Revenge sex fantasy


Revenge sex fantasy
We were visiting my sister in laws family and were all having a nice time, there was some tension between her and her husband, but I didn’t think anything off it at first. After a fairly normal day I was taking some empties to the bin and found her having a cry. When I asked what was wrong I got the stock answer of ‘nothing’, we have always had a good relationship and I told her that she didn’t have to tell me anything, but I was there for her anytime if she needed to talk, and left it at that. A few days later I got a call from her asking if we could meet for that talk, but could I keep it to myself. I said sure and we agreed to meet later that day at a quiet bar with the excuse that I had to wine and dine some potential clients.

At the bar I got us some drinks and she led me to a quiet corner so she could talk. She still seemed reluctant to say what was on her mind and it took a some small talk and a couple of drinks for her to eventually relax and blurt out that her husband had admitted to cheating on her. I had to act surprised at this point because he had drunkenly confided in me what he’d done, I had advised him to stop what he was doing, but I didn’t expect him to spill the beans.

At this point the flood gates opened, she was upset, she was angry, she was confused. So we talked it out over a few more drinks and got it down to that she didn’t want to leave him, or split up her family – she still loved him and wanted him back in the marital bed, but she wanted to punish him and get her own back. I said that the obvious answer to that was for her to go out, pick up a guy and get a good seeing to. She had a good laugh at this and then said that there was no way she could just pick up any old stranger, that it would have to be someone she was comfortable with and at that point looked directly at me. I had a good chuckle to this but when I stopped she was still looking at me dead in the eye, at which point my stomach knotted and my cock began to swell, things had suddenly taken an unexpected turn.

At first I tried to downplay this suggestion, but she explained her thinking – she needed to go with someone she could trust, and she knew I would never blab to anyone (I didn’t want to ruin my marriage) and that deep down we both should admit there had always been an attraction between us – I couldn’t deny that, why not scratch that itch? She was similar to my wife but dressed slightly more dowdy, I had always suspected her of hiding a hot body, she certainly had bigger breasts. I was super turned on by this but also torn at the same time and so went to the bar for a shot to calm my nerves.This gave me time to let things sink in and for my cock to start doing more thinking than my brain and by the time I got back to the table it was to ask “ok – how do we go about this?”

So we started to discuss how her revenge sex should be, I was now beginning to appreciate just what a chance I had and so suggested that as part of his punishment she should do some sexual act with me that she wouldn’t let my brother in law do with her, amazingly she thought this was a great plan and so we started talking about things she had not let him do with her, which included – watching porn, shaving her pussy completely bald, sucking him after he’d been inside her, filming her, tying her up or anal. I had to let her get the last drink in as I was now completely hard.We agreed to cool off for a few days and if we were still up for it to make plans to make it happen. Thankfully my wife was asleep when I got in as it allowed me to have wank to release the tension.

I fully expected my sister in law to have a change of heart, so was pleased to receive a call a few days later asking if I was still up to help her get her revenge as she had thought of nothing else since we talked, and so we planned a night away in a hotel in the city. I suggested that she brought some sexy undies and that she shaved her pussy in preparation, to which she replied ‘we’ll see’. Over the next few days I was horny all of the time and was told off by my wife on more than one occasion to give her (and her pussy) some peace – and that she was glad I’d be away ‘on business’ at the weekend so she could have a rest – if only she knew!!

After checking into a room and leaving the extra items I had brought I found myself a seat in the bar and ordered a drink. When my sister in law arrived she took my breath away, she was wearing an amazing clingy dress showing off a fantastic cleavage, heels that gave her an amazing walk and she was beautifully made up. She walked over to me, dropped her bag and gave me a long kiss on the lips, I was still speechless as she ordered a glass of fizz and perched on the stool next to mine with a mischievous grin on her face. We had a couple of drinks until I could stand it no more and picked up her bag, took her by the hand and led her to the lift.

We had barely made it through the room door when I was pinned against the wall and being kissed hard, I responded by pulling her close and stroking her body through her dress, noticing that I could feel no underwear as my hand went from her back to her ass. She started pulling at my shirt and before I knew it I was bare chested and she had started licking and nibbling on my nipples before kissing her way down my belly. As her hands went to my belt she looked up from her crouched position and said that we were about to go beyond the point of no return and did I want to stop, I responded by putting my hand on the back of her head and pulling it gently back towards the swell in my trousers. She quickly undid my trousers and my cock sprang out almost hitting her face, she held it and inspected it from different angles before murmuring her approval and taking me in her mouth while looking me directly in the eye.

After sucking me for a bit, and getting me fully hard she led me into the room, sat me on the bed and pulled my trousers off, then she told me to watch her undress, I went to stroke my cock and was told in no uncertain terms that all the action my cock would see would be from her, so I sat on my hands and watched.Her dress zipped at the back and she looked amazing reaching back to loosen it, then she slowly slipped her dress down not taking her eyes off mine. When her dress dropped to the floor she was left standing in only heels, a push up bra, and a completely shaven pussy! I was glad I was sitting on my hands, she had been commando all the time. She walked back to the bed and straddled me, we kissed a bit more before she leaned back and undid her bra letting her breasts free. After three k**s I was not sure what to expect, but they were amazing, still reasonably pert and with the most tremendous hard nipples. I had a good grope at them, licking and sucking each nipple in turn making her groan.
I positioned my cock at her pussy and she lowered herself on to me with us both hardly able to breathe, when I was fully in she stopped moving and kissed me hard again – I asked her how far she was prepared to go and she replied ‘all the way!’

We rocked back and forth kissing for a bit until I lifted her off me and laid her on the bed and went to my bag for some more props, the first being some cord. I said she was to stop me when she didn’t feel comfortable and she gave me a nod and so I put her hands above her head and tied them together and then to the bed, I then took out some lube and started to rub this around her anus whilst watching her closely, she was taking shallow breaths and then nodded which I took as a signal to push my finger in which made her gasp. I spent the next 5 minutes or so licking her pussy and gently fingering her ass eventually getting three fingers inside and getting her very wet. I then asked her for the code to her phone, which she gave me with a puzzled look until I said it was time to film her husband a message. I got between her legs and pushed my cock inside her before switching on her phone and started to film her.

Almost immediately she looked in to the camera and proceeded to talk to it as if to her husband, saying what a selfish prick he had been, how he had hurt her, and how she was getting her own back so they could move on,she also added that she was getting serviced by a cock that was much more impressive than his and he would have to up his game in the future. I pulled the camera back so you could see that she was tied up then panned down her body to show my cock inside her which I started to slide in and out. After a few strokes, and still filming, I pulled my cock out and with it glistening with her juices moved up the bed and put it at her mouth. She looked straight at the camera and started to lick, then suck my cock until I moved back down and put it back in her pussy. I did this a couple of times before spreading a load of lube around her ass and over my cock. I looked again for approval and she nodded and so I filmed me gently push my cock into her ass. This was a slow affair but eventually I was fully inside her and she was groaning and pushing back on me. I filmed the pure lust in her face before moving back down to film my cock in her ass and my other had stroking her clit which brought her to a very loud orgasm. Her ass twitching round my cock was enough to set me off and I emptied my load deep inside her. The last part of the film was of my cock pulling out followed by a blob of cum – I offered my cock to her mouth again, but this was the line she would not cross and she turned away.

I stood back to admire the scene before moving in to untie her and let her sit up. We had another kiss and then fell asleep in each others arms. I woke a while later to see her sitting in the chair opposite the bed, she was still naked and her face was lit up by the light of her phone. I spotted that she was rubbing her pussy and realised she was was watching the video we had made earlier, she obviously liked what she saw as soon she bit on her lip and orgasmed over her fingers. Not realising I had watched the whole thing she snuck back in to bed and cuddled in to me. I pretended to stir and we then had amazing sex again.

The next morning, after a quickie in the shower – another thing she didn’t do with my brother in law – we got ourselves together and went on our own ways.

A few weeks later their family was visiting ours, I casually asked my brother in law how things were and he told me that things were great, that he’d told his wife about his affair and that it was the best thing ever as after a while she had forgiven him and that now she was horny as anything and was experimenting more. He never said if he had been shown the video, but his wife gave me a couple of knowing looks as I chatted to her husband.

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