Sams lesbian encounter II

Bi Sex

Sams lesbian encounter II
Normally shy Sam freely reached out her hand to take the colorful swim suit from Mary. As Sam bent down to slip a leg through the suit, Mary took the time to enjoy Sam’s firm bottom. As Sam pulled up the swim wear, Mary held her waist to help balance her as she slid her right leg into the suit. While she slid the swim suit over her Slim frame Mary knelt down beside Sam. She slid her fingers between Sam’s legs and the openings at the bottom of the one piece. Straightening the seems, Mary moved her hands from the back slowly to the front. Sam could feel Mary’s breath on her leg, but didn’t seam to care. As Mary’s fingers worked they’re way around to Sam’s vaginal area, Sam flinched. Shocked Mary asked, did I pinch you. Before Mary had a chance to remove her fingers, Sam shifted her body, causing Mary’s fingers to move higher into the swim suit. Looking in the mirror Mary seen Sam looking down with a slight smile.
As her heart beat quickened Mary twisted her wrists, placing her finger tips against Sam’s soft skin. Sliding a second finger of her left hand under the fabric. The warmth of Sam’s skin felt wonderful and Mary wanted it to last. Nervously Mary moved her hand slowly over the young girls lower abdomen.
Strange thoughts ran through Sam’s brain. Betrayed by her thoughts Sam placed her hands on the mirror to hold her balance. Sam didn’t know why, but she wanted to feel more. Parting her legs and bending her knees slightly, she hoped her new friend would take the hint. Mary felt her own wetness build deep within her as her fingers pressed on the soft warm skin, Sam’s vertical lips just out of reach. Reluctantly Mary removed her hands. Seeing Sam’s reflection of eyes closed and mouth open slightly she stood behind her young customer. Running her hands up slowly from her waist, Mary came around Sam’s back and over her shoulders. Snaking her fingers under the straps, Mary gently slide them over and down Sam’s arms. Sam shaking with a combination of fear and excitement, she pulled her arms free of the suit. Sam pressed her head against the door, thinking what am I doing. I only came to see what I could wear to the beach, but deep inside she her desires screamed for attention. Pulling the swim suit down, Mary inhaled deeply trying to take in Sam’s womanly sent. As she came to Sam’s roundness, she pealed the fabric away from her firm butt. With only Sam’s shapely legs stand between her total nudity.
Sam took a deep breath as she felt the soft kisses Mary placed across her firm butt. The tingal she felt derp in her, now feels like a fire. Lifting her feet one at a time, she stepped out of the swim suit. the only thing between her and the mature womans wanting hands is now gone.
Her heart beating quickly, fantasies she only dreamed of seamed to be coming true. Griping Sam’s fleshy cheeks, Mary kissed the small of Sam’s back. As she slowly stood Mary kissed the young girls back till she reached her shoulders. Running her moist tongue from Sam’s neck to her ear, she whispered, turn around. Sam’s heart jumped as she turned and Mary kissed her full on the mouth, parting her lips with her tongue.

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