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Used by the decoratorsWe had the decorators in to wallpaper and paint our conservatory. The wife was at work as they arrived, Peter and Paul were 35 and 37 respectively, they were both best friends and were also married, they’d been friends since they went to school together almost 25 years ago and had set up their decorating business over 20 years ago.As they came into the house they’d set up and were papering away, after a couple of hours I went into the room and asked them if they wanted a drink. They replied “A couple of coffees would go down nice thanks”. Peter came through to the kitchen and asked if he could use the toilet, I motioned upstairs and up he went.When he came down I was stood in the doorway talking to Paul when Peter put his hands on my hips and brushed past me, I must admit my cock twitched. As I made the drinks I took them into the conservatory and handed a cup to Peter, he took it and placed it on the windowsill. As I turned to Paul he said “Put it bursa escort on floor will you” as I bent down Paul ran his hand over my ass.I stumbled and was on the floor on all fours when Paul ran his finger up and down my crack. As I was wearing tracksuit bottoms because it was cold, it didn’t take long for Paul to realise it, and he pulled my pants down, as I was showing all I had Paul ran his wallpaper brush up and down my crack, I was quite turned on to be honest. And as his brush was sticky from the paste so was my ass.After a few minutes he replaced the brush with his finger, it slipped easily into my asshole as he rubbed me. Pulling down his jeans as he fingered me, Peter turned round and sat on the sofa with his legs apart rubbing his cock, I was on face level. He said “Come here and sort me out”, as I moved closer Peter had taken off his overalls and his cock was protruding out through his undies.My cock was rock hard I’d never been so turned on, as I ran my hand bursa escort bayan up and down Peter’s shaft Paul was rubbing his cock over my ass, the paste had made me easy to slip into, as he pushed his cock inside me I whimpered but it didn’t hurt as much as I’d experienced before. Peter took his cock out and waved it at me, I wrapped my hand around him and started to wank him off.Peter stood up and slotted his cock into my mouth, as I sucked him Paul was ass fucking me quite hard and by the sounds he was making he was close to cumming. Suddenly Paul groaned and I could feel my ass being creamed as I felt a warm sensation in my ass, he moaned loudly and I could feel his cum running out of my ass.Peter moved real quick and positioned himself behind me, pushing his thick cock into me I groaned again. After a few minutes he pulled out and said “Turn around and lay on your back”, as I turned over I saw Paul sweating and panting on the sofa. As I laid on my back Peter escort bursa spread my thighs and teased my ass before pushing his full length into my warm wet ass. I came immediately. As my own cock was rock hard as Peter shagged me he ran his fingers up and down me, God it felt good to be touched. Soon he was groaning and I knew he was also cumming, as he groaned louder I felt another warm feeling enter my ass as he pumped his seed deep within me. As he slipped out the amount of cum on his cock was enormous and he sat there sweating.I said “Now which one of you two is going to satisfy me”, as they looked at each other I stood up and all their seed was dripping out of me, standing up I walked over to Paul and grabbing my cock I shoved it at him, he looked at his friend and then grabbed my cock and wanked me off at top speed, as I was close to orgasm I said “Lick me I’m coming” as Paul bent down it was too late.My orgasm ripped through my body and my spunk shot out and landed on Pauls face, as I sat there sweating and breathing heavy the two lads got dressed. I went upstairs to clean up and when I came down the two lads were carrying on with their work. When we received the bill it was £200 cheaper.

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