Principles and ground rules for the slave


Principles and ground rules for the slave
Principles and ground rules for the slave

A slave is:






punctual, and;


Ground Rules

1. Know your place. Your Owner, other Dominant men, and all men less submissive than you, are your superiors. Even if you dislike them personally or disagree with what they say, you will acknowledge their superiority at all times.

This does not mean doing anything you are told by anyone, but it does mean raising any objections in a respectful way; check with your Owner if in doubt.

2. It’s HIS decision. You may query an order if you need to find out more information or you need to make sure your Owner knows all the facts. You don’t get to disobey or ignore an order on the grounds that you think you know better. Your Owner always knows better than you.

3. Bulk up, boy. Go to the gym as often as possible, work out hard, take your supplements. The more muscle you have, the more valuable a piece of meat you are to your Owner.

4. Slaves don’t cum. Your cock should be locked in its cage for every moment that it’s practical. Whenever it’s not practical, hands off it! The purpose of all sexual and bdsm activities is the pleasure and amusement of your superiors. You can touch your cock to clean it, put it in its cage, or if told to touch it by your Owner. You cannot touch it to pleasure yourself.

The cage will always be worn when you’re engaged in any sexual activity with another man. The one exception is your current vanilla partner. Even in this situation, you will only orgasm if that is his express wish. You will make it clear that cumming is not your preferred option.

You’ll report any orgasm to your Owner for him to decide if you obeyed this rule.

5. Total. Submissive. Bottom. Firstly, stop all pretence of being in any way sexually versatile. Superiors fuck, you get fucked. You pleasure their cocks with your holes. Secondly, you never, ever attempt to dominate another man. Your fundamental nature is completely submissive – be true to it always.

Your Owner can decide who gets to use you, when and how.

6. Wear your collar. Wear visible evidence of your slavery wherever and whenever possible. The chain and lock should be worn whenever it is unlikely to seriously upset those around you, cause a work problem or place you in harm’s way.

You will wear the chain and lock as a rule, removing it as the exception. You’ll report the exceptions to your Owner for him to decide whether it really needed to be removed.

7. Make it obvious. In addition to your chain, you’ll dress in ways that draw attention to your body and accentuate your status as a muscle-jock slave. If in doubt, go for slutty. When possible, go for fetish. In short, do everything you can to make it easy for superior men to sexually objectify you and identify you as the submissive muscle slut you are.

The exceptions to this are situations where dressing this way would cause undue upset to your friends or family, or risk your employment. Report exceptions to your Owner so he can decide if they’re genuine or not.

8. Slaves have tits. Take any and every opportunity to encourage superior men – both strangers and open-minded friends – to play with them.

Make your tits grow, but keep them sensitive and supple. Take proper care of them.

9. You will change. You will cooperate with your Owner to change you in physical and mental ways that make you a better slave. Some changes may be temporary, some will not be. You may become a dumb b**st fit only for menial labour, sex, pain and entertainment by the time this process is done, never doubt that is a good thing for you to be.

Humiliation public and private, physical trials, hypnotic conditioning, new rules governing behaviour more closely, or more subtle manipulation may play a part. Embrace this process, accept its inevitability – and cooperate fully. Suggest to your Owner anything you think would help make you more humble and less human.

10. Always be honest. If you break a rule, report it to your Owner immediately. If you feel doubt or worry about something he’s told you to do, respectfully communicate that doubt to him straight away. You can have no secrets from him.

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