The wife and girlfriends after drinking PT3


The wife and girlfriends after drinking PT3
This is Part 3 of The Wife and Her Girlfriends after drinking

A month later Lisa comes home from work and tells me that BJ and Bud would like to get together because BJ wants to do anal for her birthday and Bud and her have tried but he is just to large. I told her sure why not. I told her that I know she really like fucking Buds big black cock and was sure she would love to again. Lisa called BJ and told them to come over the next night which was Friday. When Lisa got home from work I was already home so we jumped in the shower. I started by washing her down with some raspberry body wash. As I did I worked my way down her front stopping to suck and play with her super long hard nipples. As I did she was stroking my cock. I told her to bend over so I could wash her ass. As she did I lubed up her crack then slipped my middle finger into her ass. She was squirming all over. I pulled my finger out and told her she would have to wait until later for a good ass fucking so she knelt down and took my whole cock into her mouth then started to pick up the pace before long I pulled out and blasted my load all over her tits she just rubbed it in. then she told me to lick her pussy good and hard like she really need to tell me that. She pushed her sweet box in my face and I licked her love button until she came down the sides of my face. We dried each other off then said that we need to get ready for our company. She put on a set on super nasty crotch less panties and open cup bra which her very hard long nipples were sticking out of then a long black sheer robe. I put on some lounge pants and T shirt.

About 15 minutes later the door bell rang I thought she was going to crash in to something the way she ran to the door. When she opened it BJ came in first she was wearing a long coat and 6 inch heels. Bud was wearing sweet pants and tank top you could see that he was already hard and there was a wet spot on the front of his pants. We all hugged then Bud and I went to get drinks. Bud told me that BJ gave him a wild blowjob on the way over and he was so ready to do Lisa again. I told him how much I was looking forward to being able to help BJ with her wish to have a real cock fill her ass instead of a dildo or finger. He said that they had tried lots of times but he was just too big. I told him that maybe Lisa would be able to take him and he just smiled and said that would be hot as hell. I told him to get her really hot and going wild with a good licking and she might just let him. When we came back in to the living room BJ had removed her coat and was dressed just the same as Lisa. I told Bud that it will be just like doing twins we all laughed then Lisa took Bud by the arm and went in the other room. I sat down on the couch and BJ came and sat in my lap facing me. She bent down and kissed me sticking her tongue down my throat. I reach around her back and pulled her tight WOW those tits felt so good. Her nipples were sticking thru the holes in the bra. She pulled off my shirt now and they were against my chest. We kissed some more then she got off me and pulled off my pants. My cock was getting hard from her riding my lap. She climbed back in my lap and I could feel the heat from her pussy as she rubbed back and forth hump against my cock. She told me that she was so hot thinking about us getting to fuck each other again and having her butt humped. I told her that I was sorry that she was not with the girls the night I had them all to myself. She said that she was but left early because it was her time of the month and she knew that they were planning on fucking my brains out which they did. We could hear Bud and Lisa down the hall she said lets go peek in on them so we when down the hall to the bedroom there was Lisa on top of Bud in a 69 she had most of his cock down her throat and was humping Buds face. We could see her backside and Bud had his thumb up her ass. She was really bucking now I knew she was going to cum anytime now. We went back to the Living room and I put some pillows down on the floor BJ asked me if I would like to 69 and I told her sure. I got down on the floor and she sat on my face she still had her panties on but they were crotch less so it did not matter I lick at her until she was smashing her pussy into my mouth she had a hold of my cock and was stroking it. I reached up and took her nipples between my fingers and pinched as hard as I could which she must of like because she started to pound my face then she stopped and came so hard I thought I was going to drown there was so much cum I could not believe it. She just fell off me on to the floor saying that he had never came so hard from oral before. We could now hear Lisa screaming fuck me hard fuck me harder. BJ said that she wanted me to do her pussy first so she got on her hands and knees as I got behind her I could con take my eyes off her nice ass. All I could do was think that soon I would be pounding it. As I slide my cock in to her she was soaked and I was able to fill her with one push. As I was fucking her from the rear I reached around and played with her cum button which must have been working because she said that she was going to cum. I told her me too and we did at the same time with me buried balls deep. As we lay there we could hear Lisa screaming fuck me harder fuck my ass fill me so we went down the hall for a peek. Sure enough there was Lisa doggie style with Bud fucking her ass he was going full depth and she was loving it. She was telling him to please fill her with his cum.I was rubbing my hand on BJs ass and playing with her asshole teasing her she was stroking me and said that she wanted to see Bud fill Lisas ass. A minute later Bud moaned and filled Lisa’s ass with his spunk. She was cumming at the same time and you could see the mixture run down her legs. Bud went a few more strokes then pulled out. I told BJ that it was time for her to get what she had came for. We went and I got some lube and shot some on her butt then worked it in with 1 finger then 2 she was able to take that ok so she rubbed a bunch on my cock making me hard then she turned over on the pillows and I spread her cheeks. She reached back with both hands and held them open as I started to slide in the head of my cock I stopped for a minute and let her relax and adjust. I told her to do the pushing so she could control how it felt. It was not long before she had the whole thing in her ass. She said this makes me feel so full I had a hold of her tits and was pinching her nipples she told me that she wanted to get on top of me so she pulled off and I lay on my back she got on top facing me and putting more lube on my cock then lower her self back down it went in pretty easy this time and before long she was pounding my cock deep within her. I was now playing with her so I put both hands around her and squeezed her ass cheeks pulling them apart as far as they would go. Her tits were bouncing all over so I grabbed them both and she lay forward almost on my chest while I sucked and bit each of her nipples. I brought one hand down and played with her clit as I did I could feel her grab my cock tight and then release it with her ass muscles. He was now screaming just like Lisa was earlier to fill her ass with cum. I could feel my balls swelling and knew it would not be long before I filled her. I put my thumb in her pussy and she was jerking back and forth on top of me lost in her own orgasm when I told her that I was going to cum. She started to lift and slam on to me when I said here it comes I must have came longer then I ever had before it seamed like an hour. When she came she was squirting and it was all over me as she rolled off me we heard clapping from the doorway and looked to see Bud and Lisa. Lisa came over and went right to work on BJ’s cum filled ass she was licking her ass clean of all my cum. I told Bud lets go get a drink and let them be for now.

When we came back the girls were going at it with the double headed dildo mashing the pussies and tits against each other they saw us and said are you two going to watch or what. Lisa said that she wanted to have two cocks so they pulled out the dildo and each sucked the others end clean. I knew that I would fit in Lisa’s ass with no problem since Bud had just been there. We went to the bedroom and Bud got on his back on the bed Lisa climbed on top of him and lowered herself down his cock as he lay there BJ sat on his face and the girls were kissing. Then Lisa told me to fill her ass with cock so BJ turned around and lower her pussy into Buds face as she did Lisa bent forward and I worked my cock up her stretched ass with little trouble. Then Lisa started to lick BJ’s ass while Bud ate her pussy. Since I had just came I knew I would last a while but Bud shot off right away and it caused me to cum up Lisa ass almost at the same time. we all just kind of fell were we did. The bed was covered in cum by now. The room smelled so much of sex. BJ said that was the best birthday present that she could of asked for Bud thanked us and they dressed and when home. Lisa told me how she loved me so much and how she really enjoyed Buds big cock.

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