Ex-Girlfriend’s Gay Cousin

Double Penetration

Ex-Girlfriend’s Gay Cousin
Demarco pulled the chicken tenders out of the oven. He placed a couple on two paper plates. Then, he added a scoop of boxed macaroni and cheese to each. He placed a spoonful of green beans on them for posterity. The 31 year-old heard a car door slam. In walked the mother of his c***d with whom he cohabitated.

“Hey, baby,” the dark-brown brotha greeted her.
Kandice replied, “Hey!”
“How was your day?”
“Ridiculous,” she scowled throwing her hands in the air. “Those people can’t do anything right. I mean I just don’t know what’s wrong with them.”

Demarco sort of hated that he asked. “Dinner’s almost done. What do you want to drink?”
“Tea. Boys,” she called out.

The two k**s came running out of their shared room. Seven year-old Kwame was Kandice’s son from a previous relationship. Keyair, now in his terrible twos, was the couple’s progeny.

The family of four sat down at the table and ate their food.

Kwame cleared the plates when they finished and went off to complete his homework.

Kandice watched an animated show with Keyair.

Demarco announced, “I’m gonna take a nap.”
“Okay,” Kandice acknowledged.

Demarco Thorpe and Kandice Nobles had known each other all their lives. They still lived in the small town where they grew up. They never dated during high school, but connected in their late 20s after he broke up with his longtime girlfriend, Mercedes Woodley.

Demarco worked about 30 miles away at a metal fabricating plant. He was an extruding machine operator. It was a decent paying job in an area with few livable wage manufacturing positions. With overtime, he earned close to $60,000 last year. He had never been the brightest guy in school, but he was a hard, determined worker. His work ethic bode well for him and had him in line for a promotion to supervisor.

Kandice worked as a billing clerk for a local pediatrician. She enjoyed the fact that her man was a good father to both of her sons. She was kind, but not overly affectionate with Demarco. She contributed to the relationship and had been the driving force behind them purchasing this three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath, 1,630 square-foot house.

The pair had a pretty good life. Demarco had brought up marriage once. Kandice brushed it off not seeing the point. Now, she wondered if it finally made sense. She had no idea how broach the topic again.

Demarco slumbered until his alarm went off. He stumbled out of bed and washed up. He packed his lunch, got into his red 2015 GMC Yukon, and left for work. He was on the overnight crew.

During his shift, the supervisor asked if he would work over until 11:00 a.m. Demarco gladly accepted. On break, he sent a text to Kandice letting her know.

Demarco clocked out after pulling 12 hours. On the way out, he spotted one of the materials engineers. “Hey, Mickey!”

“Hey, Marco! How are you?”
“Pretty good. Just getting off. You?”
“I’m well. You worked over?”
“Hey! While I have you. Do you think you could go by my grandma’s house? She said her kitchen faucet is leaking.”
“Yeah! I can check it out.”
“Thanks so much! I owe you one.”

Demarco walked away.

Mikhail Woodley was the first cousin of Mercedes. He was three grades behind Demarco in school. He had gone off to college after finishing up. He was one of the few educated Blacks that returned to the area. He worked in the municipality which was larger than where he was raised. But, he didn’t live there. He resided 25 minutes south in a large town of around 40,000 people.

Mickey had admitted to Demarco, one drunken night at a house party several years ago, that he always wanted to suck his dick. Nothing happened then. Demarco laughed it off. It wasn’t until Mickey was back home for Christmas break that Demarco fed his 8-inch cock to him. That was the extent of their relationship for a long time. Both felt icky at having messed around behind Mercedes’ back.

They never did anything else until the break up occurred. During the messiness of that time, they hooked up once more. The five-foot-eleven, slender, yellowish-brown dude with overtly feminine characteristics ended up bent over the hood of a car along a deserted country road. It was late at night. The moon was hiding behind thick clouds. It began to drizzle. Demarco rammed his meat into the snug hole.

“Fuck,” Demarco had barked. “I can’t believe this!”
“What, daddy,” Mickey had purred.
“Can’t believe I’m fuckin’ this gay ass of yours!”
“You’re fucking me so good, nigga!”
“This butt pussy is tight!”
“You like it?”

That was Demarco’s first time fucking ass. He came pretty darn fast, He had never experience such clasped muscle control on his dick. He loved it.

But, living in a small town precluded him from opportunities to explore fucking coquettish gay bottoms. He began kicking it with Kandice and that was that.

Demarco made it back to his hometown. He decided to stop over at Mrs. Woodley’s before going home.

The old woman greeted him warmly and offered him some lunch. He told her he’d take a plate to go if that was fine. He discovered the culprit was a worn out washer. He explained to the matriarch that he was going to run out to the hardware store and be right back.

Demarco replaced the washer with a rubber version. The leak was gone. Elva Woodley thanked him profusely and offered to pay him. He told her no, but gladly accepted the food. When he got home, he warmed up the baked chicken, collard greens, niblet corn, and cornbread. He sent a text to Mikhail letting him know he’d fixed the issue. Then, the man climbed into bed.

He woke up in time to pick Keyair up from preschool and be back at home for when Kwame got off the bus. He got the k**s situated and dozed off on the recliner for about an hour. He got back up and threw a frozen lasagna in the oven.

Demarco checked his phone. Mickey had replied with a smiley face and a message expressing gratitude. Mickey also asked how he could repay him?

Demarco sent back a few emojis: thinking face, smiling face with horns, eggplant, and peach.

Mickey understood and wrote, ‘Finally! Yasssss!’

-Tomorrow morning? I can go in late if you can come to my house when you get off.
-Yeah. Send address.

Demarco was horny because Kandice had not felt up to sucking his dick or getting fucked in almost five weeks.

Demarco went to work and turned down the OT. He was in his SUV and driving towards Mickey’s house by 7:04 a.m. He made it in less than half an hour. He knocked on the door. The six-foot-three, slim-built, sinewy guy straightened up and his pulse quickened at the sight of Mickey in the thigh high tights and matching red-and-white-polka-dot bra & panty set.

“Hey, handsome,” Mikhail beamed.
“Damn! You look hot as fuck,” opined Demarco.
“Thank you!”

Demarco unbuckled his belt and pulled out his engorged penis. It was stiff and straining against his work pants. It felt good to be released. It yearned for attention.

Mickey was happy to oblige. He sucked the member with methodical affection and care.

Demarco’s mind recalled how great this had felt before. This time was no different. The soft lips on his hard shaft were heavenly. He felt as if his tool swole even more inside of Mickey’s wet mouth. “Got dayum, baby!”

“You like that,” checked the engineer.
“Hell yeah! You suck dick like a pro!”
“Do I,” Mickey massaged the musty balls.
“Yeah, baby! Best blowjob ever!”

Mickey stood up and bent over the couch. “Fuck me, nigga!”

Demarco rushed behind the leggy, pert bottom boi. He stuck his dick inside the pink hole. “So fuckin’ tight, baby!”

“Gimme that dick, Marco,” begged Mickey.
“Yeah, slut! Take it!”

Demarco pounded. His hairy nuts slapped against Mickey’s smooth taint. He gripped the slut’s waist firmly as he delivered full, rhythmic thrusts. “Damn! I love butt sex with you!”

“Is that all you got, Negro,” teased Mickey.
“You want it harder, punk?!? You makin’ fun of me?!?!?”
“I’m just wondering, daddy!”
“Shut the fuck up, bitch!”

Demarco choked Mickey. He pulled him up and dragged him to the floor. He placed his left foot on Mickey’s neck and positioned his dick downward towards the hole. He pile drove in and out of Mickey’s rectum as the sissy fag lay there on his stomach. “This is how you wanted it,” Demarco growled.

“Yes, sir,” whined Mickey.
“That’s a good li’l faggit! Take all this dick!”
“Fuck me!”
“Yeah, bitch! This pussy good.”
“Fuck my hot little boipussy, nigga! I love it!”
“Hell yeah!”
“I’ve always had a crush on your fine ass, Marco!”
“Oh yeah, bitch?!?!? You gettin’ all this dick now, hoe!”
“I love it!”

Demarco hammered. Mickey wailed.

Mickey swallowed all the cum when Demarco ejaculated.

Demarco rinsed off and headed up the highway. His drained balls promised him a good sleep this morning.

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