Weekend together?


Weekend together?
We have a romantic date night, dinner, drinks, slow dancing on the terrace 🙂 walking hand in hand on the sidewalk along the shops, just talking laughing. We grab some ice cream and head home, k**s are gone this weekend. We climb into bed snuggling, I drift off to sleep smiling. Its friday and you didnt go to your fuck buddys 🙂 like usual. Must be my lucky day.
Dreaming of us making dinner together for a dinner party I wake slowly very thirsty. I notice your not in bed. Must be using restroom or woke up thirsty too. As I walk towards the kitchen I hear a noise. around the corner into the living room, I see you naked on your hands and knees, your fuck buddy is sitting in the middle of our couch in his suit and tie, your going to town slurping his cock, worshiping it. He tells you to stop, hes thirsty, move your sexy ass to the kitchen. I step back in the shadows as i watch you get up, kiss him passionately and omg, your ….sashaying your ass, exaggerating your hips as you walk to the fridge…for him. Hes grinning, stroking his cock arrogantly, vulgarly as your walking back with his water. He tells you that you may continue as you were. As he takes a drink you slide back to your original position, obediantly. I catch “yes master” escaping your mouth just before you engulf his throbbing cock. My mouth is wide open, you’ve given your self to him? Hes rubbing your head, telling you your a good girl. He says stop again, he stands up before your kneeling naked form. He just smiles and like some silent command, you stand and undress him. You take his tie off and drap it around your neck, you unbutton his shirt and put it on your body. You lay his pants on the end of the couch as he sits back down. He smiles a silent command again and you crawl onto the couch sideways and lower your mouth to his cock again. This time I can see it more clearly. Your not sucking his cock, your not engulfing his thick member…. Your gorging your self on his huge slab of man meat. I hear you tell him its yours, not his wifes cock anymore. He pulls you up and you naturally slide your wet pussy on top of his cock, sliding it to and fro against your lips like a steel pipe. I hear you suck in your breath , suddenly, you try to gasp but sound cant escape your throat as he impales you on his cock. Then as you slide down, it seems like an eternity but you finally bottom out, he’s deep inside you, resting against your womb. You feel your cervix slightly opening. Your face buried in his neck and the only sound all 3 of us hear is your “yesssssssss” filling the room. Riseing slowly your hips gliding, I can see the muscles straining in your thighs and ass as your try to just enjoy the way he fills you, stretches you. I can see your trying to hold back from a fast gallop. As you kiss him I can hear you telling him how you missed him and have been waiting all week for his cock. As your riding increases tempo you whisper between making out that you have a gift for him, tonight… You want him to take your ass….he grins and says he already planned to, but only if your a good girl. You grin riding him and tell him he is definitly gonna see how good a girl you are. He then tells you he has a gift for you as well, well, besides his cock. He lifts you slowly off him and turns you around, your knees still on the couch, he lowers you back onto his cock. Your riding him reverse cowgirl now and he reaches around, fondling your huge tits, pinching and pulling your nipples with his hands. With his right hand he sweeps your hair to the side out of the way and starts kissing your neck, biting, licking. His right hand goes back to your tits as his left drops and begins pinching and rubbing your clit. You ride up and down his long shaft, rocking your hips to some beat only you and he can hear. You cant see as your too busy riding his cock like a dirty lil slut, he reaches in his coat pocket pulling something out. As im watching, your head is looking up at the ceiling, he reaches around your neck, is he gonna choke fuck you? Pull your hair? Suddenly we hear a click……the lock closing around the collar he’s just placed on you. Your gift my dear he says and he kisses you from behind as you cream all over his cock…..
Im in shock, jaw still dropped, I cant even move and dont even notice till its too late that you two stood up and hes leading you to our bedroom by your leashed collar. You both stop next to me in the hall. You and him look at me with no surprise in your eyes. He speaks, we knew you were there the whole time. You tell me that you had no intention of skipping your fuck buddy weekend with him. He tugs on your leash slight but firmly. You reiterate, had no intention of skipping your fuck buddy weekend with YOUR master. You then tell me you knew he had to work late so you offered him to come over when he was done with work and just start your weekend here. You both look down and grin, I look down, i didnt even realize i had cum so hard watching you both, without even touching myself. You kiss my cheek, pat YOUR cock and tell me to clean up my mess. You tell me to go make sure I his slacks so they arnt wrinkled when he leaves for work on Monday. I start to say someyhing but you slap me across the face, causeing my shocked look, and a guilty hard on. You tell me im your good boy and will sleep on the couch tonight. He then pulls you away from me by your leash, stating, yes, your her good boy, while licking his finger then sliding it effortlessly in your ass, looking directly at me grinning, saying to you, and your MY good girl, just as he’s closing our bedroom door…..

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