24-Hour Boy Toy Tiffany


24-Hour Boy Toy TiffanyI didn’t write this story, but enjoyed reading it elsewhere. Had a search for it here and couldn’t see it so I thought I’d share it with everyone here.CHAPTER ONETHE ONE THAT GOES LIKE THIS:”We’re on our own, cousin/All alone, cousin/Let’s think of some games to play/Now the grown-ups have all gone away.”- “Cousin Kevin,” The WhoIt had been four months since Tiffany Daniels had been a toy.The gorgeous 16-year-old cheerleader had spent those four months trying tore-build her reputation at Daniels High School in Beverly, Texas, the school thatwas named for her grandfather, Godfrey Daniels. In a mere two weeks, Tiffany’sstatus in the school had done a dramatic and (to her) horrifying 180-degreechange. Before, she had been the school’s princess, a wealthy, stuck-up girl whoran with, and ran, the coolest clique, and a cock-teaser of the first order.Every boy in the school wanted to fuck her, and every girl in the school wantedto be her.But then Principal Roger White, two of her teachers and the school’s janitor, OldJoe Black, had started playing their vicious little games with her. It hadstarted with blackmail, and then there were videotapes, and more blackmail. Theymade her dress like a slut at school and in public, they thought up nasty publichumiliations. The school buzzed about how Tiffany Daniels had suddenly gone frombeing the Girl Most Likely to Succeed to the Girl Most Likely to Suck Seed.And her classmates didn’t know the half of it, how she had been forced into anorgy after hours in the cafeteria with the older men, getting her ass reamed bytheir cocks and sucking their assholes – rimjobs, they had called the act. Howshe had been forced to give handjobs and blowjobs to the entire visitingbasektball team in their locker room at halftime of the homecoming game. No, herclassmates didn’t know, and so once the torment stopped and she was allowed toreturn to being Princess Tiffany, slowly, the rumors stopped. The k**s of DanielsHigh found new topics to obsess on, from “Dawson’s Creek” to upcoming rockconcerts to which teacher might be gay, the usual hallway chat of upper-middleclass teens.But Tiffany remembered. She had thought that once the men stopped their pervertedgames, she would be able to resume her life, and on the surface, she did. But atnight, unable to sleep, she would remember everything. The shame, thehumiliation. And the orgasms. Yes, as awful as it had been, the men had broughtout Tiffany’s sexual side, ignited a fire deep inside her that now was banked,but still glowing. She would lay in bed, remembering how the school janitor’sbig, rigid cock had felt pistoning into her tight young butthole, and how hisfingers had felt on her stiff little clit as he rubbed it hard, and she couldn’thelp it, her right hand would slip underneath the waistband of her panties andstart stroking her pussy lightly, then harder, then harder still, until she wasdiddling herself like a madwoman. She’d put her pillow over her face and biteinto and scream as she came. And when she was done, she would start again, andkeep at it, cumming and cumming and screaming into her pillow, until her pussyjuice was glazing the inside of her sleek, tanned 16- year-old thighs.What had they done to her? She knew, deep down, what they had done to her, eventhough she could not admit it to herself.And what were they doing to her sister Stephanie? That she did not know; shecould only guess. At the end, she had turned her 14-year-old sister over to Mr.White and the others as a way for her to escape further torture at their hands.Except Stephanie had proved to be a very willing victim. Little Stephanie, a merefreshman in high school, had turned out to have a submissive streak in her thatshe was just discovering. She had thrilled to the idea of being the plaything ofa group of older men, of being ordered around, made to kneel and suck their cockswhile they pulled her blonde hair with both hands and jammed their cocks into herhot young mouth as deep as they could.Stephanie had started telling her parents she was studying at friends’ houses atnight, but Tiffany was sure she was participating in depraved orgys of dominanceand submission with the men. One day at school she had seen Stephanie wearing adog collar with the word SLUT spelled out in metal studs across the front.Another day she had seen her sister wearing a sundress that was so sheer it wasalmost transparent. Not only was she not wearing a bra and panties underneath,but Tiffany could see that her little sister had shaved her pussy, or had itshaved for her. Every guy at school could see the 14-year-old girl’s smoothlabia, and Stephanie just smiled a secret smile, knowing the reaction she wasgetting.Tiffany wasn’t jealous, she told herself. She really wasn’t. That period of herlife had been hell, even though she had been, perversely, the center of attentionof the entire school. Now Stephanie was the one all the boys ogled. Tiffany hadregained her status, but she had been upstaged by her little sister.And so the school year at Daniels ended, and summer vacation began. Being rich,Tiffany didn’t have to work. She had spent her 15th summer as a lifeguard at thepool in the Daniels’ subdivision, but had gotten bored with just sitting aroundall day, even if she had enjoyed all the boys flocking around her and wettingtheir lips over how she looked in the tight, clingy red one-piece suit. Thissummer she had decided to just go to the pool when she felt like it, rather thanon a schedule, and watch her soaps and hang out with her friends. Maybe she’d getregular pedicures. Maybe she’d put on something sexy and go down to the mall andtease the boys and the men. But that thought reminded her of what had happened atthe mall back when she was a toy, how she had been forced to strip and giveblowjobs, and she decided maybe she wouldn’t go to the mall after all.On Saturday morning at the end of the first week of summer, Tiffany’s mother wokeher up and reminded her that this was the weekend she was supposed to baby-sitfor her cousin Matt.”Ahh, jeez, mom, do I have to?” the girl whined. Matt was a brat, a regular BartSimpson, she recalled, although she hadn’t seen the boy in three years.”Yes, you have to,” her mother said. “We’re going camping with Uncle Pete andAunt Peggy, and they don’t think Matt is old enough to be alone, so Ivolunteered you. And that’s that, young lady. We leave in an hour.”Cursing under her breath, Tiffany got ready, pulling on a loose white peasantblouse and a pair of short-shorts. At least Pete and Peggy have a pool in theirbackyard, she muttered to herself, as she packed her makeup, a change of clothes,hair care equipment, and her new white bikini.Two hours later, the Daniels pulled into the driveway of the new house inRidgewood, a subdivision equally as lavish as the one Tiffany lived in. Or atleast it would be in a year or so. Right now it was brand new, still mostlyvacant lots, with a few homes under construction. Aunt Peggy and Uncle Pete hadbought one of the first homes, and it was way at the back of the hugesubdivision. The wooded lot of more than an acre sat at the end of a cul de sacon which there were no other homes. The house was enormous and obviously worthmore than $1 million, Tiffany thought, but why would they build one so far awayfrom any other neighbor?Still pouting about getting stuck with baby-sitting, Tiffany got out of the carand forced a smile as Pete and Peggy came out and greeted her parents. Theyexclaimed on how she had grown, what a beauty she was, all the usual adult crap,she thought, while keeping the smile plastered on. Then she saw a figure standingin the doorway.”Hey, cuz!” he called. “What’s up?”Was that Matt? she thought. She had last seen him as a scrawny, nasty 10-year-oldboy, a k** who was always trying to peek through the keyhole at her when she wentto the bathroom. The last time she had baby- sat for Matt, three years ago, shehad had to give him a spanking for picking the lock on the bathroom door whileshe was taking a shower and bursting in to see her naked body.But this boy had grown. Boy, had he grown. Matt Daniels was now 5 foot, 8 inches,an inch taller than Tiffany. He had put on weight, too, and most of it wasmuscle. Standing there in gym shorts and no shirt, his arms crossed over hischest and a sly smile on his lips, it was obvious the boy had been working outwith weights. It was equally obvious that he had entered puberty at least a yearago; dark armpit hair sprouted from under his folded arms.Swell, Tiffany thought to herself. Not only do I have to sit for this littlepervert, now he’s in puberty, so his hormones are going to be raging even more.Tiffany knew a fair amount about the raging hormones of teenaged boys. As shestood in the driveway, she could see his eyes travel up and down her body, takingin the long expanse of her bare legs, lingering on her short-shorts, which shenow regretted wearing, then up to her chest, those ample, 36C perfect teenagedtits that thrust forward beneath the peasant blouse. The look made heruncomfortable, much more uncomfortable than when Matt as a little boy had spiedon her.She made herself speak. “Hey, Matt. Long time, no see.” What a lame- o thing tosay, she thought. This was stupid, letting herself get flustered by a k** almostfour years younger than her.The parents all gabbed while Tiffany carried in her bag. “Where am I sleeping?”she asked Matt, since this was her first time in his new house.”Where would you like to sleep?” Matt asked. Was he sneering, or being sincere?Tiffany couldn’t tell.”Just tell me where to put my bag, please,” she sighed.”Top of the stairs, guest room at the end of the hall. Nice queen- sized bed,”Matt told her. As she climbed the stairs, she thought she could feel Matt’syoung, lustful gaze burning into the shorts that clung tightly to the sculptedbubbles of her ass, but she didn’t want to look back and give him thesatisfaction.All too soon, her mom and dad were saying goodbye. They were going campingovernight with Pete and Peggy, and would be back on Sunday. Peggy explained toTiffany that Matt was allowed to have friends over if they behaved themselves,but that she was in charge and could set the rules as she saw fit. She also saidthat they had bought a book of tickets to the Renaissance Festival that wasplaying in a field outside town, and that she could drive Matt and his friendsthere today if she wanted. Peggy handed Tiffany ten $20 bills for incidentalexpenses, and with a flurry of waves and goodbyes, her aunt and uncle and parentspulled away, leaving her alone with her cousin Matt.”So, what you want to do, cuz?” Matt asked. Tiffany wished he would stop callingher that.”My name is Tiffany, Matthew. And right now I really don’t feel like doing muchof anything. So you go off and play with yourself.” She blushed as soon as thewords were out of her mouth. She had meant to say “play BY yourself,” not WITHyourself. But she wasn’t going to tell him that. He shrugged and walked away.Get a grip, girl, Tiffany told herself. He’s still just a 13-year- old boy, eventhough he has grown up physically. He’s not even in high school yet, and you’re arising senior. Plus his mom said that you’re the one in charge. So settle downand be in charge.Tiffany decided she would go out to the pool that Pete and Peggy had put in theback yard and work on her tan, so she went upstairs to the guest room where herbag was. She closed the door and carefully locked it, but then decided she didn’ttrust the lock while she was changing clothes, scooted a chair over and wedged itagainst the door. That ought to keep the little pecker out, she thought with asmile.Tiffany had stripped off her clothes and underwear and was just tying the stringsthat held her skimpy white bikini in place when she heard a blood-curdling screamfrom somewhere downstairs. Only she and Matt were in the house, and it sounded asif the boy was in horrible agony.She quickly finished tying off the bikini and pushed the chair away from thedoor. She could hear Matt screaming downstairs: “Owwwwww! Oh GODDDDDD!Ohmigoddddd!”She ran downstairs, following the sound, and quickly found Matt laying on thekitchen floor, rolled tightly into a fetal position. His knees were up under hischin, and his hands were pressed tightly into his lap. His face was red from thescreaming.”What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” she yelled over his bellowing, trying tobe heard and trying not to panic. She’d been babysitting only about 10 minutesand already the boy was hurt.”Oh God, I hurt myself!” Matt said, huffing and puffing.”How?” said Tiffany. “Matt, you have to tell me how you hurt yourself!””On the corner of the kitchen chair,” Matt said. “I don’t know how it happened.But I racked myself, you know, I hit my, uh, crotch.”Shit, thought Tiffany. Swell.”Oh Jesus God, it hurts so bad,” Matt said. There were tears in his eyes as herolled on the floor in a tight fetal ball.”Take a deep breath,” Matt,” she instructed. “It’s going to be OK.” She bent downover the writhing boy, going down on her hands and knees on the kitchen floor.”I think I broke it,” Matt yelped.”I don’t think you can break it, Matt,” she said, trying to be calm. Although shehad had quite an exposure to the male penis during her stint as a sex toy fourmonths ago, she really didn’t know much about the technical aspects of the organ.Could it be broken? She wasn’t sure.”I gotta go to the emergency room!’ Matt cried. “Take me to the hospital,Tiffany.”No way, she thought. That would only be the last possible resort, if there wasreally something seriously wrong. She had no idea what kind of insurance her auntand uncle had, there would be forms to fill out, a zillion embarrassing questionsto answer, first at the hospital, and then even worse, from her aunt and uncleand parents. She had to take care of Matthew herself.The nervous 16-year-old steeled herself for what she was about to do. “Let melook at it, Matt,” she said. “I know it’s embarrassing, but I have to see how badyou’re hurt.”Matt stayed in a tight ball.”Come on, Matt, I have to look,” Tiffany pleaded. “If it’s really, uh, broken,I’ll take you to the emergency room, I promise.”Slowly the younger boy uncurled his body. His face was still red, and he wasbreathing heavily. “OK,” he told her, and his voice was trembling.When Matt didn’t make a move to pull down his gym shorts, Tiffany realized shewould have to. She hooked her hands into the waistband and gently lowered thetrunks, trying not to hurt him any more.”Be careful,” Matt whined. “Be gentle.””I’m not gonna hurt you,” she told her cousin. Down came the gym shorts, andTiffany was astonished to see he wasn’t wearing underpants. Not only that, buthis cock was semi-hard. It wasn’t as big as the men she had dealt with during theschool year, but it was a pretty decent length and width for a boy who had onlybeen in puberty for a year. She tried to be clinical as she looked at hercousin’s cock and think of it as just another part of his body.”I think it’s broken,” Matt repeated. “You better check it, or else take me tothe emergency room.”The screaming and the confusion had set off Tiffany’s adreanline. Her heart waspounding and she was on the verge of hyperventilating herself, and the poor girldidn’t realize that she wasn’t thinking clearly.”Show me where it hurts,” she told Matt, who immediately reached out and took herright arm by the wrist and guided her hand to the base of his cock. “Rightthere,” he said. “See if it’s broken. Give it a little squeeze.”Tiffany squeezed lightly, and felt the teenaged dick jump in her grip. She couldfeel the blood pounding in the cock, just like the blood was pounding in herhead. She was so focused on what was happening that she did not realize that Mattwas now laying on his back looking straight up at her as she bent over him,specifically right at her glorious tits as they heaved under the thin whitefabric of the bikini.”It’s higher,” Matt told her, and Tiffany, still not fully cognizant of what wasgoing on, slid her grip up a little higher. She didn’t know how it happened, butsomehow Matt had shifted his pelvis while she did it, and her hand slid all theway up to the head of his cock, which was now as hard as an iron bar and steaminghot to her touch.”It still hurts, Tiffany,” Matt said, his eyes locked on her perfect 16-year-oldbreasts, which hung down just inches from his nose. “But I know you can make itbetter.”Faster than the strike of a rattlesnake, Matt reached out a hand and wrapped itaround Tiffany’s right hand, seizing it in an iron grip. With his other hand, hereached up and plucked the front of her bikini top, pulling it up to her chin.Instantly, her large tits popped free, practically right in her young cousin’sface.”Whoa! Nice fuckin’ tits, cuz!” the boy chortleded. He gripped her right handeven harder and began to slide it up and down on his erection, which was juttingstraight up and pointed at her.”You little bastard!” Tiffany screamed at her cousin. She couldn’t believe whatwas happening. One second she was worried about taking Matt to the hospital, andthe next second she was grappling with the horny boy, who was stronger than shehad expected.”Let’s see some pussy!” Matt shouted, and reached with his free left hand for thestring that tied the bottom of Tiffany’s bikini alongside her hip. She had tiedit into a simple bow, and Matt now grabbed one loose end and pulled.Tiffany had been trying to use her free left hand to pull her top back down overher breasts, but it was nearly impossible. She had only the one hand free, andwith Matt gripping her right hand and writhing on the floor, she was off balance.Plus her large tits were dangling down and swaying back and forth with the forcedmotion of jacking her young cousin off. It was like trying to put two waterballoons into two lunch bags as the bags were being moved back and forth.Then she felt the side of her bikini bottom spring loose, and knew that she wasin serious trouble. The boy might actually have **** on his mind, Tiffanysuddenly thought. She let go of her bikini top and reached down to grab thebottom, which was now flapping loose on one side, threatening to expose herteenaged pussy and ass to the hormone-addled boy who was trying to undress her.It was like batting an octopus.”Yeah, cuz, let’s see that body you been hidin’ on me!” Matt yelled. He increasedthe speed of her hand on his hard dick, forcing her to jack up and down on hisyoung cock with a fast, fluid motion.”Let me go, you little prick,” Tiffany screamed at the boy. “I’m gonna kill you!””Oh yeah, cousin, make me cum! Here I cum!” shouted Matt, and suddenly his youngdick exploded, shooting semen upward at Tiffany. The entire wrestling match hadonly taken a little more than a minute, but Matt was so young and so horny, andTiffany’s handjob, even though not given willingly, was the first time he hadever had a girl’s hand on his penis. It hadn’t taken long.Tiffany was still on her knees bent over her cousin, and his cock started spewinghot semen all over her. The first glob hit her right on the nipple, a big shot ofsticky, salty boy-cum. A second shot followed a split second later and hit her inthe right eye. More and more boy-cum poured out of his spurting cock, hitting heron her tight, tanned little tummy, oozing into her sweet little belly-button,landing in her beautiful blonde hair.”You shit! You goddamn little shit!” Tiffany screamed at the boy. Suddenly Mattbroke free of her and rolled to one side, then bounced to his feet. He wasamazingly quick and agile, as well as strong.”Jiz on my cuz! Jiz on my cuz!” the little monster began chanting in a hip-hopstyle. “Lookit that ho, with jiz on her bod! Lookit that ho, just lookit thatho!””I’ll kill you!” Tiffany bellowed as she got to her feet and charged at hercousin. Her bikini top was still above her breasts, although tied in back, andher large tits flopped and bounced freely as she charged him. Her bikini bottom,tied on only side, gaped to the side and down, showing a flash of the silkyblonde pubic patch it had tried to conceal. Matt laughed and kept up his whiteboy rap, dancing just out of her reach.”Jiz on the cuz! Jiz on the cuz!” he mocked her. He began running out of thekitchen and toward the front of the house, and Tiffany, enraged, ready to reallygive her young tormentor a genuine pain in the balls, followed.As they approached the front hallway, the doorbell rang. Matt was making straightfor the door, and Tiffany, partly blind from the sperm in one eye and pumped onher own anger and adrenaline, was only a few steps behind him, screaming like abanshee. Matt ran right to the front door and flung it open.There on the front porch stood three more teenaged boys about Matt’s age. Theirmouths dropped open in astonishment when they looked over Matt’s shoulder and sawhis 16-year-old babysitter, one of the sexiest girls they had ever seen (countingmen’s magazines), only a few feet away from them. Strings and globs of semenclung to her face, her hair and her body, her tits were completely exposed andheaving up and down with her heavy breathing, and her bikini bottom flopped toone side.”Hey dudes!” Matt yelled at his friends. “Right on time! This is my cousinTiffany! And as you can see, you each owe me $10 bucks, cause I got her to jackme off in the first hour she was here!”The boys all rushed forward into the front hall to get a closer look at thenearly naked, sperm-spattered teenage cheerleader, Tiffany suddenly realized herposition, and how badly she was outnumbered. She was still furious with Matt, butrealized she needed to get to safety quickly or what had been merely ugly couldget far worse in no time at all. She could see the lust and evil glittering inthe eyes of the three boys who had just come into the house.She pushed past Matt and hit the stairs, bounding up them two at a time to theguest room. Into the room, slam the door, push the heavy chair in front of thedoor. It might not stop them, but it would slow them down. Panting, gasping forair, standing in the middle of the room covered in sperm, she had not felt sohumiliated since her torture at the hands of the men of Daniels High School.Downstairs, Matt and his friends walked into the kitchen and pulled cold sodasfrom the refrigerator.”Man, you were right. She is so fuckin’ hot I can’t believe it,” said Luke”So why aren’t we going after her?” asked Mark.”Hey, we got all fuckin’ day and all fuckin’ night with Miss Tiffany Daniels,”Matt told his friends. “We’re gonna have us the best 24 hours ever. And mystuck-up cunt of a cousin is gonna have the worst 24 hours of her life. Iguarantee it.”* * *CHAPTER TWOTHE ONE THAT GOES LIKE THIS:” … And I’ve got no defense for itThe heat is too intense for itWhat good would common sense for it do’Cause it’s witchcraft, wicked witchcraftAnd although, I know, it’s strictly tabooWhen you arouse the need in meMy heart says yes indeed in meProceed with what your leading me to…”– “Witchcraft” by Coleman and Leigh, as sung by Frank SinatraTiffany stood in the middle of the room, her heart pounding. Rage filled her ather young cousin and what he had just done to her. She went into the bathroom,pulled Kleenexes roughly from the box, and began to wipe the sperm from her faceand body.She took her swimsuit off the rest of the way to make sure she didn’t miss anyglobs hidden away; she had seen “Something About Mary” and didn’t want a replayof what had happened in that movie, even though the circumstances were completelydifferent. As she wiped away the disgusting clots of semen from her skin, shebegan to think of what her next step would be.Revenge was definitely high on her list, probably numbers one through ten, infact, but what could she do at this point? Little monster Matt had three teenagedfriends with him downstairs, and was surely giving them a blow by blowdescription of what had just happened. To go down there and face him head on,order him to apologize or attempt to discipline him was probably the worstpossible step to take. If she tried to turn him over her knee for a spanking,even without his friends, he was strong enough now that it would be she who woundup getting the spanking. A quick mental picture flashed through her mind, of herbent over Matt’s lap, her pants down around her ankles, and him giving her ahard, open-handed spanking on her bare bottom. She shuddered.No, something else was needed. She couldn’t call Matt’s parents or her own; theywere camping, without a phone. She thought of calling some of her friends to comeover, but what would she tell them? Her 13-year- old cousin was bullying heraround and she was wiping his sperm out of her eye? No, that was the last thingshe needed.Then Tiffany remembered the Renaissance Festival. Aunt Peggy had bought a book oftickets to the summertime event, which was taking place on weekends in a hugeopen field not far away. If she could safely get Matt and his nasty littlefriends into the car and out to the festival, they’d be in public and she’d besafe with all the people around. They could stay at the festival all day, andshe’d deal with what to do in the evening when she got there.Meanwhile, Matt had completed telling his young friends what he had just done tohis cousin the cheerleader. The boys were wide-eyed and drop-jawed. They hadtalked about this, planned it even, but they hadn’t really been sure that itwould happen. Now it was happening.”Man, I can’t believe we’re doing this,” said Johnny, a hulking 14- year-old whohad been held back a year in school and thus was still in eighth grade with theothers. “This fuckin’ rocks!””You know it, man,” said Mark. “Now all we got to do is get her to thatRenaissance Festival for Stage Two. How we gonna do that?””I haven’t figured that out yet,” admitted Matt. “But I’m kinda hoping that shewon’t want to spend the day here in the house with us, after what just happened.So we’ll get to Stage Two somehow, I bet. By the way, did you guys bring thestuff we talked about?”They all nodded and pointed to their backpacks slung in a corner. “And we’ve allgot permission to spend th night!” said Johnny.”Quiet, I think I hear her coming,” said Luke, the fourth member of the pervertedlittle posse of teen boys.Tiffany came down the stairs slowly, nervously. She had dressed as demurely andmodestly as she could, but it was summer in Texas, and she hadn’t been expectingthis turn of events. The best she could do was to get back into the white peasantblouse and shorts she had worn over earlier. She had no jeans, no long pants, andno dresses packed. She had pulled her beautiful long blonde hair back into aponytail and put on no makeup in hopes of looking dowdy for the boys.Fat chance. Tiffany Daniels was a stunning 16-year-old girl, as every male from 9to 90 knew instantly upon seeing her. Her luscious teenaged body had just ripenedinto full womanly curves, and her face, with its pouty-lipped, pubescent beauty,was frequently compared to that of the teen tennis star Anna Kournikova.”Matt, may I see you alone a moment?” Tiffany called nervously.”Sure, Tiffany,” Matt answered. Now was the time to play his babysitting cousinjust right, the boy thought, and that meant as little attitude as possible.Tiffany didn’t know what to say about what Matt had just done to her, so shedecided not to say anything. “Do you want to go to the Renaissance Festival?” sheasked. “You and your friends?””Well, yeah, I guess,” Matt said. “Sure. When did you want to go?””No time like right now!” Tiffany said brightly. “Tell your friends to get inyour mom’s car and we’ll go.” Matt ran into the kitchen to talk to his friends,and Tiffany went out and started the car.Soon the boys piled out of the house and into the Ford Taurus, Matt up front,”shotgun!,” and his three friends in back. “Hey guys, this is my cousin,Tiffany,” Matt called out, matter-of-factly. “Tiffany, this is Luke, Mark, andthe guy on the right is Johnny, although sometimes we call him Little John.””Like in Robin Hood?” Tiffany asked.The boys looked at each other, puzzled, then burst out laughing. “Yeah, right,Tiff, whatever you say,” Matt said, mockingly. Tiffany didn’t get the joke. Shewould, of course, later in the day.”Yo! What’s up, Tiff?” said Luke.Tiffany bristled. She hated it when dumb little white boys from the suburbs, richwhite boys, pretended to be homeys from the hood, hated them wearing their jeansfalling down off their ass and talking about their posses and their cribs. Shewanted to bitch-slap them all. But she just gripped the steering wheel tighter,and drove.A half hour later they were turning into the open field that served as a parkinglot. Normally, Tiffany wouldn’t have wanted to go to something geeky like aRenaissance Festival – she was way too cool for such events now, unless a reallycute older boy had asked her, maybe. She had been with a group of friends severalyears ago, though, and she knew the basic routine. A mock “village,” meant torepresent 16th century England or Europe usually, was built in a big field.Performers were hired, some local, and some parts of touring groups who travelledthe country, to put on shows and act as if they were really in 16th centuryEngland. There’d be a king, a queen, a jester, a dark knight, a lot of peasants,a soothsayer, etc., on and on. Part of the “fun” for the suburbanites who paid$15 a head to get in was to interact with the actors as if the whole scene werereally 16th century England instead of the United States in 1999. Staying incharacter was crucial for the players.Oh well, thought Tiffany. At least I can let the boys go off and watch joustingand magic shows, and I can wander around safely in the crowd for most of the day.I’ll be safe.The sun was beating down harsh already at 11 a.m. as Tiffany and her four youngcharges went through the main gates and down the “main street” of the festival.It was hot, and getting hotter.”Listen up, guys,” she told Matt and his obnxious friends. “We’ll meet back hereat the entrance at 5 p.m. Here’s $20 each for food and drink. Don’t get sunburnedand stay out of trouble.””Gee, cuz, are you trying to get rid of us?” Matt asked. “I thought we could palaround together.” He was mocking her, and Tiffany fought down the urge to smackthe punk.”Oh, you don’t want to hang out with me,” Tiffany said. As soon as the words wereout of her mouth, a horse and rider trotted by. The horse was black, and theyoung man astride the b**st was clad all in black too, with a black goatee, afeathered cap atop his head and a sword and scabbard dangling from his waist. Helooked at the boys, and Little John gave a nod. Tiffany saw the boy nod andthought it was odd. She looked up quickly at the man on the horse and thought shesaw him nod as well. But he wheeled and rode off, and just like that, the boyswere all saying, “OK, whatever. See ya back here at five. They walked off in apack, giggling, appearing to share some secret joke.Half an hour later, the gorgeous blonde cheerleader had found a patch of shadeand was sipping a lemonade. Although she was lightly tanned, she knew that thefierce Texas sun today would burn her badly if she stayed in the sun for long,and she hadn’t brought sunscreen. Suddenly a shadow fell over her. She looked upand saw the dark man on his dark horse. He dismounted gracefully.”Good day, fair lady,” he said in the speech that all the Renaissance playersaffected. “What is a beautiful maiden like you doing all alone, if I may be sobold?”Tiffany was flattered. He was darkly handsome, and his eyes sparkled. She guessedhim to be in his early 20s, just old enough to be dangerous but not old enough tobe gross and middle-aged.”Kind sir,” she replied, trying to mimic the speech, “I am just enjoying mydrink. I’m afraid if I stay in the sun too long my skin will burn.””That would be a terrible shame, to see such fair skin burned. Art thee alone?””It’s a long story,” Tiffany answered. “And a boring one. What’s your name?””I am Sir Reginald. Some call me the dark knight, but I’m really a pretty goodguy when I’m not playing dress-up.” He broke character and smiled warmly at her.”Seriously,” he continued, now speaking regularly, “if you’re just trying to getout of the sun, come back to where the performers hang out. We can only stand tobe out for 30 minutes at a time in these damn outfits.” He laughed, and Tiffanyjoined him.Sure, the young beauty said, she’d love to see where the performers hung out. Itwould be like a backstage tour or something, she thought, and anything beat justhanging around in the heat for six hours trying to avoid her cousin and hislittle brat friends. Before she knew it, Sir Reginald had swept her onto hishorse, mounted in front of her, and galloped off toward the permieter of thefestival. He aimed the horse for a gap in the fence where a sign read “NO EXIT -AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY” and shot through it.”Here we are, my lady,” he said, all formal again. “But I forgot to ask yourname.””Tiffany.””Very good, Lady Tiffany, step inside please.”The tent was dark. Very dark, Tiffany realized. And no sooner had thatrealization struck her than she felt several sets of hands grabbing her, andrealized she was surrounded by bodies. Large male bodies. She could smell theirsweat and bro, and feel their muscles as they grabbed her. Her arms were pulledroughly behind her back and held there firmly, and as soon as she started toscream for help, a hairy hand was clapped firmly over her mouth.”Jesus, Reg, you sure can pick ’em!” a voice exclaimed. “What a beauty!””She wasn’t random,” Reg replied. “This was, shall we say, a special order.””Man, I hate to waste this one on the usual stuff,” said a third voice. “I’d liketo strip this one down, oil her up and give her ye olde stake, if you know what Imean!” The young men all laughed.”Naw, come on, man, you know the rules. A little fun and games is one thing, butno gang ****. Although if I were ever gonna break the rules, it would be withTiffany here. Look at them fuckin’ tits!”Tiffany struggled, but it was no use. She was held firmly. Suddenly, the hand waswithdrawn from her mouth, and she opened it to scream, again. But in a splitsecond the hand was replaced by cloth, some sort of gag. She was being gagged!She tried to kick out against her assailants, but there were too many of them,and they had strength and numbers and even experience at doing this on her. Thecloth on the gag was wrapped around fethiye escort a thick stick, about six inches long, so itstuck out either side of her mouth. Quickly one of the men wrapped another pieceof cloth around the back of her head and tied off both ends of the stick tightly.She tried to scream, but all that came out was a muffled moan. No one would beable to understand a word the poor girl was saying.”Let’s get it on, guys,” Reg said, and Tiffany felt herself being stripped of herclothes. Off came the peasant blouse, the shorts, her sandals, and finally herbra and panties. She was stark naked, and could feel one of the sets of handsroaming over her pussy, while another one squeezed her large nipples. A fingertip inserted itself into her pussy, only an inch or so, and she screamed like amadwoman, but all that came out was “MMpppfffff!!””Man, I hate to pass on this one!” she heard, the same voice of the guy who hadwanted to **** her.”Yeah, and get arrested and convicted of a felony, dickwad!” Reg barked back.”Stick to the plan, and even if she presses charges, we just say Hey, it was allpart of the Festival, we didn’t know she was gonna freak out over a fun littlegame.”Tiffany felt her hands pulled roughly over her head, and some sort of garmentbeing lowered over her. Simultaneously, strong hands grabbed her ankles andstarted tying rope to them. She had never felt so helpless and powerless, evenwhen she was being abused by the men back at Daniels High School!The garment, which she couldn’t see because of the darkness in the small tent,was horribly scratchy as they lowered it over her skin. She tried to figure outwhat it was, and realized it must be burlap. They were dressing her in a burlapbag, and she was naked underneath. All as preparation for some sort of horriblegame! Her mind was spinning with anxiety and panic.The burlap “dress” was sleeveless, and the sides were cut low, so that the sidesof her bare breasts were partly visible, or would be when she was back outside.It hung only a few inches below her crotch and ass, and her legs were bare. Shetried to kick again, and realized they had tied her ankles together with a rope,leaving about two feet of play in the rope: enough to shuffle along, but notenough to run if she were able to break away. They then tied her wrists behindher back with another short length of rope, which pulled her arms back and forcedher to thrust her tits out. The nipples made contact with the awful burlap, andthe harsh fabric irritated the sennstive nubbins.She felt someone put something else over head, on some sort of string. Finally,she heard, “OK, guys, it’s show time!:”The rope tying her wrists was yanked, and Tiffany stumbled forward. In a fewshort steps, she was outside the tent, back in the hard Texas sunlight, blinkingrapidly and trying to get her bearings. She looked around and saw four of theRenaissance Players, including Reg. One man was leading her by the rope aroundher wrists, like a dog on a leash. They went back through the opening of thefence and into the fairgrounds. She was barefoot, but fortunately the grass wassoft on the soles of her feet.’HEAR YE1 HEAR YE1 HEAR YE!” one of the men started bellowing at the top of hislungs. “All persons wishing to see what happens to lascivious young women, pleasefollow us to the Town Square! We have here a prize strumpet, a whore, who hasbeen caught seducing the young son of our good king. Even worse, we think she maybe a witch! She will be made to pay! Come one! Come all!”Everyone at the festival was staring at her. She tried to shout, to protest, butall that came through the gag was another mumbled “Mmmmmpfffff!” She shook herhead wildly, and her blonde hair flew around her shoulders, but this just madethe gathering crowd laugh. It struck her that everyone else thought she was oneof the players, a part of the show, instead of an innocent girl who had beenk**napped.The men continued to pull Tiffany relentlessly through the grounds. She stumbledwith her ankles tied, but managed to walk. A large crowd, mostly male, wastrailing behind her and the men, yelling comments like “Yeah, get the whore!Punish her! We want to see some punishment!” Several of the men were carryinglarge beers and appeared to be drunk, even before noon.Finally they got to the Town Square, and Tiffany’s stomach turned a flip flopwhen she was what was there: two sets of old-fashioned stocks, the kind she hadseen in history books about the Puritans. Oh God, she realized, they were goingto put her in the stock in front of this drunken, cheering crowd of men! Thepanicky teenager happened to glance down at this point and read (upside down,from her vantage) the sign they had hung around her neck. It read: For UnlawfulCarnal Knowledge. Each capital letter was large and emphasized.”Up you go, strumpet!” ordered Sir Reginald, and he lifted her onto the raisedplatform that held the stocks. “Ladies and gentlemen!” he shouted. “This womanhas been found guilty of sexual crimes against the crown! Plus, there is evidencethat she is a witch! She will be punished. Do you want us to show mercy, or nomercy?””NO MERCY!” screamed the mob. Tiffany scanned their faces. There were only two orthree women, and they were looking uncomfortable at this display. They turned toleave. Everyone left seemed to be male, from teenagers to middle-aged men inshorts and black socks and sandals, cameras around their necks, beers in hand.Many had probably come to the festival grudgingly, but now the day was looking awhole lot brighter. This young wench they’d gotten to play the strumpet lookedreally terrified. What a great actress!Tiffany tried to break free, but strong hands forced her to her knees. Her headwas pulled forward, and the heavy wooden top half of the front stock dropped intoplace and locked firmly. She tried to pull back, but she was trapped. Her handswere still bound behind her back, and she realized that bent over like this, thetop of her burlap garment was hanging down so that the men in the front row had agood look at her tits. Two men pulled out camcorders and started taping theproceedings.Hands grabbed her ankles and jerked back, and she felt her ankles being lockedinto a second set of stocks behind her. These were smaller and lower, and theyimmobilized her lower legs. She was a prisoner, at the mercy of these men forwhatever their cruel game was.”Behold the witch!” shouted one of her captors. Tiffany screamed and shook herhead frantically, and the crowd just laughed. “Looks more like a bitch than awitch!” yellled a spectator. “Yeah, and a pretty little bitch witch at that!”said another man, setting off another wave of laughter.”Gentlemen, please!” said Sir Reginald, holding up his hand for quiet. “We haveways of dealing with wanton young witches like this one. She will be punished forpracticing witchcraft and her lascivious ways. Her time has come!”Tiffany felt a captor bend over and attach something to the hem of the burlapgown. It hung down just barely over her ass cheeks, preserving her modesty byonly an inch of fabric. But her long legs were bare, she knew, and her tits werepartially on view. She had already noticed tell- tale bulges in the pants ofseveral of the men watching, and she was ashamed to know that her plight wasmaking them hard.She shifted her weight, and heard a bell ring. They had clipped a bell to the hemof her dress, and it dangled down over the backs of her thighs, for reasons shedid not understand yet.She was about to. Soon she heard a strange sound coming from behind her, and thecrowd started to roar. “Meehhhh-hehhh,” went the sound. What the hell? thoughtTiffany. It sounds like a goat!”Gentlemen, hear me out!” said Reginald. “This wanton little whore is guilty ofwitchcraft and much more. While some might burn her at the stake or drown her, wehave a less, uh, permanent plan. Our little witch will have the soles of her feetlicked by this goat. If she can stay perfectly still for one minute withoutmaking the bell ring, she will be set free. But every time the bell rings, westart over again. Are we ready to begin!””Yes!” shouted the crowd. Some seemed a little disappointed, thinking maybe thegoat was going to fuck the poor victim, but then they remembered where they were,and that their wives and c***dren could wander up at any minute, not to mention acop. Oh, well.A captor pulled out a large jar of honey and brushed the souls of Tiffany’s feetwith the sweet goo. Then they set an hour-glass, timed for one minute, on thestocks next to Tiffany’s head. There was a pause for a second, and then she feltit.The goat’s tongue made contact with the cheerleader’s naked sole, and she jumped.Instantly the bell rang. The goat was pulled back on its rope leash, the glasswas tilted so the sand ran back, and it was set up again. Again the a****l’stongue began to lick, and again she jumped.The crowd was loving it, laughing and pointing. Several camcorders were goingnow, recording her humiliation. One man in front seemed to be zooming inexclusively on her large breasts as they jerked and swayed under the burlap.Tiffany had never been partciularlly ticklish, but the goat’s tongue on her barefoot was unlike anything she had ever felt. The a****l’s tongue was rough andharsh, it was dry and wet at the same time, and when he dragged his tongue alongher sole, slurping up honey, it was the most maddening tickling she had everfelt. Every time the goat even touched her foot, it would jerk, and the bellattached to her would jingle.”Boy, folks, looks like we could be here all day!’ announced Sir Reginald with agrin. “Of course, maybe our little witch likes her punishment, and she’s tryingto prolong it!” The mob whooped and hollered, and Tiffany shook her head,no-no-no-no, and screamed into the cloth-wrapped gag, which only made the crowdwhoop more.The tormented cheerleader was sweating profusely in the heat, and the sweat onher skin as the burlap rubbed against it itched horribly. With her hands boundbehind her back she was unable to scratch. Her ordeal looked as if it wouldstretch on forever. The public humiliation was more than she could bear. This waseven worse than what had happened in the mall a few months ago, she thought. Thiswas so demeaning, so degrading, so public.She tried holding her breath as she felt the goat’s tongue carress her footagain. Up and down swiped the a****l tongue, up and down, lapping up honey, andthe sensations raced up her legs, and straight to her brain, although strangelythey also went right through her pussy, which also felt as if it were beingtickled. A horrible image flashed through her mind, of Sir Reginald lifting herburlap dress and letting the a****l bury its nasty snout in her exposed pussy andlick away at her. The thought was appalling, but also made her damp between herlegs, and not with sweat. She forced it from her mind. Just then the goatswitched feet and attacked her left foot for the first time, its tongue makingcontact with her naked toes, and Tiffany nearly jumped out of her skin.Tinkle-tinkle went the bell, and the crowd laughed and pointed.Tiffany scanned their grotesque faces, and realized she was probably just asgrotesque, in a different way. Sweat was streaming down her face, her beautifulblonde hair was damp and matted, and her face had to be beet red by now with thesun and the screaming. She always prided herself on her looks and her grooming,and here she was, bordering on ugly! She had to get control of herself and of thesituation.As she looked into the crowd from her pinned-down position, she suddenly gaspedinto the gag. Was that Stephanie, her sister, way back there in the crowd of men,peeking through and smiling? It coudn’t be. She blinked, and the girl was gone.It had to have been a mirage. Her parents were off camping, and Stephanie wasspending the weekend at a friend’s house; it would be too much of a coincidencefor Steph to show up right at this moment of Tiffany’s utter embarrassment.But it wasn’t a coincidence when she saw Matt and his friends. There they were,the little bastards, hanging out on the fringe, laughing at her! Ooh, she’d killthem when she got free! And then it hit her. She’d been set up! Reginald has saidsomething back in the tent about a “special order,” and Little John or whateverhis name was had nodded at Reginald earlier in the day when he was standing withTiffany. Somehow, the boys had conspired with Reginald and the Renaissance actorsto bring her to this point. She was furious, and her body strained against theconfining stocks. But of course, all that did was set the little bell tinklingagain. Reginald upended the hour-glass, let the sand shift, and turned it overfor another minute.The goat attacked Tiffany’s bare foot with relish, licking between her tendertoes, running his nasty tongue everywhere. She concentrated on holding her feetmotionless, but the teasing tickling of the goat was too much, she couldn’t bearit, and she jerked her feet away, ringing the bell again.”Whoa, methinks this is never going to end!” said Sir Reginald jovially, and thecrowd cheered again. “Time for a fresh coat of honey!” And she felt more honeybeing spread over her feet.So it went, for almost an hour. The goat was single-minded, relentless. It was amachine, programmed to lick honey from her bare feet. And no matter what she did,Tiffany could not suppress her relfexes. She screamed into the gag in rage andfrustration as the humiliation grond on and on. Her sweat-soaked nipples keptrubbing against the burlap as they swung to and fro, and they were beginning tochafe. Sweat ran down her face and down her thighs. Flies began buzzing aroundthe honey, but the goat’s non-stop licking chased them off. The flies decidedthey liked the sweat on Tiffany’s tender thighs, and landed there. The feeling ofthe flies crawling on her bare skin was more than she could bear, but every timeshe wiggled her thighs to try to dislodge the flies, the bell would ring and shewould have to start all over again.She could see Matt, Mark, Luke and Little John enjoying themselves in the crowd.All four boys had erections bulging the fronts of their jeans cut-offs, littlepup-tents pointing straight at her, taunting her like everything else was in thishorrid place.”I think our little witch-bitch is getting too hot!” Sir Reginald announced tothe crowd. “Even though I’m not inclined to show mercy, perhaps I can cool heroff!” Tiffany felt the evil man grab the hem of the burlap dress that hung down alittle below her ass and lift it up. He began a fanning motion with the dress,lifting it up and down quickly. Yes, it was circulating some air up under theburlap, which felt exquisite, but he was also exposing her bare ass to the entireFestival. Reginald looked down, as if unaware of what he had been doing, and puton a pop-eyed face, as if just discovering he was showing off Tiffany naked fromthe waist down.The crowd in front quickly realized the best view was now from behind, andstampeded around the platform to get a better look. Reginald timed it perfectlyand dropped the burlap just as they got into their news positions.”Sorry, gentlemen, but even a witch-bitch has to maintain some modesty. Did youknow” – and he dropped his voice into a loud stage whisper – “Did know she isn’twearing any undergarments!!!”The men yelled and surged forward. The goat, frightened by the tumult, stoppedlicking and pulled on the rope around its collar. Tiffany tried to turn to look,but the stocks kept her face pointing forward.”Show us! Show us Show us!” the mob chanted.”Gentlemen, gentlemen!” Sir Reginald spoke. “I am sorry, but the RenaissanceFestival is, after all, a family affair. Apparently our young actress here waseven more into the part than my friends and I realized, and decided not to wearunderwear under her dress today. Apparently she was really in character allalong!” he chortled.”And even though she never did manage one minute of stillness, there comes apoint when we must move on to other events. How about a big round of applause forour little witch-bitch today, who was so in character she underwent her tormentwithout any panties!”The men cheered lusilty, as Tiffany burned with shame. Reginald and the othersunlocked the stocks and led the goat away. She was so stiff from being locked ina kneeling position for an hour that her muscles ached when she tried to stand.She glared at the men and tried to tell them they were worthless scum, that shewas an unwilling victim, but all that came out from behind the gag was the sameincoherent gibberish she’d been shouting for an hour now.Quickly, Sir Reginald grabbed her around the waist, swung one leg up over hishorse, and the two of them were astride the horse, Reginald sitting and Tiffanylaying over his lap, her ass in the air. The burlap dress ballooned up to herwaist, and she was naked from the waist down, her sweet white teen buttocks ondisplay for the crowd’s enjoyment. One last cheer of lust arose from the wearymen as Sir Reginald galloped away, holding the sqirming, humiliated girl firmlyin his grip.* * *CHAPTER THREETHE ONE THAT GOES LIKE THIS:”Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip … sunscreen would be it.”‹ From Baz Luhrmann’s “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Suncreen),” originally written byMary Schmich.Tiffany’s knuckles were white with anger as she gripped the steering wheel of theTaurus, zipping it down the highway well above the speed limit. In the backseat,her cousin’s friends Luke, Little John and Mark were giggling and punching eachother. Matt hummed quietly in the shotgun seat beside her.The 16-year-old beauty just wanted to get as far away from the RenaissanceFestival as possible, and as fast as possible. Get back to Aunt Peggy and UnclePaul’s house and take a bath, to wash the degradation off her skin, not tomention the pungent smell of goat off her feet.After her public humiliation in the stocks at the festival, Tiffany had beencarried back to the tent where she’d been stripped by Sir Reginald. There shefound her clothes, and as she dressed, she attacked the young man verbally.”You sick bastard!” she had yelled at him. “I’m going to have you arrested, youperverted asshole! My daddy is a city councilman in Beverly, and my family isrich and powerful, and they’ll see that you and your friends are thrown in jailwith homosexual r****ts!”Sir Reginald laughed in her face, which enraged her even further. “Take a chillpill, little Tiffany,” he had said calmly. “When you calm down, you’ll see thatnothing really that bad happened to you. You weren’t physically hurt, you weren’tm*****ed. You just had a goat licking your feet for a little while, that’s all.If you insist on having us arrested, my lawyer will just find one of the guys whowas taping the whole performance. We can play the tape in open court and let thejudge or jury decide, sweetheart. I’m sure a jury would love to see you havingyour feet licked by a goat. And your family sitting in the courtroom, I’m surethey’d enjoy it, too.””Fuck you!” Tiffany hissed. Dammit, he was probably right, but she wasn’t aboutto admit that. Finally dressed back in her peasant blouse and shorts, she hadstomped out of the tent, with Sir Reginald’s harshe laughter ringing in her ears.When she re-entered the Renaissance grounds, she was immediately aware of peoplestaring and whispering. At one point she passed a group of middle-aged man whoyelled “Hey, it’s the witch bitch!” and burst out laughing. Her face hot withshame, Tiffany stomped past them, not giving them the pleasure of a response. Shefound Matt and his asshole-buddies still hanging around the Town Square, thescene of her public humiliation.”Come on!” she barked. “We’re going. NOW!””Jeez, Tiff, what happened?” Matt said, his voice full of concern. “Did youvolunteer for that thing in the stocks? That was kinda cool!” His friends allwore shit-eating grins.”I did NOT volunteer, and you know it. You set me up. Now come on, we are outtahere. This second!”She walked away, and the four boys followed her. Now they were in the car, headedback to the house.”So how did it feel?” she heard one of the youngsters say in back, Luke shethought.”I’m not going to talk about it,” Tiffany snapped. “And neither are you. Justshut up. I know you guys arranged that somehow.””Who, us?” they all chorused, their voices full of outraged innocence. “Really,we don’t know what you’re talking about.” The car was quiet for a moment, andthen the back seat exploded with laughter, and the boys were digging their elbowsinto each other’s ribs and squirming.”I’ve got news for you little shits,” Tiffany said. “When we get home, I’mcalling your parents and telling them I’m not feeling well, and would they pleasecome pick you up. You’ll be gone. Then it’ll be just me and Matt, and buster, youare going to toe the line with me. I’m in charge, and you’re gonna know it””Ooh, cuz, I like it when you get all rough and tough,” Matt said, mocking heragain. “I think my cuz is crackin’ down on us, guys.”They pulled into the driveway and the boys tumbled out of the car and ran to thehouse, Matt unlocking the front door with his own house key. Tiffany followed,dashed up the stairs to the guest room, locked the door, and picked up the phoneto start calling.Instead of a dial tone, she heard the bleeps and burbles of a computer modemconnection to the Internet. She toggled the phone switch, but kept getting thesame sound. She couldn’t call out. The little bastard had managed to get onto theNet before she could call out.”Matthew!” she called, cracking the door a bit. “Get off the computer so I canuse the phone!” Silence. No reply. “Matthew!” Silence. “Answer me!” Silence.Then the beleaguered cheerleader heard something much worse than silence. Sheheard her own voice. “I am 16, going on 17, I know that I’m naive…”No, she thought. It couldn’t be. But she knew, with a sick feeling, that it was.The video that Mr. White and the others had made of her one night in the back ofthe car on the way to the mall, when they had made her sing the song “I am 16going on 17” from “The Sound of Music” over and over. How had Matt gotten thevideo? And was it the whole video, the one the teachers had made of her in allsorts of humiliating and sexual encounters to blackmail her with? Oh God. Herworld was crashing down around her. If Matt had that video, and was watching itwith his friends, it meant they would probably try to blackmail her as well.She would not go back there, she swore. She had escaped being a sexual victim ofMr. White and his ugly gang of middle-aged perverts, and she certainly would notsubmit to her cousin and his 13-year-old friends. Blind with fury, she chargeddown the stairs into the living room, and there were all four boys watching heron a big screen TV set. The image was of her in the back seat of Mr. White’s SUV,her large naked breasts heaving, the nipples erect, singing her fool head off.”Give me that tape, you worthless little scumbag!” Tiffany bellowed at hercousin.Matt hit pause on the remote and looked at her calmly. “Come and get it, cuz,” hesaid ominously.Tiffany strode across the room to the VCR and hit the eject button. “Get her,boys!” Matt called, and all four of them jumped up and moved toward Tiffany.The baby-sitter dropped the tape and ran, realizing that she was really introuble now. She hit the front door and dashed into the front yard, the four boyshot on her heels. She rounded the house, headed toward the back, not knowingwhere she was going, just trying to get away.”Oomph!” the air was knocked out of her, and she hit the ground. She had beentackled by one of the boys, and instantly all four were swarming all over herprone body. Tiffany Daniels fought like a wildcat, kicking and trying to bitethem, pulling at their hair. But she was no match for four strong boys,particularly when one of them was as burly as Little John, who must have weighed180 pounds. In a manner of seconds she was on her stomach in the grass, with Johnsiting on her back, crushing the air out of her. Luke had her arms pinned down,and her legs kicked helplessly, hitting nothing.Matt ran back into the house and re-appeared in seconds. He bent over hiswrithing teenaged cousin and snapped a pair of handcuffs onto her wrists, lockingthem together. Tiffany screamed.”Go ahead and scream, cuz,” Matt told her coldly. “There’s no one around formiles. No one can hear you. OK, guys, let’s get to work.” He moved quickly to herankles and snapped a second pair of handcuffs into place. She was helpless, atthe mercy of the boys.They hoisted her into the air, all of them carrying her, back into the yard, andinto the pool area. They laid her handcuffed body onto a chaise lounge made ofrubber slats, lifted her hands above her head and used yet another set of cuffsto fasten her hands to the wrought iron fence that surrounded the pool. Theydragged two concrete block on either side of the lounger, looped rope through theconcrete blocks, and fastened the rope to the cuffs on her ankles. Then theyunlocked the set of cuffs to her ankles and replaced them with two sets, so thateach of the cheerleader’s slim ankles was now cuffed and tied to a heavy concreteblock. Finally they pulled the blocks to the sides, away from the lounger, so shewas spread-eagled.The boys were huffing and puffing as they looked at their prize captive. TiffanyDaniels, their babysitter who only a few minutes before was going to assert herauthority, was now helpless. Her arms were stretched painfully tight above herhead with her wrists cuffed to the fence, and her legs were spread wide, anchoredby concrete blocks. She cursed and spat at the boys, writhed on the lounger(making her appear even sexier to the horny boys, although that wasn’t herintent), and screamed for help.”I’m sick of listening to you, cuz,” Matt said. “Time to shut you up, bitch.””Let’s gag her with her own panties,” Luke suggested.”Naw, I got a better idea,” Matt said. He pulled down his own shorts and jockeyshorts, and Tiffany saw his hard pubescent dick spring to life, bobbing angrily.He stepped out of his jockeys, wadded them into a ball, and jammed them intoTiffany’s mouth. The girl could taste his sweat and boy crotch-odor on the foulunderpants, as Matt poked them deeper into her mouth with his fingers. Tiffanywas rendered mute, her mouth filled with disgusting jockey shorts, unable to spitthem out because they were crammed too far back into her mouth. She screamed intothe cotton wadding, but just like when she was gagged at the RenaissanceFestival, only muffled, angry gurgling came out.”Time to get her naked!” Matt said gleefully. He produced a pair of scissors andbegan to cut the clothes from his cousin’s body. First came the blouse, cut rightup the middle and pulled off. Then her bra, snipped in half, then the straps. Theboys pulled it off and their eyes popped as Tiffany’s perfect 36C tits wereexposed.”Oh, man, lookit those titties,” said Little John. He fell to his knees and beganlicking and sucking the girl’s nipples, slobbering all over them.While John m*****ed Tiffany’s tits, Matt cut the short shorts away, being carefulnot to nick her. Finally he cut away her white cotton panties, and TiffanyDaniels lay stark naked and helpless before him, totally at his mercy. Shecontinued to scream into the gag, to no avail.”Luke, go get the supplies,” Matt said. In less than a minute, Luke was back withhis backpack. He unzipped it and pulled out a razor and shaving cream, amongother items.”First thing we’re gonna do, cuz, is give you a little shave. Now I know you’renot real happy right now, but you’d better hold very very still while I do this.It’s the first time I’ve ever shaved a girl’s pussy, and if you start squirming,I’m likely to cut you. Stop stop and think about it. As bad as this is right now,surely you don’t want to be naked, gagged, helpless and then bleeding from yourpussy, too?”Tiffany’s face was white with fear, but Matt’s words registered, and she laystill as he covered her soft blonde pupes with shaving cream. She was unable tosee in the position she was in, but she felt the cord metal of the disposablerazor start to sc**** away the cream, and with it, her pubic hair. Terrified,Tiffany was motionless for several minutes as Matt shaved away the hair on herpussy, applied a little more cream to the patches he’d missed, then went betweenher widespread legs and delicately shaved away the tiny stray hairs on her labia.When he was done, Tiffany’s pussy had been shaved completely bald.The boys all stared, fascinated. They’d never seen a bald pussy except on alittle sister, but here was a 16-year-old cheerleader without a bit of hair. Itmade her pussy lips seem more prominent (and vulnerable), and the slit of herpussy itself seemed bigger. Matt used his fingers to pry open her lips andexposed her clit and inner labia, and the boys whistled and stared some more.”You know, we talked about this being the best position for sun bathing,” Mattaddressed his friends, “but I just had a brainstorm. Help me out here.” He lifteda concrete block, and as it was tethered to Tiffany’s ankle, her leg rose aswell. He walked the block up toward her head, and Tiffany felt the other blockbeing lifted as well. Both of her feet were now being pulled back toward herhead. Soon her legs were stretched back over her head and the muscles in herthighs began to really hurt, but the boys kept moving the blocks further up,until, as the girl looked straight up, she could see the blocks being carriedpast her face and over her head. Matt and Little John, who was holding the otherblock, placed them on top of the fence above Tiffany’s head, settling theopenings in the blocks onto the pickets of the waist-high fence.Tiffany screamed even harder into the gag. She was laying on her back, and herlegs now went straight back over her head, so that her ankles were actuallybehind her neck. The muscles in her cruelly stretched thighs felt as if they wereabout to pop; if she hadn’t been a cheerleader, and able to do the splits withease, they would have popped. The position also left her pussy and ass and thighshorrible vulnerable, completely exposed.Matt was whistling a tuneless tune and his buddies were all laughing and staringat the exposed teenaged baby-sitter. She looked up and saw Matt holding a tub ofbutter. “Time to grease you up, cuz. Time for some hot buttered Tiffany!” Hebegan to spread the butter onto her skin, and his friends dipped their fingers inand did likewise. Eight hands roamed over Tiffany’s body, spreading a layer ofgreasy butter everywhere. Her breasts and nipples got special attention, and eachboys made sure to visit her bare pussy with his buttery fingers. Slick youngfingers slipped in and out of her vagina, and her butthole as well.”Hey, let’s just fuck her now!” said Mark, shifting his hard-on that pressingagainst his fly. “Fuck the plan, man. I want me some pussy this second! Look atthat sweet gash.””Come on, chill,” said Matt. “You’re gonna get all the pussy you can handle,buddy.” He stood over Tiffany and looked down into her face.”You’re probably wondering about all this, cuz,” Matt told her. “So here’s theplan. My folks won’t be back until tomorrow. Between now and then, we want you tobe our sex slave. We want you to do all kinds of nasty things with all four of.We want to fuck you, and have you blow us, and like that. Over and over. Allnight long. We’re young, so we figure we can each get it up a bunch of times. Nowwe figured you weren’t exactly gonna volunteer for this duty, and maybe even thatreally cool video of you and those old guys wouldn’t be enough. So what we’regonna do now is persuade you to be our sex slave. It’s 97 degrees right now, andthat sun is pretty hot. Rather than being covered in sunscreen, you’re covered inbutter, so you’re gonna baste like a turkey in an oven. We’re gonna leave you outhere for an hour, go inside in the air conditioning, and watch your video. Thenwe’ll come out and see if you’re willing to volunteer to be our sex slave. Cool,huh?” The 13-year-old boy grinned at her.”Oh, one more thing. This was my best idea.” He pulled out several large lettersthat had been cut out of construction paper and showed them to her. These lettersspell out “FUCK ME” and “SPANK ME.” I’m gonna tape the letters down here on thebacks your thighs, spelling out one message one each thigh. As the sun goes towork on you, the messages will be imprinted on your thighs. I can see you’vealready got a little bit of a tan, but this sun will give you a really nasty burnin an hour or so. Then we peel off the letters and for the next couple of weeksyou’ll have to wear long pants everywhere until the burn fades. Unless you likethe idea of going out in shorts and having the whole world see you spelling outFUCK ME and SPANK ME on your legs. See ya in a little while, cuz!” he called outcheerfully. And Matt and the boys went back inside, leaving Tiffany to the cruelrays of the blazing sun.Her legs were killing her. Her arms hurt, stretched as they were, but nothinglike the muscles in her thighs, and the tendons that ran right up to her crotch.Her legs were pulled back so far and so tight, Tiffany didn’t know how she couldstand this torture for a full hour. She was already sweating from the hot, hotTexas sun. She knew that her tan would protect her a little, but she also knewthat not all of her was tan. Her normal bikini bottoms had left a wide swatch ofpure white skin that stretched from below her navel down to where her thighs mether crotch, and that was the area that this position now exposed perfectly to thesun. Tiffany knew that the sun would cook that tender white skin fast. Her pussyand ass, naked and aimed directly at the sun’s rays, were already hot, and theywould be pink in less than 30 minutes. She hated to think how badly sunburned herpoor white pussy and ass would be after an hour. The pain would be excrutiating.She felt something on her pussy. What was that? Oh Jeez, it was a fly, a big oldnasty fly. It had been attracted by the smell of the butter and had landed on hershaved labia to feast. She shook her pelvis as best she could given herrestraints, and the fly flew away, but then landed again in seconds. Thenanother. And another. Soon Tiffany’s buttered pussy and ass had several fliescrawling over most tender parts, itching something fierce. She’d shake herself,and they’d leave, and the return. She felt a fly crawl down between escort fethiye her labia,seeking more of the melted butter, and screamed into the jockey-gag, bucking herhips franticly to dislodge the nasty insect.The luscious young victim laid there, unable to move, for what seemed likeforever. The sun was roasting her tender skin, and she knew she’d have a terriblesunburn. Occasionally she would remember the letters Matt had taped to herthighs, and how they would now be visible to anyone if she dared wear a dress orshorts. A fly landed on her nose, and she thrashed her head from side to side.The hour passed slowly, and felt like four hours to the helpless girl. Finallythe boys came back out and stood over her. She could see that all four sproutedhard-ons that tented the front of their shorts.”Hey, cuzzy-wuzzy,” taunted Matt. “Time sure flies when you’re havin’ fun, huh?”He laughed, and his friends all cracked up at his 13- year-old wit. Tiffany justglared at her tormentors.”So Tiff, you ready to be our sex slave? You know, since we overpowered you once,we could do ti again, and just **** the shit out of ya, but we decided it wouldbe more fun for us if you were co-operative. So we’d like for you to tell us nowthat you’re ready to be our sex slave.”Tiffany saw that Luke was now holding her aunt and uncle’s videocamera andpointing it at her face. Matt bent down and pulled the jockeys out of her mouth.Tiffany swallowed a couple of time and worked her jaw, getting the feeling back.”Fuck you all, you little twerps,” she spat. “I’ll never ne your sex slave!””Oh my, not the right answer, cuz,” said Matt, and he jammed the jockeys backinto place. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting tired of waiting, andthat video made me horny as well. I think we have to be more persuasive withTiffany.””Hell yes!” his friends all agreed. Matt went to the backpack and pulled outthree large magnifying glasses. “OK, Johnny, you and Mark each take a nipple. Iorganized this pool party, so I get the pussy. If she holds out for a while,we’ll switch. Luke, you record this for posterity.”The vicious boys bent down over the bound girl. Johnny and Mark each grabbed abreast firmly around the base in one hand and held the magnifying glass a fewinches above the nipple. Matt got between her spread legs, pulled open her pussylips and exposed her clit. He poised the magnifying glass above the little pinknub.At first, Tiffany felt nothing. But only for a minute. Then, slowly, the burningpain began to build. Each of the three magnifiers was focusing the sun’s raysdirectly onto her most sensitive parts. Soon each nipple felt like it was onfire. Her little clit felt as if someone was holding a cigarette lighter afraction of an inch away and letting the flame burn her. She screamed in the gagand bucked her body frantically, trying to dislodge the boys’ grip on her.Just when she thought they would burn her so badly she’s be scarred, Matt gave asignal and they backed off. The babysitter was gasping for breath, her chestheaving with pain and panic.”We could do this on and off for the rest of the afternoon, Tiffy,” said Matt.”Wouldn’t have to just concentrate on the good parts, either. Those armpits arevery white and pretty tempting, and so are the backs of your thighs. We couldjust work all over your body, up and down, with these glasses. And when we weredone, we’d just be really horny and really pissed, and we’d take you in and ****you anyway. So I think it’s time you gave up. But here’s my final offer. Hopethis changes your mind.”He pulled from the backpack a package of small firecrackers. He separated afirecracker from the group and showed it to her. “I had one of these babies gooff in my hand one time when I didn’t throw it fast enough. Man, I thought I’ddie. I’ve never felt anything hurt so bad. I’ve got 20 here, and I can use themone a time.”He went down to her crotch, where her pink bunghole was pointed almost straightup at the sky. Tiffany felt her cousin take the firecracker and insert it intoher rectum, pushing it in until just the fuse was sticking out.Tiffany Daniels went insane. He would kill her! He would maim her for life! Afirecracker lodged up inside her ass! And 19 more to go. She thrashed, shescreamed, she pleaded into the gag.”Anybody got a lighter?” Matt asked calmly. He looked at Tiffany. “Last chance,cuzzy-bitch. If you agree to be our sex slave, just nod your head. You’ll have toagree to do everything we say for the rest of the day and the night, but it won’tinvolve any more firecrackers.” He flicked the lighter.”Yes! Yes! Oh God! Yes!” Tiffany screamed, but the boys couldn’t understand her.Then they saw her head nodding vigorously, up and down, over and over.”Cool, man, I think she really didn’t like the firecracker!” said Little Johnny.Matt pulled the underpants from her mouth. Luke leaned forward with thecamcorder. She could hear it whirring.”I give up,” Tiffany said. “I’ll be your sex slave, you little shits.””Details, cuz,” said Matt. “Tell us what you’ll do.”Tiffany swallowed hard. “I’ll let you fuck me. I’ll suck you off. Whatever youwant.””What if we want something really nasty and kinky?” asked Matt. He held up afirecracker and grinned evilly.”I’ll do it all, anything you want, no matter how nasty,” she swore. “Just don’thurt me any more, please, Matt, please. Don’t hurt me.””Cool, cuz. OK, guys,” he said to his friends. “As they say in the Olympics, letthe games begin!”* * *CHAPTER FOURTHE ONE THAT GOES LIKE THIS:”Oh, oh, poor me/Poor poor pitiful me/Oh these boys won’t let me be/Lord have mercy on me/Oh woe, woe is me.”- Warren Zevon’s “Poor Poor Pitiful Me,” as covered by Linda Ronstadt in the ’80s.Poor, poor pitiful Tiffany Daniels. Just a few hours ago, the beautiful teenagerhad been safe in her own home, in her own bed, without a care in the world.And now, here she was, bound into a tormenting position that was sheer hell, andpromising to be a sex slave for the rest of the day and night to her icky littlecousin Matt and his smarmy little friends. She shuddered, on the verge of tears,but told herself she would not let the worthless snots see her break down.”Ya know who she likes?” snickered 13-year-old Luke as he gazed down fondly onthe nude girl, and stroked the hard-on in his shorts. “She looks like Buffy theVampire Slayer.””Naw, you buttwipe,” answered Little John, his friend. “She looks like the Aliciawhatshername chick who was in those Aerosmith videos like “Crazy.” Whateverhappened to that chick, anyway?””Shut up, dudes,” said Matt. “She looks like that Anna Kournikova, the tennisplayer. That’s what all the k**s at her high school say. And anyway, who careswho she looks like? It’s time to fuck her!””Yeah, baby!” the boys shouted. “Time for some twat from Tiffany!”The mortified cheerleader was helpless. She was splayed out obscenely on a loungechair by Matt’s parents’ pool. Her hands were cuffed, pulled way above her headand cuffed to the wrought iron fence that surrounded the pool. Each ankle wasalso cuffed and fastened to a short rope looped inside a concrete cinder block.The boys had then pulled the cinder blocks over and above her head and placedthem on the fence, so that her ankles were behind her head. The resultingposition put a terrible strain on her lithe young body, and exposed her virginpussy and ass completely. That pussy had been shaved, buttered, and left in thesun to get badly burned on the delicate, unexposed white skin. She wasn’t hurtingmuch yet, but Tiffany knew that as the hours wore on the sunburn would becomeunbearable, and it was a spot that was probably going to take a relentlesspounding from her horny cousin and his erect young friends.”How do we want to do this?” asked Mark.”Please untie me,” Tiffany begged.”Correction, cuz,” snarled Matt. “You’re not tied. So we can’t untie you. You’recuffed. So there.” The boys all laughed at the helpless cheerleader.”Let’s just pick her up like this and take her over on the grass and do herthere,” Matt ordered.”No, please, please uncuff me,” Tiffany pleaded. “My legs hurt so much. Ipromised I’d be your sex slave.””And you will, cuz. We’ll uncuff you eventually. But for now, I kinda like youlike this.” So the four boys lifted the blocks off the poles of the wrought ironfence and pulled the cuffs off the fence but kept them fastened to her wrists andankles. They carried the hot, buttered teenager in her awkward position out ofthe pool area and laid her on the grass in the back yard. Her pleading continued,but the boys ignored her.”I’m first,” said Matt.”OK,” said Luke, who was still filming the activities with the camcorder. “But Idon’t want sloppy seconds. So when you’re going to cum, pull out and cum in hermouth or something.””Sounds like a plan,” said Matt, as Tiffany wailed in anguish. They had placedthe concrete blocks lashed to her ankles on the ground above her head, so thather legs were pulled straight back. The letters Matt had stuck there, spellingout “FUCK ME” and “SPANK ME,” were still in place, but the boys ignored them.They were focusing on Tiffany’s shaved pussy, the pink sunburned labia that gapedopen slightly, pointing straight up in the air, beckoning them to come on in.They intended to.Matt stripped off his clothes and stood naked, and his three friends quicklyfollowed. Tiffany saw that all four sprouted erections. Matt, Luke and Mark allhad pretty decent hard-ons considering they were 13, but Little Johnny, who was14, was a monster! Tiffany moaned when she saw the size of his cock! It was huge,the size of a horse, she thought (although she had never actually seen a horse’scock). It bobbed in front of Little Johnny, sticking out from his ground a good10 or 11 inches, and the swollen purple head on the end looked as big as a tennisball.Matt squatted down in front of his 16-year-old cousin and placed the head of dickat the opening of her pussy. “Sorry I don’t have time for some foreplay, cuz,” hesaid mockingly. “But with all the butter inside you, I don’t need to get youwet.””Wait, Matt!” Tiffany screamed. “Please, I’m a virgin! Couldn’t I just suck youguys off or something? Please don’t take my virginity away!””Aw, come on, cuz,” Matt replied. “From what I hear, with tampons and horsebackriding and masturbating, the days when teenaged girls had a real hymen to breakare long over. You’ll just be nice and tight, and the butter inside that hotlittle pussy will help me go in nice and smooth. Sorry, cuz, but somebody had tobust your cherry, and we might as well keep it in the family. You know what theysay, cuz: i****t is best!”And with that, Matt slammed his cock into Tiffany’s slick young cunt. It went injust as he had promised, smooth and slick, filling her pussy up with a real maleorgan for the first time in her life. She was no longer a virgin, Tiffanylamented. But Matt had been right, it hadn’t really been that painful.Even though Matt had just come on Tiffany a few hours ago, the recuperativepowers of a 13-year-old boy are amazing, and it only took a few strokes insidethe warm folds of his cousin’s vagina before he felt his orgasm approaching. Trueto his word, he pulled his cock out just as Tiffany was getting used to thefeeling, and ran around to her head. “Open up, cuz, here comes your proteintreatment!” he cackled.Tiffany dutifully opened her moist red lips and let his slimy cousin slide hisdick into her mouth. She tasted butter, and her own pussy juice on his dick.”Suck it, cuz,” he ordered, and just as she began to do so, she felt somethingpressing at her pussy again. Another boy had taken Matt’s place.It was Mark, and he started fucking where Matt had left off. Now Tiffany had oneyoung cock stuffed up her pussy and another one stuffed in her mouth. Mattgrabbed the sides of her head with his hands and started thrusting hard, hittingthe back of her throat. For the second time that day, Tiffany gave her cousinMatthew a powerful orgasm, and the boy shot torrents of his hot sperm directlydown her open throat, choking her with a flood of semen.”Oh, man, that is one hot pussy!” bellowed Mark as he sawed in and out ofTiffany. Luke was moving around in circles, capturing every bit of the gang bangon video, occasionally zooming in for a close-up of Tiffany’s beautiful face,panning down her lovely 36-C tits, and the capturing the action at the shavedjuncture of her legs.”Fuck that bitch! Fuck that bitch!” Little Johnny was yelling.”Oh, man, I’m gonna cum!” Mark bleated, and Tiffany was again presented withanother dick to suck. Mark was really on the verge, and barely got the head ofhis dick past her lips when he exploded, coating her tongue and the insides ofher mouth with salty semen. She swallowed it down, knowing that if she tried tospit it out the boys might punish her further.Luke handed the camcorder off to Matt, and knelt at the altar of Tiffany’sravaged pussy. He, too, banged the helpless teenager, thrusting frantically andoccasionally putting all his weight onto her poor legs, which were growing numb.It only took him a couple of minutes, and Tiffany got her third mouthful ofboy-cum.That left Little Johnny. Tiffany now knew why they boys had laughed about thenickname. They must have known he was massively hung. “I got me an idea,” Johnnytold her, with cruelty in his eyes. “I’m gonna give your pussy a rest, MissTiffany. I think I’ll fuck that buttered little butthole of yours instead!””Noooooo! Please, no, Johnny, don’t do it!” Tiffany wailed. “You’ll kill me.You’re too big! My pussy is still nice and tight. Use it instead!” She looked upand saw the Matt was standing over her with the camcorder, pointing it straightinto her face, filming her begging to be fucked in the pussy instead of the ass.”Hey, no fair!” said Luke. “I would have fucked her in the ass too if I hadthought of it.””Well, tough titty, ya douchebag,” said Johnny. “I thought of it, and I’m gonnado it. Besides, we got plenty of time left. You can fuck her in the ass later.”And with that, Johnny kneeled down in the grass, and sat back so that hisbuttocks were resting on his heels. His dick pointed straight out, and he leanedover and scooped up Tiffany’s ass in his two hands. He lifted her ass a fewinches off the ground, then placed the head of his cock at the tiny bud ofTiffany’s sweet asshole.”Please, Johnny, please, I’m begging you,” Tiffany said. But it was no use. Shefelt the monster cock start to slide up her rectum. The boys had spread butterthere as well, so she didn’t tear or bleed, but the pain was unbelievable. Itfelt like Johnny was sliding a baseball bat up her butt.”Take it out! Please take it out!” Tiffany squealed. The boys were all standingaround and laughing at her as she squirmed and writhed on the grass. “I’ll doanything! I’ll lick your ass. I’ll let you hurt me some more! Just please take itout!” the girl begged.But Johnny had only one thought in his 14-year-old brain. He kept pushing, slowlybut relentlessly, sliding the prick that was almost as wide as his wrist up herbuttered butthole. Finally, his balls came to rest against the crack of her ass.He was all the way in.Tiffany was huffing and puffing. She felt stuffed full. Her mind flashed back afew months, to the ass-fucking that Mr. White, Old Joe Black and her teachers hadgiven her in the school cafeteria that horrible night. But those men had alsobeen playing with her clit at the same time and giving her orgasms. These boyswere not the least bit interested in giving her pleasure, only in taking it. Noone had even touched her clit so far, although the pussy-fucking the first threeboys had given her had caused her labia to rub back and forth against thesensitive little organ, getting it all revved up with no place to go.Johnny withdrew his prick slowly, and once the head was almost out, pushed itback in, harder and faster this time. He pulled out again, then shoved in. Outand back in, out and back in, setting up a rhythm. Tiffany lashed her head fromside to side, partly from the pain of having her rectum ****d by such a hugeobject, partly from frustration that no one was paying any attention to herlonely little clittie.”That’s right!” yelled Luke. “Ream that sweet ass!””Oh man,” moaned Johnny as his pelvis whipped back and forth, “she is so fuckin’tight. Thank God we buttered her up, or I think I’d be ripping her guts out bynow.””Go ahead and cum up her ass, J-boy,” said Matt. “Once you’re done we’ll move onto other games, so just shoot your load right up there.””Uh-huh! Uh-huh!” grunted Johnny as he pounded in and out of the cheerleader’sravaged rectum. His face was bright red and he was breathing hard, and Tiffanycould tell he was about to cut loose. “I’m gonna cum up your ass, you fuckin’slut! Get ready, baby, cause here it comes! Ohhhhhhhh.”Tiffany could feel the bulbous head of Johnny’s massive dick throb and swellinside her tight little rear chute. It had started out huge, but with his pendingorgasm it had swollen even more in the last few seconds. To Tiffany, it felt likea g****fruit was being slid back and forth in her intestines. Then with a roar,Johnny began to cum. He hosed down her ass with a massive blast of semen, thenanother, then another. On and on came his torrents of cum, backing up inside hergut and being pushed out of her tender ass-ring by his pistoning cock. Spermflowed out of her ass, down onto the grass, as her r****t emptied his ballls intoher.”Oh, man, that was fuckin’ great!” exclaimed Johnny. “Did you get it on tape?””Every fuckin’ second!” exulted Matt. “Just think, cuz, when this is all over andyou go home, we’ll make copies of this tape so we can all have one to watch overand over.”This is your life, Tiffany Daniels. To be tormented by males, first older men,then younger boys, and have those torments and humiliations and ****s and abusesall captured on video, to be watched and enjoyed and jacked off to forever.Tiffany just closed her eyes. There was nothing she could do. It was if this washer fate.She felt the boys uncuffing her wrists and ankles, and suddenly she was free tomove again. Her legs flopped back down, the muscles aching from being pulled backin such an unnatural position for two hours. She was sore, she had cum drippingout of her asshole, and her mouth still tasted like cum. She knew the sunburnwould kick in very soon and make the tender skin around her pussy and ass blazewith fire. She knew that her parents and aunt and uncle would not be back untilthe next morning, that she was stuck here with these monstrous boys till then.”Hey, cuz-bitch!” said Matt. “What are you doin’ just layin’ around? We’rehungry. Why don’t you get into the kitchen and fix us some lunch?”Tiffany wanted to tell him to fix his own god-damned lunch, but knew it wasfutile. She was their sex slave, their plaything, their boy-toy. If she balked,they would hold her down again, cuff her, and stick firecrackers in her ass andpussy and light them.”I said we’re hungry, cunt!” yelled Matt. “Move it!””Yes, Matt,” she said meekly, getting to her feet. “Can I at least put my clothesback on?””Fuck no!” said Matt. “You can fix lunch naked. In fact, I’m in the mood for aBLT, so you can fry up some bacon, naked, standing right in front of the stove.Maybe if we get lucky, some hot bacon grease will pop up out of the pan onto yourtits. Sounds cool!””I’m going,” Tiffany said, and walked, naked, back to the house.”Man, I’m in the mood to eat out that sweet pussy after lunch,” Mark said aftershe was gone.”Well, you know the rules,” Matt replied. “We can eat her all we want and doanything we want except let her cum. We’re forbidden from that.””Hey, she’s our bitch-slave! We can do what we want!” said Mark, sticking out hishairless chest.”No we can’t, ass-wipe. Don’t forget. We didn’t set this deal up. It was handedto us on a silver platter by you-know-who. You don’t think I’d have the balls todo this on my own, do you? We made a deal, and that deal is to be as nasty as wecan to cousin Tiffany, but whatever we do, don’t let her cum. The idea is that’lldrive her nuts and she’ll start beggin’ us to cum.””Yeah, OK, whatever,” the boys mumbled. Their stomachs were rumbling, and theystarted moving toward the house, where Tiffany the sex slave was fixing theirlunch. Soon it would be Tiffany who would be fixed. But good.* * *CHAPTER FIVETHE ONE THAT GOES LIKE THIS:”What am I doin’ hangin’ ’round?”- The MonkeesThe boys sat at the kitchen table, still naked. They giggled and jabbed eachother, eyeballed their captive baby-sitter, whispered, and giggled some more.Tiffany stood at the kitchen stove, also naked. She was finishing frying thebacon for the boys’ BLTs for lunch, but she couldn’t help thinking what littlenerds they were. They were only 13 years old, after all, except for Johnny, whowas 14, an age when boys are usually playing Nintendo 64, stealing dad’sPlayboys, quoting “South Park” and sneaking into R-rated movies. These four boyshad stumbled into a sexual gold mine, their very own sex slave, but couldn’tmuster an ounce of sophistication among them.Tiffany found herself almost longing for the torments of the men at school. Nowthose were men who really knew how to use a girl. Sure of themselves, masterful,strong, none of this laughing and elbow-jabbing shit, she thought, which was morehumiliating for her to endure. But then she was appalled at where her thoughtshad roamed, and stopped herself. She would not think back fondly on what Mr.White and the others had done to her as some kind of “Good Old Days,” even iftoday did seem much worse by comparison. She had lost her virginity to her cousinMatthew, been gang-banged and then, as a finale, been fucked up the ass byJohnny. God almighty, her poor little butthole still hurt from that.She served her masters their sandwiches, chips and Cokes. There were only fourchairs at the table so she ate standing up, at the kitchen counter. Theyoungsters inhaled their food hungrily, and were done in a few minutes.”Clear our plates, slave!” ordered Matt, and Tiffany complied.”Can I just ask you something, Matt, since I’m being such a good slave?” sheasked. “You know that video you guys were watching a while ago? Where did you getthat?””Sorry, cuz, can’t tell you that,” Matt answered. “I’m sworn to secrecy. It’s adamn nice little tape, though. I had it for a few days before you came over tosit, and managed to dub copies for my friends here. The each have a copy back attheir house, so don’t think you can sneak off and rip it off. That would justpiss us off. And I don’t think you want to do that.”No, the dazed blonde thought, she didn’t want to do that.”Now that you mention it, though, let’s all go in the family room and watch ittogether,” Matt suggested. “You can explain to us what’s going on in each scene.We’ll have a contest to see who gets wood first.”Tiffany came so close to telling her younger cousin to fuck off and die, but thenshe remembered how she was outnumbered, and how unlike the older men, these boyshad no qualms about hurting her badly. The thought of a firecracker being stuckup her bottom and set off made her wince. She nodded her agreement, her head hungin shame.In the family room, the boys led Tiffany to the big couch. Johnny and Mark saitdown and pulled the compliant sex slave down between them, spreading her legs.They roughly pulled one leg in each direction, so that she was doing a splits,her shaved pussy completely exposed. Matt popped the tape into the VCR and Lukemanned the camcorder, filming Tiffany’s reaction as the boys spread her labiawide open and began assaulting her. Johnny shoved his index finger up inside herpoor ravaged cunt and began working it in and out, frigging the helpless girl,while Mark went to work on her clitoris, rubbing the sensitive little spot incircles. Against her will, her clit began to swell and distend, exposing more ofits nerve endings to the boy’s fingers. Involuntarily, her breathing began to getragged and her hips began to buck ever so slightly under the maddening assault.On the TV screen, Tiffany watched what her teachers had done to her severalmonths ago. She saw herself sucking her algebra teacher off in his apartment, thetrip to the mall, and that humiliating scene in The Rave where she had beenforced to strip naked to the waist and let the burly, ugly clerk help her try ona skimpy halter top. The boys kept saying, “Man, this is so cool” and “You aresuch a slut,” and all the while they kept rubbing her pussy, exciting her againsther will.After about half an hour, all four boys were sprouting erections again, so theystopped the tape and told their sitter it was time to get them off again. “Hey,remember that porno tape of your dad’s we found?” Matt said to Luke. “That chickin the video took two dicks at the same time – one up her pussy and one up herass. Double penetration, they called it on the box. Why don’t we try that.””Oh God, please, Matthew, please, have mercy on me,” Tiffany pleaded. “I can’t dothat. You’ll hurt me, you’ll split me wide open.””Tell you what, cuzzy-slut,” Matt said. “Out of consideration for not busting youwide open, we won’t have Johnny be a part of it. Me and Luke will do the doublething, then Mark and Johnny can take you one at a time. Take it or leave it,cuz.”Tiffany had no choice. She knew what her fate would be if she tried to fight,escape, or even argue further. Rough hands pulled her down onto the floor. Lukehanded the camcorder to Johnny, and lay down on his back, his hard-on pointingstraight up. “Climb aboard, Tiffany-bitch,” he ordered, and Tiffany was forceddown on her hands and knees., her pussy poised right over his dick. The friggingand clit-work the boys had done had gotten her pussy all juicy and ready to takea cock, and Luke slid easily up inside of her.Matt squatted behind his 16-year-old cousin and aimed his dick at her tightlittle anal opening. He pushed forward, and Tiffany felt her cousin penetrate herrectum.”Stop, please stop, boys,” she begged. “It hurts, it’s too much!””Take it all, cuz,” Matt hissed, and shoved his cock the rest of the way in. Thenhe and Luke began to fuck young Tiffany Daniels in earnest. At first theyalternated, with one pulling out just as the other was shoving in. But then theyrealized it hurt Tiffany more if they coordinated their strokes, and they bothbegan ramming into her at the same time. Thrust after thrust after thrust,Tiffany moaned and begged the boys to stop, but they pushed on relentlessly.Johnny watched, his enormous dick in his right hand, which worked lazily up anddown the shaft..”Oh, fuck!” Johnny suddenly yelled. “I’m gonna cum.” He stepped around toTiffany’s face and let loose a blast of jism that caught her square in the righteye, blinding the girl. Seconds later, she felt her cousin and his friend bothstart to erupt inside her. Luke shot his spunk deep inside her womb, while Mattemptied his balls into her rectum. She felt as if she was nothing more than a cumbag, a cum target, for the boys.The afternoon became a blur of horror for Tiffany. The boys enjoyed playing withher pussy while they were waiting for their cocks to get hard again, but theywould never let her cum. Slowly, her frustration began to build. At one point,they took turns eating her out, each boy getting one minute to lick and suck herclit, which was becoming more and more engorged. She realized that she waspushing her pussy forward into each boy’s mouth, trying to get that one specialmoment of contact between tongue and her painfully throbbing clit that wouldlaunch her into an orgasm, but as soon as she was almost there, the boys wouldcall out “Switch!” and the boy tonguing her would get up, to be replaced byanother boy. The contact would be broken, and she’d have to start her build-up toa climax all over again.They teased the poor girl for hours, until she was begging them to make her cum.They refused, telling her it was part of some “dea.” She didn’t understand. Shetried to make herself cum, rubbing her clit with her fingers, but the boysgrabbed her hands away and laughed, and handcuffed her hands back behind herback.”For God’s sake, please, pleeeeeeease, Matt, I’ll do anything you want, Ipromise,” the cheerleader babbled. Matt and his friends just laughed. They hadall gotten hard again later in the afternoon, but this time forced her to suckthem all off, one after another, because they were afraid that the friction oftheir cocks if they fucked her might get the girl off.For dinner, they ordered pizza for delivery. When the delivery boy came, he wasgreeted at the door by Tiffany, stark naked, her pussy as naked a aseven-year-old girl’s. By now, her sunburn had really kicked in, and the areathat had once been covered by her bikini bottoms was now a bright pink. The boyshad also peeled the lettering off the backs of her legs, and there were no pinkburned letters standing out against the tan of her thighs, inviting every malewho saw her to indulge his fantasies: Fuck Me. Spank Me.The boys forced Tiffany to tell the pizza dlivery boy that she didn’t have anymoney to pay for the pizza, but she would pay with a blow job. The delivery boyhad heard stories in the back room about such happenings, but figured they wereall invented. He wasted no time in pulling down his pants right there in theentry way, and Tiffany kneeled in front of him. She she engulfed his prick intoher warm mouth, she smelled oregano and yeast on the boy.After the pizza boy had come (and cum) and gone, the boys marched Tiffany intothe kitchen and dug into the pizza. But they told her she would have to waitbefore she ate. After eating a big slice, Matt pulled a piece from the cardboardbox, laid it on the table, stood up and began jacking off. Luke joined him, thetwo boys side by side. Tiffany didn’t understand what they were doing, even astheir hands pumped faster and faster until they bacame a blur. Simultaneously,both boys erupted in orgasm, and semen shot out of their cocks and splattered allover the pepperoni pizza slice.”Here you go, cuz. This is your slice,” Matt said with a wicked grin, pushing thejism-covered pizza across the table. Tiffany’s stomach lurched a little, but sherealized it really wasn’t worse than anything else that had been done to her.She’d already tasted the semen of all four boys; what did a little more matter?She was sinking into a pool of degradation and hopelessness. She didn’t see whatelse they could do to her that was any worse than the days’ events so far. A fewminutes later, it was John and Mark’s turn to coat another slice of pizza withsemen, and Tiffany obediently ate the second slice as well. What would have beenunimaginable to her this morning was now no big deal.”Come on down in the basement, Tiffany,” Matt said after dinner. “It’s time for anew game.” Tiffany didn’t like the sound of the basement, or “new game.” Shefrantically tried to think of something else to keep the boys upstairs, whichsuddenly seemed safer.”Why don’t we watch that tape again,” she suggested. “I’ll suck you all off whileyou watch it.””Nah, forget it,” said Mark. “Been there, done that, crossed it off the list.Gotta move on.””I don’t want to go to the basement,” Tiffany whined.”Who cares what you want, cunt-cuz?” said Matt. “You’re goin’. End of story.” Allfour boys grabbed the teen, overpowering her. Little Johnny worked his way behindher, wrapped his huge arms around her in a bear hug and lifted her off the floor.She kicked futilely, her bare feet hitting nothing but air.Within minutes, she was downstairs in her aunt and uncle’s finished basement. Ineven less time, the boys had forced her feet into a set of heavy boots whichturned out to be her Uncle Pete’s gravity boots. Pete used them to hang upsidedown and do hanging sit-ups to stay in shape. Tiffany would hang upside down aswell, although not in a doorway like her uncle did. While Johnny held her armspinned to her sides and crushed her so hard she could barely breathe, the otherthree boys managed to hold on to her kicking legs and pull her booted feetupwards toward a thick water pipe that ran along the ceiling. They hooked thehooks on the boots over the water pipe, and Johnny let go, letting Tiffany hangfreely. She was locked into the books and hung completely upside down, her nudebody dangling. To complete her helplessness, they cuffed her wrists behind herback and ran a rope from the cuffs up to the water pipe, so that her hands werebound behind her. The position of her arms had the added advantage, to the boysanyway, of thrusting her proud young breasts out even further from hr body, as ifoffering them to the mercies of the youngsters.”Mark, go get the equipment we talked about,” Matt ordered. “Johnny, pull thosestepladders over here and let’s get her legs as far apart as we can. Matt andJohnny stood on top of the short ladders and scooted Tiffany’s ankles in oppositedirections; the hooks of the boots slid easily along the pipe. Soon they had herlimber young legs spread as far apart as they could possibly go. The high schoolcheerleader was doing a splits, only she was upside down. With nothing for therest of her body to get a purchase on, she couldn’t move her own legs back intogether. Tiffany Daniels was forming a perfect Y, and as the blood rushed to herhead, she could see, upside down, the sadistic excitement in the eyes of hertormentors.Mark came back with the three knapsacks the boys had arrived with, which hadalready provided the handcuffs, firecrackers and magnifying glasses for earlierentertainment. Tiffany was watching everything upside down, which made theunreality of her horrible predictament even more bizarre and disorienting.”Please let me down, please,” she begged. “I’ll do anything you want. I’ll thinkof new stuff all by myself. Nasty stuff, really kinky. Please, Matt, I’m beggingyou!””Shut up, cuz, or you’ll get another jockey shorts gag,” young master Matthewfired back at the suspended teenager. “We may be younger than you, but we’reperfectly able to think up our own nasty stuff. In fact, I think we’re probably alot better at it than you are!” he crowed.The next few hours were the most horrible of Tiffany’s life, worse thaneverything that had gone before put together: the ****s, the blackmail, thed**gging, the rimjobs, the public stripping and groping, the using her as a toyand a plaything. She realized, in the part of her brain that wasn’t screaming,that her four captors were scarcely advanced beyond the stage of boys who pullthe wings off flies for sport. fethiye escort bayan Scarcely advanced at all. They had all cum severaltimes in the last few hours, and the fact that their horniness was sated madethem even more cruel than they had been.For the first hour, Matt and his buddies kept Tiffany right on the brink of anorgasm without letting her cum. They kept referring to their “instructions” from”you know who,” but Tiffany didn’t have a clue, nor did she really care after thefirst half hour. Mark had pulled out two battery-powered portable drills from hisbag, which at first terrified the captive girl, until she saw how they had beenadapted. Each one had a drill bit, but rubber-banded tightly to each drill bitwas a group of long, soft feathers, which stuck out well beyond the bit. Matt andMark climbed up on their stepladders so they could reach her shaved and utterlyexposed pussy, Matt in front and Mark in back. Then they both went to work on herwith the feather drills.Mark used one hand to pull apart the cheeks of her defenseless bottom, exposingher tight pink butthole. He pulled harder, prying open the little ring. Then heturned on the drill and inserted the tips of the feathers into her rectum. Therapidly spinning feathers tickled her wildly, an insanely fluttering feeling thatsoon began to feel stimulating to the sensitive nerve endings that lined thegirl’s anus. Matt, meanwhile, was doing the exact same maneuver on her pussy,inserting his feathers a couple of inches into her well-used snatch. The drillingwasn’t painful, but it was maddening. And it became even worse when Matt withdrewthe feathers from inside her labia and started running them back and forth acrossher clit. The tickling of her poor exposed clit nearly drove the helplesscheerleader insane.Little Johnny and Luke were working on her splendid young breasts, which thoughhanging upside down were so firm that they hardly pointed down at all. Still, theangle of Tiffany’s suspension exposed the soft, tender undersides of those tits,and the each boy went to work on a breast, carressing the undersides with theirfingertips and tongues, working slowly toward each nipple, then sucking thenipples into their mouths. The sexual stimulation of her sensntive nipples andbreasts seemed to form a direct current between her chest and her groin; she feltlike a river of sexual longing was flowing through her body.Midway through the first hour, they wheeled in a vacuum cleaner, and extended thehose.. They attached a soft round bristle brush, the kind used to vaccumupholstery, and went to work on her body using the brush. They ran it up and downher nude torso, tickling her underarms and ribcage, while Tiffany shrieked andpleaded and occassionally burst into involuntary laughter from the tickling. Thenthey planted the brush end on each breast, and the sucking power of the vacuum onher abused nipples was so sensual Tiffany thought she would die. Finally, theymoved the vacuum hose up to her splayed-open pussy and ran it over and over herclit and labia, which were now a bright red, a combination of the sunburn and theblood that was managing to flow to her privates despite her upside-down position.”Ohhh God, ohhh God, please don’t do this, boys,” Tiffany babbled, overcome witha potent mix of fear, lust and an overwhelming desire for an orgasm. “At leastmake me cum, please, pleeeease!””Beg for it, you slut,” Matt barked. The camcorder had been set up on a tripodand was recording Tiffany’s basement ordeal and degradation.”Please let me cum, please, please,” Tiffany cried. Her pussy was juicing up likeit never had in her life, sweet teen lubrication spilling out over the top andrunning down her smooth, tanned tummy.The boys laughed and jeered at the poor girl, and continued to torment her withthe vacuum cleaner and the feather-drills, tickling and teasing her, working overher clit and the stopping briefly, then starting again.Just when Tiffany thought nothing could be worse, the boys surprised her. Theyput aside the tools they had been using, and brought out new ones. Tiffany wasalmost hoarse from screaming at this point, but found she had some voice left.Johnny climbed up on a stepladder with a jar of peanut butter, scooped out a bigfingerful and stabbed it down into her wet pussy. Then Matt handed him a jar, andas it passed her face, Tiffany saw what was inside: cockroaches! Eight, 10, 12,she wasn’t sure how many, but they were big fuckers, and very much alive. AsTiffany screamed and twisted, Johnny unscrewed the lid of the jar and clamped itupside down onto her bald and sunburned twat. The roaches followed theirinstincts and pursued the peanut butter, crawling into Tiffany’s juicy littlepussy.Tiffany knew that begging and pleading would not help, but she screamed anyway,screamed mindlessly for the boys to remove the horrible insects that she couldfeel crawling around inside her. She could feel their nasty little legs andantenna moving on the slick walls of her twat, and thought she would go mad. Theboys all laughed at their tormented baby-sitter.After letting the cockroaches ravage her poor pussy for what seemed like forever,but was actually only about half an hour, the boys grabbed tweezers and beganextracting the nasty little insects. There was only room for one set of tweezersat a time inside her, so the others, with nothing to do, used the tweezers topinch the ring of her asshole and pull, or to squeeze her nipples.Then once the cockroaches were all removed, out came the vacuum cleaner andfeather-drills again, and the boys started revving Tiffany back up to the edge oforgasm. The torture went on and on, alternating between sexually stimulating thecheerleader but not allowing her to cum, and torturing her in bizarre andinventive ways. The boys mocked her and jeered, as her screams and fruitlessbegging echoed off the panelled walls of the basement. Midnight came and went, asSaturday passed into early Sunday morning. Tiffany was a babbling mess ofunsatisfied horniness, sunburn, terror and confusion. The minutes clicked intohours, and if she had let the thought enter her mind, she would have realized theboys planned to keep her like this all night long.They were all so lost in their little world of dominance and humiliation thatthey didn’t hear the car pulling into the driveway outside.* * *CHAPTER SIX: THE CONCLUSIONTHE ONE THAT GOES LIKE THIS:”sisters, sisters/There were never such devoted sisters/Never had to have a chaperone, no sir/I’m here to keep my eye on her.”- “sisters,” from Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas.”The sleek black Lincoln Navigator SUV pulled into the driveway. Roger White,principal of Godfrey Daniels High School, parked and turned on the dome light. Helooked over at the little girl in the passenger seat.”How’s your pussy?” he asked.”It’s pretty sore,” said Stephanie Daniels, Tiffany’s 14-year-old sister. “It’sgonna be out of order for a few days, but I’ll be back in business before youknow it.” She smiled wickedly and winked at the older man.”I thought those firemen were gonna tear you up,” White said.”Yeah, it wasn’t the dicks, though, it was that hose. Man! But that has to rankin my top five orgasms of all time,” she gushed.Stephanie and Roger White had been together since Saturday morning, withStephanie only pretending to stay at a friend’s house while her parents werecamping. They’d made a stop at the Renaissance Festival to watch Tiffany in thestocks, then several more stops, including an adult video store with booths,where Stephanie had delivered some rather pleasant surprises to the lonely menmasturbating in solitude. But just now, they had come from the local firehouse.They had pulled in a couple of hours previously, with Stephanie dressed as aslutty Catholic school girl: pleated skirt so short it just barely covered herass cheeks, white knee socks, penny loafers, a white blouse with the top 4buttons unbuttoned. The rising sophomore at Daniels High wore no panties or bra.She had walked into the firehouse as if she owned the place, and severalfirefighters looked up from their game of Hearts. “You guys ever heard theexpression ‘Where’s the fire?’ ” she asked them. “Well, boys, it’s right here inmy pussy,” she said, and pulled her skirt up to her waist, exposing hergleamingly smooth, freshly shaved 14-year-old labia. Within minutes, she wasrutting in the firemen’s quarters in a massive gang bang, taking their cocks upher ass, down her throat, and into her pussy. White had waited outside in theLincoln; he’d had Stephanie so many times by now, and made her submit to so manythings, that he now just dropped her off with a set of orders and waited.After all the firemen had fucked the little girl twice and they could no longerget it up, she had begun taunting them in an attempt to get them angry enough todegrade and abuse her, because that was what really got young Stephanie off. Shehad told them they were too old and soft, that boys her age could get it up overand over, that maybe she’d go find some cops who were real men who couls satisfya girl like her.The firemen, more and more pissed off, finally grabbed Stephie and took her outbehind the station. They tied her naked to a tree, first tying her wrists behindthe tree, then pulling her ankles back as well and tying them off. When she wascompletely helpless and exposed, they’d unrolled one of their powerful fire hosesand hooked it up to the practice hydrant out back. The men were careful toregulate the water flow so it was not too strong – it could have killed the girlat full force – but made sure it was powerful enough to teach her a lesson.First they played the torrent of water on her breasts, which were not at big asTiffany’s perfect 36Cs, but were coming in very nicely. They laughed as hernipples hardened into little spikes under the water stream. Then they trained thewater onto her pretty little face, until she was forced to take a breath andinhaled a massive lungful of water, causing her to gag and sputter. Finally theymoved down to her pussy. Because Stephanie’s legs were pulled back and she’d justbeen freshly fucked, her labia were swollen and a little raw already. The littlehood that sometimes covered her clit was completely retracted, and the firemenmoved in closer with the big nozzle, aiming it right at that clit.”Aahhhhhhh,” Stephanie had screamed when the ice-cold jet of water hit herover-heated pussy. The firemen couldn’t tell if the scream was one of pain or ofpleasure, but if they had known Stephanie’s twisted sexuality, they would haveunderstood there was no difference. They played the firehose up and down herpussy, always moving back to her clit, as the girl writhed and spasmed in theropes that bound her to the tree. By the time they were done, she was slumping inthe ropes, nearly u*********s, having bucked her way through half a dozenpowerful orgasms.White had collected her and driven her to her Uncle Pete and Aunt Peggy’s house.Even outside, they could hear Stephanie screaming hoarsely down in the basement,but because no one else lived near them yet in the new subdivision, her screamswent unheard by anyone who might have saved her.”I wish I could come in with you,” White said.”No, please,” Stephanie said. “This was my idea, and it’s my game. You’ll reapthe rewards in the very near future, Master Roger, I promise.””I know I can trust you, Stephanie,” he said. “I’ve trained you well, littleslut. Go in there and give her hell.””Oh, I think she’s already experienced hell,” Stephanie said with a sick littlesmile. She picked up a small suitcase from the floor and climbed out of the SUV.As White pulled away, she walked in the unlocked front door and went straight tothe kitchen.In Uncle Pete and Aunt Peggy’s kitchen, Stephanie pulled a bottle of tequila outof her suitcase and a small vial of white powder. She found some highball glassesand a tray, and pured three fingers of tequila into all six glasses. Then shetook out the vial and emptied the powder, a powerful, fast-acting sleeping d**g,into four of the glasses, and headed down to the basement, carrying the tray likea waitress.”Anybody home?” she called out. She reached the bottom of the stairs and saw theamazing scene: Her older sister Tiffany hung upside down in gravity boots from awater pipe, her legs spread out to form an enormous Y, and the four boystorturing her. Stephanie’s pussy throbbed a little at the sight, and she couldfeel herself getting wet between her legs.Tiffany saw her younger sister. Even upside down and nearly delerious, she yelledout, “Stephanie, help! Help! Run and get the cops!””Help? It doesn’t look to me like these boys need any help,” Stephanie smirked.”As for the cops, why should I go and fuck up my perfect little plan?””Your plan? Your plan?” Tiffany sputtered.”Yes, s*s, my plan. Who do you think gave Matt the video? And all the ideas ofwhat to do you? Jeez, Tiff, he isn’t smart enough to come up with all this byhimself!”Matt, Mark, Luke and Johnny stopped what they were doing and looked at sexyStephanie, still in her debauched schoolgirl outfit. They could see her littlenipples poking out through the sheer white blouse.”Why don’t you boys take a break and have a little drink?” Stephanie suggested.She set down the tray. “I’ll join you. Maybe later, we’ll even let Tiffany take abreak,” she laughed.The boys came over and Stephanie passed out the glasses of tequila, making sureto give them the doctored drinks. She took a plain tequila and raised it in atoast. “To Tiffany!” she said, and the boys, trying to be grown-up, all followedher lead. Stephanie drained her tequila in one swallow and slammed the glassdown, and the boys did the same.It didn’t take long. Mr. White had given her the d**g when she had told him whatshe needed, and within minutes the boys were sitting down, complaining of feelingwoozy and tired. Not longer after that they were passed out cold on the basementfloor.”Thank God, Steph!” exclaimed Tiffany. “I don’t know what you did, but you madethem pass out. Now get me down from here, please! I’m dying!””I’m sure you are, Tiffany dearest,” said Stephanie sweetly. “And I’ll certainlyget you down. But as I said, I planned this whole little adventure of yours. Andit’s not over yet. Actually, all of this has just been a way to soften you up forwhat’s still to come.””I don’t care. You’re not making any sense. Just get me down from here, please!Please, Stephanie!” begged Tiffany.”Just shut up and listen!” barked Stephanie. “Then I’ll let you down. We’ve got ajob to do, sister dear. In a few minutes a guest is going to arrive. And you andI are going to fuck that guest. Together, the two of us. If you agree to fuck ourguest, then I’ll let you down. If you don’t agree, then I brought this.”Stephanie reached into the back waistband of her skirt and pulled out a viciouslooking cat o’nine tails.”Noooooo!” wailed Tiffany. “Oh God, please, put that thing away!””I’ll put it right up the middle of your pussy if you don’t go along with me,”Stephanie said sternly. “It would be interesting to see how many times I couldbring this baby down directly on your clit. And whether you would cum first fromhaving your clit whipped or whether you’d pass out.””Oh God,” Tiffany said, huffing and puffing. “I’ll do whatever you want, I’ll doit, I’ll do it, I promise, only put that away.””You’ll do exatly what my guest and I tell you to do, no matter what?””Yes, yes, I swear, I swear, I’ll do anything, anything. Don’t whip me,Stephanie, please don’t whip my poor little pussy!””OK, I’ll let you down without a whipping,” Stephanie said. “But if you put upany kind of fuss or whine or do anything except show extreme enthusiasm, I’llwake these boys up and give them the whip. Imagine what these nasty littlefuckers would do to you with a whip like this.”It was difficult, but Stephanoe got Tiffany down from the water pipe. Sheuncuffed her older sister’s hands, and helped her pull herself up so she washolding the pipe. Then Steph stood on a step ladder and unbuckled the gravityboots. Tiffany slid her feet out, uncurled her body and dropped to the floor,where she stood, somewhat wobbily, trying to get her bearings and balance. Shehad been hanging upside down for hours.”Enough fuckin’ around, s*s,” said Stephanie. “Put these clothes on now.” Tiffanymeekly obeyed. It was as if she had no free will left at all. The outfit wasidentical to Stephanie’s a Catholic schoolgirl’s, only a perverted version. Theplaid skirt hung only an incn below her crotch, exposing all of her long,beautiful legs, including the sunburned “FUCK ME” and “SPANK ME” on the backs ofher thighs. She pulled on the white knee socks and penny loafers, buttoned up thesheer white blouse. Of course there was no underwear for her, and she neitherexpected to wear it nor asked her younger sister.Stephanie went to the camcorder on the tripod and popped out the videotape theboys had been making of Tiffany’s day-long ordeal. “I think I’ll take this withme,” she said. “The boys will be pissed, but hey, fuck ’em.””Can you at least tell me who it is I’m supposed to fuck in exchange for yourescuing me?” she asked.”Sure,” said Stephanie cheerfully. “It’s Uncle Pete.””Uncle Pete!” exclaimed Tiffany. “Oh, gross! That’s i****t, Stephanie!”:”What do you think’s been going on here, sister dearest, patty- cake?” saidStephanie. “You’ve already been fucked by your cousin eight ways from Sunday Thiswill be one time, and since you will be initiating it, it won’t be ****.””Why would I initiate it? You mean you want me to seduce Uncle Pete?””Oh, he won’t take much seducing,” Stephanie explained. “This has been in theworks for several weeks. See, Uncle Pete has been impotent for a few months.Hasn’t been able to get a good hard-on that lasts, even though he’s only 45. Sohe went to this friend of his, a guy named Dr. Wu, to get some dirty videos hecould watch to help him get it up. Dr. Wu introduced him to Master Roger, mymaster. He recognized that you and I were Uncle Pete’s nieces, and started askingPete some questions about what would get him hard. Pretty soon, they’d stuck adeal: Master Roger would deliver Pete’s two teenaged nieces, who would willinglygive him the fucking of his life, in exchange for $5,000. Master Roger keepshalf, and you and I splt the other half. That’s $1,250 for you. Pretty good wagesfor one fuck, don’t you think?””I’m getting paid to fuck my uncle?” Tiffany said. She was outraged. “That’s likebeing a prostitute, a whore. I’m a good girl! I’m not a whore! I was a virgin upuntil this morning!””Are you always this dumb?” snapped Stephanie. “First of all, it’s good money.Second, it’s not as if that pussy and ass haven’t already been worked out prettythoroughly. Finally, and most important, let me remind you that if you don’t goalong, I’ll wake up Matthew and his friends and give them the whip and tell themto have a contest as to who can take the most skin off your ass.”Tiffany just stared at the floor. She was trapped, again, and she knew it. No wayout. There was never any way out. First Mr. White, or Master Roger, as Stephcalled him, had seen to that, then Matthew, and now her very own sister.”Oh, one more thing, s*s,” Stephanie said. “I promised Uncle Pete he could fuckyou the ass.”Tiffany just swallowed hard and nodded. She thought about protesting again, butknew it would do no good. The girls heard the sound of the front door opening andclosing upstairs. “Now remember,” Stephanie warned her sister, “you’re supposedto be seductive and enthusiastic. If I don’t see the proper enthusiasm, if UnclePete doesn’t have a hard-on like a steel crowbar the whole time, I’m gonna reportback to Master Roger and he’s gonna be pissed off at you. I don’t think you wantto go there, s*s.”The two girls, in their matching schoolgirl outfits, walked upstairs. Uncle Petestood in the entry. “Why Uncle Pete, what a pleasant surprise!” said Stephaniesweetly. “The boys are all sound asleep downstairs. How would you like to have alittle fun?””I’d like that very much,” Pete Daniels said, as if his mouth was very dry. Petewas a tall and stocky 45-year-old, a former high school football player who haddeveloped a bit of a middle-aged beer gut. His eyes glittered with lust as hetook in the vision before him: His 16- year-old niece and and his 14-year-oldniece, ready and willing to make a nice Uncle Pete Sandwich.”How did you get away?” Tiffany asked, not knowing what else to say.”They’re all asleep back at the campsite,” Pete replied. “I drove like hell toget here, and I can be back before anyone wakes up. I took a couple of Viagra onthe way over here, and they’re just startoing to kick in, so why don’t you comeover here and give your Uncle a little kiss?”Stephanie pushed Tiffany forward, and the cheerleader reluctantly walked to herhorny uncle. Suddenly a scene from a movie popped into her head, ³CareerOpportunities.” She remembered this scene where Jennifer Connely was a youngsexpot, and her father had a friend from work home, and Jennifer had gone up tohim and surprised everyone by kissing the friend on the lips, very soft and sexy,The film image helped Tiffany know how to play it, and she walked up to her unclethe way Jennifer Connell had done, turned her face up toward him and closed hereyes, and pushed her soft young lips forward to his. Uncle Pete bent downslightly and took her face tenderly in his hands. He leaned into her mouth andkissed her, softly at first, and then gradually more forcefully. Tiffany openedher mouth and Uncle Pete’s tongue slid in, hot and thick. She shivered with thedeep French kiss, feeling it all the way down to her toes, which tingled. She hadnever been kissed like that, and oh, it was sexy, even if it was her uncle!Then she felt something else. Her uncle’s hands snaked behind her, pulled up hershort skirt and cupped her bare ass cheeks.”Why Tiffany, you naughty little slut, you’re not wearing any panties,” he saidhoarsely.”I took them off for you, Uncle Pete,” she said. She knew the role she had toplay. Pete continued to fondle her bare ass and push his body against her.Tiffany could feel his erection, big and fat and bulging, the Viagra working, butmore than that working on the middle-aged man as he pushed into her crotch. Herhead was swimming with confusion as her uncle kissed her passionately again.Stephanie went behind her uncle and began to undress him, pulling his shirt upover his head and his pants down. He stepped out of them, hardly breaking hissoul-kissing with Tiffany. His hands had moved to her blouse and unbuttoned it,and it fell to the floor of its own accord. He rubbed her nipples, and Tiffanymoaned with pleasure.Her horniness, which had been dormant, now returned with a vengeance. The boyshad been teasing her for so long without letting her cum, and now her uncle wasstoking those fires again. Tiffany could feel her clit throb, feel her pussy wasgetting wetter. She broke the kiss and saw that Stephanie was now stark nakedexcept for her shoes and white knee socks, and Tiffany followed suit, unsnappingher skirt and letting it fall to her feet.”Let’s show Uncle Pete how good two little mouths at once can feel,” Stephaniesuggested, and Tiffany, increasingly overcome with her own lust, didn’t protestat all. Pete sat back on the sofa and both girls knelt between his spread legs.Stephanie began licking his long hard shaft, and she guided Tiffany’s mouth tothe head of Uncle Pete’s cock. Tiffany engulfed the swollen head with her softred lips and began bobbing her hot mouth up and down.”Oh God, oh God, you naughty little girls!” shouted Uncle Pete. “Jesus FuckingChrist, suck that cock, suck it for all its worth!” Stephanie began to play withherself, rubbing her index finger on her hard little clit, and Tiffany copied hersister, masturbating frantically. The girls slurped and sucked, working theirlittle teenaged mouths over the middle-aged man’s cock. They changed places, withStephanie working on the head and Tiffany tonguing up and down the shaft. Withouteven thinking what she was doing, Tiffany moved her head lower and began to lickher uncle’s scrotu, running her tongue over his hairy balls again while her unclemoaned in ecstasy.For a good 10 minutes, the two teenagers gave the older man a dual tongue bathall over his privates, from the tip of his cock all the way back to his asshole,which Stephanie reached by pulling legs apart as far as they could go andburrowing her little pink tongue in deep and low until it struck gold. Uncle Petewas half out of his mind with sexual delerium, his only regret being that hehadn’t thought to set up a hidden video camera to preserve this amazing scene.With her free hand, the one she wasn’t masturbating with, Stephanie poked hersister in the ribs, giving her a signal. The luscious high school senior came upfor air and looked up at her uncle’s face. “Uncle Pete?” she asked sweetly, witha teasing lilt in her voice. “Would you please fuck me up the ass? Would you dothat, please, Uncle Pete?””You want me to shove my cock up your little butthole, Tiffany?” her uncle asked,deeply into the little play they were acting out. “You want to be cornholed, mylittle niece? Beg me for it. niece!””Please, Uncle Pete, please ream out my tight little rectum with your big ol’monster cock. Make me scream. Ram it all the way in. I want to feel that cock allthe way up into my flat little tummy. I want to taste it coming out my mouth. I’ma nasty little whore, Uncle Pete! Do me! Do me!”Stephanie was impressed. Her sister was really into it. She wondered, briefly, ifTiffany was just going along under the threat of being whipped, or whether herhorniness had really carried her to this stage and she was no longer play-acting,Tiffany would not have been able to answer that. It wasn’t really either/or anymore. She was into the scene, and badly wanted to cum, as her fingers flew acrossher rigid little love button, which was terribly slick with her leaking pussyjuices.”Come here, you little slut,” Pete Daniels growled. He got down on the floor,jerked Tiffany roughly around so that she was down on all fours, and Pete wasbehind her. His cock, as hard as a brick, bobbed out in front of him, soaked withthe two girls’ saliva. He lined up the head with Tiffany’s little pink rectum andhave one massive shove. Instantly, he slid all the way into the youngster’s rearchute, his balls slapping against her leaky pussy and his wiry pubic hairtickling the crack of her ass.”Oh JESUS! JESUS!” Tiffany screamed, partly from pain but mostly from pleasure.She supported herself on her knees and her right hand and reached back betweenher legs with her left hand to find her throbbing clit again.”Here, let me, s*s,” she head Stephanie’s voice saying, and then felt somethingincredibly soft and warm licking up and down her slit. She opened her eyes andsaw that Stephanie was on her back and had slid underneath Tiffany and UnclePete, and positioned her face right below their genitals. By scooting slightlyand tilting her head, she could reach Tiffany’s clit and Uncle Pete’s danglingballs.Pete started ramming away in his young niece’s asshole: pound, pound, pound!Slurp slurp slurp! Tiffany could feel Stephanie’s mouth on her vagina, feel heryounger sister take her clit in between her lips and began to suck on it as if itwas a minature cock. The feeling was indescribable, the most intense thing shehad ever felt in her life, and she wasn’t aware that she was screaming “YES! YES!YES!” over and over. Stephanie sucked and sucked on her sister’s clit, while herown hand stayed busy in her crotch, never stopping.Pete was the next one to get a surprise, as he felt something on his balls.Stephanie had reached up her free hand and grabbed gently ahold his testicles andwas pulling down on them, digging her fingernails in. A little bit harder and itmight have been painful, but she had the touch exactly right, and the she begankneading and massaging his balls as he plunged his cock over and over again intothe spasming bunghole of his 16-year-old niece. Then he felt something everbetter, if that was possible. Stephanie was probing at his asshole with amoistened finger. He relaxed his asshole and Stephanie’s finger slid right inuntil it rubbed against his prostate gland. She was probing his prostate while hefucked his niece up the ass. It was too much for the man, and he exploded.”I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” he roared. “Oh fuck that sweet fucking teenaged assof yours, you fucking cunt, I’m cumming!”Tiffany felt her uncle’s dick throb in her asshole just as her own orgasm hit.Her clit was tapped between Stephanie lips and Stephanie was sucking away at it,tickling it endlessly. The stimulation overwhelmed the older girl, and hermind-blowing orgasm hit just as Uncle Pete’s seed began jetting up her rectum.Pete screamed. Tiffany screamed. Then little Stephie began to scream too as herown fingering finally paid off. The three of them entangled together on thefloor, moaned and bucked and writhed. Sweat was pouring off them like runners atthe end of a marathon.Finally, they all came back to earth, and began to untangle. Pete Daniels wasbreathing so hard the girls thought he would have a heart attack, but he wassmiling so hard they knew that ever if he died on the spot it would have beenworth it for him. Although his dick was beginning to droop, the two teenagedgirls were capable of more orgasms. Without even talking about what they weredoing, they both sat on their uncle’s floor and spread their young legs wide openand continued to finger themselves. Wave after wave of pleasure washed overTiffany’s body as she jacked herself off while her uncle watched.Soon she was sated, as was Stephanie. Uncle Pete’s face wasn’t so red anymore,and he dressed. The girls stayed naked, seated on the floor.”So how was it?” asked Stephanie with a gleam in her eye.”Worth every penny, you sweet little love-bunnies,” he answered with a grin. “Youknow, maybe we could arrange to do this again sometime, only cut Roger White outof it.I’ll arrange to get rid of Peggy and the boys, you girls sneak over hereand I pay you girls $1,000 each for a night of this. What do you say?””I really shouldn’t do anything behind Master Roger’s back,” Stephanie answered,always the good little submissive. “But maybe what he doesn’t know won’t hurthim.””So what are you girls going to do the rest of the summer?” Uncle Pete askedthem.”I’ve got lots of plans,” Stephanie said. She picked up the video that Matthew,Mark, Luke and John had made. Uncle Pete didn’t know what was on it, but Tiffanyknew.”Under Master Roger, I’ve discoved the joys of being a submissive little slut,”the 14-year-old said. “But I’ve also been wondering what would be like to have alittle sex slave of my own, to be the dominant one in a relationship. Now I meanto find out. My sister Tiffany is going to spend the rest of the summer being mysex slave, that is she’ll do it unless she wants a couple of very interestingvideos to find their way into mom and dad’s VCR.”Tiffany wasn’t even shocked at her sister’s betrayal. It was as if it had allbeen fated to come to this point. She would never escape being a sex slave, sherealized. It was her destiny. It was what she was meant to be.”What are you going to make her do?” Uncle Pete asked.”Oh, all sorts of thingss,” Stephanie replied. They were talking about her as ifshe wasn’t even there, Tiffany thought, as if she was a thing, an object, anothing. “For openers, she’s gonna be eating my pussy so much her face is gonnalook like a glazed donut!” Uncle Pete laughed, and Tiffany blushed. She saidnothing.”Then I’ll just let my imagination run wild,” Stephanie went on. “Maybe we’ll goback to the Renaissance Festival, only this time go right before closing time. Wecould meet up with Sir Reginald and the boys and this time they wouldn’t have toworry about security guards. They could put my big sister into the stocks andbring out the goat and this time go all the way!”Uncle Pete had no idea what she was talking about, but Tiffany knew, and shetrembled inside.”There’s malls to go to,” continued Stephanie, ” and the White Water Adventurespark, where a girl with Tiffany’s body wearing a very thin white bathing suit, awhite bathing suit that would soon be very wet, should attract quite anappreciative crowd of teenaged boys. If I can talk Mom and Dad into getting awayfor a weekend, maybe I’ll invite Master Roger and his friends over, and Matthewand his friends, and I’ll just play director, telling all eight of them what todo to Tiffany.”The good news, big sister, is that you’re gonna have more orgasms this summerthan you ever imagined possible. You’re gonna cum till your toes curl and youreyes pop out of your head, cum until you beg me to stop, and then you’ll cum somemore.”Tiffany couldn’t believe it, but she felt her clit stirring. She was gettingturned on hearing her depraved sister’s plans. Her young pussy spasmed slightly,and she wished she had something up inside her, stimulating her. Without eventhinking about it, her hand drifted back down to her shaved crotch and sought outher own little clitty. She touched herself, and gasped with pleasure.”Look at what a little whore she is,” Uncle Pete said to Stephanie. “She’sgetting off hearing about all you’re going to do to her.””Yeah, and that’s just the beginning,” Stephanie said, her eyes ablaze with lust.”We’re gonna be the ultimate sister act of all time. “And the blonde 14-year-old began to sing a song from “White Christmas,” a moviethat the girls had watched every holiday season with their parents. When they hadbeen little, about 10 and 8 years old, they had loved performing the song³sisters,” the one sung by Vera Ellen and Rosemary Cloney. Stephanie was singingthe song, and Uncle Pete began to laugh, and Tiffany felt herself on the verge ofanother huge orgasm.Toward the end, Stephanie came, hard. And she couldn’t help herself, but shejoined her little sister Stephanie in singing:”Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my sister,” they sang together.”And lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man!”THE ENDTHE STUFF THAT GOES FIRST: This story contains sex. If you are under 21, don’tread it. Go somewhere else. This story is copyright 1999 by Dr. Wu. It may beposted to any free newsgroup or archived on any free website but it may not bearchived on any site that charges admission in any form. This story is completefiction, and any similarity between any real people and the characters here iscoincidental and ridiculous. In real life, anyone attempting to imitate any ofthe activities in this story would be guilty of serious felonies and major sins.But this is fantasy, so enjoy.

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