Hotel this time


Hotel this timeWell the next time with Andy was 8 weeks after our first three some, he was over on work and had booked a hotel only 45 min drive away.I asked Lisa if she was up for it ,she seemed a bit unsure but when i reassured her that nothing she didn’t want to do would happen she seemed ok.So on the night in question i got her bag she had packed put it in the car and went to pick her up from work,i arrived about 10 mins early so whilst sitting in the car park i peeked in her bag WOW she was really up for it . She had packed see through knickers and a little black nightie see through of course,and two of her rabbits.Just seeing these and the thought of someone else watching her use them gave me a huge hard on. I texted Andy to let him know what she had packed and told him i would call when we wre 5 mins away,ok he replied .Lisa got in the car and off we went i asked her if she was ok “wet and horney “she replied i laughed ,she then said that when we get there can she have a shower first and you explain the rules to Andy ,what rules “he can’t fuck me anything else goes” ok . 5 mins out i called him and told him she wanted a shower no prob he replied,as we got there he was waiting outside we parked \lisa grabbed her bag and said i have a surprise in here for you 2 and smiled .Andy greeted us and we headed to the room as we entered fethiye escort he pointed to the bathroom Lisa said thanks i won’t be long and in she went .Andy opened a bottle of wine i sat on the bed he sat opposite on a sofa i explained lisa’a rules he laughed and said “thats fine im gonna have a shower agter her so you two can get relaxed.I heard the shower stop so i stripped off to my boxers,as did Andy we were both packing bulges, Lisa came out the bathroom in just her knickers and nightie BOY she looked fucking horney .Andy looked and told her how sexy she looked and he went to have his shower.Lisa got on the bed i gave her a glass of wine she gulped it down obvioisly really nervous so i filled it again,”have you told him the rules she asks”yes calm down its gonna be fine.I looked in her eyes smiled and started kissing her our tongues met and before you knew whats what she had her legs open and my hands were down feeling her shaven cunt through her knickers.I coul;d feel her wetness soaking through them already and her body was meeting my every touch(oh my god she was really fucking hot).I thenm heard Andy coming out the bathroom so as he walked pass i pulled her knickers to oneside giving him, the perfect view.She moaned knowing full well what i had done,thrusting her hips up.Andy sat on the sofa again i glanced over to see him escort fethiye sitting there with his hard cock in his grasp wanking enjoying the show.I pulled her top down to reveal her large breasts her rings were huge and her nipples fully erect i started sucking and licking them her moans getting louder i had two fingers deep up her gash now and it wasn’t long till she moaned loudly and she had her first orgasm.I slid down turning her body towards andy as my face came level with her mound i could smell her juices ,i thrust my tongue right up her and as i did i looked up to see him smiling and wanking faster and faster i then pulled her lips wide apart she screamed out and came all on my face omg she hadn’t squirted like this for ages i just drank her juices.IU got off her to take my boxers off and as i did she sat took a gulp opf her wine reached into her bag and got her rabbit out,without saying a word she pulled her knickers right off spread her legs wide in front of us and rammed her rabbit all the way up she switched it on and fucked her cunt furiously she put the rabbit on full blast and casught her clit cos she screamed out thrust her body upwards and as she pulled it out she squirted like niagra falls.Andy came over and laid the other side of her and his hands started caressing her breasts as he did she moaned aloud again fethiye escort bayan and bucked up squirting “Grab a towel she said cos im going to soak this bed tonight”.I grabbed a towel and as i came back i saw Andy inserting 2 fingers up my wifes cunt,it was amazing the first time in 25 yrs of marriage i saw someone else penetrating my wifes cunt as he did so she looked at me as if for approval i just grinned from ear to ear , he started fingering her and she came again i threw the towel down under her ass to catch some of it it was pouring out like never before.As i got back on the bed i started licking her whilst he was fingering her,he then positioned him self for a blow job and as he offered his cock upto her mouth again she glanced at me before opening her mouth and boy did she start sucking him off good.It wasn’t long before her back arch and she moane again her juices squirting all over my face just then i heard Andy moan and as i looked up i could see his cock pulsating as he came in my wifes mouth and the dirty little bitch swallowed the lot.As he pulled off and laid back i climbed on top of her and with one hard thrust i embedded my cock up her gash to the hilt and sdtarted pounding her with long hard thrusts it wasn’t long before i shot my load deep up her and collapsed next to her.As i did i heard Andy ask her if he could lick my spunk out of her to which she replied OHHHH yes lick it all for me and the next thing i saw was my best mate drinking my spunk out of my wifes dripping cunt OH WHAT A NIGHT PLENTY MORE TO FOLLOW . let me know what you think

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