Evening Of Fun At Glory Hole


Evening Of Fun At Glory Hole
Evening Of Fun At Glory Hole

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Although I had enjoyed fucking an over 47 years old security guard at the school gate while coming back from gym at about 9:00 PM but even after his full and daring participation and showing off skills to offer me his excessively used but still decently tight ass hole for my fat thick cock; I decided to avoid seeing him on my return home every day and not fuck him every night. No, I had no regrets fucking this mature man’s ass who was much more than twice my age and I do not call it at all an age based discrimination. I call it a matter of taste or choice. I prefer to fuck the boys of my age because I feel they are much energetic and being novice; they are more apt to obey and learn and give readily as demanded and ordered; compared to matured men who had bottomed for long many years and developed their own ways of being a faggot. Plus, to me their holes mostly if not always have lost their attraction after being destroyed and destructed by countless men; losing most of its elasticity and gripping musculature.

I would not call myself unlucky but the fact remains that after that incidence it was over a week and I was facing a dry spell; meaning that I was unable to get a young faggot boy for fucking and I had resolved not to go back to that security guard for a repeat. I was not at all the type of those young boys who think, masturbation is also a kind of sexual activity.

Anyway; I started walking on a much longer route to get back home from gym. The weather was a bit warmer this evening in spite of the clouds that had not made the temperature to drop because of being very humid and absence of wind but much darker due to the clouds. I had not gotten much farther; when suddenly it began to rain. I was very glad to see a building; not that far away from where I was and I knew it was an old railway station which was not in use for the last at least 25 years. I was sure that it would offer me some kind of shelter for the time until it rained. I started walking or may be running almost to get in that broken building. Soon as I got under the shades, the rain picked up instead of reducing the down pour. I was already more than wet when I saw a bench to sit under the shade. I could see an elderly lady sitting / lying on the bench but still there was enough room for me on the long wooden bench and I started to walk in that direction; thinking that after being seated I could see if I hand some small towel in my gym bag to wipe the rolling rain drops off my hair and face.

I was not even close to the bench when I heard that grandma yell at me, “don’t you dare make my bench all wet. If you want to sit and wait until the rain stops; you better go there in the corner restroom, where they sometimes do place paper towels for the people in need and come back dry”.

This was the first time for me to be in this building, although I had heard a lot of the stories of interest. I did not want to refute the lady and thus quietly started walking towards the restroom in the corner she had pointed. Surprisingly the railway station did not exist anymore but there was a clearly marked sign near the restroom which showed it to be a male only restroom. As I entered in; there was another surprise that the restroom was decently clean and I could not figure out, which authority had taken over the control. First thing that annoyed me, was the empty paper towel dispenser and I had to look around to find a big stack of kind of facial napkins in the middle of the 3 cubicles. I got in and locked from the inside before taking a handful of them and sat on the commode to wipe dry my head and face. After drying myself, I looked to the side to find a hole cut nicely into the connecting cubicle. I knew and also had a chance to use the glory holes only a few times and so it was no surprise for me. As a matter of fact, the whole wall was decorated with the filthy messages, inviting for a fuck by a fat cock, hungry mouths and tight asses needing hard cocks and plenty more with the phone numbers and even some names of the advertisers. It was pure curiosity that I got absorbed in reading those messages, when I heard the door to the next cubicle open and then close with the latching sound.

Two feet in sneakers were clearly seen approaching close to the wall from under the partition as I moved to discard the wet paper in my hand. While I was trying to be targeting the basket, one of the feet came under the partition and kicked my shoe very gently. I knew the glory hole game and looked through the hole to see a boy of looking like a college age standing close by with his zipper down and massaging his young thick uncut cock very gently exposing and then wrapping his bright purple cock knob in the loose foreskin. Naturally my big thick and cut cock also got to jumping in my jeans and I unzipped before ripping my jeans under pressure. While I was looking down at my zipper; the boy on the other side had pushed his marvelous looking shaft through the hole to my side; which I reached for without any shyness, enjoying the thickness of the muscle and weight of the raging veins ridden shaft.

It did not take me long to drop to my knees and get in the worshiping mode; licking the shaft with my wet rough tongue. Soon I was enjoying the big response of the growing size of the cock and also trying to reach for his balls with my fingers gone to the other side. After bobbing his hefty shaft up and down and making it all wet; I had started swallowing it now in my open mouth all the way to the base that was pushed to my side. My nose was pushed against the wall and slightly on his trimmed bush bone. My neck was swaying up, down and in circles as I sucked him all the way in and felt being choked with gagging gargling noise produced by my throat. With all the practice I have had for couple of years; my skills and cock sucking techniques had improved a lot and I knew when I did a great job for myself and my partners. With his prick, nicely coated with my saliva; I had started using my mouth, tongue and my hands as well to pleasure his stiff man pole, causing him to leak the tasty pre cum for me; sucking it greedily from his cock slit. His variant tones of moans had made me to masturbate my bamboo as well and I was hoping for a big mouthful shot soon, when he made a shuddering noise and abruptly withdrew his dick from the hole out of my dripping mouth and I could clearly hear him pleading me to let him come into my cubicle. I was too horny by now to analyze the situation of an unknown teen aged college boy asking me to let him come to my side; for the obvious sex play and him exploding in my eager mouth to start with at least.

Not thinking twice, I reached to unlock my door and like a bolt of electricity; he was in with me dragging his torn faded jeans at his ankles and as he locked the door at his back; I quickly took my position on my knees once again and he stabbed his cock right back inside my throat. I was doing my best to breathe through my nose as he picked up the speed and the rhythm of his strokes and kept on sucking, producing the slurping sounds with my mouth. By now his cock was steel hard and throbbing to stretch my throat as he encouraged me to suck deeper and harder with his hands on the back of my head. His legs were trembling just as much as his cock and I was hoping for my reward any minute feeling my climax closing in on me as rapidly too. I could hear him moan with heavy breathing and I looked up to see him gazing down at my man sized hard cock. I was holding his balls and massaging them to mix the fresh juices hoping for a big spill soon but he gave a rapid jerk to his groin and came free from my grip; as I heard him beg to let him suck me for a while.

Discouraged a little for the delay in getting my prize, I thought of extending the play time and quickly stood up showing him my pride; standing on its balls proudly and stretched like an antenna. Unintentionally, he had a big smile on his face as he quickly took position under me, holding my shaft and taking it in his mouth. OUHHhh! Fuck!! The wet warmth of his mouth felt great on the sensitive skin of my cock and my body shivered from head to toe as he chuggled my dick in his mouth from side to side; soon trying to take it in deep to my big sack. I was holding his both ears and inspiring him to suck me hard. I could see the boy really did not need any backing to do this and his expertise was obvious as he bobbed his head around my shaft with his lips reasonably tight to provide friction to my cock as he encouraged me to fuck his skull with longer, faster strokes bringing me closer to reach my climax as I heard him moan and suck me with a quicker rhythm.

As his moans grew louder, my pre cum started to flow more rapidly and he could tell; I was almost ready to hit the climax and he was attempting to keep his mouth open in anticipation and of course; squirt after squirt I began filling his mouth with my hot cum. The gushing was rapid but he was able to swallow most of it down anyway with only small amount of the cream flowing out of the side of his lips enhancing his teen beauty. Soon he was licking my shaft, especially the tip with his tongue and his hand milking me to get every bit of my essence out for him. This was an awesome scene as I looked down of the teen boy draining me to the last drop. I was utterly sensitive and wanted him to stop but thankfully before I said a word; the feeling of being overly sensitive in my cock reduced and it was getting hard again. The teen boy was looking up in my eyes; I think looking for a praise to do a nice job and then he suddenly got up and before I realized his thought process, he was holding the water pipe of the commode and bent; offering me his well-rounded beautiful hairless white ass for fucking.

I saw his hands reaching backwards to stretch his mounds; separating them apart to show me his tight puckering and then he took some of his saliva on his fingers and brought his hands back again to spread it on the brown eye of his shit hole. What a scene to make me go stiff as a nail while he applied the mixture of the traces of my cum and his spit to his tight balloon knot, making it ready for me to rip roar it apart for the joy of my selfish sex. I just could not resist and kneeled behind him feeling a huge whiff of his ass compelling me to use my tongue and lips to enjoy eating his young ass and opening it up for me to fuck it. I also enjoyed the taste of my own cum inside his ass. I did not linger much but did justice to the task, I had taken and now feeling my thumb sliding in him with reasonable pressure; hearing his loud groans for the need of his void to be filled; I stood up, kicking his ankles apart to make room for me between his stretched legs. I held up my hard swollen cock and applied a generous amount of my spit laced with my own cum, that came to me from eating his ass; while polishing the whole shaft with it. With one of my foot resting on the pipe joint, my hand groping a tight hold onto his round globes I made some circles around the wrinkly ass hole entry; making the boy to squirm and squeal with the feeling of the moment of truth to follow soon.

What a joy; I thought to myself, seeing his hands coming back once again for stretching the ass bubbles and exposing the target for me to hit. I took the hint and reached the depth between the cheeks and pressed my cock knob on the slippery spot to make it open and let my gizmo to slip in. OOoouuuh! My fucking Lord! He was blazing hot inside and his musculature was waiting for my shaft to come in and held tight like a vice.

Soon the war ensued. The boy was an expert bottom. He had mastered the technique to push back while I pulled out and squeeze tight to make me enjoy the resistance as I rammed inside his warmth. Slowly but surely, our pace and rhythm increased to go almost berserk. The loud noise of my shaved pubic bone producing clapping like sound on his bubble butt was echoing in the restroom and if anybody of authority walked in; there will be no doubt for us being in trouble; but we were not in a mood to let up or stop fucking with vengeance, rather soon our fucking noise was further accentuated with mutual loud moans and groans. His ass tunnel all wet and lubed with my leaking pre cum was producing a different sound effect to add to the fucking orchestra playing in full swing. I was fucking him fast with arrhythmic shallow rapid strokes, suddenly going slow and reaching the deepest end of boy’s ass with my complete meat length disappearing in him and my sac grinding on the hole. The speed, the force, the pace, the range of motion were all jumbled and pure enraged fucking was in action, what I interpret as war like fucking condition. The boy was so expert that he would understand; when to give me a break and start fucking my shaft with his ass tunnel rubbing on it from end to end and once I felt ready; I would slap his globe as a sign that I was ready to take over and now he would move on my hard skewer with different speed and variant motions to accentuate the fucking effort.

Of course our fucking was hitting its peak and I had to edge carefully and not cum to reduce the fucking time and same was true for the faggot boy who had started raw masturbating himself off and on and whenever I wanted to take over his big prick he stopped me and it was hurting me to see all this delay for a chance to get my fresh young dose of manly vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. This was not going to stop me fucking him ardently, which I decided to concentrate on and started the heroic effort to continue with a mindful thought that maybe I shall not edge much more and flood inside the boy to germinate him with my sperm.

“Stop, stop, stop” was the sudden cry from the faggot boy. “I want you to cum in my mouth please and not in my ass.” He pleaded.

Before I could even analyze the situation and decide to honor or dishonor his request; he made a sudden move and dislodged his ass pronged on my rod and quickly took off his shirt and took his jeans also to throw on the floor and quickly lay on them with his face up and signaled me to drop on top of him for a 69 position. Now the game was out of my hands but at least I still could realize my fantasy to suck him off and be fed and I did not want to miss this chance for any reason. Next moment I was sprawled over him like an eagle and we were sucking each other with a fervor, showing the respectful need for each other’s personal brewed nutrition. Now once again we were in a frenzy but this time our goal was mutual and all the efforts were exceeding in a very short while.

Soon his body shook and jerked and his breath got sucked in and I felt my mouth filled with his warm cum, which I gulped down quickly. This was of course tasty as expected of a young boy. Soon as the thick and smelly slush got down my throat; all hell broke loose and my orgasm cascaded to climax in a split second like never, I ever remember before leading to explosion and shooting of thick ropes of my juices in his mouth. As I licked and kissed the tip hole of his cock, hoping for 1 more drop of his tasty cum: his hands were soft squeezing my balls and rinsing my shaft for any more of my brew; making a smacking sound with his lips.

I remember exchanging quick thanks before jumping on my feet, pulling up my jeans packing my still wet flaccid cock and zip up quickly to exit the cubicle. Surprisingly; the rain had stopped, the old lady had gone and there was nobody but myself alone; very well satisfied with another one-night stand and ready looking for another one.

The End… The comments are very much appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan Dec. 26/ 2018

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