OF SCHOOL GIRL FANTASIESChad adored watching the 17yr old girls going to and fro across the quadrangle. He loved the swoosh of their bottle green pleated shirts, their crisp white blouses, the green ribbed tights and the black shoes crunching in the gravel.He fantasised about these girls, what he would do to them given half a chance, he dreamt of the feel of the rough green fabric against his skin, of running his hands up the ribbing on the tights seeking the pleasures within.He loved the look of their breasts constrained under the crisp white cotton, some large, some small, some with giant nipples showing through the white material, the dark circles highlighting these puppies of pleasure.The girls giggled as they crossed the courtyard, their hair blowing in the wind, the same breeze causing their skirts to rise and fall in time with the gusts. One girl caught his eye, he always saw her at the back of the group, she was short, with a trim figure, and large cone shaped breasts, her long chestnut hair cascaded down her back. Her eyes had first attracted him to her; they twinkled in the light, bright with happiness and mischievousness.Chads cock always went hard when he saw her, his trousers straining under the strength of the erection, he dreamed of meeting Viki and having his way with her. “Hello”Chad nearly jumped out of his skin as suddenly his window was filled by the figure of Viki. He gulped and in a squeaky voice answered “Hi”“Well are you going to ask me in” she giggledChad lowered his eyes in embarrassment, mumbling that she was welcome.In a flash Viki grabbed the window frame and climbed in through the window. Chad couldn’t help notice her skirt ride up as she raised a leg to get in the window, her thigh showing in her bottle green tights, and the white of her knickers showing through the crotch of the tights.She clambered over the table, brushing past Chad kadıköy escort as she jumped to the floor, her breast catching his arm. The soft flesh encased in the cotton shirt arousing every instinct in his body. The hairs on his arm stood up in anticipation.“I saw you looking at me” she said “thought I would come and say hello!”Still struggling to speak, Chad muttered an inaudible response. He cast his eyes down to avoid meeting her look. Her eyes followed his downwards.“Oh” she giggled as she saw the still straining erection pushing at the flies of his grey school trousers.Without hesitation her hand reached forward and grabbed the hard young member in her hand, squeezing gently.Chad burnt with desire as the sensation of her touch passed through every ounce of his being, on instinct he reached his arms forward embracing Viki to him, squeezing her to him, he could feel her hard nipples against his chest, her heaving chest as slowly he bent towards her, and with the awkwardness of teenage hood he pushed his lips against hers. She gently pushed her tongue into his mouth and they both drank deeply of each other. Snogging like things possessed, they groped and clasped at each other. Viki’s hands tore at Chads shirt, pushing her hands under the white ironed material of his shirt; her hands clasped his hips, pulling him towards her.Chads hands reciprocated and felt her soft skin under her blouse, his hands found the clasp of her white bra, and with some fiddling managed to release the precious cargo. Her conical breasts were perfect in every way, slightly pouting upwards her puffy nipples demanded attention. He pulled back and with great dexterity he unbuttoned the blouse in the flash of an eye.Her breasts glowing in the heat of the afternoon, he savoured the sight in front of him, creamy white skin, tipped by ümraniye escort cherry pink puffy nipples. He lowered his mouth and took one of these nipples into his mouth, his tongue playing over the nipple until it hardened, Viki groaned with pleasure as they continued on this sensual rollercoaster.With a shove Viki pushed Chad onto the sofa in his study, forcing him to lay back on the cushions she fell on top of him and started ripping at his trousers, her fingers undid the belt and tore down the zip, exposing his boxer shorts to her view. The bulge of his erection excited her more as she grabbed the waist band of the boxers, pulling them down to expose the target of her desire.Chads cock sprang forward, released from the constraints of his pants, its long hard shaft throbbing with lust. The swollen bell end quivering with anticipation, Viki’s hand grabbed at the engorged member, her cool figures clasping the shaft. She had never been this close to a real cock before, she had dreamt of it, but his was her first time, she felt the warmth and power, the smooth skin and the veins full of blood running the length of the shaft. Her hand started to stoke up and down the full length of the young hot rod. Chad gulped as he tried to control his pleasure, her hands rubbing and stoking pushed him further than another human had ever done.Purely on instinct Chads hand had run the length of Viki’s inner thigh, feeling the ribbing of her tights as he pushed his hand under her skirt, as it rose he felt the warmth of her fanny radiating through the material. At the top of the tights he felt the smooth skin of her stomach and as he thrust his hand into the tights she let out a deep sigh. He gently tugged at the waist band of the tights, tugging them down as best he could one handed, slowly they sank down to her ankles. Underneath her white cotton ümraniye escort knickers were slick with juices, he hooked his finger into the crotch and for the first time ever he felt the warmth and slickness of a fanny. Viki stopped rubbing his cock and begged him to “put it in me”, she lay back on the sofa, and her legs spread wide, “now” she insisted.Chad moved himself between her legs, and with one hand pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and with the other guided his cock toward the slick warm hole. He gently pushed the head into the opening, Viki groaned with pleasure as his granite rod pushed its way into her womanhood.Chad felt the rough material of her shirt rubbing against him as he pushed himself in and out of her, he slid his cock all the way in, and then almost removed it with each stroke. Viki moaned with each thrust, especially as the head delved into the depths of her very being. Her chest felt like it would explode with pleasure as time and time again Chad thrust home his rod. Sweat was pouring off both of them as they performed their dance of passion. Viki grabbed at his hips and pulled him deeper into her, moaning with pleasure at the feeling.With a final release of passion Chad ejaculated inside Viki, his warm salty discharge filing her void, just as she was swept with shudder after shudder as her delicious young body was swept by orgasm after orgasm. They lay panting together, having spent every last bit of their energy in their passion.They stayed joined together for many minutes afterwards, exhausted by the passion that was young love. Viki half naked, her crumpled white shirt lay open, her bra loosened and her breasts exposed, the nipples now back to the conical shape of rest. Her tights crumpled around her ankles, her feet still enclosed by them and her knickers down by her ankles. Her green pleated skirt crumpled up around her waist.Chads trousers and pants were round his ankles and his shirt hung open, all the buttons torn from the material by her passion.Viki opened her chestnut eyes, stating deeply into Chads eyes. She moved her head slowly forward and pushed her lips against his, a lingering kiss followed.“I think I love you” she whispered.

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