Wullie gets a job


Wullie gets a job
Tomorrow was going to be a great day for Wullie McCracken. He was going to start a job that he hoped would do him for a lifetime. Wullie was going down the coal mines for the first time, just as his dad, several brothers and many relatives have done for centuries in the Scottish coalfields.
His mind wandered as he was thinking about what goes on as the miners descend below the light of the earth. His dad had told him lots of stories. Would they grab his cock and play with it or would they rummage with his ass? Wullie was excited about the thought of another man’s strange hand on his cock.
Wullie lived with his father, Phil, in a small Ayrshire mining village. He was the youngest of five, with a large gap between him and his nearest sibling. Wullie had two brothers who were married and worked in the pits. His oldest brother was a priest in a nearby town. The only sister had married a school teacher and lived up in Edinburgh. Wullie’s mum had passed away when he was young, leaving Phil to raise a young son.
They were father and son but they were also very close friends and lovers. Since his wife had passed Phil focused his sexual energies bringing up his youngest son to be his sexual partner. To that end, Wullie was no slouch when it came to homosexual activity.
As they were preparing Wullie’s gear for tomorrow Phil explained that tomorrow would be the start of a new life. He was going to be a man and do man’s work. It was hard work and dangerous so Phil talked safety to Wullie. Wullie wasn’t the brightest so Phil needed to explain in detail what he meant to ensure Wullie got it and would stay safe.
Phil also explained that just as he had touched Wullie on his cock and put things up his arse, the other men might want a turn, especially on your first day. There might be a little initiation of sorts son, he said. Just be careful, don’t fight them, go along with them and it will be fine. We all have had a turn at it doon the pit son. I was there when your brother Tam got initiated. He handled it well lad and so will you. Just think of us and what we do, no hurting and you will be ok. They will be rough but just teasing son. They won’t really hurt you.
Here is a new aluminium water bottle son and this is a snap tin as you know. Put your piece in there, keep it dry and safe from mice and rats. Here is a new canvas rucksack for you to carry that in. That will keep you fed and watered down the pits boy.
Now, they will give you work clothes and boots when you get there. But you cannot go there looking like a k** or a tink. Here is a pair of my old boots and bib and brace overalls, you can wear them down to work in the morning. Also, here is an old shirt and an old suit jacket pus a new flat cap. That will be you dressed as a man now son, so its time to be a man and do a man’s work and look after the other men down the mine. Wullie smiled and agreed. He was eagerly anticipating his new role.
As a k**, Wullie had grown up watching his brothers and dad go down the mine. It was a right of passage for local boys to grow up and be a miner like their dad and granda. Wullie was well versed with coal miner’s life. Many times, his dad had come home, black and filthy. Wullie was the one who bathed him and washed his clothes, whilst he slept. However, once Phil was asleep it was common for young Wullie to get his dad’s dirty gear on before he washed it and rubbed coal on his face. Then he thought he was a miner and would play with himself for hours. Stroking his growing cock and playing with has balls over and over trying to make them bigger. Making sure to be all cleaned up and the dirty pit clothes washed before his dad woke up.
Now that he was 16 and heading to work Wullie really was excited to finally living the life of a real miner and what that brought.
Morning came and Wullie and Phil were up about 5 am to have a bit of breakfast then head down to the mine. Phil told Wullie he looked like a man dressed like your old dad and that he was proud of him. Do me proud today son and be safe.
When they got to the mine, Phil took Wullie to the training room to meet Mr. Frisky who handled all the new recruits, in more way than one. Mr. Frisky was a gruff, older chap. Short on words but nice enough Wullie thought to himself.
Right lads, Mr. Frisky began when the group of 4 new recruits were assembled. You are here to do a man’s job, so if you haven’t, it is high time you grew up and acted like a man. No one will look after you here but yourself so be careful.
With that, he waved them over to a table where he had assembled four piles of work clothes, with a folded NCB issue work towel and personalized clothes bag on top. That was to take the dirty stuff home every week and wash it. On top of each pile there was a hard hat, with their specific name on it. In addition, there was a pair of knee-high wellie boots, work trousers (hole in the arse, mmmm?, thought Wullie), wool socks, long john bottoms and a simit (vest), plus a black donkey jacket with orange shoulders and NCB emblazoned on the back. There was also a leather miner’s belt for the lamp battery. His lamp clipped on the front of his hard hat but the cable ran to a battery that was carried on this belt, along with small tools such as spanners or small hammers.
He took them to the change house, or dry. This is where the men changed from their black and dirty mine clothes and hung them up to dry for the next shift. Then they all showered together (a thought Wullie relished) and after changed into their street clothes to go home. Each of them was assigned a basket and hanger for dirty gear he explained and then a locker for their clean stuff.
Right he growled, get yourselves changed into that pit gear and meet me out at the lamp battery rack and we will get you batteries. In a few minutes the four young lads, all quite bright eyed with excitement had managed to dress themselves in the gear provided. All of them had rips on the arse of their trousers, again Wullie thought this might be interesting.
There they were four lads about to go down the mine for the first time, dressed in the same gear as every other man around the property. Made them feel like they belonged.
Mr. Frisky said this chap here is Auld Mick. He looks after the lamps and also collects your pit check every time you get a lamp and go down. When you come up after your shift, when you put your lamp back, you will get your brass pit check back. If you don’t pick it up the we will go back down the mine looking for you. Safety first. However, don’t forget to ever pick up your pit check before go home as you will possibly lose your job.
With that they were all suitably terrified and the headed off as a group to get on the cage (elevator) to head down the mine shaft.
As they descended it became quite obvious the only light they had was their cap lamps which at that point hung around their necks shining down to the floor and not in anyone’s eyes. Soon they had made the few minute trip to the 500-meter level. This was where the coal seam was accessed from.
As they stepped off the cage, there was a landing place that was basically a large flat area with a few other tunnels heading off from that. They went into a little small room where there were four men waiting. They were the foremen. Each ran a section and the four new recruits were divvied up between them.
Wullie and his new boss, Jimmy walked off. As they walked, Jimmy said I know Phil well. Good man. He has said you are a good lad so we shall see son laughing lightly. As they walked in, Jimmy said there were six other men on the gang. We will meet up with them and then we have to shovel out under a belt.
As they rounded a bend, there was lights bouncing in the distance. Soon they came up on the crew who were actively shovelling coal from under a conveyor belt and back onto the belt. When they got there, the crew stopped. Jimmy did the introductions. A few of the men knew Wullie and Phil in the village. However, since they were so dirty Wullie didn’t recognize one of them.
There was Del a 40-year-old well experienced miner along with two older chaps, Brick and Dick they were called. They were both near 60 and the years showed on their grimy faces. Wullie didn’t worry about weird nicknames, he just wanted to remember them. He knew this was a lot of information for him to take in all at once. Then there was Rab, a muscled chap who appeared to be about 30. Benny and Jock were the two other guys and they were only a few years older than Wullie. He had been at school with them for a time. Again, dressed as they were, dirty and black, in dimly lit conditions, it was hard for Wullie to see who they really were.
Jimmy grabbed a shovel to Wullie and told him to have at it. Just watch your back but there is a lot of coal along this belt to be shovelled. Wullie took off his donkey jacket and hung it on a pipe. The other guys were all standing in just their vests and work trousers and sweating. Wullie kneeled and began to shovel the spilled coal up onto the belt. Before long he was sweating. This was also dusty work so much of the black coal dust stuck to the wet, sweaty skin on Wullie’s exposed shoulders, arms and face.
In fact, as he rubbed his face of sweat, that rubbed the coal dust into his skin highlighting his white eyes and around his mouth.
As they all worked and chatted, the coal under the belt disappeared. Done said Jimmy. They all stood up and Wullie noticed they were all quite similar as each other as they were so black and dirty he didn’t know who was who.
Good, let’s have a bit of fun then lads. Time to welcome young Wullie into our crew and show him the real way of the pit.
As he was speaking, Benny and Jock had grabbed Wullie under his armpits and had sort of dragged him over to the wall and began to chain him to the pipes. Don’t fight it Benny whispered in his ear. Just go along and you will be fine. If you fight, there are six of us, remember, so it’s just fun. We have all gone through it. Your dad was there for me, when it was my turn said Jock happily. It was good.
At that point, Brick and Dick undid the zipper on his work trousers and pulled his cock out. There black dirty hands were also now covered in thick axle grease, which they rubbed on Wullie’s now throbbing cock. Slowly up and down went Dick’s hands as Brick was now happily fingering Wullie’s ass through that rip in his work trousers. Ahhh, convenient thought Wullie.
None the less, he was enjoying the attention his ass was getting. Wullie and his dad regularly did this and so Wullie was quite used to it. Then came the hammers and spanner off each miner’s belt. One by one they took turns thrusting their hand tools in and out of that willing ass. Wullie’s back side and cock were now completely black, greasy and dirty. Much like the rest of him and he loved it. All those days he played in Phil’s dirty gear and here it was for real. Work not play and it was great.
They were quite impressed that he easily took the entire shaft of their hammers. You have had practice they joshed at Wullie. Phil told us you were his best. The youngest lad sure seems to be his best play toy for sure, they all agreed.
Brick and Dick were now actively taking turns sticking their big cocks in Wullie’s gaping mouth. He wanted both of them and told them to stick both in. With a dirty older miner on each of his cheeks, sticking their dirty cocks in his mouth, Wullie was so over joyed. This was what he had dreamed off for years as he played in his dad’s gear.
His hands were tied with the chains as were his ankles, so Wullie could only suck on their big cocks. As he sloshed each one around in his mouth, taking turns to go hard on each one of the cocks individually, he eventually got Brick and Dick to cum at the same time. Double cum soup for lunch cried Wullie. Excellent!!
Jimmy told the other guys to get their cocks out and into Wullie’s mouth. Make sure he tastes everyone on his crew on day one. Rab throat fucked Wullie with joy as he stroked Wullie’s throbbing cock. It was too much, just as Rab blew a load in Wullie’s mouth and on his face, Wullie shot his load all over Rab’s dirty hand. This was promptly rubbed all over Wullie’s dirty, black face and Wullie was ecstatic.
Our turn cried out Benny and Jock. As one of them throat fucked Wullie gently, the other played with his tools up Wullie’s ass. About fifteen minutes later after Benny came, Jock took a turn on the throat fucking of Wullie McCracken on his first day of work.
The cream of the top came when Wullie was unchained. Now it is the bosses turn. Make sure you look after the boss boy, they all cried. Wullie gently caressed Jimmy’s throbbing cock which was hanging out of the open zipper on his trousers. Slowly taking it all the way into his mouth, Wullie also fondled Jimmy’s balls.
Jimmy had a huge cock and big, hairy, ginger balls. Although he was cut, that didn’t bother Wullie. He had never had a cock this big!!! None of his brothers or dad was this big. Wullie was so happy. Jimmy had a delicious taste and his cum was just so sweet.
As they all patted Wullie on the back and shook his hands in welcome, it was clear they were a happy crew.
Jimmy said Wullie you have done your dad proud. We all enjoyed that didn’t we lads? IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING – WHAT HAPPENS IN THE PIT STAYS IN THE PIT. So just keep this to your self Wullie. Everyone has been there; we just don’t need to talk about it.
They sat and had some lunch and a drink from their water bottles. Then Jimmy arose and said, time to go. Cage time lads. Let’s go get cleaned up and go home.
When they got to the shaft station, as they waited for the cage Wullie looked about for the other four recruits. Since everyone was so similarly dirty and grimy it was hard to find them. There they were, three of the chatting. Wullie ambled over. How was it lads, he asked? They all had a smile from ear to ear.
When they got to surface they put their lamp batteries back on the charging rack and stood to collect their pit check from auld Mick. As he handed them their tags, he told them to go see Mr. Frisky.
The four of them walked into the training room where Mr. Frisky was waiting. Right lads, there are four new pairs of work trousers. You can wear them from now on. Those ones that you have on, bring back to me. The ones with no arse are special, he said as he smiled.
With that the four new lads headed off to the dry to shower and change. There day just got better.
In the drying house, there was lots of boisterous banter among the miners. Wullie met the guys changing beside his locker.
Once naked he grabbed his towel and headed into the large communal shower. He figured there were hundreds of miners in there. There rows of shower heads coming form the ceiling. On the walls there were containers of soap to wash the dirt and grime away.
Wullie was washing his head and was covered in soap when the fun began. A monster of a man, big and hairy, grabbed Wullie. Here lad, let me wash that axle grease out of your arse. He had a huge handful of thick soap. Rubbing Wullie’s cock and balls, he washed and fingered Wullie’s ass until the water ran clean. There you go son, cannae have you going manky on your first day.

A big chap grabbed him from behind and started to wank him off. It felt great under the flowing shower. He didn’t let Wullie cum however. As he let go, an older miner got on his knees and proceeded to give Wullie the best blow job ever. This guy had no teeth but it was amazing on is throbbing cock. He made Wullie cum all over his face and chest. The shower quickly washed it away however.
Wullie finished showering with a huge smile on his face. Towelling off at his locker he chatted with the other guys and just had a look at their naked bodies in general. What a sight, he thought. Yes, I think I am going to like working here.
Once dressed he headed out to the gatehouse to meet his dad. With his flat cap on and his rucksack over his shoulder, what a wonderful day he thought. So glad to be a miner!!.
Phil was smiling when they met up and he asked how his son’s first day was? Wullie gleefully replied, recanting the day’s activities. Great fun dad, more than I could have wished for. Thanks for everything Da!!.

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