and soon I had a wild orgasm on my fingers.

Then I heard a soft knock at my bedroom’s door.
There was my father in law, with a huge erection under his pants,

I smiled and told him I had just got my first orgasm by myself.
But I wanted to cum a lot more and I needed his help for that…

I teased him by putting a hand between my thighs, telling him that I was so wet for him.
Enrique smiled and told me he would help take care of the ache in my wet pussy. Then he pushed me back into the room and we headed to the marital bed.

As I spread my legs with my back on the bed, his mouth and fingers went straight to my horny pussy. He was even better than Victor with his tongue…

I told him that my husband had used me for a long time last night; but I was still very horny for my father in law’s hard big cock.

Suddenly my cell phone rang. It was a text from Victor.
I read it as my father in law went back to tonguing my horny pussy.

I called him back and, trying to muffle my moans, I told him everything was fine at home. I grabbed Enrique’s hair and pulled his face into my pussy, I was getting close to cum…

Victor said what I would think about asking David over for dinner.

I was so horny right then, talking with him while his father’s tongue was buried in me. I barely could tell him it was a good idea, when the cell phone fell down from my hand, shaking from my orgasm…

I explained our plan to Enrique, as he slid his hard cock into my soaking pussy. I put my legs up over his shoulders and he grabbed my hips, fucking me quick and hard as I started to cum again…

I heard the slapping of his thighs on my ass; making wet sounds.
Then I knew I was squirting again.
My father in law surprised me, by telling he wanted to fuck my ass.
Before I could say anything, I felt his finger slide to my tight rear entry and start circling it. That felt too good…

His hard dick was still humping me, fucking my cunt in a wild way.

I made him promise he would be gentle; he told me it would be nice and pleasant for me and I would tell him if he was hurting me.

He pulled out his hard cock from my cunt and his fingers kept moving deep inside of my ass. It felt great. My asshole was tight but soon I got used to it.
He shoved again his dick in my pussy and soon I started to cum again. My orgasm hit me harder as he started to insert a third finger in my anus, stretching my rear door a bit more…

He made me cum twice again. I was exhausted of moaning and screaming so loud every time I had an intense orgasm.

My ass finally loosened up enough for his thick cock.
He warned me he would be gentle with his dick.

He pulled his long cock from my pussy; keeping a finger in my ass he lined up and started pushing into me. He pushed harder and harder; it was starting to hurt and then suddenly it popped in.

I cried out it was hurting me, but Enrique told me to relax and wait. Then I felt it was hurting less, until then it only felt good again.

Enrique spat on his cock, before pressing it in farther now. It felt amazing but there was still a little bit of pain.

I made him stop and wait some seconds. Then I begged him to push again harder. Enrique moved deeper into my asshole.
He repeated the process several times before he smiled at me.
I smiled back and then he started making small in and out motions and it felt amazing. Suddenly I started to cum and moan; my body shaking with no control.

His speed was picking up and pretty soon he was pulling nearly out of me and then slamming back into my stretched asshole.

He was getting close and he told me he would cum in my anus.
Then my father in law started grunting as he emptied his balls into my rectum. He slowed down and eventually pulled his cock out of me. He smiled looking down at my stretched asshole, leaking cum.

Then Enrique made me promise I would not let my husband to fuck me in my ass. From now on, it would be just for my father in law’s pleasure…

He also begged me to leave the curtains open, if our neighbor would come later at night. He wanted to watch me fuck that guy…

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