A New Taste Part 30 (Quickie)


A New Taste Part 30 (Quickie)
When Harrison left for his parents I knew he would be merely keeping up appearances. A good straight son with a lovely girlfriend. We all have our secrets. After three lovely days in my bed it was sad to wake up alone, especially during long hot summer days when my mind often turned to erotic possibilities.

I chatted to Gabriel who was desperate to come over and get fucked but couldn’t find an excuse while on holiday. My other boys chose when I would serve their members and I rarely asked for the opportunity.

I found myself masturbating as I stared at beautiful cocks online and decided this wouldn’t do. I needed the real thing and I needed it now. I messaged them all saying I was free for the next few hours and was very eager to please. I had worked myself into a highly libidinous state.

Phillipe responded first. He certainly had the desire but could only meet at 6pm in the city. I agreed to meet him without hesitation. It had been a month without his magnificent penis. I was drooling at the prospect. Then Nick replied, ‘Love to mate but I’m out on a job. After work?’ That was no good to me so I said I could only please him if it was in the next hour or so.

‘Tell you what, I will swing by in my van if you give me the address. But you will have to be quick.’

Naturally I accepted. How quick was ‘be quick’? I pondered. I fancied a quickly up against the wall. I had been topping all the time lately and Nick could loosen me up nicely. I made sure I was ready and waited wearing a cock ring and a bathrobe. If he wanted more than a blow job he could have it.

I was so randy waiting there alone. I stroked myself erect by the door and lubed and fingered my hole. I was getting carried away until I was suddenly surprised but a loud knock.


“Yep it’s me.”

I opened the door concealing myself behind and he came in wearing his work shirt with logo on the chest. He looked down at my open robe and my erection.

“You are fucking horny for it aren’t you Ben eh?”

“I can hardly deny it.” I said, cock in hand.

“I been stiff most of the drive hear mate. Rubbing it through me jeans. You better pull it out.”

I knelt and undid his belt, slid his zipper down and opened his jeans. I reached in to manhandle his thick cock out of his boxers into the light. I rolled his foreskin back and he grew quickly. Oh boy I needed this. My tongue twisted about his glans and tasted him. He had been doing physical work all day and oh that taste was like a d**g to me. I was ravenous for his cock and soon had my head pinned to the wall.

“You want it bad don’t you Ben?” He said as he forced himself deep. I did. He pulled out and my saliva dripped from his impressive erection. I let my robe fall off me leaving me dressed only in a single cock ring.

“Ok… A quick one.” He said as I stared up with needy eyes. “You ready for it?”

“Yes.” I stood up and turned to face the wall pushing out my rear. I reached behind and held his thick shaft aiming it, pulling it, towards my lubed hole.

“Ok.” I said.

He pressed and penetrated. I pushed back as he pushed inside me and he was immediately 8 inches within me. His arm held my waist as he settled into a standing fuck.

“Fuck, I forgot how thick you are. It’s incredible!”

“You love it.” He snarled behind me and rammed fast. My cock became semi soft and started dripping precum. I would have ejaculated if he had lasted longer but he was in a hurry and just used me to get off. He was really thrusting and enjoying his power. When fully inserted he tried to lift me by the anus with his solid girth. Then in a few sharpe thrusts he unloaded. Through gritted teeth he moaned as each wad of spunk was spat into my butt. He pressed me against the wall then whipped his organ from me.

“It that the bathroom?” He said.

“Yes, yes thats it.” I answered as I recovered myself. My hands spread out on the wall.

He went in to wash his penis n the sink. I watched him from the door. He turned and began to piss in the toilet.

“Ah! I have been gagging for a piss all the way here.” I studied the stream of urine blast from his semi. As he finished he looked over and said.

“Go on then!”

I knelt and licked drops of piss from his head and sucked on him. He stroked my hair.

“You are so horny today! Shame I gotta go eh?”

He zipped up and left. I was still raging with erotic needs. My cock was dripping and I collected the precum and licked it from my fingers. I cleaned myself up, dressed and headed out for the city. Outside the meeting place I waited impatiently. I was strangely jittery. Needy. I had a sense of the ghost of Nicks girth in my bum. It pleased me.

“Hello Ben.” Phillipe spoke behind me. “Lets go inside shall we?”

As we made our way through the mostly empty building and up in the lift to his private office we quietly chatted.

“It’s unusual for you to request a meeting Ben. Do you need money?”

“No Sir, I need something else.”

“Have I got an unusual amount of what you need?”

“Yes Sir. You have a surfeit.”

“A surfeit! Ha, very good. I admit I am lucky in that department.”

I looked at him with a serious expression. I could barely speak. I just wanted to drop to my knees and gobble him up.

“Hungry?” He asked.

I gulped. “Very.”

He locked the door behind us. I knelt down. He undressed. The orderly manner of his movements was like foreplay. Finally he stood completely naked. His great heavy cock hanging there with magnetic erotic power. I waited for permission like an obedient dog.

“It’s been a while since I last ejaculated.” I licked my lips. “Begin.” He instructed.

I lifted his soft meat and inhaled through my nose, sniffing his beautiful penis. As I began to suck on his head I was fully aware of the privilege of sucking a cock like this. In my jeans my own cock stirred and lengthened. I took most of it in and he closed his eyes and began to fuck my mouth.

I worshipped him. Both of us on a cloud of cock bliss. My groin ached a little after denying myself all day. I wanted it to last but equally I really needed to taste his cum. I longed for the texture and taste on my tongue. He would get close and pull away, the weight of his dong swinging it about as I lustily waited for more.

“You are extremely aroused aren’t you Ben?” He said as I gazed at his length.

“Mad for it.” I replied.

“You may masturbate if you want.” He offered.

“No Sir I can’t touch it right now. I need your cum first.”

“Very well.” He said as he placed his member into my open mouth. “Throat me!” He demanded.

I did a deep dive and tapped his calf muscles. He put his hands on either side of my head and forced my to the root. As he held me there, as I thought myself into the deepthroat zone, he spoke.

“Good boy! I think It will be a heavy load today. I feel good. So good!”

I gave him everything I had. He pleased his cock for as long as he wanted. My jaw was exhausted by the time he exclaimed his orgasm was about to be triggered.

He drenched my mouth with his man juice. His living spunk pulsed rapidly on to my tongue as he gripped my skull. I loved it. I love the thick cream a man makes anyway but in my exceptionally aroused state it was nectar. He pulled away and I was sad that it was over.

He dressed and I remained on the floor. Watching. He left his cock out until the end then walked over. He understood me so well. I lifted it and kissed it.

“That was special Ben.” He said then zipped up, handed me folded notes and adjusted himself before unlocking the door and gesturing me out.

At home I had a quick wank the moment I got in. My balls ached and It was a strange mixture of emotions as my enormous load rushed out. I deny myself during fellatio as I want to devote myself and maintain the highest arousal but after a very horny day it can take a toll. My orgasm was a relief and the volume of semen would have delighted me from anyone else.

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