One Night..


One Night..“I’m here.” Stan said into the phone as he pulled into the driveway with the truck lights out to avoid attracting attention. He knew she could hear the nervousness in his voice but he hoped she would overlook it since he did in fact show up like he’d promised.“The door is unlocked, come on in.” Monica said back breathlessly into the phone. Her words played over and over in his head as he exited the car. Sounds of rustling followed by hard breathing and the sudden blink of light suggested she had gotten up off the couch and headed to meet him once he walked through the door.Stan swallowed hard as he turned the handle and pressed against the door. He had never been in the house before but her perfume lingered in the air and guided him through the darkly-dim lit house. As the smell got stronger he felt his heart race at what waited for him.“Stan.” Her voice whispered in the dark making the hairs on the back of his neck stand slowly as he froze in place.“Yes?” He said quietly swallowing hard. The short silence danced in his ear drums as he listened to her movements in the blinding dark. “Come to me.” Monica whispered slowly. Her skin was on fire and needed his touch to be calmed. The sounds of his boots scr****g heavily against the wood floor approaching her and the rustling of his jacket as he undressed himself made her hold her breath to await the inevitable.Stan assumed it was the kitchen they were in as his eyes adjusted to the darkened area. The hard counters beside him on both sides along with the one Monica sat on with her legs open leaned back and exposed, confirmed it for him. Monica’s body jumped at the cold touch of Stan’s hands as they slowly touched her thighs, then gripped her sides as they pulled her close to him for a long and hard kiss. His liquid courage lingered faintly in the air around his lips but was strong to her tongue as he kissed her, like a lover should. His lips traveled her long neck taking a moment to work her collar bone before continuing to her breast. The cloth was thin and her nipples were hard from waiting as he soon found out, wrapping them gently, pressing and pulling with his lips. She pulled at the hair on his head enjoying him taking special care to her. A new feeling emerged from his technique as she felt something soft but firm rub against her hardened pink nipples and exposing them again leaving them wet, like herself. Stan felt her warm hands in his pants as she searched to see if his body wanted her as bad as he explained to her at the office where they worked. She gripped him hard in her hand before releasing and turning her attention to his belt buckle. Even in the nearly dark kitchen, he could see her head lean forward and felt the warmth of her mouth and lips do what he had imagined for so long sitting across from her watching her suck on her candy at the office.The sounds of her performance echoed in the kitchen as her lips popped and tongue rotated and twisted about in her mouth as she forced him to penetrate. He pulled her up not being able to wait any longer. She gasped and gripped his shoulders as he pushed himself inside her slowly making sure she would remember what she about to experience.For a moment she lost control over her body as she held on to Stan tightly trying not to scream out as he slowly, repeatedly, stretched her at every inch. She wanted to speak but a yelp escaped from her throat as he became more aggressive holding her in place, working his hips into her. The rhythm of the thuds of his thighs became louder as her heart raced. She felt him use his strength and lift her off the counter making her cross her legs behind him as he bounced her up and down. She felt his chest flexing with every lift and the pleasure seem to build as she held on to him breathing heavy into his ear, quietly moaning his name without realizing it.Stan carried her to the kitchen table and laid her back putting her legs in the air then on his shoulders. He gripped the table and began pounding into her free of the concern for anything not involved in his a*****ion of her ecstasy. Her moans grew as he felt her tighten with each thrust he pumped into her. She was better than he imagined and risk seemed so little of a word compared to what he was getting as he watched her, felt her submit to what was natural from his ravish of her. She looked like she wanted to speak but only gasp came out. Another moan escaped signaling she was at her peak.Monica covered her mouth before another could push out as she felt herself release and her body push and shake from the shattering feeling of the long lost pulsating pleasure from someone new, fresh and just as experienced in the art of the orgasm as her partner. The sound of her heartbeat along with the rush made the room spin as the blood rushed about her body. He slowed to and removed himself from her taking a moment to fumble with something in his pocket.“What are you doing?” Monica whispered as her breathing returned to normal. The cold rush of a small breeze made her nipples tingle now realizing they were still exposed. Light flashed blinding her for a moment followed by another.“I’m just capturing the moment. You said I would only have you for this night and never again. I would never believe myself if I was anyone else, that someone like me, could have someone like you, like this.” Stan said taking one more picture. She understood what he meant and pushed aside the negative thoughts that crept into her head.He finished with his side task and told himself it was time to complete his fantasy. He pulled her to her feet and turned her around her, bending her over the table and leaning onto her warm body, grabbing her soft breasts squeezing them in each hand.“I hope I am worth this.” Stan said to her as she felt him push back inside her again going deeper than before. He worked against her to his own rhythm, ramming into her spot with no care of discretion. She fought the urge to scream but he knew she wanted to, forcing her to give in as he knotted her curly brown hair in his hand and pulled back, locking her back into a bow, causing her to release what she could no longer control. Stan felt her grow tighter with each pump he put into her, feeling dominant as she gripped the table to brace herself from him. He knew he should hold back and work restraint but, working her was so much more addicting. Her moans were no longer silent, every push into her made another moan sing out, but with each pump he was slowly reaching his limit. He let go of her hair and gripped her ass as he groaned out from the pleasure that was controlling him. He pulled himself out of her just as he felt his orgasm push through and shoot on her backside. Monica gasped as she felt him release inside of her pulsating hard once before pulling out. Feeling him strain and warm streaks on her lower back let told her it was over and she could relax. The harmony of their heavy breathing made him smile as she tried to put her weight back on her trembling legs.“I need to clean up.” Monica said quietly feeling awkward now that the deal had been completed. The confidence she had left and her nervousness grew knowing she had been invaded by a stranger who she let take advantage fethiye escort of her over a deal made over her job.“I have nothing left to say to you. Please leave before-“ Monica started to say, but the lights blinded both of them for a moment as her heart started to race. The one thing she wanted to avoid was happening and she could not think of anything to do but stand and accept everything else that would follow.Stan turned around and stumbled trying to get his clothes situated as his eyes adjusted. He looked expecting Bennie, only mentioned once at the job. Stan saw in his imagination a dangerous looking body building man holding a weapon of some sort, however once the light wasn’t so bright he instead saw a woman, just as attractive as Monica holding her maroon colored cotton robe together fighting back tears from falling on her freckled face. Her small athletic frame, red punk rocker short haircut and lip ring made her look younger than Monica and yet she possessed no similar features to be anyone of relation.“I can’t be…. Believe you would cheat on me,” the young woman said quietly as the tears started. “After everything I have done, given up… for you…” She continued.“I did this so I wouldn’t lose my job Bennie baby. I know that it’s wrong but this was the only choice-“ Monica said covering herself and adjusting the lingerie to make sure it fit in all the right places. Fear grew over every word she spoke, knowing that things could get worse at any moment.“Bennie is a woman?” Stan asked confused about the whole situation. “Wait so you’re a lesbian?” he asked dumbfounded by the circumstance that was presenting itself to him. All the time he had watched her and her forever attempts to ward off the office cock-fest, was not because she didn’t want it, it was because she had no interest in men.“Yes I am a woman, you make it sound so bad, and obviously she isn’t a lesbian if she is willing to fuck you.” Bennie screamed making her face turn red with spite. She slammed her hand on the counter next to her making Monica jump. “Bennie please calm down, I am sorry and I know what I did is unforgivable. You have every right to hate me right now and I agree, I am stupid for doing this knowing how much effort you have put into us, but-“ Monica said carefully as the tears continued to run down Bennies face and around her quivering lip…“Shut the fuck up!” Bennie screamed again. Stan stepped back out of shock and bumped into Monica who was trembling from fear and the cold in the air. The fired up red head slammed her hand on the counter again this time making the knife rack fall over. Her eyes darted to the biggest knife that fell and her hand followed, gripping the cold wooden handle. The coldness was soothing to her making her sure that she was doing the right thing. Monica started breathing heavy as she played back the past events of how dangerous Bennie could get when she gets mad.“Bennie listen, I am wrong for doing this to Monica. She was going to get fired two days ago and I agreed to help her if she promised me one night of how I wanted her, how I imagined her. I didn’t mean to mess up anything between you and her; I was just being selfish and giving in to the dark side of myself.” Stan spoke standing between Bennie and Monica. “If you say another word… I will kill you.” Bennie growled regaining control over her emotions.” I think it’s time you start heading home, while you can.” She continued.“Stan, please do as she says.” Monica said into his ear. Bennie took a step forward then to the left allowing free passage through the kitchen to the living room. As he passed her he looked at her and felt her death stare making a knot into his stomach like he had never felt before. He collected his jacket and paused looking back at Monica who hadn’t blinked or moved since Bennie moved in. “Come to me.” Bennie said to Monica with a stern voice. Without hesitation she walked over and stood in front of Bennie looking down to her but feeling smaller and weaker now more than ever.Bennie violently grabbed her hair and put the knife to her throat making her gasp out in pain. The blade proved its sharpness as it drew a thin red line of blood. More tears formed in Monica’s eyes.“I should fucking kill you. I should. I should cut your throat right here and chop his cock off and put it in your fucking throat since you love it so much. I should. But I… Love you too fucking much.” Bennie said gritting her teeth. She quickly took the knife and made another thin red line on Monica’s neck. “But I am so fucking mad at you right now, I don’t know if I care!” She screamed at her pulling her hair to make her fall to her knees. Monica winced in pain from the knee to tile landing but never took her eyes away from where she knew they were supposed to be.“Bennie please I am begging you, let me make it up to you. You don’t have to forgive me, I won’t ask for that, knowing I don’t deserve it, but let me make it up to you.” Monica whispered slowly letting her hands creep up and massage every part of Bennie each finger touch.“You hurt me baby.” Bennie said with a softer tone, lessening her grip on Monica’s hair as she watched Monica’s warm lips kiss her stomach, making sure to pay close attention to her belly ring like so many times before, reminding her that only she knew the special places of her real lover of the night. Stan stood in a mixture of fear and curiosity with a chaser of excitement as he watched how sensual the two had quickly become. Monica calmed the explosive redhead punker with touch and love. For a moment he felt like a fly on the wall. Monica’s hands gently pulled down Bennie’s silky black boy-short panties, and parted her legs to allow her to continue her task of pleasure. Bennie’s legs quivered for a moment as she kissed her inner thighs before heading back up to press her lips up against her clit. She blew gently making Bennie breathe heavy from the unexpected rush of different sensations. The knife clanged against the tile once Monica began working on her tongue on her clit rendering Bennie helpless as the pleasure flooded out the dangerous anger pent up inside. Moans cooed from Bennie as she gripped the counter next to her to brace herself for the waves of awe seeping through each lick and suck. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes, giving Monica’s hair another firm grip as she felt Monica penetrate her with fingers, taking her time like she always demands.Stan stood feeling no room for him to grow anymore in his pants as he stood on masked in the darkness of the living room, for a moment forgotten about. As he had watched on he felt the need to stay because of Monica’s safety disperse, and the selfish want of watching the two lovers continue making up more enticing. Monica felt Bennie growing tighter around her fingers with every stroke of her tongue. She wanted to keep going but shudders over took Bennie and a sudden jerk to her hair pulling her head back as she did her deed caught her off guard. Bennies hand was at her throat before she could speak and without much effort had her back on her feet again. Bennie squeezed until she was trying to gasp before letting up. Her arm flexed revealing her dedication to escort fethiye the gym as she pulled Monica into the living room swinging her into the couch. Stan jumped as Monica’s body collided with the back of couch with a loud thud. Monica exhaled loudly as her body hit falling to the floor from being off balanced.“Get up.” Bennie said showing no signs of care for Monica’s well-being in her voice.Monica struggled for a moment before making it up to on her knees making Bennie grow impatient and grab her hair to assist her back to her feet. Monica cried out from the initial tug to her hair, but followed as best she could finding herself being pulled turned and forced to bend over the couch. The sound of skin slapping skin made its way through the house as Bennie punished Monica for her betrayal of their love for a man. She repeated the act feeling a sense of fairness in her beating until Monica’s ass was as red as her hair.“ Who do you belong to?” Bennie growled grabbing Monica’s wrist, twisting it and forcing her up straight so she could choke her throat again, ignoring the fact that she couldn’t answer.“Stop it, Bennie. She doesn’t deserve this.” Stan spoke up feeling he should attempt to defend his co-worker. Bennie released her grip and let Monica drop back over the couch gasping and coughing for air as she stood over her starring a Stan with a mixture of shock and anger swirling on her face.“You are.. you are right…Stan. Don’t move, both of you, or I will kill you and myself.” Bennie said quietly. The words sent chills down his spine as she walked away heading back up the stairs.“We can make a break for it Monica.” Stan whispered planning a quick get away from this sensual hell. Monica’s face showed pain but she refused the offer quickly with the shake of her head. The slamming of the door and heavy thuds from above hastily make their way back to the stairs revealing Bennie once again carrying something Stan couldn’t quite make out in the off lit room. Bennie mumbled to herself then yelled out as if she was auguring with someone only she could see. She finally dissolved the conversation and returned her attention to the two that created her fury.Monica stood still almost holding her breath out of fear as she looked back at Stan trying to read on his face as to what she could be doing. She listened to the sounds of a buckle when Bennie came down the stairs and thought she was about to get spanked again till Bennie’s black panties landed next to her on the couch. Something cold rubbed against her thigh as Bennie exhaled then fumbled with something that she felt she should know but couldn’t quite place in her head under panic.He felt himself throb in his pants as Bennie removed her panties and in place put on a double sided red strap-on dildo, forcing the smaller end into herself before adjusting the brown straps then kicking Monica’s legs apart more and taking a hold of the other end and rubbing against her clit.Monica felt herself being invaded and closed her eyes as she tried not to lose composure. She gripped the couch as the cold object forced its way in her slowly. She moaned out a little and was punished quickly with a hard smack to her worn butt cheek. The dildo retreated then returned just as slowly, warming from her body. Her leg muscles jumped from exhaustion as she took the thick plastic again and again as Bennie increased her hip speed.Bennie locked her cold stare on Stan as he watched intently as she reclaimed what was rightfully hers. His eyes bounced from her to Monica and back every time she pumped her hips into Monica. “She is mine.” Bennie said to Stan as she pressed harder while grabbing a hand full of Monica’s hair and pulling to make her arch her back and moan out. “You like this, don’t you..” Bennie asked Stan with a harden tone as she noticed the bulge in his pants. He didn’t answer but covered his pants tent with his jacket. He was embarrassed and she could see his was more fascinated than scared. “Answer me!” Bennie screamed slamming her hips into Monica’s backside making her cry out in a cold mixture of pain and pleasure.“Yes. A little yes.” Stan said admitting what she already knew. “Pull out your meat-stick and rub it; watch him Monica.” Bennie ordered. Stan hesitated for a moment but listened and dropped his jacket, fumbling with his pants zipper out of nervousness. He felt himself go hot in the face as he exposed himself to them looking at Bennie’s eyes as they stayed fixated on his stiff cock. “Rub it.” Bennie mumbled slowing her rhythm as she concentrated on Stan’s hands as they gripped his manhood and tested his restraint. “Does it make you feel good watching me fuck her while you jerkoff? You like having your own personal porno?” Bennie asked him letting Monica’s hair go and rubbing her back as she became more sensual in her hip thrusting. She waited for a moment for Stan to answer and started to get mad again but instead remained calm.“Why won’t you answer me Stan? Hard to speak with your cock out in front of two lesbians? Or are you shy? No you were able to make her into your fucking slut so you’re not shy. No, you want something else, something more don’t you Stan?” She continued.“I don’t want to upset you is all.” Stan said quietly. “Then answer my fucking question!” Bennie yelled making him jump. He felt himself growing smaller at the anger that Bennie possessed and he could do nothing to hide it from her.“Yes.” Stan said mumbled.“Your losing yourself Stan, I thought you were a man. Do you need some help? Some Motivation?”“Yes.” Stan said without thinking. “Monica, beg Stan to put his cock in your mouth.” Bennie said speeding up her pumps again.“Stan please, I need your help, please put your long cock into my mouth. Please bring it over her and let me help you.” Monica said as calm as she could while being exasperated.Bennie watched as Stan didn’t hesitate to return to his full size after Monica’s words, but also felt the anger still resting in her.“You are such a slut, I think we need to show just how much of a whore you have been tonight.” She said. “Stan put your cock in her mouth.” She continued. Stan listened and brought himself closer to them looking down at Monica as she grabbed his hips and forced him into her mouth. He felt unusual by the situation, but felt outer thoughts leaving as her gifted tongue worked him swiftly. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of all the explicit that was taking place while the sensations over took him.“Grab her hair Stan, take control and don’t stop till you blow your load in her mouth.” Bennie barked as she switched on the vibrations to the toy she shared with her lover. The low hum relaxed her as she felt her waves of pleasure start to build up. The sloppy sound of Monica’s orifices being used with little care made her better with every moan and choke that escaped. She slowly parted her cheeks and forced a finger into her tight ass hole feeling her freeze up and gasp.Monica had no control over herself and accepted it all. She gaged so many times from Stan going deep she had tears rolling down her face. She kept her eyes shut and felt her orgasm appear out of nowhere as she moaned out from the third penetration as if to hit fethiye escort bayan her release button.“That’s right, squirt it all out.” Bennie said quickly pulling out the vibrating dildo and watching her shoot off onto the wooden floor. The site of Monica’s pulsating pussy with the inner vibs she was, getting made her build up reach her peak but not over frustrating her. She looked at Stan and saw him growing tense and red in the face and neck.“Shoot in all down her throat Stan and if she misses any of it…” Bennie started to say but Stan yelled out releasing everything he had built up holding her head tightly. Bennie shoved her dildo into Monica and humped hard while he jumped at every pulse he shot out. Somehow someway his orgasm flipped her over her peak making her buck into Monica nearing losing her footing as she came.Monica felt both of her invaders remove themselves and like strings to a puppet, she fell over with millions of different feelings swarming throughout her body. She swallowed hard and took a moment to breathe a full breath before opening her eyes to see the back of the couch.Stan looked at Bennie fumble with trying to turn off the vibrations while she was over sensitized and twitching. His mind was trying to catch up and prove to him that all this was real.“If I ever catch you in or around my Monica again, I will kill you Stan. Leave my house and never return.” Bennie said between breathes. Stan sluggishly grabbed his jacket and opened the front door looking back at Bennie one last time seeing the deadly truth in her eyes. He headed out and got in his truck turning it on and leaving as quickly as possible not realizing till he got home that he was still exposed. His experience left him offset and dislodged from reality as his body went on auto pilot and had him showered and in bed after some time.Monday came only a few hours after the weekend event and Stan tried his best to block it out of his head. He came in as normal expecting to see Monica as always deciding if it was safe to even bring it up. He stood in fear at her desk as he saw it empty and his head fill with imagination of how many ways Bennie could have killed her. He made his way to his desk and told himself he’d call her by lunch if she wasn’t in then the cops if she didn’t pick up. He stayed distracted until just before lunch where he saw a new email from Monica’s email addy stating she was fine and not to contact her back. The next day gave promise as he saw her at her desk in a turtle neck dressed nicely like she never had her life threatened.“Are you..” “I’m fine…from my sickness.” “Your sickness…”“Yes the reason why I was out Monday.”“I’m glad you are… well.”“Thank you. Did you need anything, Sir?”“…No.”“Well I need to finish this up.”“Ok…” Stan said and walked away unsatisfied by the terms of his imagination. Lunch time came and he stalked her for his opportunity to speak with her alone. The only time he found was when she was warming up some dish.“Can we talk?” “I rather not.”“I just need to know what happened the other night.”“Exactly what you saw.”“I almost saw you die.”“I’m here and very well alive.”“I just want- ““Leave it Stan. I gave you what you wanted and almost lost someone important to me because of it. That’s all.”“You were threatened beaten and humiliated by that person.”“Because of you!”“Listen, Bennie is, a bit misunderstood. She is just young and needing to be loved just like everyone else.”“She is a psycho who-““Stan!…Stan please understand this, I love my Bennie no matter what you think you saw. She loves me to death, literally, and you just threatened that. She and I have, a special relationship, and she gives me something that no other man could. So unless you have something work related to go over with me, I would very much like to eat my meal in peace.” Monica stated, ending the conversation with a push past him. She could sense his concern and much more beneath that. “I just want..” Stan started to say but saw no point in continuing from her disappearing from around the corner. His displacement from the conversation blurred the rest of the day by while he replayed the events from that night in his head. His distraction left him incomplete for the day forcing him to stay late. He heard the silence of the office as he mentally resurfaced sitting at a half-finished document. The sound of a loud engine roaring through the company parking lot with no concern for safety regulations caught his attention. The muscle car looked unusually familiar to him as he peeked from his window. The shiny black car hooked a hard left and slid into a reverse as it parked taking up two parking spots. A redhead appeared from the driver side of the vehicle making Stan’s spine go cold as he caught on as to who it was; Bennie.Monica walked up from under the shade and seemed to be yelling at her until she reached in the car and pulled out something from the car. Monica took it and looked up at him as if she knew his eyes were watching. He pulled back from the window and shut his blinds turning himself back to his work. He started at the computer and saw words but could not concentrate from the thoughts of the other night replaying in his head. The way Monica felt, her smell, the sight of her in pleasure and in pain blurring together. He felt himself being turned on and relaxed himself closing and rubbing his eyes for a moment fighting his urge.A soft knock at his door made him jump from rubbing his eyes as Monica appeared stepping in quickly.“Um hey” he said not sure what to make of her sudden visit. She walked up to his desk completely red in the face and not able to look him in the eye.“This is from Bennie, and I guess me too. Please don’t show anyone this Stan, I really need this job.” Monica pleaded turning and heading out. “ Bennie said next time you should ask, not just try to take what doesn’t belong to you. It will get you killed.” She said leaving the office.. Stan stared at the disk for a moment then looked back out the window. Bennie stood looking up at his window finishing off a cigarette. Even from the safety of his office she still looked intimidating.Monica appeared and they both got into the car, with Bennie shooting the finger as the engine roared to life then peeled out. He knew that was all intended for him and well deserved from the lover to the luster. He popped the disk into the computer and waited for it to load holding his breath as he imagined all of the things it could contain. A video popped on screen of a woman and a man moving from one room to another while being shot from a security camera. The night vision kicked on and the acts that showed revealed him and Monica from the other night. Bennie appeared around the corner fascinated by the act and watching intently as Stan befouled her lover. Though she looked disgusted she continued watching them slowly undoing her robe and servicing herself not looking away for a moment. Fast forwarding the video he saw the double play on Monica, fast forwarding more he saw himself leave the house, Monica and Bennie sit on to the couch, and make out for a moment completely different from how he left them. He paused the video and played back in his head not sure what to think of it.Stan smiled to himself as he got up and locked the door, returning to his desk searching for the lotion bottle and tissue box. “Thank you Bennie.” He said adjusting the volume before hitting the play button to continue…

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