Shes a very good wife.


Shes a very good wife.
I stepped out of a steaming hot shower and looked up into the mirror, he was standing there watching me dry myself off, just as he had been watching me through the glass shower bathe myself in soap and hot water. I smile at him as I lift my leg onto the side of the bathtub to dry my leg. I slowly bring the towel up my leg, across my thigh and between my legs. I let out a soft moan and tilt my head back as I continue to dry my stomach and down my other leg. As I bring the towel up my other leg, he walks over and stands behind me…pressing his hard body to my wet and soft skin. He takes the towel from me and breathes on my neck, leaving light kisses on my neck and shoulders as he reaches around and dries my breasts for me. I lay my head back on his shoulder and sigh. The towel is dropped to the floor as he lifts my breasts into his hands, slowly massaging them, caressing them lightly, while still kissing and sucking on my neck and shoulder. I turn my head and nibble on his jaw line, nibble my way to his neck where i kiss it lightly and gently take the skin in to my mouth and suck it. I feel his body tense against mine, he moves ever closer and rubs his hard dick between my legs. The spot that was dried a minute before, but is now wet again. He slowly moves back and forth between my pussy lips, slathering his penis in my wetness. I moan as he presses harder against my lips, slowly slipping the head into my wet pussy. 
At the same time he is rubbing my hard nipples and whispering in my ear how bad he wants to be inside me, nibbling my ear lobes and kissing my neck. He moans my name as he slips the head of his penis into me. I glance over at him and his eyes are closed. I lean over and take his bottom lip into my mouth and suck on it, nibble it, then kiss his neck. He leans over to kiss me back, but i’ve got something else in mind. He’s rubbing his hard dick between my lips again, i feel his hot dick getting me even wetter. Each time he pulls back and rubs forward, he presses harder, working up to putting the head back in. I feel it coming, I know he wants to feel me from the inside, right as I feel him press into me, I bend forward and push back so instead of pushing the head into my hot pussy, I thrust back and his whole dick slides in. His body tenses and he grabs my hips as he moans my name. I thrust back and forth a few times, then stand back up so he slides back out of me. I turn around to face him, his eyes are 1/2 closed and he is smiling at me. I look him in the eye and take his hard dick into my hand. His eyse close and his legs get weak. He has to use the sink to stay standing. Slowly I start stroking him, my hand tight around his dick. Our combined wetness still on his dick helping lubricate the motion. While I use my hand on him, I kiss his neck and chest, nibbling here and there. I kiss my way down his stomach, achingly slow, down a litle further with each kiss. He knows what’s coming, and he is begging for it. He wants to feel my mouth around his dick, he wants to feel my tongue massaging the head, licking down it. I move further down, kissing the skin at the base of his dick. I flick the head of his penis with my tongue, then give it a quick suck, just enough for him to know that my mouth is right there, so close. He is waiting for me to suck it, he wants it, but not yet. I kiss my way back up to his mouth, kiss him hard and fast. He tastes us on my lips, and starts moaning for more. He likes the way my mouth tastes, the scent and taste of my pussy and his dick on my tongue. I am still rubbing his dick with my hand, he is starting to get a little frantic now, his knees are weak, he just wants to cum. But I didn’t say he could. He wont cum until I say so. I slow my hand until i’m barely stroking it, and whisper softly into his ear “slow, not yet….”. 
He takes my hand away from his dick, puts it on his chest, and wraps his arms around me. He whispers in my ear how much he missed me, and how it’s my turn to be teased. He kisses me on my forehad, on my cheeks, lightly brushing his lips on my eye lids. He leads me to the bedroom. I stand and watch as he clears the bed for us to lay down, but when he’s done he doesn’t want to lay down right away. He wraps lifts my arms up and aroudn his neck, and he puts his arms around my waste. He pulls me by my hips, moving me closer to him. He presses his dick against my stomach, and I moan because I just want it in me. He moves his hands up and down my body, slowly, barely touching my skin. The light touch of his hands tickles my skin and sends shivers down my body. He leans over and starts sucking one of my nipples, while playing with my other breast with his other hand. He sucks my nipple hard, then soft, stopping every few seconds to blow on it. The warm breath on my wet and now cold nipple makes it hard and more sensitive, and he licks it, teasing me, making me want more. He kisses his way down my stomach and kneels in front of me. He moves one of my legs so it’s up on the bed and starts using his fingers to rub between my pussy lips. Gently at first, barely touching me, just teasing me and making me wait for what I really want. I beg him to touch me, to rub me and lick me. He chuckles softly and uses his fingers to rub harder. When I think I can’t take any more, he slips a finger into my pussy, hard and fast. I am on the verge of orgasm, and he can tell. I’m moaning and begging for more, I want to feel him in me. Right as I feel myself let go and start to orgasm, he leans forward and starts licking my pussy, enjoying the hot taste of my orgasm. As soon as I feel his tongue on my I can feel another orgasm building, stronger and more intense. I am barely able to stand because my legs are so shaky. He finally lays me down on the bed and lays on top of me. He is smiling down at me and stroking my hair away from my face. I wrap my legs around him and feel him press against my hot pussy. He is kissing me now, hard and wet, sloppy kisses. He wants to fuck me, but he doesn’t want it to be over yet. I feel frantic, I want him in me so badly. I have to have him. Using my legs and hips, I pull him down to me and force his dick into my tight pussy. He’s propped up over me, and i’m hanging from his muscular body, using his strength to rock back and forth and thrust up to him. It is taking every ounce of strength for him not to cum, i know he wants to. If he moves a muscle he knows he will lose it. I want him to, I want it so bad. He regains control and pins me presses me down. He pins my arms above my head and hold me down. He is so much stronger than me, that I just lay there and take it.
He kisses my arms and shoulders for a few minutes, trying to clear his head. I try to lift my hips up to his dick, but he moves it away and to the side of me. He puts his knee between my legs, so I press down on it and use his knee to rub my wet pussy. I grind on it and moan, knowing that any minute i’m going to cum again. He presses his knee hard between my legs, and I feel a hot drip of pre cum land on my stomach. I know he’s barely holding on, he wants it as bad as I do. I look him in the eyes and I tell him to “fuck me, fuck me hard…now”. He readjusts his body as he’s telling me no, because he’s the one in charge. He decides what’s going to happen and when. I just want to feel a big dick fill me up. I want to feel him throbbing in me. My breasts are aching, my nipples are tingling, I need him to touch me. I want to feel him suck my nipples again. I’m getting really frustrated, and i’m about to tell him as much when he sucks my nipple into his mouth as his sliding his dick into me. My whole body just melts into the bed, finally, FINALLY i feel his dick in me again. But he’s not fucking me, he’s just in me, staying still. I lift my head and open my eyes and he’s looking at me. He tells me that he wants me to look him in the eyes when he fucks me. He wants to see my face when he makes me cum for him. I nod and lay my head on the pillow. He starts sucking on my nipple again, slowly, torturing me. I wrap my legs around him, and right as I start to beg him to fuck me, he slides his dick most of the way out. NO! I don’t want him to pull it out, i want it in me. I start to whisper “please…” and no sooner do I say that, and he’s thrusting back into me hard and fast. My eyes close and I moan “yeah….” but he stops. He tells me to open my eyes or I don’t get any more. I pry my eyes open and tell him i’d do anything, just do that again. So he does. He’s fucking me hard and fast, I can barely handle it. Every move his body makes, I can feel his muscles moving. I feel myself start to have an orgasm, and my eyes close. He stops again and my orgasm drifts away, not quite there.
I look at him with a solemn look and say “get off me, now”. I can see the confusion and concern in his eyes as he rolls over to lay next to me. I take the chance and pounce. I pin him down and climb on to him, lowering myself onto his dick. I see understanding register in his eyes, and he chuckles and says that was cheating. I whisper “all is far in love and war….now i’m going to fuck you, and you can’t do anything about it.” He smiles at me, we both know that he could over power me without breaking a sweat, but he plays along with my game. I reach down and start touching myself while i’m still sitting on him, his dick is still inside me. His eyes are taking in every little move I make, and it’s driving him crazy. He thrusts his hips up to give me a little extra help, and I moan softly…but I tell him that if he does that again we’re done. He needs to stay still and watch. No sound, no moving. He reaches up to touch my breast, and i smack his hand away. Instead i play with my own breasts, and rub my wet pussy around his dick. He can feel my pussy tightening up around him, he knows i’m about to cum again, but he has to stay still or he’s in trouble. My body tightens up and I get myself off while sitting on his dick and making him watch. I open my eyes as he’s reaching up to move the hair out of my face. He sits up, kisses me, then pushes me off of him while moving behind me. He thrusts his hard dick into my pussy and I grab onto the headboard for stability. He is thrusting in and out, hard and fast, barely giving me enough time to breath. He grabs a fistful of my hair and pulls back, using it for momentum to thrust into me. I start to cum again, moaning his name and how good he feels inside me. He starts to moan “oh yeah, i’m going to cum, oh yeah” I feel his body tighten up and he pulls his dick out of me. I feel his hot cum land on my back, slowly drizzling down and pooling in the small of my back. He’s still rubbing his dick on my skin, and shivering. His hands are holding my hips and I can barely catch my breath. He finally gathers his wits and smacks my ass. He drags me off the bed and walks me to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom he runs a hot shower and pulls me in with him. He washes every inch of my body clean, and I do the same for him. We dry each other off and lay down in bed.
I roll onto my side and he holds me and kisses my shoulder. Right as I start to dose off I feel him shift behind me and feel something hard poke my thigh. I chuckle and ask “is that what I think it is?” and he sighs and says “sorry, i can’t help. Just the feel of your soft skin on mine gets me horny”. I roll to my back and tell him that i’m tired, can he save it for the morning. He is quiet for a minute and then says “nope”. I smile to myself, already knowing what the answer would be when I asked the question.

Now I am laying on my left side facing away from him, and he on his back behind me. I lay there quietly smiling to myself, pretending I didn’t hear his answer and wondering how long he will wait before he makes his move. I didn’t have to wait long. I felt the soft sheet slide across my shoulder, causing my skin to quiver. Where the sheet was touching my shoulder a minute ago, I now feel hot moist breath and I know his mouth is so close but still too far away. I slowly shrug my shoulder up to meet his lips. I feel his warm lips on my skin, it’s heaven, but he’s not kissing my skin. Why wont he kiss my skin? Before I finish asking myself the question I feel his lips slowly brush up my shoulder and towards my neck…there is no pressure where I feel those lips grazing my skin. Only a soft, light, almost tickling feeilng. My skin is on high alert, enjoying this feeling and wanting more. My skin slowly, torturingly, forms goosebumps all over my body, almost as if my skin were trying to reach out for his touch. I lean my head away from him, stretching my neck out and giving him access to more skin. He sucks my earlobe into his mouth and chuckles deep in his chest when I jump in surprise. I feel his breath on my ear, in my ear. He rubs his nose on my cheek and kisses my ear. His warm breathing in my ear and the sensation of his soft skin rubbing against mine sends shivers down my skin. He is kissing my shoulder now, hard and slow, knowing he can take his time because we have all night long. He grips my right hip and presses his hard chest to my back. He squeezes my hip as he trades off from softly kissing to lightly nibbling on my shoulder. I feel his hand slowly moving from my hip and up my side, tracing my curves with the palm of his hand.
I turn my head slowly to the right and he senses me moving and meets my mouth with his. He kisses me hard and fast, almost franticly. But soon regains his self control and slows the kisses to a torturing pace, soft, light and drawn out. As he is kissing me, I feel the muscles of his body rippling and moving as he reaches around to cup my breast in his hand. I was waiting for him to touch my breast, I wanted it so bad. He is slowly caressing my breast, and kissing me at the same time. He finds my nipple and rubs it, flicks it, then lightly touches it. As I moan from sheer pleasure he slips his tongue into my mouth, sending chills down my body. I roll over to face him and he wraps his arms around me, embracing me in a warm hug and kissing my forehead. I reach down between our bodies and take his hard dick into my hand, now it’s his turn to moan. I am gripping his penis in my hand with the head sticking out between my thumb and forefinger. He slowly rocks his hips back and forth, using my hand for his pleasure. Every few thrusts into my hand I move my thumb across the head of his dick, causing him to moan and tighten his arms around me. Before I know it he’s moving away from me. I lift my head up, a little confused, to see what he is doing. Our eyes meet and after a torturing minute he smiles this devilish little smile. I know he has something planned and i’m going to be at his mercy. He is slowly crawling back to me now, and i’m mesmorized by the way his body moves. His eyes never leave my body. As he comes closer he reaches out and takes both of my hands into his. He lifts my arms up to him and presses them to his chest. He straddles me, I glance down and see his rock hard dick sitting on my stomach. I moan “mmm….” and as I do I press my fingernails into his chest and move my hands down towards his stomach. I know he loves feeling my nails rake across his skin, and now is no different. His eyes roll back into his head and he moans. Right before I take his penis into my hand again he catches my hand and pins my arms above my head. His whole body is pressed against mine, holding me down. I reach up and nibble his shoulder, I feel a shiver run down his body. I close my eyes when I feel him start sucking my nipple, slow and soft at first, then hard and rough, almost painful. Almost. I spread my legs a little and tilt my hips up, causing his hard dick to slip between my legs. I tighten my legs aroung him and scoot down on the bed a little so his hard, wet dick is rubbing against my pussy lips. He is getting frustrated now because even when he has me pinned down, I always find a small way to drive him crazy.
He looses his grip on my hands long enough for me to slip my hands away and around his hips. I manage to get my legs free and i put my legs around his, and use my hands to guide his hips into a perfect position. I feel the head of his penis pressing against my pussy, so i tilt my hips up and pull him into me. As he slides into my hot, wet pussy he moans and his body goes weak. I’m rocking my hips back and forth, going from fast to slow, driving us both crazy. He is kissing me and moaning, I know he’s getting close to cuming inside me. I want him to cum in me, that’s the goal. My skin starts to crawl, I’m getting shivers. I’m wet, so wet for him. My nipples are so hard and tight, every time his skin brushes against them I get an intense rush town my body. I feel my pussy muscles start to tighten around his dick, the first sign that i’m about to cum. I look him in the eye and whisper “fuck me hard, i’m going to cum for you”. He hooks his hands behing my shoulders and thrusts into me hard and fast, never losing eye contact. As he’s pounding in and out of me i feel a hot rush originating somewhere in my stomach and it shoots down to my pussy and then shoots through my entire body. Every muscle in my body tightens around him and I moan his name, moan his name so he knows that he’s making me cum for him. He is still thrusting in and out of my extremely tight and wet pussy, I reach up to kiss him, still feeling small shots of pleasure through out my body.
He breaks away from the kiss and moans “not yet, not yet, not yet”. He is breathing hard, and his heart is beating a million beats a minute. I pull him to me and he lays his head on my right breast, and puts his hand on the other. My legs are shaking uncontrollably, and my pussy muscles are still tightening up with the after effects of a strong orgasm. He reaches down and starts rubbing my pussy lips with his fingers. He presses his middle finger between my lips and starts caressing the swollen area between. He slips his finger into my pussy and looks at me in surprise and says “i can still feel it throbbing!” I smile down at him and nod my head. I close my eyes and listen to his breathing. He is still lightly rubbing my pussy lips, it’s more of a relaxing feeling versus causing me to become highly aroused again. I doze off to sleep, feeling warm and comfortable with his head on my chest. Somewhere in the corner of my brain I register pleasure, but i’m not aware enough to react or realize what it’s coming from. It feels like a yummy dream to me, and I don’t want to wake up. I want to stay asleep and find out what happens next. I hear my name whispered, and I start becoming more aware of what’s happening.
I gasp as I wake because I feel his finger slip into my wet pussy hard and fast, causing a hot rush to spreak across my body. I pry my eyes open and look down at him. He is kneeling between my legs with his finger inside me. I reach down and start rubbing the outside of my pussy, using my juices as a lube to help him give me more pleasure. I hear him mutter “god damn…” as he watches me touch myself, giving him a show. His finger is still in me, but is not moving. He feels my pussy tighten around his finger as I bring myself to orgasm, and when he feels that he starts finger fucking me, causing me have one orgasm after another…i’m moaning loud, and somewhere in the corner of my mind I remember that the window is open but i don’t care who hears me. He is fingering me hard and fast, he wants to see how many orgasms I can have for him. I put my foot flat against his upper chest and continue to rub myself. He is fingering me with one hand and masturbating with the other. I take my hand away from my wet pussy and wrap it around his dick, pulling him closer to me and rubbing him at the same time. He is trying so hard not to cum yet, but i’m not making it easy for him. He is still fingering me, and I feel myself getting closer to another orgasm. My scalp is starting to feel tingly, and my body is starting to feel hot again. Every touch to my skin sends shivers across my body. The only thing holdin him up is my foot on his chest, all of his energy and power is being exerted by trying not to cum and by fingering me. I tell him to look me in the eye as I cum for him. I am close, oh so close, when he decides to move the position. I’m still so close, I just want to cum, I want to feel my pussy tighten up and get even wetter. He grabs my leg and puts it up on his shoulder and he moves forward towards me and slides his hard dick into my pussy. I start moving my hips around, driving him crazy. He reaches down and grabs my breasts, squeezing them and caressing them. I feel his hands move down my stomach and to my hips, he grips my hips and before I know it he is thrusting into me hard and fast. I reach back to hold on to the headboard, this man is so hot fucking my brains out. I almost can’t handle this pace, he’s fucking me so hard and he isn’t holding back. Every time he thrusts into me my breast jiggle back and forth. Before I know it I feel an explosion of pleasure in my stomach, i yell “yeah, fuck me….” and I feel my pussy tighten around his dick. I’m so tight that he has to re-adjust the angle so he can get his penis all of the way into me. I’m dripping juices all over the place, I can feel my hot juice run down my skin and creat a big wet spot under me. I beg him to cum for me, I want to see him cum. I see his body shudder and he thrusts into me one last time, but before I know it he is pulilng his big hard dick out and setting it on my stomach. I reach down and start stroking it, causing him to cum. I feel him pulse once before i’m covered in his cum. It’s all over my stomach, chest, and on my face.
It takes a minute for us both to gather our senses, but when we do we are both shoked about how awesome that round of sex was. He stands next to the bed and reaches out for my hand. He pulls me up and walks me to the bathroom. As i’m standing there, the cum is running down my body. He turns the bath water on and adds some bubble bath to it. He also grabs a hand towel and wipes most of the cum off of me. When the bathtub is full, i get in and soak for a while. He sits on the side of the tub and talks to me for a while, and then he reaches in and grabs one of my feet. He gives me a nice long foot massage. When he’s done he stands up and looks down at me. I sit up and say “what?” he smiles as he steps into the tub with me. I stretch my legs back out and he rubs me legs. After a while the water starts turning cold. I ask him if he wants to get out or run more bath water. He doesn’t answer me. He tugs on my foot, pulling me closer to him. My butt slides closer to him, and as I sit up I feel his hard dick press into my thigh. I look over at him and as he starts to stand he smiles as says “yeah, lets go back to bed…” I look up at him, bubbles sliding down his body and over his hard dick. I just shake my head and say “yeah, lets.”

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