Paris Match The Soundtrack


Paris Match The Soundtrack
Paris Match The Soundtrack

Track 1 Paris Match (Style Council)

My flight touched down shortly after seven in the evening. I grappled with my small suitcase and the emotions of both fear and excitement. I was anxious to clear the chaos of airport customs and head for the business district of Paris. It had been over twenty years since my last visit to the French capital and I had forgotten how rude people really were. Without much help from the natives I managed to find the correct train and within an hour I was at the hotel with a dynamic view of The Grande Arche.

I waited in the hotel lobby still nervous. It had been over a dozen years since I had last seen Tim and almost three since I had seen Jane. We had spent our late teens together, good friends and had kept in touch since. We are all married now, with k**s and mortgages. This reunion was not just a simple friends get together. We knew the possible implications of our meeting, our deceit, but this was a one off. Nothing more. After two days each would walk away, n o promises made in the heat of the night, no regrets, no demands, just fun and future memories.

I had been waiting a while before returning to the hotel reception and asking again if there were any messages for me. A different girl handled my inquiry this time.
‘Yes, there is one message. I am to give you the key to room 501, floor five. You may wait for your colleagues there.’ she said with a false Disney-like smile.

Track 2 She is so beautiful (Mike Scott)

I heard the hotel room door open as I ‘watered the daises’, the toilet door partly open. I turned half around, my manhood barely returned to my pants. We all smiled. They looked great. Tim looked a little older, and grayer but Jane had not aged at all. She had kept her slim shape even after several k**s. Her long auburn hair reached her shoulders and her lips, as always, invited a male kiss. I moved towards the two. One of them embarrassingly cried ‘group hug’ and we hugged, scars of past painful separation healed in moments.
”Been waiting ages, where the fuck have you been?’ I asked
‘Sex, a walk outside, more sex then dinner, didn’t they give you the key?’ asked Tim
‘Eventually, anyway, how are you guys’ I said
My nerves suddenly returned as Jane pushed me backwards onto the bed.

Track 3 Hey Jo (Jimmi Hendrix)

I let myself fall onto the already crumpled bed rocking the loose headboard as I fell. Tim grabbed one of my arms as Jane took the other. Each of them strapped my outstretched arms to the rickety headboard above my head. Tim used his necktie, Jane used Tim’s belt. They weren’t gentle as they jolted their respective restraints checking they couldn’t come loose. I didn’t offer any resistance kicking off my training shoes revealing two different color socks. Tim laughed.
‘Always gotta be different’ he joked
‘It was dark when I got dressed’ I lied.
Jane unbuttoned and tugged away my trousers commanding Tim to remove my sweater and shirt. I looked down as the now naked Jane pulled at my boxers.
‘Good job they are clean’ I thought out loud.
I focused again on Jane. Her breasts were as firm as they had been all those years ago. Her nipples were perked and demanded attention. Tim began undressing, watching me watch Jane as her head sank deep into my crotch. My cock was as hard as it had ever been. Slowly and delicately, like a teen virgins first time Jane licked my cock tip moving slowly along my hard shaft to my tight balls. Tim dropped to the floor at the foot of the bed lodging his head between Jane’s long legs and into her neatly trimmed bush.

Track 4 Everloving (Moby)

I stared at Tim’s thick, hard cock. I had seen him naked many times. We had shared a room together years ago. I had seen him naked in the gym, in the house, but never in this context. He had always been fit and well built, the all American boy. As he had matured it was clear that he had continued to look after himself. I wish I could have said the same for myself. I was still slim but I had never been the proud owner of a ‘six-pack’. His cock looked beautiful and a lot bigger than my manhood.
As his tongue made contact with Jane’s pussy she picked up the speed sucking my dick with greater intensity. I wanted to shoot, fuck I wanted to shoot hard and clear through the hotel double glazed window into the Paris night. I held back knowing it would be worth it in the end. I lifted my head watching her deep throat, watching Tim lose his tongue, damn near lose his head inside Jane. She started a chorus of groans surely heard by all on the fifth floor of the hotel. I wanted to be inside her, I wanted Tim’s hot meat in my mouth, I wanted him feasting on my cock. I wanted it all. Instinctively I swung my arms forcing the headboard to bang hard against the wall.
‘Lets wake up the neighbours’ joked Tim as Jane renewed her interest in my cock.

Track 5 Forbidden Love (The Communards)

Finally Jane let go of my cock.
‘Your turn’ she said pushing Tim towards my wet dick.
‘No way’ complained Tim
‘Yes way’ urged Jane.
Tim moved towards my cock nervously. This was a first for him and was unsure. He wasn’t afraid, we were all friends, sex friends. No one was gonna call him a fucking fag. He slipped my cock into his dry mouth and Jane let out a cheer.
‘You fucking faggot’ I joked
My hands were still tied fast. Jane pushed his head down on my cock for me. She understood my needs. Tim worked my member with a little more confidence enjoying Jane’s encouragement. I had never had a great interest in sex with Tim. At the time of our days together there had been others higher up on the pecking list. There was some interest though, I was always interested in sampling a variety of meat. I would tell Tim stories of my exploits with my male companions.
‘You’re just a fagot’ he would joke
‘I’m bi’ I would reply
‘What’s the difference’ Tim’s response.
The difference was that I loved sucking cock while Tim enjoyed trying any sexual experience. Fair play to him. An added incentive was Jane holding back her warm, wet pussy until Tim had at least had a decent go at my rock.

It would have been cruel to shoot my load into his mouth. I pulled away and turned Tim onto his back. My arms were now freed by Jane. I worked his thick dick playing with his full balls as I ran my tongue slowly across his shaft towards his tip. Within seconds he shot his creamy load over my face. I pulled my tongue around my cheeks lapping up his salty deposit. It tasted good. I was a little sorry I hadn’t forced us together years before. It was clear Jane wasn’t going to put out that night. She had more than got off by watching me and Tim together. She stood up and began getting dressed. It was impossible to hide the disappointment on our faces as her shirt fell down covering her perked breasts.
‘Tomorrow guys’ she announced leaving the room.
I climbed into my bed, still hard as a rock. Tim climbed into his.
‘Fagot’ I said to Tim
‘Bi, now’ he replied
‘What’s the difference’ I joked.

Track 6 A man needs a maid (Neil Young)

The Paris morning sunshine woke me early on. If last night had been good, I knew today would be awesome. Tim and I never discussed the previous night but both of us wore an incriminating, c***dish grin as we wandered down for breakfast. We finished our coffee and croissants (when in Rome as the saying goes) and headed for the Paris Metro to meet Jane at her sisters apartment in the outskirts of Paris.
‘So, what’s on the agenda for today?’ asked Jane as we wandered out into the chilly, Autumn Paris street.
‘Well this is Paris so how about a church, museum and sex?’ I chirped.
The others agreed and we headed for the closest church. We were in and out within five minutes.
‘There, done the church, done the culture’ laughed Tim.
We visited the Museum of erotic art on Boulevard de Clichy. After all this was a sex holiday and the museum was in keeping with the theme of the trip.
‘Plenty of ideas in here’ joked Jane
It was barely after lunchtime when we returned to the hotel. The maid had already cleaned the room putting the restraints, love toys and potions neatly into the dressing table draw. God knows what she thought but then she had probably seen it all before. The headboard on the bed still wobbled.

Track 7 Why does my heart (Moby)

Jane entered the bathroom as myself and Tim sat on the bed.
‘How about a movie?’ asked Tim fumbling for the TV remote control. A few moments later Jane returned to the room, her two boys sat half naked testing their knowledge of the German language. In truth no knowledge of German would have hampered any understanding of the movie.

A naked Jane climbed onto the bed between us taking a cock in each hand gently caressing each to reach their full size. Tim moved down between her parted legs and moistened with his tongue before he slipped a finger deep inside her moist pussy. I straddled her chest fucking her mouth, slowly at first before picking up speed in time with her moans. Tim added extra fingers into her hole until his entire hand disappeared. Jane roared with pleasure adding to my slight worry that she bite rather than suck in her excitement. Who cared, it was all in pursuit of pleasure anyway. Tim twisted and turned his arm forcing the flow of her feminine juices.

Tim placed a blindfold over her eyes before tying her hands behind her back.
‘Back in a minute’ he said before jumping off the bed and throwing a small towel around his manly waist. He pressed his finger across his lips signaling silence from me. Jane was certain we had both left the room but was in no state to do anything. Tim returned smiling a few moments later with a bucket of ice. He took out several cubes and dropped them onto Jane’s soft body. She jerked and screamed out with the ice cold sensation. Her scream had barely ended as I poured a cold beer across her tits before letting her take a drink. I held the bottle from the bottom as she took the head of the bottle to her soft lips. She licked the tip of the bottle before taking it into her mouth. She had no cock available right then so the bottle would have to do. I watched her slowly swallow the nectar imagining she was swallowing my hot cum. Tim and myself lapped up the beer from Jolene’s body, off her firm tits and her now even wetter pussy.

I couldn’t wait any longer as I sunk my two day erection deep into Jane’s twat. She let out a surprised shriek. She wasn’t in charge now for a change and was loving it. Tim complained that he wanted to play but I was inside and wasn’t moving for anyone, not yet anyway. Jane’s hands were still tied tight as I pumped hard, biting her nipples with each thrust forward. Tim begged for a piece of the action but I had turned deaf. He moved down and settled for licking the melted ice cubes from her belly. Finally Jane pulled away somehow freeing her tied hands. She reached back for the headboard pulling it clear off the wall. I swung onto my back as she climbed aboard guiding my dick back inside her wet cunt. Tim now took the opportunity to enter Jane. He pushed her forward sinking his large cock into her tight arse. she let out a cry which just urged him to push harder. The bed rocked. The headboard fell closer to the floor. Tim pulled back her sweaty hair as she slid her hands across my sweaty chest. I was close, Tim too was close but I held back from shooting until I got the nod from him. Both of us pulled out as Jane turned onto her back. We knelt over her sweat covered tits jerking our weapons ready to fire.
‘Shoot you fuckers’ shouted Jane
I watched Tim cum first, his creamy load spurt from his thick cock and bounce off Jane’s breasts. Seconds later I too shot my load, this load covering her soft face. Jane took turns sucking our hard bones lapping up any surplus cream.
I lay back exhausted, truly fucked. Jane looked at the dildo lying unemployed on the floor next to the bed.
‘Didn’t need that thing did I?’ she joked.

Track 8 Down in the tube station at midnight (The Jam)

The Three Musketeers headed out for dinner. It was hungry work all this sex stuff. The cold Paris night could not diminish our fresh fucked glow. We crossed the quiet road, through the huge Arc de Defense and into the Paris metro station. Both myself and Tim were still exhibiting an erection inside our tight trousers.

Track 9 Not Now John (Pink Floyd)

It was some time before the train arrived. I emptied my pocket of change for the busker as he churned out ‘Not Now John’ for a third time. Paris buskers seemed to have so much more class I thought. Another act stood at the door as we entered the carriage. I pushed Tim forward towards the begging artist, it was his turn and I was cleaned out of loose change anyway. Tim dipped in his pocket placing a crisp note into the ungrateful sax players pocket. The train moved on and the sax player walked the length of the train before returning to his original spot. Tim was suckered into donating again. Myself and Jane began laughing at him. Tim, the typical Yank, the original Grizwold.

Track 10 Fallen (Alicia Keys)

A sure sign a restaurant is waiting to close after a busy night is when your waiter is joined by another three and all four hover over your half empty plate. They await those magic words ‘May we have the bill please’. We were the last three diners in the restaurant and finally took the hint. . We left an overly generous tip before stepping out into the cold Parisian air. We decided to take the luxury of a taxi back to the hotel rather than struggle with the metro. With our limited French and the drivers resistance to speak or understand English we somehow managed to convey our desire to drop Jane off at her sisters apartment before continuing on and returning myself and Tim to our hotel. We had had a fantastic evening laughing, eating and finishing off more than a modest amount of wine.

We crunched together in the back of the taxi. I being, the smallest, squeezed into the middle. The taxi driver appeared busy on his mobile phone appearing agitated that we had interrupted his phone conversation. Once our destination had been agreed he returned to his heating telephone call. I rested my coat innocently on my lap. The shouting driver competed with the radio blurting Fallen by Alicia Keys. I liked the song and wanted to ask the driver to shut up shouting but wasn’t brave enough.

Jane slipped her hand under my coat and began stroking my cock through my jeans. She unbuttoned my fly zip before smoothly sliding her hand inside the opened flap. I coughed nervously, more in surprise. The driver looked into his rear view mirror briefly before returning his eyes to the road ahead and his concentration to his phone conversation. The taxi turned onto the Champs Elysee as she leaned across resting her head on my lap and under my d****d coat. Her stroking had worked up an impressive erection as she pulled my dick from my underwear taking it into her moist mouth. Her sexy lips worked their magic from balls to tip and back again. Tim watched in amazement. I watched in delight as her head movement brought my coat rhythmically up and down. I watched the taxi driver. I was sure he had let out a wry smile I but kept silent. If he was watching, that was fine and I wasn’t going to stop Jane, not now. It would be cruel to cut her enjoyment out so soon.. She took my full length deep to the back of her throat without a sound of any trouble. Her stamina saw her continue for quite a while without the need to come up for air.

The taxi appeared to be taking the lengthy scenic route, the tourist route that doubled the price of the fare. I didn’t care. I was prepared to pay for the detour and it gave Jane longer to finish her dinner. I resisted shooting. She grabbed tightly at my balls before running her fingers through my dark bushy pubes. My cock still danced off her lips and into her mouth. Finally I could hold myself no longer as I shot my creamy load deep into her hot mouth. She spilled not a drop as my milk flowed down her throat. I let out a weak groan causing the driver to look again into the car mirror. My eyes rolled and I was sure he released another uncharacteristic smile. My dick was still wet and hard as Jane struggled to return it to my underwear just as we arrived at our first destination. The disappointed expression on Tim’s face, I got the blow job rather than him, made me laugh out loud. The taxi stopped in the middle of the street and Jane climbed out. She opened her purse to take out the taxi fare.
‘I’ll pay, I wanna pay, it’s on me’ I shouted with an uncharacteristic and rare passion to pay for anything.
Once we arrived at our hotel I gave the taxi driver a note twice the value of the inflated taxi fare.
‘Keep it’ I said smiling.
The driver slipped the note into his pocket and sped off into the Paris night.
‘He understood that bit of English, the fucker’ I joked to Tim
‘And he got a free porn show too, the fucker watched it all’ Tim replied.

Track 11 For You (Tracy Chapman)

Our final morning included a shopping trip with Diane, Jane’s younger sister. While she had no resemblance to Jane, she was every bit as sexy. The four of us flitted between several exclusive Parisian department stores. Myself and Tim generally made a nuisance of ourselves. In one store Jane and Tim disappeared for over half an hour only emerging from a store fitting room after myself and Diane had paged them over the store tanoy. He pushed Jane into the small fitting room. The constant flow of customers trying the fitting room door handle failed to put Tim off as he pulled off her lily white panties. He pulled down his trousers and underwear in one rapid action. Tim pushed her back onto the small bench in the room and raised her legs to behind his shoulders. She moaned in pleasure as he sunk his big cock deep inside her dry snatch. She wanted to scream but held back as she heard the constant footsteps on the other side of the door. Tim pushed harder, pushing his meat as far in as it would go. He was a man on a mission. She pulled his head close to her face.
‘Fuck me, fuck me so fucking hard you fucking bastard’ she whispered.
‘Gonna cover you in my fucking cum’ replied Tim.
He covered the fitting room with his hot cum. It covered Jane, the bench, the floor and the door. He could never remember shooting so much fluid before in his life. Well not since the previous day anyway. They made a feeble attempt to clean up their mess before emerging from the fitting room looking ruffled like they had both been dragged through a hedge backwards. Customers outside were left in little doubt what had occurred inside the room. Nobody said anything. This was France, everybody probably approved. I smiled at Tim, he beamed back.
‘Well you got it last night’ Tim said laughing.

Track 12 I shall be released (Bob Dylan)

I finished my second beer before picking up my bag and heading for the taxi for the airport. I circled the table kissing and hugging Jane, Tim and Diane in turn. I turned to Diane. She too had made an impression on me and I had only known her one day.
‘If you weren’t married I’d propose here and now’ I said loud enough for the others to hear.
Jane walked with me to the hotel exit. We hugged long enough for a worried Tim to come around and check we were both alright. The three of us hugged again.
‘Wow, some trip’ I said beaming
‘Really wow’ repeated Jane and Tim as one.

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