The family affair part


The family affair part
As with the rest of the story. All characters are adults in this storyline and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies.

Chapter 8

Danielle’s first punishment
and first sex with Daddy

** Get them redressed and stand before me. He could see tears in the eyes of his new slaves. Debbie retrieved two ball gags from the closet. As well as yours and Amanda’s. After placing the ball gags in his slave’s mouth’s you all know the password right? They all nodded yes. Amanda takes Danielle and ties her face down on the spanking bench. Danielle looked at the strange contraption. A single post on a base that leaned backwards a little bit. With a padded spot on the top part of the curve. Her belly rested on it. At the end was a stock. She placed her head in the opening in her wrists on either side as Amanda closed the stocks.**

** Then Amanda placed Danielle’s ankles in the leg cuffs. Her legs were spread wide and her wrists and neck were in the stock. She could not move. Mike placed a washcloth in her hand and Debbie then stood where she could watch the washcloth and tell Mike when she dropped it. Drop the washrag instead of the password. Do you understand? It was hard for her to nod yes but Debbie nodded that Danielle understood. Again he used the flogger on her than a small whip. Her skin was all shades of red and covered in marks. He then went around and kicked a box over towards Danielle. Standing on it he removed her gag.**

** Kiss the tip of Daddy’s cock. Danielle did as she was ordered. He then ordered her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out. He began to slowly insert his cock into her mouth. Deeper and deeper with each stroke. She began to gag and thick slobber began to hang from her mouth. He stopped before he came. He retrieved a belt and began to beat her on the backs of her legs and ass. He could hear Danielle’s cries and whimpers. Soon she dropped the towel and Debbie raised her hand. He goes around in front of her and pulls out the ball gag again. He could see the tears rolling down her face. It turned him on. Do you want Daddy to fuck your pussy and your ass? Yes, Daddy, I want that she replied. Go get me two condoms he order. Debbie replied yes Sir and she quickly went to retrieve them.**

**As he waited for her to come back he began to fuck her face. Pushing his cock in as deep as it would go. Causing her to gag. Debbie came back with two condoms and a wet rag. Wiping Danielle’s slobber from his cock. He grabs her by the hair and pulls her head up as much as it would go. Are you ready? Yes, Daddy, I’m ready Sir. He ordered Debbie to bring the big mirror over so he can watch her face. As she did this he retrieved a vibrator from the closet.**

** He shoved the head of the vibrator tightly against her pussy and clit. He could see the shock on her face as it began to vibrate. Danielle was so horny that in no time she began to have an orgasm. Debbie Amanda and Brianna were all kneeling and watching. Brianna could see the mirror and her sisters face as her Daddy forces her to have one orgasm after another. Juices were dripping down her legs and pulling on the floor within a few minutes. Her legs were twitching as her whole body was reacting to the orgasms. Her juices were collecting on the floor. Mike ordered Amanda to take off Brianna’s ball gag. Crawl over here and clean up the mess she’s making. Lick it off the floor and off of her legs. Yes, Daddy, she replied.**

** Brianna crawled over and began to lick her sister’s cum off the floor and then up and down her legs. She was amazed by how sweet her sister tasted. You like that didn’t you? Yes, Daddy Sir. Brianna answered. You’re just a little slut, aren’t you? Breanna lowered her eyes and said I think I am Daddy Sir. He then pulled the vibrator away and ordered Brianna to cup her hand on Danielle’s pussy. Soon her hand was covered in her cum. I give it to your sister and let her taste yourself. Yes, Daddy. She took her hand soaking her sister’s cum and Danielle licked it clean. You taste good? Yes, Daddy, I taste good.**

** Breanna! Take the condoms from your mother and put them on me. She grabbed the condoms and knelt before her dad. He let the vibrator slide to the floor and grabbed Brianna by the head. Kiss the tip of Daddy’s cock. Brianna smiled and eagerly kissed her Daddy’s cock. That’s a good girl. Now lick it up one side and down the other. She saw her Daddy’s cock twitch as she licked it. Now suck it deep into your mouth. Daddy’s cock was so big and thick. She could barely get 3 inches in. Stick your tongue out slave. Daddy still holding her head began to slowly shove his cock in and out. He stopped and told her to place the condoms on him. After placing both condoms on her Daddy. He told her to lick her sisters pussy. Yes, Daddy, she replied. She eagerly ate her sisters pussy.**

**Pulling her back by her hair. That’s enough slave. Kneel right there. You’re to watch me fuck your sister. Breanna answered yes Daddy. Mike could see Brianna’s wet face. Danielle’s was standing on a block and her ankles were locked into the upper restraint. This made her knees bend and her ass to stick out. He knelt down and he could see her pussy pulsating from an orgasm. He leaned in and stuck his tongue deep into her pussy. Licking and sucking it he could hear her moaning. He stood and slapped her pussy hard. Standing on a block he stuck the head of his cock against her pussy. Are you ready slut? Yes, daddy. Please daddy. May I please have your cock? Daddy. He slowly inserts it all the way in.**

**Brianna watched as her father’s cock disappeared into her sisters pussy. He leaned over and began to play with her hanging tits. That was hanging on either side of the post she was tied to. Pulling and tugging on her nipples and breasts and slapping them. Danielle began to moan more. Still leaning over her he asked are you ready to be pounded hard? Yes, Daddy, I am. Amanda added a second mirror on the floor so it would reflect Danielle’s face in the other mirror. Daddy slowly pulled his cock out. Until the tip was just in. Looking at her face he shoved it hard and deep into her pussy. She gasped and the look on her face made daddy want to fuck her harder.**

** He pounded hard Danielle’s pussy. Her breath was coming in short breaths. Brianne watched as daddy’s cock quickly disappeared in and out of her sisters pussy. Daddy’s ball slapping hard against her with each stroke. Danielle began to moan and carry on. He ordered Amanda replacer ball gag in place the rag in her hand again. Soon Danielle was shaking with one orgasm after another. Brianna began to see her daddy’s ball sack shrink. Daddy soon pulled away and walked off. Use the vibrator he ordered her. As well as your tongue and fingers. Maker her more orgasms. Brianna eagerly began to finger her sister and eat her pussy. First using the vibrator on her clit and sucking her pussy then swapping and sucking her clit and vibrating her pussy. Soon Danielle passed out from all her orgasms. Mike ordered her to stop and kneel back down.**

**They removed her from the bench and later on the bed. Using Smelling Salts to bring her around. She could feel that her pussy was so wet. When you are ready will put you back in the bench and I’ll fuck your ass until I orgasm. Danielle smiled and said softly yes Daddy. He ordered Debbie and Amanda to sit on the bed and scissor each other. As they began to rub their pussy’s together. He ordered Brianna to slowly rub and suck their clit’s. Breanna did as she was ordered and slowly rubbed and sucked her mother’s and Amanda’s clits. After a bit, Danielle set up I am ready Daddy she replied. Very well. Amanda strapped her back into the bench. Yes, Sir, she replied. She uncoupled herself from Debbie and led Danielle back to the spanking bench. Brianna, I want you to suck and finger your mother’s pussy. Yes, Daddy, she replied.**

**As Danielle was led back to the bench. She began to have another orgasm. She was so horny and her pussy was so sensitive. Just the mere act of walking gave her orgasms. Amanda placed Danielle back in the squatting position on the bench. He then ordered Amanda to lick and suck Danielle’s pussy. He watched as Brianne began to suck and finger her mother. Debbie was soon holding her face tight to her pussy as she started to orgasm. He walked over to Danielle and ordered her to suck his cock and make it hard. This was made easier seeing how Amanda removed the stocks and replaced it with wrist restraints.**

** Soon Mike was was hard and shoving his cock in and out of his daughter’s mouth. He pulled it out and walked around behind and ordered Amanda to spread her ass cheeks apart. She pulled Danielle’s ass cheeks open. Are you ready he asked? Yes, Daddy. He slaps some lube on his cock and then yanked her but plug out and shoved his cock and before it could squeeze shut. She gasped as she felt the plug pop out in her Daddy’s cock slide in. He began to pump her slowly and soon she began to moan. She could feel his cock pulsating when he shoved it all the way in and held it. She could feel the end was close. She began to beg Daddy to cum in her ass. With one last shove. He filled her ass full of his cum. **

** Everyone was covered in sweat and their pussy’s were flowing like rivers. Mike spanked each girl over his knee then told them to go clean up. When we are refreshed your next Brianna. Brianna smiled and said yes daddy.

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