My Son in Law (Part 06) Final Chapter


My Son in Law (Part 06) Final Chapter
By Dina Petro

A continuation of the same story from part (05)

Writer’s Note:
Dearest Fans & readers, this is a true story that happened to one of my very close friends, not me personally, but she had given me the full consent and approval, to go ahead and write it.
Of course I have done my best to alter all of the personal facts and informations, to protect privacy and personal life of her and her family, it will be written as the first person, in my own words, for making it more fun to read and enjoy, the story was broken into a few parts to avoid making it boring for the readers.

My Son in Law (Part 06)

A continuation of the same story from part (05)

Meantime, Mai lifted her head up over my face, leaning on her arms, we were looking each other straight in the eyes, both of us smiled, and I said “I can’t believe we are doing this baby”
She smiled saying “I know mom, I know you could not believe it, but as for me, it had been my fantasy, my day dream to be in this exact situation with you”
I was silent, still looking her straight in the eyes and I asked her “baby, how long have you and Josh been fucking?”
Mia did not answer me, but same time, Josh seemed to have started fucking my ass so hard, so deep and so fast, and somehow, I started enjoying it, I guess feeling that super large dick of my son in law, fucking me in the ass for the first time, deep and hard, had deviated my attentions from talking to my little daughter, to moaning and actually enjoying that cock in my ass, yes I was enjoying being fucked in the ass for the first time, I could not say all the pain vanished completely, but at least 90% of it had vanished by then, the rest was something within my control to handle.
Mai locked her lips over mines and we started kissing passionately, our tongues invading each other mouth passionately as well, Josh started alternating the fucking between my ass and my little daughter’s ass, till he was ready to cum, by then we were both cumming exact same time, he came in my ass.
Josh pulled out of my ass, got up and disappeared somewhere in the house, as if he wanted to clean up or take a shower, but I am not stupid, I am sure he must have heard my question to Mai about how long they had been fucking, that must have been why he wanted to disappear and give us girls the chance to talk.
Mai and I were on top of each other, relaxing from the hard fucking we got together, she looked me in the eyes, kissed me on the lips, and said “mom, I am going down between your legs, I want to taste your pussy please, I am dying to eat it, I have not had enough of my mom’s sweet pussy”
I looked her in the eyes giggling, I kissed her on the lips too saying “well, since we have turned to being a pair of sluts, the mother and daughter, fucked together, sharing the same cock, why don’t you flip over and give me your pussy to eat it while you eat mine?”
Mai giggled saying “what a great idea”
She flipped over, placing her head between my legs, right over my pussy, while her pussy was over my mouth, we started licking each other, enjoying each other’s pussy so much, and the pleasure was mutual and very obvious till we both came again, together.
Mai tried to get up to follow Josh to wash up, but I pulled her hand and pulled her back to bed right next to me, I held her between my arms saying “you did not answer my question my little baby, or should I say my little whore?”
We both laughed, she said “which one mummy?”
I said “I asked you, how long you and josh have been fucking Mai?”
She looked me in the eyes saying “Mom, you taught us to tell the truth, it has been a very long time, much longer than he had been fucking you, he was my first man to take my virginity, and has been fucking me ever since”
I said “your first man, but is he your only man?”
She looked at me smiling; then she shook her head right and left saying “No, he is not Mummy”
I said “Although I am not that Naïve, you seem to know exactly what you are doing when around another pussy, but I have to ask the question direct forward, am I your first woman to have sex with?”
Without thinking twice, Mai shook her head saying “No mummy, you are not”
I screamed “which means you are a lesbian?”
She said sharply “No mom, I am not a lesbian in any way; neither are you, you have seen how much I enjoyed the man’s dick in my mouth, pussy and ass, a lesbian is the woman who would go for sex with girls and never see men again, but you and I are fucking both, which means we are bisexual, which is normal now a days, most women are bisexual now, one way or another”
I said sarcastically “wow, and you turned into a philosopher in sex as well, and Naïve, stupid me thinks; you still are a virgin, while you proved the opposite completely Mai, you really grew up much faster than I could even follow or cope up with”
She said “mom, we have to change, the whole world is changing”
I said “Changing to what, for a whole family to be a punch of sluts, all three of us, the family women, are fucking the same man, what if your sister Sheila finds out you and I have been both fucking her husband behind her back, isn’t it bad enough over and above the religious sin we are making?”
I looked at Mai again asking “when did you find out Josh was fucking me by the way, he seemed to have told you, and you both set a trap for me tonight, am I right?”
She said “Yes mom, you are right, we wanted you to know, I know he fucks you, and I knew he fucked you the same night he did it for the first time in your bed, I even found out before you knew he fucked you”
I was totally shocked again saying “Damn, so, it is Sheila and I who were the only fools around the family, I have been feeling so guilty for stabbing her back, fucking her husband behind her back, and now it is the two of us together”
Mai was smart about this, she made no comments what so ever, she even did not look me in the eyes after I said those words, as if she was not concerned, because I made it sound like a statement not a question, honestly, it did not ring my bell for something fishy there.
We all got washed up and I told them we all have to keep our mouths shut about this, at least till I think what should we do, about what I had participated in putting my family in, in fact, I was very much concerned about Sheila and her feelings at that point, the rest would have been much easier to cope up with, no matter, I guess I was the only one who was worried about Sheila and her feelings, but I did not know it till later on.
A few days later, I walked into my Daughter’s house, using my key as usual, but when I got in the middle of her living room, I started hearing some noises coming from her master bedroom; I figured she was having sex with her husband, and it was only her right.
Being the very curious me, and having on mind the figure of her husband’s cock at that moment, made me want to get closer and sneak on them fucking, I figured it was ok, I had already seen Josh fucking my younger daughter, who wasn’t even his wife, he also fucked me with her same time, so why not watch him fucking my elder on, his own wife, the one he should be fucking legitimately, anyway.
May be I was finding excuses, but I guess I wanted to see my elder daughter naked, and how much would she look like her sister, with their age difference, I guess I was already addicted to women’s nude bodies, wow, am I being that honest and forward with myself, yes I am, I wanted to see Sheila, my daughter naked and fucked too.
Once I got closer, I was kind of shocked, the noises I heard were only feminine noises, moans and laughing, but no male sounds at all, it was all females, wow, that sounded more interesting to me, was Sheila a bisexual like me and Mai, could she have invited a female friend to have sex with? All are possible.
Things were getting more interesting for me, in fact I was turned on already, especially when I noticed the bedroom door was partially cracked, wow, am I about to witness a real girl on girl show, with my own daughter and her female friend, I liked the idea, in fact I loved it, and I felt my pussy was swelling and becoming leaking wet, making my panties soaking wet.
All I was thinking of, was a fantasy of being able to join them and fuck the strange girl along with my daughter, wow; it would have been a nice female threesome, for the first time in my life, I got closer, made sure I wasn’t noticeable to them, then I peeked inside the room.
Oh my God, what did I see inside the bedroom, it was my older daughter Sheila having sex with another girl alright, but it wasn’t a strange girl, it was her younger sister, my other daughter Mai, how could that happen, I could not believe my eyes.
I have to admit I wasn’t as shocked this time as I was when I found Josh fucking Mai, true my daughters were both fully naked, licking each other’s pussies, screaming, trembling and shouting, I guess it was time for a mutual orgasm by both of them, strange to me, very strange, but somehow it felt acceptable.
This time, I did not think about it, I did not wait any longer; I just walked into the room, making myself visible to both of them, I screamed as loud as I could “what the fuck do you think you girls are doing?”
The bigger shock to me was the reaction of my daughters, it was real shocking for me, they did not jump, did not scream, or even try to hide their naked bodies, they just froze the way they were, both looked at me with a wide smile, answering me in one joined voice “we are enjoying each other mom, we are making love, I hope you do not mind”
I screamed “Mind? Are you girls insane, you are sisters, remember?”
Sheila answered this time “we know mom, but we love each other and we are the closest to each other, no one else would ever fill the place of this, best than each other as sisters and lovers”
I said in a lower tone of voice this time “But this is wrong as you may both know, and it is a sin”
Sheila answered again, as she was the lawyer or spokesperson “Mom, it is not the only wrong thing we at this family are doing; I guess we are used to it, so why not enjoy it?”
I said “we? What do you mean by us?”
Mai answered this time saying “Mom, do not forget you are part of it too now”
I almost fainted hoping she would shut up, I was eying her and pointing with my eye sight at Sheila; as if I did not want her to know what happened, Mai held my hand as I was standing right next to the bed, where they were both laying down on, she pulled me hard till I was on bed in between them.
Mai said “Mom, it is time to open up and speak up too; we have to all be open to each other now”
I was still feeling uncomfortable hearing this crap with the presence of Sheila, but Mai continued with a wide smile “Mom relax, Sheila knows everything and much more”
Sheila spoke up this time saying “Mom, it is ok, honest, I am sure you are worried about me, but I already know my husband fucks you and fucks my little sister Mai, and I approve of it totally, I have no objections to that, I just do not want it to be done secretly anymore”
One way or another, I relaxed and felt much better, in fact Sheila was my main concern and I spent hours and days thinking how could she react knowing her own husband was fucking her mother and her sister, not only that, but together too.
I was in a total shock, but there were no more words spoken anymore, both of my daughters started stripping my clothes off, piece by piece, strange enough, I did not react or struggle or even tried to stop them, I was just looking at them stripping me naked, till I was totally nude.
My daughters started admiring my naked body, feeling it all over, then they took one of my tits each and started sucking on my nipples, while I felt their hands browsing the rest of my body, I felt some fingers dipped into my cunt, it was still dry, but I knew for not much longer, as I was already accepting it, and may be liking it I guess.
Sheila was whispering in my ears “Mom, I knew josh fucked my sister Mai, from the first day he did it, and I approved of it, then Mai and I had practiced woman to woman sex together for the first time, we both liked and enjoyed it, we escalated it to sharing my husband together, he fucked us both same time, for countless number of times so far, we all loved it as well”
Sheila was touching my body, feeling and kissing her way down, by this time she was right over my pussy, she stuck her tongue out, dipped it in my slit and started licking my pussy, and sucking on my clit, which had stopped her words and prevented her from talking any more.
Mai kissed me on the lips while rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, she took the role of speaking by saying “Mom, all what we wanted to do to continue the fun, we are enjoying together, was to get you into it, we thought of many things, and finally it just happened like that, no plans what so ever, josh slept in your bed, and you ended up being fucked by him, we wanted to take it further and get you in the loop.
By that time, my pussy was soaking wet, my elder daughter was doing a great job licking me bringing me close to have an orgasm, I spoke up for the first time saying “Josh fucking you while I was watching in his house was a set up wasn’t it?”
Mai nodded saying “Yes mom, and I told you that already”
Mai got up, saddled my face lowering her cunt over my mouth, till her lower lips were glued to my lips, I started licking her pussy, along with Sheila’s tongue in my pussy, I was trembling and shaking of pleasure, Sheila was getting away from my pussy, coming closer to Mai, but I felt both of my legs were wide spread and held up each leg by one of the girls.
As of a sudden, without any prior notice, I felt a huge monstrous dick sliding into my pussy, fucking me deep and hard, yes it was a cock I was already used to, l it was Josh’s dick, both of my daughters were spreading my legs wide for my son in law to fuck me!.
Mai lifted her pussy up so I could talk, Sheila whispered in my ear “mummy, and this is a set up too, we want to be all fucked together, you, me and Mai to be fucked by my husband Josh, it is too late for you to fight it, he is already balls deep in your sweet pussy, after I licked it and prepared it for my husband to fuck my mother.
Mai got up, saddled my body facing the lower half, her pussy was lining up with Josh’s mouth while he was fucking me, he started licking her pussy, and Sheila replaced Mai over my mouth, for me to lick her pussy instead, and that was one of the best, greatest family foursome I had ever experienced ever since.


Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro
[email protected]

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