The bike ride


The bike ride
As the day begins, another beautiful day, Stella was thinking. Wondering what she would be doing for the day, the phone rang. It was the guy who she was seeing for a couple months, George. He wanted to know if she would like to go on a ride to Seneca Lake with him. Of course, she would go, the way the bike made her feel is amazing. She never felt so free as on the bike. Stella loves the long rides, she has her arms around him, feeling so close to him. She can feel every breath he takes, every muscle he moves when shifting the gears or twisting the throttle. The roar of the engine just makes her heart beat faster, blood flowing with excitement, and the vibrations on the back of the seat get her so hot and wanting more than just a ride on the bike.
As he pulls up on the bike, she gets a smile on her face, knowing that she will be leaving soon. She finishes pulling her favorite jeans on and decided to put her long blonde hair up in a French braid. George is in the kitchen, drinking a beer, he pulls a baggy out of his pocket. Asks Stella for a mirror, he has a surprise for her. He knows that she loves doing speedbumps. She brings one out to him and asks what do you have for me. With a little evil smile on his face, something I know you love. He pulls her close with his strong arms, pushes her up against the wall, with his hands on her hips, he gives her a kiss. Not just a regular kiss, a kiss that would make your pussy so wet that she had to get on your knees, and make his deep voice moan with pleasure, as he stuck his hard cock in her month to feel the moist warm feeling of the tongue as it rubbed the cock as it was going in and out. As the moaning got more and louder. She would use her thumb to rub just the tip of it, as she went down to lick and suck on the balls. The moaning got intense, oh the moaning, sexiest thing a man can do, Stella was thinking. This is driving me crazy, I have to play with that wet pussy. As she reaches down to undo her pants, he whispers, let us go to the bedroom. I need to fuck you hard. She smiles.
As they reach the bedroom, he puts her in the bed. He says finish your pants, as he goes to the cabinet that holds the toys. He pulls out the handcuffs, and the toy he knows she loves the best, the vibrator. He looks at her, sitting there on the bed, with her hair still wet from the shower, her long blonde hair is still a mess from the towel, he loves that look on her. So carefree, a woman so positive of herself that she can do anything with it and still look so damn hot, the hair hanging over her breasts as they try to peek through the hair. He is thinking, damn, I’m going to cum fast, she got me too excited. Will not need the handcuffs this time. Oh but I will make her cum so intensely, her body will shake with pleasure. He pushes her down on the bed, helps her with a pulling of the pants, lifts her shirt, just far enough to bound her arms up. He turns on the vibrator, running it down her chest to the pussy. Shit, Stella thinks, I’m not going to last long, it the one with the rabbit on it. This is the toy that only makes me last about 5 minutes. As he slides it down to the pussy, he slowly slides it into the pussy, he hears her moan. He knows she will go fasters if he turns the ears on, slowly at first, rubbing against the clit. The moaning get louder, he can feel her body start to shake. He knows that she is enjoying this. He starts to stroke his hard cock, he was to get inside of her, needs to feel the warmth of that pussy. He turns the ears on faster. She was almost there when they were on slow. With the speed increased, the moaning gets so sexually that he almost cums just playing with himself. She is cumming he thinks. Damn, she is so fucking hot. He pulls the vibrator out and slides in. He pushes so hard and fast that he only last about another 5 mins.
They have to clean up to get on the bike to make the trip to the Lake. But first, the present he got her. She finishes getting ready. He is in the kitchen, with the biggest smile on his face, knowing the most beautiful girl he has ever seen is his. He pulls out the crystal first, knowing this has to be crushed, gets it ready then the coke. Making two lines, she comes out, hair done, and dressed. She looks at the mirror, thinking damn this is going to be a great day. They both do the bumps. And ready for the ride.
As they are going down the highway, her arms wrapped around him, feeling every muscle in the arms, all his veins coming alive with the power of the bike flowing through him. She whispers in his ear, wants to go again. He looks at her, says we are on the bike, going about 90 on the highway. How are we going to do that?? The smile on her faces is evil, he thinks shit, she has me trapped, I can’t touch her. Her hands move down his chest, she slides them to feel the inside of his legs, he puts his head back, thinking shit, how an I going to concentrate on the bike with her doing this. She runs her hands on his cock, it is growing. She undoes the belt and the button with the zipper next. She slides her hand around the growing cock, stroking it, and running her hand on the balls. She can feel him shake in pleasure, should she stop before they get into an accident. No, he is a great driver, he can handle this. He is getting so big and hard, cars are going by, they have no idea that he is getting a hand job going at the speed of about 90. Oh, this is got to be the best hand job he has ever had. The speed, the vibration of the bike, so intense. She is loving the control she has on him. She can feel him getting closer to the best cum he will have. She would love to just taste the cum, let it go down her throat, as she tastes every ounce that he can put out. But she can’t on the bike. As the cum is so close to the tip of his dick, he puts his head back and moans. She can hear him over the sound of the bike and the wind in the ears. She smiles, she knows she will have to just lick her fingers, to get the taste. He cums for the second time of the day.
They will have to stop at the next bar to have him clean up. He gets off the bike, looks down, buttons his pants back up and says to her, with a huge smile on his face. You are fucking crazy. That was so intense. They go into the bar to get some beers. The only thing she could do was the smile.

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