A little show for a stranger


A little show for a stranger
My husband had just left for work, the sun was breaking through the bedroom curtains. I was feeling particularly horny, and so could not resist slipping my hand down to feel the smooth contours of my recently shaved mound. As usual my mind flashed through my most memorable sexy experiences, finally reliving a thrilling experience that happened on the day that my husband Dave, had arrange for a guy to pick up a heavy cold frame that he had sold on EBay.

The weather had been hot and having finished my chores, I had taken a long cool shower. Whilst drying off, I heard the back gate swing shut and voices in the garden, and looked out of the window to see an older guy with my husband, discussing the best method to move the frame.

Feeling a bit frisky, not wanting to pass up the possibility of some flirtatious behaviour I selected my red strappy dress which was cut to mid-thigh and did little to hide the shape of my boobs. Checking myself out in the mirror, I was excitedly conscious that the impression of my hardening nipples, was easily discernible though the silky fabric. And hoped the obvious lack of a visible panty line, would surely invoke some curiosity with the buyer.

Hoping the buyer would be receptive to my mode of dress, I joined them in the garden and casually asked them how they were going to move the frame. As I had hoped, the buyer took the opportunity to furtively glance at the impressions of my erect nipples against the flimsy fabric, and the fact that I had his attracted his attention so quickly, gave me a little tinkle of pleasure.

Their plan was to carefully drag the frame, without removing the glass, over the path then turn it sideways to get it through the gate and on to the buyer’s trailer. But the frame was quite heavy and proved too awkward to get through the gate, which meant it had to be lifted over the wall.

How could I not offer my help as they struggled to manoeuvre it and have a bit of fun in the process?

Dave immediately guessed what I was up to, and subtlety winked as he realised that I was about to take advantage of the situation. Eagerly accepting my offer, he instructed us all to lift it simultaneously from the bottom. As soon as we bent forward, they had a momentary view down the front of my dress. After that, the guy took every opportunity to sneakily glance at the impressions of my jiggling breasts as we heaved the frame against the wall. I was getting really turned on with the attention, especially knowing my husband was revelling in my uninhibited behaviour and would love me to continue with this provocative activity.

We managed to rest the guy’s end on the wall, and as he moved around the wall to hold it from the other side, Dave reached over and mischievously pulled one of my straps to the very edge of my shoulder. As we inched the frame onto the wall, I was getting really aroused by the possibility of totally exposing one of my boobs to the buyer, and so, desperately hoped that gravity would prevail and cause my strap to accidentally slip off my shoulder.

As the weight was now on the other side, my husband winked to me and suggestively advised that I should slip around the other side of the wall and help him take the strain.

A bit more pulling and pushing and all the weight was on the other side, leaving us to take the load with our arms slightly raised. As I shifted to maintain my support, the strap finally slipped off my shoulder and another flutter of pleasure excited me.

As my husband was not with us at that particular moment, the buyer took advantage of the moment and immediately focused his eyes on my chest, then hesitantly asked if there was anything else on offer. To my mind suggesting, that he hoped to get the opportunity to see a bit more than just the contours of my boobs. Already in a very aroused state and wallowing in his now obvious interest, my knees were weakening with excitement. I coolly replied that I was just wondering about that, when Dave came round to take the rest of the weight. Then as we manoeuvred it onto the trailer the inevitable happened. Much to their delight, the top of my dress slipped down. The only thing preventing it fall completely was the fact it was hitched by my erect nipple.

Dave, knowing how much we were both turned on by my daring exposures, rested the frame on one end. Then suggested that we hold it where it was while he went to get something to wedge it up. So with both hands holding the frame, I could only feign total embarrassment to my obliging voyeur. As Dave disappeared through the gate, the guy confidently commented on how lucky he was that I was around to help, and this acknowledgement of his approval sent a further tingles deep inside me.

Moments Dave returned with some planks, and with an obvious ulterior motive, instructed that we lower it very slowly as he jammed them in. Although my back was killing me, the pleasure I was getting deep inside by my provocative behaviour was truly stimulating. The anticipation of the inevitable was secretly driving me wild, until at last, my dress fell away completely, totally revealing my left boob. No doubt satisfying Dave’s obsession for me to expose myself for the stranger’s lecherous curiosity, as well as elevating my personal pleasures.

As per usual, I knew that Dave would want us to take advantage of the situation, so desperately hoped he would think of something to prolong my delectable sensations. Predictably, it only took a moment for him to ask me to hitch the rope to the underside of the trailer giving me an opportunity to squat. Then instructed the guy to move opposite me and hold the rope tight while he messed about trying to tie it down, thus allowing the guy an unobstructed view of my shaven pussy.

My stomach, doing double somersaults as I just squatted there, flaunting my totally exposed pussy front of them and with my boob still on display. Dave asked us to hold it up a little longer while fumbled with the knot, prolonging the experience, before I dared to catch the guy’s eye, only to see him smile with total approval

It must have taken two or three minutes before we finally rested the frame on the trailer, giving me ample time to wallow in this knee trembling performance. When it was eventually secured, I casually hitched up my strap and apologised if he had been embarrassed by my dress malfunction. He complimentary replied that he was really glad I was there to help.

I did consider offering them a cool drink to have the opportunity to continue my provocative conduct, but thought better of it, as my aching pussy was in need of some urgent attention from my husband.

As the guy prepared to drive off, my husband wasted no time putting his arm around my waist and hitching my hemline up much to the delight of the guy as we waved the him off.

As the memories of the erotic encounter flooded back, I continued to touch myself and moved to the window overlooking the location of the experience, not caring who may be passing and fantasizing of what may have happened had I invited him in for that drink and brought myself to an earth shattering orgasm which lasted several minutes.

Often have I wondered what the guy actually thought, but his smile as he drove off left me in illusions as to how much he enjoyed my daring exposure.

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