Our newest session


Our newest session
Our newest session…..

A few nights ago, we ended up having a evening alone. (Somehow all three k**s went to stay with a friend.) This rarely happens on a week day, so we definetly want to take advantage of it.

On our way home from dropping off k**s, we stop for dinner. After dinner, we made one more stop for some wine. Once home, we made ourselves a drink and got into comfy clothes. Now all comfy, we settle in our chairs, log in on our computers. We often like to look for new porn, stories and scenes. While searching, we also chat, and share info. Well it just so happened, that just two days ago we attended a very crowded concert. While there, we met another couple and hung out with them all evening. After Consuming quite a few drinks, we got more open, our conversations were becoming very interesting. Well, Rainmann and I decided to have just a little fun.

We decided to keep ordering them drinks, hoping to fill thier bladders. At this point, we were very deep in the large crowd, and quite a distance from the restrooms. So… we are very curious as to how this was going to turn out. Just drinking, dancing and enjoying the concert, finally we noticed the first signs of our new friend, Emma, having to pee. Wow, this is going to be fun. I know exactly what I am going to do now…. I look over to rainmann with my ornery grin, he smiles back as I grab Emma’s hands and dance with her. Within minutes, she leans to me and says “we should go pee” I respond with… “after this song, it’s my fave.” She says ok. We dance through that one, and just as we turn to walk, Rainmann shouts wait, this is my fave. Again we wait. Emma is now looking very desperate as she bounces around. Suddenly, she grabs her crotch with one hand, and my hand with the other, and pulls me along shouting I can’t wait. Giggling, I of course followed, as did the guys. We all started walkking toward the restrooms. Our pace was very fast at first, but as the pressure grew, we slowed slightly. Finally the restrooms are within our sight. I glanced over and noticed the look on Emma’s face showed she was a little relieved. Then just as quick, a look of panic appears. Suddenly she stops, grabs her crotch, and bends down resting her pussy firmly against her foot. Looking upon her, I notice her body stiff, fists clinched, and totally silent. She remains in this position for about two minutes, Finally she wimpers out the words. “Please lets run” I nod yes, and quickly we head to the restrooms. Emma and I entered at the same time, she ran into the first open stall. I took the stall right next to hers. Wow, judging by the hissing sound, she was really full. I thought to myself, wow, I can’t believe she was able to hold on. After my flow of pee stopped, I stood up, tried to pull my jean skirt back into place. I just happened to look down, and much to my surprise, I notice a good size puddle in Emma’s stall. Anxious to see Emma, I gave up on the skirt, and quickly exited my stall. Noticing the wet footprints she left behind. As I followed the prints, I continued searching, but I couldn’t see her. I met up with Rainmann and told him what had happened. He enjoyed the story, and we agreed she probably lost control. With much excitment we decided to look around for them for a few moments. Finally coming to the conclusion of she must of had an accident, got embarassed, and skipped outta there. We walked around a bit, finished our drinks, and decided to head back to our car. Sure enough, arriving to our car, we noticed they had left.

On our drive home, we talked about the evening, the couple and how they might turn out to be really fun. Once at the house, we unloaded our bags, coolers, etc. We both had to work in the morning, so we called it a night.

So that brings up to pace. While enjoying stories, the concert scenario I just described, came up, we were discussing different thoughts etc. and I decided to ask him to tell me how he would of liked the situation to turn out. He paused for a moment, then with a grin began to speak….I listen as the words softly flow from his lips. Describing in great detail the scenario. I am already extremely turned on by this point, so I am going to re-tell the session as best I can.

He begins with…”As you and Emma are walking out of the ladies room still giggling and stumbling, I motion for you to come over to me. As you make your way toward me, I notice Emma’s knee length cotton skirt is quite wet, and she is nervously trying to hide it. You have your arm around her trying to help her hide. I look to your face, you are wearing such a cute caring, nurturing expression, but Knowing you as well as I do, I know you are enjoying the situation. Just as you two arrive by my side, you draw near and whisper in my ear…”oh my god, I have a story for you” With wide eyes, and eager ears, I say tell me about it. You giggle and tell me, as soon as we get to the car. I plead for you to tell me now, but you insist I wait, because you promised Emma that we would help her find her boyfriend and walk them to their car. With my sad puppy eyes, I agreed to wait on the story. We walked around the restroom area for just a few minutes before finding her man. Gathered our things, and preceded to our cars. Once we were all four alone in the parking lot, Emma, with a slightly emabarassed face, broke down and told us what had happened. We giggled a bit, but we mostly were comforting her, as she still acted embarassed. About two parking lanes from the car, you felt so bad for her, you put your arm around her, pulled her slightly ahead of us, and began telling her about how you enjoy having a full bladder. I began walking faster, trying to get closer to you two. Finally I was close enough to hear. I listened as you carried on the conversation. I noticed Emma starting to calm and relax as you explained the sensations your body felt while full. Just Just listening to you describe the vibrations and tingling feelings that burst throughout your pussy was turning me on immensly. Watching the two of you wiggling more and more with each step was also a hot sight. I could definetly tell all that talking was also affecting you two.

Finally arriving at the cars, (much too soon if you ask me) I was loving the view. Anyhow, back to the story… We get there, and potty is quick to offer Emma some dry clothes. Emma accepts immediately and climbs into the backseat of our car to change. Our car sits very low to the ground, requiring Emma to bend over quite far, and creating me a sweet view. Glancing my eyes all over, but especially focusing on her high inner thigh. Thats where I notice her skin glistening from her accident and probably a little still seeping. Just as Emma gets her last leg in, Potty starts climbing in with her. As you stretch forward, you spread your legs slightly, giving me a little peek of your bare flesh beneath your skirt. Now the two of you side by side in the backseat, giggling, you hand Emma your spare pair of Khaki shorts. She starts to remove her wet skirt very cautionus, trying not to draw attention to our vehicle. Moving very slow, and I could see this was driving Potty crazy. Within seconds, Potty moves from the seat, turns and faces Emma, smiles, then lowers herself down resting her butt on the center consol. Now facing Emma, slowly reaches over and places her hands on each of her legs just above the knee. Both of them quite tipsy, and obviously horny from all the drinks, are showing the tell tale signs of a full bladder. Potty now squirming a little, suddenly blurts out..” alright already, you’re taking to long, let me help you”. Before Emma can even respond, Potty spreads Emma’s legs wide, slides her hands up her inner thighs. Pausing with her thumbs pressing against her wet panties. I watch with great anticipation, as you glide your hands around her thigh, I feel my jeans tightening against my quickly stiffining cock. And just as you grip the elastic waistband on her panties, I hear Emma gasp, and watch her body tense up. I can tell you are extremly turned on by her squirming, and without pause, you show no relentness as you pull off her little wet purple panties. Emma now looking somewhat shocked, but very excited. She murmurs out..” oooh I feel like I have to pee again”. You say “oh ya? how bad? Gritting her teeth tightly together, she shutters the words..”real bad, I’m almost afraid I may pee on you, if you even touch me.” I feel my cock grow even harder, hearing you giggle, as you spread her wide, and going for your first taste. Now watching you enjoy her pussy, licking up and down her lips, sucking her clit, practically begging her to lose her juices. Emma now shaking and quivering out of control, I see you lose control for just a second, causing a small trickle to run down your legs. The encounter is quickly heightening, and you both are bout to burst. Both of your pussies begging for attention. Suddenly Potty’s pussy can’t take no more, she lowers down pressing her moist, throbbing pussy lips against Emma’s legs. Rapidly grinding on her, and rubbing your clit, as you still continue eating Emma’s pussy. Loud panting, and moans fill the silence, As I watch your quivering bodies thrust tensly together, I know you both are about to explode. My cock now rock hard, pressing extremely tight against my jeans, begging to get out. I finally give in and unleash my manhood, and begin to stroke, I too, am about to explode. The view of your bodies almost molding together, becoming practically one, with every quiver was absolutely the most amazingly hot situation I thought I’d ever seen.

I glanced down at my cock and realized my hot cum oozing out, I wanted the girls to see, so I stepped close to the car, gripped my cock tight, aiming the now shooting cum toward them. As my hot cum spurted on them, their bodies surely started to lose control. The moans, became louder, I watched as they lie belly to belly, their bodies trembling together, both gripping tight to one another. I watch Potty’s back start to arch, causing much pressure on Emma’s very full bladder. Desperatly struggling to hold on, Emma tries raising her ass up to relieve the pressure, Knowing they both are about to burst, and just imagining how wet this one going to become, I couldn’t help myself from touching. I moved up close as possible, gently spread both thier legs. Wow, just the view of thier pussies that close together, drove me wild. I slowly slid my hand up thier thighs, until finally arriving at their welcoming wet spots. Caressing both pussies, with soft, firm strokes, and short teasing rubs on their clits. As I pleasured them, they begged for more with grunts, moans and trusts. Aknowlaging their needs, I decided to relieve them.

Now very wet, I slowly slide my fingers into those begging pussies. shallow at first, gaining a little more depth with each thrust. About my fifth thrust, I go as deep as I can, curling my fingers just a bit, causing great pleasure on their sweet spots. I notice the extreme quivers they are having, I know they are both about to burst, I take advantage of the situation, my fingers move faster, and deeper with each thrust, finally, their bodies both tensely arching out of their control. Silence for a brief moment, both take a long gasp of air, as they cling to one another. Suddenly I hear Emma pant out…”oh my Oh, I’m about to…” then I fill the warm, wet gush of liquids spilling over my hands. Potty tries to murmur some words, but breaks out in a loud moan as her body shakes in orgasm, and her hot liquids squirt from her swollen, needy pussy. They lie motionless in each others liquids, both in awww. We clean up, and get ready to leave in our separate cars, but as luck would have it, our battery was dead from having the radio on during our play time. So Emma and her man offered us to go home with them for the night and they would help us with the car in the am… of course, we agreed. But that’s another story.

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