There was her Lady friend sat on the wall by my car, ” I want a word with you, young man! “she said
and gave me a slip of paper, then motioned me to follow her to her house.
We went inside. As we entered her house she dropped her jacket and shoes, asking me if I wanted a drink.
She poured us both a drink cracked open a blue pill poured it into both drinks we sat on the nearest couch. She was soon whispering in my ear nibbling on my ear lobe. The pill was a Viagra, she knew I had cum multiple times in the previous 12 hours and she wanted me hard. By this time her soft hands had travelled to my hardening cock. The feeling was amazing thru the fabric of my pants. My cock was needing release from my trousers, I started to reach for the top button & she slapped my hand & told me she would release him when she was ready. She rubbed my chest through my shirt. Eventually she undid the buttons on my shirt. She started nibbling & chewing my ear lobes then onto my neck with an occasional kiss or chew on my lips then she started sucking on my nipples till they were red, she then started down my stomach to the belt of my trousers undoing the buttons and zip. I lifted my butt up while she dropped down between my legs and pulled my trousers the rest of the way off then dropped to my cock chewing cock thru my boxers. She hooked her fingers on the waist band and pulled them down & off. My cock bounced up as the release from the material of my boxers was removed. She dropped onto the head of my cock and enveloped her lips & throat over the head till she swallowed the length and used her throat muscles & tongue to make me orgasm. The orgasm was so intense but no cum. My cum was drained. The Viagra meant I didn’t go soft she landed with her fanny on my cock & rode me like riding a galloping horse, she came several times till she had a massive orgasm and collapsed on me. After a few minutes she came to and shimmied her fanny to my waiting mouth where I cleaned her pussy out licking the mix of her pussy juice & my cock. It tasted great. I continued licking & eating out her pussy not giving up till she orgasmed several times. We decided to stop for a while. She leads me to her bathroom where we showered & cleaned each other then we prepared food and ate. After a nap I was woken by her playing with my balls, she went down & started chewing my ball sac then licking & nibbling on my shaft till she enveloped my cock head and swallowed my cock using her throat muscle to juice me up then she landed on my cock this time it felt different & I discovered my cock was going up her anus, she grabbed my hand & lead my fingers to her pussy & clit. She was riding my cock and man it felt great I was about to cum. She kept riding my cock till I came up her arse and her juices were flowing from her pussy. The Viagra had my cock rock hard so I pulled out and pushed into her pussy still fingering her clit sending her wild. I stood forward with her going forward onto her arms and I continued to fuck her doggy style. For the next hour I fucked her like there was no tomorrow she was Cuming every few minutes and was hungry for my cock or should I say under the spell of my cock. I came with such force she orgasmed she collapsed on me & we both fell asleep till we were woken by the phone & it was daylight. While she was talking on the phone I crawled out of bed & headed to the bathroom for a leak then headed into the shower were she joined me and was soon riding my cock till we both came.
She said it was her friend phoning to organize brunch. We finished showering dressed & agreed to meet again soon. I went home and slept for the next 2 days. I was woken with my phone buzzing and answered to be invited to a lunch at the last house I fucked in.

I arrived to be greeted by 2 naked women wearing see thru under wear

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