Late shift at work


Late shift at work
I thought I would share an experience I had years ago when I worked in a supermarket as a department manager.
As I was a department manager I had to do one or two late nights a week where I had to work till about 10pm. In the evenings we used to have students and part timers working about 6pm to 10pm shifts to answer the phone and check prices and it was one of these evenings that this took place.
I was chatting to one of the ladies who worked for me in the evening, her name was Clare. She was very petite with elfin features. She looked about 17 but she was actually in her late 20’s with a young family. She was telling me how she used to be into fitness and dance and how one summer she spent a season as a dancer in a nightclub in Ibiza.
“So you are telling me you used to be a lap dancer,” I said laughing.
“No” she said angrily. “I used to dance in a cage or on a podium”
“Oh right” I said “But you did dance for men watching you”
“Everyone, male and female watched the dancers,” she said
“And you danced naked of course “ I laughed.
“Oh do fuck off,” she said. “I wore a leotard, bikini or sometimes other outfits”
“And were you any good?” I asked.
“bloody right I was” she said indignantly. “They don’t keep you on for the whole summer season if you are not.”
During this conversation we were both facing separate VDU screens but I now spun round in my chair to face her.
“Prove it and give me a lap dance then!” I said.
“I was not a bloody lap dancer,” she said tartly. “I did exotic dancing”
“Give me an exotic dance then” I said.
“You are joking!!” she said.
“No of course I am not” I said. “I will let you go an hour early if you do…”
“But the clocking machine will show I left early” she said.
“Clare” I said, “I maintain the clocking system. It will show you left at whatever time I tell it to.”
“No” She said laughing. “Someone might come in.”
The office we were in was indeed open to all other members of staff and someone might come in.
“Easily solved,” I said, “Come with me”
I led her out of the door and down a short corridor to a plant room where all the machines that controlled the fridges, freezers etc. were located. It was a bit noisy but we could hear each other speaking quite easily. I glanced back to see if she was following me, took a bunch of keys from my pocket and unlocked the door.
“In you go miss exotic dancer” I said. “Look, there is even a chair for me to sit on over there”
There was indeed a load of chairs and other rubbish in there that had accumulated over time. The room was fairly large and had become a bit of a dumping ground for old unused or broken equipment. But most importantly as the equipment could be dangerous the door was kept locked so no one could just wander in, and I had a key.
“I can’t believe this,” She said.
We walked into the room and I locked the door behind us.
“And you will really let me go an hour early?” Michaela asked.
“If I enjoy your dancing and think it is exotic enough” I laughed.
“Right” she said, “I will show you!”
“I need music really,” she mused.
“I could sing if you like,” I said.
“Oh just shut up and sit down” she said in an exasperated voice.
I still did not think she would go through with it but to my surprise as I sat down she moved about 5 meters away, kicked off her shoes, and started to slowly sway and dance with her back to me. She turned around I could see she had her eyes closed and seemed to be softly singing or humming a song to herself.
I had to admit she moved VERY well. I could just imagine her on a podium in a baking hot nightclub, lights flashing, skimpily dressed with a light sheen of sweat all over her body.
She continued to dance and it was more of a slow sexy dance than an energetic dance I would have expected to see in a nightclub with the sounds pumping out.
I found myself getting aroused and felt my cock begin to harden. I looked at her face and she was looking right into my eyes with a slight smile on her face. She moved closer and began to dance right in front of me.
“No touching the dancers now” she said. “ The bouncers will throw you out.”
She started to run her hands up and down her body as she danced in front of me.
I started to get up to tell her to stop but she put her hands on my shoulders and pressed me back into the chair. As I sat back down her hands ran down from my shoulders, across my chest, down to my stomach and then across the crotch of my trousers, finishing up with one hand on each of my thighs.
She was bending over at the waist now facing me with a palm on each of my thighs. Her face was about 3 inches from mine.
“Exotic enough for you?” she asked.
I just nodded.
At this point I should explain that we were both in our staff uniforms. If any of you have ever had the pleasure of working for any of the UK supermarkets you will know that the uniforms are cheap and ill fitting. I had on a pair of trousers that were quite baggy, shirt and a clip on tie. She had on the ladies uniform which was a dress falling to just above the knee with a zip down the front from neck to about waist high.
She looked down at my trousers. My hard on was clearly visible in the loose trousers I had on. She looked back up at me, smiled then turned and walked about 5 paces away and continued to dance and sway with her back to me.
She then turned round to face me again. She had unzipped her dress from neck to waist. Her bra and the top of her panties were clearly visible in the gap in her dress. After a few more dance moves she flicked the dress off of her shoulders so that if fell to her upper arms. She then turned her back on me, shrugged her shoulders and the dress slid down her body and pooled at her feet. She deftly kicked it aside and spun round to face me. The bra and panties she had on were not sexy lingerie but the everyday sort. Plain and white. But this to me made them all the sexier. She then stepped away and grabbed another chair that was lying around in the plant / store room.
She began leaning over the back of it towards me showing off her cleavage. To be honest she didn’t really need a bra as she had quite small boobs but the bra she had on, although it was plain, was one of those ones that pushes the boobs together to create a bit of cleavage. She then sat on the chair facing away from me and undid the clips at the back and grabbed her boobs so that it was only her hands holding her bra on.
Still facing away from me she them removed her bra and grabbed her boobs again so her hands covered them. She got out of the chair and turned to me in just her plain panties with her hands over her boobs. She then threw her head back so that her hair fell down her back and raised her hands as far as they would go as if she were trying to touch the ceiling.
Her boobs looked even smaller as she was stretching so high but I could see they were perfectly formed with dark raised erect nipples.
She went on tiptoes and spun around like a ballerina ending up with her back to me. Even though her panties were plain sensible ones all the dancing, stretching and moving she had done had caused them to ride up into the crack of her arse. So her tight little bum cheeks were mostly exposed. She wiggled her bum from side to side for about 20 seconds then put both thumbs into the side waistband of her panties and started to pull the waistband out away from her body. First one side then the other, all the while still wiggling her bum.
She then glanced over her shoulder at me, bent at the waist keeping her knees locked and her legs dead straight, and pulled the panties down to her ankles. I got a beautiful view of her pussy lips from the rear as she was bent over and exposed to me. She then stood up and stepped one foot out of the panties and used the other to flick them away to where her dress was lying on the floor.
She was now stark naked in front of me.
These days most women seem to be totally shaved or have some sort of waxing of their pubes but this took place before those times so she had hair on her pussy but it was very closely trimmed. Even though she was very petite she had quite large pussy lips and I ached to reach out and run my finger between.
“Well do you now believe I used to be a dancer now? She asked.
“Oh god yes I do” I said. “You are VERY good”
“Enjoy it did you? She asked.
I glanced down at my crotch where my hard on was very visible.
Her eyes followed mine to stare at the large bulge in my trousers.
“Well I think that answers my question,” she laughed.
I started to get up but had to hunch over slightly due to the hard on I had.
She stepped very close to me so that I had to sit down again or she would have bumped into me.
“You can’t go back into the office with that bulge in your pants” she said. “THAT could have someone’s eye out. Lets see what we can do about it.”
With that she crouched down in front of me. She didn’t kneel, she just lowered her body and spread her legs, which caused her pussy to gape open.
I groaned at the sight of her spread legs and pussy on display and she chuckled and her fingers swiftly unbuttoned my trousers and unzipped the fly.
“Lift your bum,” she said.
I shifted my weight in the chair briefly and she pulled my trousers and boxers over my thighs and down to my ankles.
“Hmmm, not bad” she said as my cock sprang up to point at the ceiling.
I was so hard my cock ached with the blood pumping through it. My foreskin had half rolled back and it glistened with pre cum.
She wrapped the fingers of her right hand around my cock and gently started to wank me off. Her left hand crept down to her pussy and I could see she was sliding the middle finger up and down between her pussy lips. Every third of forth stroke of her left hand she would slip the finger up and into herself. Both her hands moved in rhythm. This went on for about a minute.
She looked up at me and smiled. Then winked and moved her face closer to my cock and rubbed it over her mouth and lips. Her tongue darted out and flicked round the glans of my cock. Still looking me in the eye she opened her mouth and my cock disappeared down her throat.
I groaned with pleasure as she sucked me off.
Her left hand was still playing with her own pussy and its movement was slow and firm as she used her fingers to rub her clit and penetrate herself.
“I am going to cum very soon,” I gasped.
She stopped all movements and stared at me.
She moved her head back and my cock came out of her mouth and she stood up.
I was just about to express my disappointment when she said “Oh god, in for a penny, in for a pound” and stepped forwards and sat on my lap with a leg on either side of me.
My cock slipped straight up her pussy and we both gasped.
As she was sitting on me and I was in a chair she had total control and started to move her pelvis back and forwards in a rocking motion. I moved my hands up and started to massage her small boobs and squeeze her erect nipples. I realized that this was the first time I had actually touched her. She groaned and clamped her mouth onto mine sucking my tongue into her mouth.
The rocking motion increased in speed and urgency and she was now pumping my cock in and out of her pussy.
She them started tossing her head from side to side arched her back and seemed to be speaking to herself. Although it seemed more breaths and pants than words.
“Oh god, I am cumming, oh fuck, oh fuck, that’s right, right there, right there, don’t stop, oh shit, that’s it, oh you slut, fuck, FUCK”
I could feel her pussy gripping and tightening on my cock as her orgasm flowed through her and that was it for me. My cock jerked and pulsed, as I seemed to pump pints of cum into her.
We both sat there panting for a minute to get our breath back. Her head had now fallen forwards and was resting on my shoulder. I could feel and hear her breath slow down as she recovered.
She stood up and my cock slipped out of her as she got off of me. She moved away to where her clothes were on the floor. Before she started to dress she stood there nude before me and said. “We shouldn’t have done that, not that it wasn’t fun”
I stood up and pulled up my boxers and trousers.
“What do you mean we?” I said, “You did all the work”
Her brows drew together as she frowned at me and placed her hands on her hips. “Typical management ” she said “The staff do all the work and management just sit there”
We both laughed.
I buttoned up my trousers but she still had not got dressed yet.
“You staying like that?” I asked.
She looked down at herself and seemed surprised she was still naked.
“I had better get dressed I suppose” she said.
She bent over to pick up her bra and panties and just as she crouched down a load of cum ran out of her pussy and dribbled down her thigh. Without looking she scooped it up with her fingers and palm and then flicked it at a wall.
It wasn’t a huge amount but it did stick to the wall with a bit of a splat.
She stepped into her panties and pulled them up.
“Christ my pussy is sopping wet” she said “these will have to go straight into the laundry when I get home.”
She finished dressing with her back to me as if she were suddenly shy then after checking the coast was clear we let ourselves out of the room and back into the office.
She looked at the clock on the wall.
“Well I am off then.” She said. “An hour early”
“You deserve it,” I said. “You have worked very hard tonight”
She smiled and after glancing at the door kissed me briefly on the cheek.
“That was fun, see you next week,” she said.

I am sorry to say that although we chatted about it in the weeks that followed we never repeated the performance and a few months later she left.

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