Cuckold Fantasy Pt2

Back Alley

Cuckold Fantasy Pt2
Lorraine instructed me to disrobe and lay on my stomach on the bed. She had some vanilla smelling oil on her bedside table and she poured a generous amount down my back to my buttocks. She massaged my back & shoulders slow and seductively. Once in a while her hands would glide over my ass cheeks, but then quickly back to my shoulders. After a few minutes of this she concentrated more on my lower back and inner thighs. Now her hands were slipping between my ass cheeks more and more. A few times she lightly fingered my asshole. As I was getting this wonderful massage, her hubby James was sitting naked in his arm chair slowly rubbing his hard cock. Lorraine asked me to roll over, which I did. My big cock was hard as a rock and standing straight up. She poured more warm oil over my stomach and groin and began massaging my front. I looked over at James. He was fixated on my cock. I wasn’t the only one to notice. Lorraine looked over at him – he was oblivious – and then looked back at me and smiled. Then she slowly started to jerk me off with one and and rub my balls with the other, sliding a finger over my asshole. James was stroking his cock faster now. Lorraine told him to slow down, that she didn’t want him to cum yet. Then she told him to join us on the bed. James looked puzzled, but obeyed his wife.
Lorraine instructed James to massage my legs while she massaged my chest, stomach and cock. James’s hands massaged my lower legs only at first, but soon his hands moved up my legs to my upper thighs. Soon his hands darted in my inner thighs and a few times I felt his fingers graze my balls. Lorraine’s hands slid down past my groin to her hubby’s hands and she took a hold of his hands and guided them to my upper thighs and all around my groin. He didn’t fight her and let her hands guide his. Then she placed his hands on my cock. He just sat there and stared straight down at my dick. She made him stroke me up and down. After a few moments she took her hand off of his and told him to keep going. As James jerked me off, she sucked my my cock head. Her mouth was warm & wet and felt amazing. James just slowly kept jerking me off as she sucked me. A few times she would stop sucking my cock and lick his fingers. She sucked his finger and my cock at the same time a few times, It was amazing. Then she positioned herself behind her husband and gave him a reach around while he continued to stroke me. She gently pushed his head toward my throbbing dick and told him that it would really turn her on to watch him put my big cock in his mouth. James hesitated at first, but then without saying a word he slowly lowered his face to my cock. At first he just softly kissed around the base of my dick, but then he started to lick my shaft. He kissed his way up my cock and put my head into his mouth. He just held it in his mouth for a second, then slowly slid his mouth down my shaft. After a few moments he was shoving as much of my cock down his throat as he could. With one hand he cradled my balls and jerked me off with the other. His mouth never left my cock. His wife was behind him pushing his head with one hand and jerking his cock with the other. After a short time he moaned and let out a soft grunt and blew his load all over his wife’s hands. I felt my balls tighten and knew I was about to cum as well. I warned the two of them I was going to cum. James started to pull my cock out of his mouth but his wife had other plans. She pushed the back of his head so my dick slid all the way down throat. I unloaded a massive amount of jizz in his mouth, so much that he couldn’t contain all of it and cum dripped out of the corners of his mouth, down his face. My limp dick fell out of his mouth. Lorraine, pulled his face to hers and kissed him deep and long. They cumkissed with my load, sharing it back and forth until it was all gone.
Lorraine smiled and told James he was a good boy. And good boys got a treat. She intructed him to go and fetch us a round of drinks. The night has just begone boys…and we got some serious fucking to do!

Part 3 coming soon!!!

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